I’m internationally known every time words are written,

This province will only grow from accepting my permission.

Metaphors and similes expressing various dimensions,

Always focused on acquiring more customer retention.

These techniques speak to people in every continent,

Blowing up due to my confidence and admonishments.

Never been the toughest, roughest, or hardest,

Get out of the room if you’re feeling like you’re the smartest.

Building brands that the entire globe can trust forever,

Grinding so hard, adamant on changing the weather.

Deadly combinations, mixing words together in a potion,

Creating a chemical reaction placating peace; no commotion.

Seeking God’s grace daily; His divinity will never fail me,

Speaking with the Holy Spirit, you should never hail me.

Only moving gallantly, fools express themselves violently,

They won’t cut me off, you can’t silence me.

The industries pick and choose who they decide to make hot,

But I’m solely responsible for rising straight to the top.

This fake cohesion only gives me a reason to make it killer season,

Murdering these author’s verbally, the exact opposite of treason.

Started from the bottom, directly from the basement,

Got locked in the dungeon, escaped and made a replacement.

Tragic situations create opportunities for enlightened immunity,

Bringing together communities before death is consuming me.

Create a platform, motivate, inspire, hire and never retire,

A campaign that will always have buyers; they label me a liar.

Eating all of these writers alive, I won’t let them survive,

Build them up and destroy them is the only way to ride.

Challenge the best and I come back with your head on a platter,

Never listened to the chatter, only accentuating what matters.

True power lies within not being seen, but controlling a regime,

My success is all for my future children and Nubian Queen.



Spending sleepless nights on the blank page,

Preparing to rise out of the dungeon, creating a bright stage.

Snitches tell it all to everyone, the cops are only as good as their informants,

Words glide with the breeze, but any dirt about me is dormant.

The streets doesn’t love anyone, just speaking on past experiences,

Judging individuals off their appearance is the devil’s interference.

Prison isn’t designed for anyone, praying for all the real one’s incarcerated,

The future means I’m leaving numerous industries dominated.

Stop believing in myths that are propagated, they leave families desecrated.

The breakdown of any dynamic, results in addictions that need to be alleviated.

Innocent children get food taken off their plate,

Watch their parent’s get decapitated, and can’t attend a wake.

Speaking the truth on what occurs in this cold, cold world,

But love overpowers any foolish action or quarrel.

The problem derives from ingrained obeisance,

Bowing down to a man’s wishes is ignorant and blatant.

Fitting in doesn’t create trends, it just gives you more fake friends,

I’ve forgiven weaklings a long time ago, there’s no need to make amends.

Relentless pursuits of curiosity, constructed properly,

Thoroughbred for life; decimating beef and gaining broccoli.

The top means there’s no flat days on your agenda,

Surpassing the expectations of any contender.

Backing up the foundation of creation is the crafts relation,

There’s never any imitation for this generation, accept the invitation.

Name a writer who’s exciting as I; all of the rules I defy,

Only cowards are afraid to die; intelligence doesn’t need to comply.

Essentially, possess a propensity lethal like an infantry,

There isn’t an accurate measurement for my intensity.

Composed, collected, respected; lost count of the times I’ve been rejected,

The best connected, logic is detected–Nova Scotia is resurrected.

Poisonous venom within the teeth of the infected,

Biting into a bitter fruit is how you leave yourself neglected.


Children struggle to eat, the government makes them obsolete,

They put entertainment in front of you, to distract you from the streets.

Underage girls looking like young women being abused,

Pimp’s beating them to a bloody pulp, so crude.

Deadbeat dad’s won’t look after their child,

Any fool can take and make a life; it’s wild.

Justice must be served, you get ostracized as absurd,

But true believers fly above the clouds like bird’s.

Arrive peaceful and leave the same way,

But you must be ready for war if you want to see another day.

Creating the future is the only way to make time work for you,

Pettiness and backbiting are the source of most quarrels.

Upholding morals doesn’t mean the actions coincide,

Ethical standards are where actions and results collide.

Summertime brings out the best and worst in people,

The uniqueness of the four season’s is none of them are equal.

Appreciate the scenery and nature in front of you,

Humility is about realizing there’s nobody under you.

Powerful positions only come from worldly affairs,

The gains are created by you, give excuses and nobody cares.

Creating a new generation of leader’s are what legends do,

Feeding you knowledge; all of my words are edible.

Backing down from a challenge isn’t conducive,

Only wrapping my mind around what’s exclusive.

Subsequently, what I’ve become is the vision I received,

Faith pushed me beyond my limits because I believed.

Hard times bring good times and vice versa,

Versatility is what you need as a boss and in your workers.

