Top Commander

Success is only measured by happiness and bliss,

Captivated and smitten by your luscious kiss.

Sometimes we argue over silly incidents,

I never set out to hurt your temperament.

Transcendence is deep within the triumph of the human spirit,

Special genetic coding rest in the retina; visions are apparent.

My destiny excites me, taking over the publishing industry by storm,

I’m up at 3:00AM writing the next bestselling novel, you have been warned.

The devil whispers passages of evil, they are eradicated and ignored,

Always look ahead, don’t revert back to what you did before.

The present preserves the brilliance of your enlightened future,

Consistently swerving through all of the non-sense, I won’t be stopped by a trooper.

Verbally murdering authors every single time words are written,

The bodies are disposed in the dark, they are completely missing.

I’ve been homeless from sleeping in apartment lobbies to park benches,

Straight to the top is my prerogative, I’m rising directly out of the trenches.

When the stress hits my mental, I amalgamate all of my problems into goodness,

The flow I create has a heavenly appeal; it’s the antithesis of hood rich.

These novels are pure magic, they leave the women’s panties soaked,

Always believed in myself, I never possessed a single doubt.

The False Reality Of Martin will hold the number one spot for 17 consecutive weeks,

The stream-of-consciousness is captivating, compelling and utterly unique.

Millions of copies sold digitally is the first step in the direct direction,

Then they will proliferate when the paperback is released and promoted to perfection.

These prophecies are clear images stored in my subconscious,

The most high has instilled me with a holy spirit that’s responsive.

Research consumes the majority of my time, the grind has me exhausted,

Knowledge is applied, the wisdom provides a transformation like a prophet.

Happy people execute visions for the cause, instead of the effect,

Influence the network you create, aim to genuinely connect.

Self-control is a mastery that breeds discipline and determination,

The only path I’m on is the purity of devoted elevation.





That’s Us

Attacking the blank page, watching these words turn into a fortune,

You won’t apply pressure on me, there’s no room for extortion.

My paradise is the heavenly light I see planted in your eyes,

The seed blooms a fruitful crop; all logic it defies.

You asked me if I’m in love with you and I told you not yet,

You make me smile unbelievably, and know I’m up next.

Imprisoned by your tender affection, it gives me direction,

God has blessed our relationship to become holy, the resurrection.

Going silent on me is an impossible action, plan on buying you the finest fashion,

We remain on the same wavelength, the beats of our hearts are matching.

Ensuring you have an intense need for me, ready to brighten up your days,

Every time we make a move together it’s a power play.

She is my destiny, without her my future wouldn’t be so bright,

When you have something you believe in, you must continue to fight.

My dreams are full of happiness, harmony, peace and unity,

Giving back to single mothers, and children within various communities.

Late at night my thoughts consume my entire being; sleep becomes non-existent,

Success means having no measurement of drive and persistence.

Treasure Words Publishing will have numerous number one best-sellers,

Not afraid to face the truth; courageous actions, so I will always tell her.

My African Queen recognizes that she’s all mine; our bond is unbreakable and divine,

Every time I fall down she picks me up and we elevate much higher to shine.

Always been a king, but you haven’t seen the physical manifestation,

The province comes first, then we’re taking over the entire nation.

Facts are the only words written; when she’s around me she’s smitten.

There’s no second chances with me once you blew the first,

Loyalty is everything, life is a gamble so roll the dice.

Compelling stories that excite all five senses; word addictions,

The breathtaking components of remarkable fiction.

The message that’s being delivered is deeper than the Grand Canyon,

The purpose is to eradicate harmful addictions and lead the world out of famine.

New Climate

Nobody can sneak dis my queen and think I don’t see it,

Thankfully, I’m a changed man as you read this.

Jealousy creeps in from enemies from dawn to dusk,

All my belief is rooted in God, the most high is who I trust.

People are so petty these days and let their ego’s ride,

Deceptive stares, because they’re possessed by pride.

People are loyal to the need of you, and barely give,

They always take to boost themselves up; how is that a way to live?

I’d never step out on my black queen, the thought doesn’t even cross my mind,

Other women might be beautiful, but they don’t transcend my time.

