Back On My Horse

The grind has been accelerated, the hustle is celebrated,

Always thinking about the future, most tasks are delegated.

Impeccable sales funnel, launching my books off like a rocket,

The sales will skyrocket out of this world, nobody can stop it.

Work hard or lie down to a world full of missed opportunities,

Focused on strengthening relationships in entrenched communities.

We need to stick together, the essence of credibility,

Consistency is the key to gain traction and financial stability.

Decisions can be controlled, pride is much weaker than humility,

Happiness is a profound ability to attract great minds in any facility.

When the lights dissipate, the spirit and mind must integrate,

Direct with every response, cowards love to insinuate.

Character speaks volumes, but most fall for a pretty face,

Appearances aren’t the truth, manipulation is a disgrace.

The cyclical notion of this vicious system is an ill tradition,

Go out and get what you deserve, stop asking for permission.

Domination over the nation is granted by Jesus Christ,

Only wishing the best for others; more success and life.

Power is defined by love given and received,

Purchasing power creates options, it teaches people to believe.

Land and property are investments for a brighter future,

If I please, I can lay a beat down like a producer.

Taking my respect, capitalizing off every prospect,

Stand tall under any circumstances, I’ve been a promise and a threat.

My Nubian Queen motivates and inspires me to work smarter,

She’s my muse when I’m down and out, I grow larger.

She’s the one for me and nothing will change that,

I will always believe in us; that’s a fact.

Promises won’t be broken, but the mold will,

Independence is the motive, time to kill.

The bottom is too crowded, the top has a nicer view,

Read in-between the lines, listen to what I’m telling you.