Real hustlers her back on their feet after seeing defeat,

They win against all odds, putting the drive on repeat.

Tenacious, relentless, ambitious, compassionate, pugnacious,

Stylistic visionary, whose mission is capacious; eternally gracious.

Persistence Pays

Children aren’t eating, they don’t have water in their system,

The oppressors laugh maniacally but claim their Christian.

Advertisements tell women they must be abnormally slim,

Collagen injections and implants aren’t the way to win.

Will the spreading of this sickness ever cease?

The goal is for the world to live in peace.

But these malicious concepts promote hatred,

The drama continues, people become stagnate and complacent.

Everyone says they want to ball but won’t lose sleep,

If you want to win, you have to play for keeps.

Observing the scene, creating complex themes,

Scheming the largest scheme, looking after my team.

Allah knows what is behind and ahead of me,

Relief through these words, reviving those who are dead to me.

Pray, prepare, plan, execute daily like the hands of an hour,

Competition gets demolished by my power, fresh like blooming flowers.

The godfather of this writing professions, teaching lessons,

Everyday I ask myself the important questions.

Satisfaction is a fatal attraction like pure thoughts with no actions,

Saving money like a fraction, accumulating bread off captions.

Punishing these superficial writers, they don’t deserve a check,

Other than myself, everyone under my umbrella is up next.

The rain pours down from the heaven skies,

Open up your eyes, think critically, stop believing insecure lies.

Official since the day I was born, changing forms,

Leaving haters torn, claiming their hot but not even warm.

Impossible to move me out of my zone, on the move like a mobile phone,

Tracking me takes more than a satellite, building an empire like ancient Rome.

Every concept I create is an addiction,

Producing messages that soar beyond the realm of fiction.

One of the coolest men in the world; debonair and fly,

Boldness in my face, humble and confident like the tufts of clouds in the sky.

Targets Determined

Narrowing down targets, I’m not getting lethargic

I’m cleaning up the planet, you’re putting out garbage

Moving words, like their pills floating on the streets

My mind is very unique, I won’t see defeat

I won’t be stopped until my vision is complete

Part of my own league; there’s no need to compete

Thankful for all the blessings bestowed upon me

I’m marching like I’m a militant man in the army

Life moves faster than a cheetah

I’m traveling distances like miles and kilometers

Who cares about the cars, clothes, houses and jewelry

There isn’t any real value in tomfoolery

Happiness is a complexity found in simplistic moments

This generation and the next needs atonement

Posterity is part of my verses and prose

The children need to bloom in stages like a rose

Acts are portrayed in pictures by striking a pose

I can smell the stench of deception through my nose

Reaching down into the abyss is like a deathly kiss

Having God in my life is my only wish

Without solitude and hard work–my life is hurt

A writing lifestyle is a gift and a curse

Daily improvements are imperative necessities

Orchestration, preparedness, and vigilance is why nothing stresses me

Corporations push products and make them commodities

Average at best, but manipulation makes them anomalies

My writing is so pure, the voice is like a lure

Attracting fans from all walks of life, I’m sure

Angels trump demons any day of the week

I laugh at devilish curses; hell is what they seek

Blogging is like real estate of the digital world

I gathered my investment, and captured your girl

Out Here

Demand respect through righteous actions; the fruitful embrace

Keep the feet planted and grounded; apart from the lace

There is no shame in crying, but there is in lying

I’ve fell for some old tricks in the past, but didn’t stop trying

Giving up is for the weak, and I’m far from that definition

I will come after you, and before like a preposition

Hustling for attention is like imprisoning yourself in detention

Reach for the stars–expand your extension

The roughest times are only temporary moments

The soul has redemption, the purest atonement

I see through the devious plots; they’ve already been fought

I’m listening keenly, so I can practice what I was taught

Talk is cheap, the price behind a reckless mouth is useless

It takes years for individuals to realize what the truth is

When the darkness implodes what is old

I ignite fire, so I can burn out what is cold

Spiritual wealth is the key to living properly

Real money lies within acres of land and property

Nobody should be afraid of going dead broke

Without having nothing, you will take everything as a joke

I don’t get played anymore, cause I see the future clearly

The ghost within me, has supernatural facts that are dead scary

Messages are sent to my heart from the heaven skies

Most of these writers in the public-eye are living lies

It never hurts to have someone to speak to

But make sure it isn’t someone you have to preach to

Hold on to those who are more precious than silver and gold

Without the people who matter your heart will turn cold

Waiting for what’s promised is the toughest adversity

The haters become more envious, cause their actions aren’t hurting me

I wish the best for every human on this planet

Yet, there are children who are starving; they can barely manage