She wants the best for me, even when other’s think less of me,

When I’m down and out she’s the one whose steadily blessing me.

Used to be young, wild, reckless, vicious and monstrous,

It’s still within me, but I’m more focused on what I will accomplish.

Dreams won’t stop flowing like a blissful river,

Stop smiling in my face, I see your heart shiver.

Nobody is able to send my wave crashing down from the heavens,

My destiny has been written that my black queen and I will become legends.

All I have is love in my heart for humanity; not interested in vanity,

I’m so focused on one women people think I’m experiencing insanity.

I don’t wish death on any man, but may the best man win in a showdown,

Tightening up my crown, running the town, you hear the sound.

Distinguishing between those who are true in faith and those faking,

Every word is history in the making, the cake is always baking.

Even through all the treachery it becomes extinguished rapidly,

Why do you think the weak and fraudulent always laugh at me?

God told me fight for her no matter what the events bring,

You two will rise above it, so you can give her a ring.

He told me you’re a king, listen to my angels sing,

You’ll shine together, brighter than stars and bling.

Nobody will take away the love I placed between you,

Trust each other completely, the shelter is a dream too.


This writing isn’t about me or my aspirations,

I share my experiences with you to teach generation’s.

I stopped attempting to motivate people who are living lies,

They’re so blinded by deception, they won’t even try.

Most people become engulfed under a curse,

Always worrying about nothing, continuously expecting the worst.

Nobody can bring me down or strip my crown,

I won’t paint the town red, I’ll paint it brown.

There’s a fine line between self-love and narcissism,

I believe in independence to implement nepotism.

Ignorant people are arrogant it’s apparent,

We’re all unaware of something, getting locked in the interference.

This world is cold, heartless, and treacherous,

But even beautiful outcomes derive from a deficit.

News and radio are full of propaganda and scripts,

But there are special individuals who show their gifts.

Trust your soul, follow your heart and pursue your destiny,

Getting high on life is the purest form of ecstasy.

Making a killing means you’re deading off the competition,

I’m never comfortable with what I have, you feel it in my prepositions.

I survive alone, build a home, you hear it in these poem’s,

I’m everywhere like Google Chrome, I built my empire on my own.

My vision is high above what most people think,

Determination and perseverance behind my essence, so I won’t sink.

I don’t care about your ten dollar conversations,

I’m only speaking about ideas, creativity, and innovation.

This life is a gift, but I care about what happens after,

I plan on leaving this world at peace and with laughter.

The believers have it tough, so I work harder;

When you’re asleep, I’m passing through bills like charter.

My imagination is what creates my reality,

I have confidence so clear, it impales the depths of actuality.

My Career

I write all night, drinking tea, before you realize I’m basking in the sunlight,

I make sure every sentence has a perfected eloquence–done right.

In order to pursue literary greatness, you must make replacements;

Sacrifices, responsibilities, so your time can take off like a space station.

Business with Triads isn’t a joke, but it brings me hope;

Sometimes I think I’ll leave this world strangled by a rope.

But that’s just the devil whispering illusions,

I break his neck, and stay on the grind, so I’m improving.

The struggle is difficult, but it creates a spectacular destiny,

You won’t stop the perfect storm; God keeps blessing me.

Being a player and a baller doesn’t necessarily make you a shotcaller,

You can get lost quickly in making all these dollars.

Find a queen and spoil her like bad milk,

I put my soul into these verses; incredibly heartfelt.

I’m going to start adding prose articles to my blog;

Just so I can reach a new demographic and disappear in the fog.

I’m a superhero, one of the coolest men you’ll ever meet,

I’m comfortable at night, moving around like a creep.

The saga won’t stop no matter what misfortunes befall upon me;

Most of the time you’ll catch me alone, because I’m a one man army.

I’m working hard to die a billionaire; your issues I don’t really care,

I swear I’m in a league of my own; my breed is beyond rare.

I stay up for nights on end just to complete projects;

Yeah, I’m a publishing problem, and nobody can solve it.

Do you honestly believe I can be stopped?

