Creating A New Life

I’ve decided to take my writing to the next level by being outrageously organized. Opening up another creative avenue will increase my revenue stream. A new life is about to begin and I’m very excited. I flooded the world with thought provoking poetry–now it’s time to go harder. I will be posting every Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Monday and Thursday will focus primarily on topics about entrepreneurship, business tactics, marketing strategies, objectives for success, motivation, lifestyle and personal finance. Friday will be a poetry post.

Embracing The Ups And Downs To Manifest Your Visions

Everyone has goals, dreams and aspirations, but the question is how do we retrieve what our imaginations believe? The answer is within the question, you must possess unwavering faith. Darkness will swallow you whole, chew you up and spit you out if you aren’t willing to firmly believe. The position you want is always worth fighting for, even if it seems like there’s no waves of progression.

Every experience you go through should be appreciated. Gratitude is the best attitude.

Visions are revelations that descend down from the heavens, embarking us on an unforgettable sojourn. Being obedient towards your vision is the only way to reach completion–and without completion, all you have is a wish.

Prayer (meditation) and hope are contributing factors towards our success as long as we treat them as a transformation. What we yearn for isn’t dependent upon what we decide to execute.

Understand The Art Of Wealth Management

Gaining wealth causes a change of circumstances, which creates a new environment for you to live in, happily.¬†Money isn’t designed to make you happy; it’s here for us to live comfortably. And if you want to make it, the majority of your profits needs to be spent on funding new ventures. Increasing the likelihood of acquiring an unprecedented level of financial stability in your life requires an astronomical amount of research.

Everything in life boils down to the simple mathematical procedures of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Once you’re able to excel at these principles, you’re capable of managing the numbers. But this doesn’t constitute the knowledge you need to build a solidified financial portfolio.

There are many financial vehicles you’re able to invest in, but before you invest, you must save; it doesn’t have to be a substantial amount, just something that could cover a specific emergency. Ten years down the road you want to be able to tell yourself and others (if applicable) that you still have a small portion of the money you received a decade ago. Holding onto what you sacrificed for adds value to the altitude of your life.

The only way to obtain a lofty position in life is to get money. It shouldn’t be a source of contempt, which so many people are using as a way to hate now. Jealousy and envy only weakens and exposes how fraudulent you really are.

Read books about personal finance that will help you navigate, and weather the storms that are brought upon you. Of course there are many informative blogs, websites, and webinars around the internet, but a precise pattern of information that teaches you specific tactics, only exists in a structured form known as a book.

I could make some recommendations, but I will save them for my YouTube channel. It’s coming very soon, by the way.

Love Yourself More Every Breath You Take

Even if it feels like you’re trapped in a perpetual loop that only seems to be digressing; just remember–the more you look after yourself by practicing positive thoughts, good hygiene, and proper dietary habits, the better you will end up feeling. How do you expect to operate from a genuine place if you’re constantly feeling depressed, frustrated, and tempestuous?

Write down daily goals and honor those commitments. Create weekly and monthly goals that can be completed long-term, so you know you aren’t going to fall off too easily. Respecting yourself is the only way to receive respect back.

Resting is just as important as working; sometimes it can even be a higher priority. Schedule time every single day to relax and entertain yourself. Don’t run yourself ragged by working sixteen-twenty hour days for months. Sure, there’s a lot to accomplish and change for others, but sometimes taking a step back and appreciating the small moments in life fuels our creative juices.

Don’t count the amount of hours you’re devoting to a specific task, but actively monitor how productive you are, whilst doing this task. Productivity is the frequency in which you complete your tasks. Ensure your time is being utilized wisely.

Adversity is intertwined with the decadence of prosperity and clarity. Before the sun can shine you must absorb the treachery of the storm.

Everyone falls down, some harder than others, and the harder you fall, the higher you can rise. Love the journey and trust the process because it’s molding you into what you’ve requested. Resuscitation can only be achieved when you’re forced to drive into another lane.

Calculate The Moves You Make

Knowing the terrain and being mindful of your surroundings is how to multiply your effort. Follow the five e philosophy: energy, eagerness, effort, enthusiasm, and excitement.

Do what is best for you, don’t give in to others temptations. People who are miserable only want to bring others down with them. Crabs in the bucket who don’t want to see others rise up.

Surround yourself with individuals who want the best for you; everything they want for themselves they want for you and beyond. Your team is what defines you. People make judgments off those who your time is invested with. I learned this lesson the hard way.

What are some minor and major improvements you can make in your life? Think of five different things you can change, no matter how big or small, write them down on a piece of paper and promise yourself you will make it happen. When something is written down, it provides a visceral element that wasn’t present before.

Now the ultimate question is: will you take a leap of faith or remain planted in the realm of mediocrity? I know mediocrity isn’t part of my destiny.