The truth is: I cannot be topped or shot.

Every time my pen touches paper I become greater;

Ringleader of this circus; acquire an abundance of haters.

I made the written word my addiction like love,

I’m protected by angels above like a cut up hand in a glove.

I feel like Nas the way I’m hustling hard for the number one spot,

I learn graciously from my mistakes, and elevate every thought.

I Won’t Quit

I entered the maze, it was only a phase

I found my way through, because of my gaze

Dreaming of real estate and restaurant money, when I was dead broke

I always knew I would get paid like the ignition of cigarette smoke

Quitting wasn’t an option, I looked failure in the face

Changed pace, crafted my verses right like a shoe lace

Paralysis is what I send out to imposters

God, family, unity, and enhancements of the culture is what I foster

Remained positive and optimistic in the most dreary scenarios

I’m greater than the lakes in Ontario

Being a writer and entrepreneur isn’t easy

But I make it look effortless and breezy

Only certain kinds of individuals are made for this grind

Writing seven days of the week is an author defined

Working out six days of the week, resting on one

Eating like a beast has been my rule of thumb

The drizzle pours down on my dome

The streets is no place to call home

A destiny is achieved by beliefs and impeccable habits

You don’t get anywhere trying to be a savage

I’m way above average, was born to live lavishly

I truly love the haters who are mad at me

Illustrating ideas, insinuating iconic institutions

Operating on opulent orders, opening up beneficial contributions

Wasting time is reliant on whining and complaining

Every poem and novel I write is incredibly entertaining

Staying attuned to the world around me

I swim with sharks; travel with wolves in every county

I get hungrier every day that I rise to the occasion

Orchestrate invasions, sell books with persuasion

Selling millions of copies was only the beginning

The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism are eternally winning


Professional, exceptional, skipping past the line

I was so broke, I thought about reverting back to a life of crime

Once the door is closed, don’t reopen what’s deemed broken

It’s like having a monkey on your back, while quitting smoking

I receive calls and emails about scams and money

I thank them for the acknowledgement and laugh because I think its funny

Having an incredible future requires a rough past

I eat these authors up like I just finished a fast

Respite derives from the deepest insight

Philosophy practiced properly only brings delight

Why go against the grain you are given?

Disobey the ruler of all affairs, and you won’t continue living

I make sure everything I write is clear and concise

The world is shocked, reading a writer whose this nice

True leader, writing movies that will be sold out in theatres

Victory has a price like travelling every kilometre

I’m stellar whether I’m upstairs or chilling in the cellar

I’m far from an ordinary hood dweller; quotable like Helen Keller

Envisioning a brighter tomorrow today

I grind out words, stop and pray

The way I experience intense pain; people say I’m insane

I’ve been dead broke and never complained

The gratitude, acknowledgement, and love is what keeps me going

These verses are the reason why my blood’s flowing

I have an urge to commit a purge

Instead, I let my energy surge and converge

It takes a lot of tenacity and hustle to impress me

Intelligence is the truest indicator of being sexy

Queens get mistaken for hoes in this world of treachery

I’m forever thankful that God is blessing me

I was the only one who understood my happy destiny

I write words that make you higher than ecstasy



Pushing Hard

My style consists of the hottest flames

All I drop are classics, as my words enter your brain

I have fans from Sweden to Hong Kong

Mr. International is my new name, it’s catchy like a melody in a song

Hitting the three, to put the team up in the last seconds

From a young age I was taught to count your blessings

Each poem I write initiates my status into a new beacon

I leave my enemies bloodied up and leaking

The American and UK marketplace consumes my work

Canada is on my back, I’m focused I know it hurts

You won’t keep me down for long

I’m a heavy presence like metal in tongs

Metaphorical, philosophical, allegorical, the relentless combination

Categorical phenomenon, with a slick, precise integration

Bringing an entirely new meaning to the words entrepreneur and writer

I’m deep in these streets, but my feet are lighter

I never dealt with a middleman, I went straight to the source

My life is like a Star Wars movie the way I’m using the force

I’m making these other writers stagnant like a bed

Haters don’t enter my head, but their envy wants me dead

Happiness is a cheap price and the best antidote

I supply remedies like a pharmacists prescription and quotes

You don’t eat what I consume or drink what I swallow

A born leader that you have no choice but to follow

Most times you will catch me all by lonesome

My career consists of sitting in a chair, producing words that are wholesome

The most creative of writers, unleashing my passion

The subtraction of failure, dressed in the finest fashion

A one man army, with angels part of my grace

I reinvent the pace; my words give you a better taste

I’m one step closer to ensuing my destiny

I’m glad the public slanders my name and thinks less of me

Letter To My Queen

The chemistry was noticed by our enemies

The venomous snakes tried pinning me

But they failed miserably, cause I move with God

My queen is a pisces; a fish, swimming in the ocean like cod

There are lessons I wish I could teach you

But you need to learn on your own, so Satan won’t beat you

My queen recognizes I’m the greatest ever in this profession

The writing exception, impressing each session, leading the world out of depression

Beauty, purity, and piety in our hearts

Riding on the envious, ripping them apart

Getting figures; ready to poke anyone like Facebook

Homicidal maniacs–playing chess, just stole your rook

Weight is rising rapidly, the plug is electric

Conscientious, driven, focused, powerful and respected

Living by any means, enhancing the gritty scenes

Money used to be dirty, but now its clean

Getting together is a natural disaster, like a tornado

Molding life, impeccably, creating a republic like Plato

The world eye doesn’t watch either of us

Our third-eye is more wise, derailing the lust

Flying away, back to the home God made

Building on a caliber so high, the thoughts are sharper than a blade

The love you experienced before was evil

Just another lustful mind, claiming their regal

Pulling you out wasn’t part of my destiny

But meeting you made many think less of me

The trials and tribulations devoured all of my patience

But it was worth it, to have you inside me and adjacent

Gifts come with advancement, but curses have a bow

If I didn’t write this, you wouldn’t know how to glow

I penetrate your soul, by bringing out your best qualities

Nobody can prove how special you are; defining anomalies

Grace, intuition and flawless vivacity

Earth’s core is the measurement of your most simplistic capacity

The propensity for intensity, is why people look in your eyes and mention me

I know that we will both live for a century, no help from a pension fee

Poetic repertoire, is the way you walk, soaring like a hawk

Class is in session, but there’s no chalk

Being spiritually led back to me is what was planned

The demand, expands the land, like civil engineering bridging Japan

You will always be mine, the finest kind

Everything you search for, in my heart you will find

Loyalty is the condition we chose

Delicate like the petals falling off a rose

She said: set me free, leave me be, see the key

The understanding will come to you, like the number three

The struggle produces perfection–spectacular injections

Learning the wisest wisdom from deep reflection

You told me it was surprising that I was still alive

Put me in any predicament, and I’ll survive

Shining bright, like the stars resting above us

The most important factor, is that God loves us

The female version of me, the best representation

I’m faithfully yours, shimmering with indispensable litigation

True Hustler

Each day is a resurrection; another delicate impression

I try to become better daily, by philosophical introspection

Talking is an easy feat, to say the least

True listening is how you really feast

Writing until I die, most always ask me why?

My reply: the passion I possess is deeper than the dead saying goodbye

Destiny cannot be stopped, the written word is my path

I seek the goodness of Allah, not his wrath

Cash doesn’t equate to success

But it makes others think of you less

Envious of the happiness, elements and influence

I move with congruence, flowing like a river beyond confluence

The people who really keep it real let their actions speak for itself

But the fraudulent love to boast about their wealth

Ladies Prism has a romance designed to intertwine brighter minds

The definition that’s defined is an enterprise on a higher grind

True Hustler moving words like I’m drug dealing

Each word enters your soul, giving you a incomprehensible feeling

I have an open mind, and a kind hearted soul

But don’t test me, cause I’m darker than coal

Novels on deck, short-stories describing true tests

Many goals to accomplish before I get put to rest

Split-personalities, that lives two completely distinctive realities

My novels, poems, and short-stories are read, but my face is a cipher exuding my mentality