The world is made up of delicate, revolutionary particles,

Read in-between the lines, when researching articles.

Beauty doesn’t lie in the flesh, the entity is intangible,

Fill your body with junk and become an animal.

Large doors are about to open like entering a castle,

Unchained by the shackles, forbidden fruit isn’t an apple.

The blues is something everyone can relate to,

Challenges are the only way to facilitate a breakthrough.

Writing like a conducted symphony, prepared for entropy,

The only method of publishing is with intensity.

Tough talking is known for its contemptuous mocking,

Examining the content, before the consideration of blocking.

Creation is a pathway towards discovery and invention,

Enhancing your spirit is the finest process of ascension.

Pain doesn’t stifle, it can be used as a weapon like a rifle,

Delightful notes memorized, like the performance of a recital.

Concentrating on what you want is accomplished by action,

Fill your mind with happiness, the law of attraction.

Authentic writing is like the supplication of prayer,

But put it in the wrong hands, and your days become grayer.

Looking at statistics and believing them is a personal choice,

But not all numbers add up, stand up; have your own voice.

We grow gradually, even if we produce exponentially,

Mastered the complex and rudimentary, evading the penitentiary.

Miracles happen every day, but nothing is ever given,

Angels are the watermark that your vision has risen.

Fearing death means you aren’t making the most out of a moment,

The deception is captured when you aren’t fulfilling your omens.

Negative energy makes me laugh; writing memorable like an epitaph,

Structuring my life into a mathematical demonstration like a graph.

Writing a book is like solving a puzzle; full of discovery,

Excavating the depths of who you are–depicting a short summary.






Boss Moves

Every goal I set is attainable and lofty,

Conquer the beef smoothly, and devour all the broccoli.

The recipe for success is written between the lines,

The effort you apply is deeper than how you grind.

Passionate, articulate, compassionate, and loyal,

Entrepreneurial, determined, patient, and royal.

Pride is a root of evil larger than money,

Days off are for the uninspired, the unwillingly funny.

People try to stomp down your dreams, due to insecurities,

Trusting funds that are purely a surety.

It took me awhile to knockdown the doors to launch,

Exotic words written like the creation of a new font.

My power isn’t just within these words,

Exposing the absurd, inspiring the world not to follow the herd.

Society is blinded by the realm of treachery and deception;

Using the truth as my torch like a weapon.

These men are acting like little boy’s telling lies,

Treating queens emotions like a cherry pie.

Once their appetite is satisfied, they move onto the next course,

Told you they loved you, when you were equestrian like a horse.

Honorable men tell female’s the truth,

They won’t lie about having other women, and care about the youth.

Touching the city like an icy gust of wind,

Everyday the sunrises, I have no choice but to ascend.

I’d rather work for twelve hours than be entertained,

Discipline is a part of my existence, the consistency is ingrained.

Everyone has a couple of bad habits,

But being a beast at times doesn’t make you a savage.

The key to life is having predominantly productive habits,

Focus, drive, and dedication that allows you to live lavish.

I stay up all night writing literary greatness,

Loving the fact on how many people hate it.

The influence I will have on the world is deeper than writing,

Showing the universe a galaxy with better lighting.

Astronomical imprints on every paragraph indent,

Leaving a scent more appeasing than incense.

Let’s Unify

I love myself so much, I have sympathy and compassion for others;

Stand tall, stay positive; sending love to all the single mothers.

The capitalist system advertises tricks,

Stop falling for their lies, you’re making them rich.

I love my people, and I want them out of poverty,

We must pool our wealth and invest in land and property.

God isn’t making more soil on the earth,

I have business connections in Perth.

Punctuality is a huge part of building a bright reality,

The media only glorifies heartless fatalities.

Introspection is about finding what’s under the under-covers,

Unity is about loving, trusting, and looking after one another.

Brothers and sister’s this is our time to make changes,

A revolutionary movement that transcends humanity on different stages.

Open books, study history and divine scriptures;

Richness is acquiring knowledge, emit light like a fixture.

Heedful decisions, prevent the chaos of harmful collisions,

I’m never going to be locked in prison because of my visions.

I’m here to help those in need of assistance,

I believe that tough times help you go the distance.

The glorious rays of sunshine, even need rain,

Creation is a derivation of agony and pain.

Speak about struggle and everyone can relate,

I only speak about my life stories, so I receive a lot of hate.

If it’s all love, don’t bring a weapon;

Snakes act like friends, to give a lethal injection.

I dedicated my life to the blank page,

Capture your passion and cultivate your rage.

Fear, nervousness, and anxiety comes from being mad at yourself,

Negativity and pessimistic ways are cancerous to your health.

Let’s stick together, rise up from under the weather;

Encourage each other to become better; jealousy is more common than leather.