The power we posess is an eternal wave,

A tough road to pave, energy that will exist after the grave.

Stand up and stand out is the only motive,

This literary grind is certainly explosive.

The False Reality Of Martin will sell millions of copies on a digital scale,

The paperbacks will proliferate and be translated; no time to fail.

Securing the number one spot for months is guaranteed,

Ladies Prism will follow, sick with the pen, come catch my disease.

Underlying resistance only empowers the state of my existence;

Comparisons are for the insecure, just appreciate the difference.

Two novels competing with each other for the top spot,

The race will make history; addictive characters and plot.

Treasure Words Publishing will disrupt the industry by storm,

Covers captivating, books distributed in the finest form.

There’s no reason to follow trends, go and create them,

Be what nobody expects of you, never debate sins.

Shine brighter than the prior day and expect setbacks,

Elevate higher, clear visions navigate on the best maps.

Strike with the sword in battle, hit your target,

The goals you set an hour ago, aim to enlarge it.

Unprecedented ground is only touched by a dreamer,

Close your eyes, invest in yourself, be certain of your demeanor.

Accept mistakes, move forward, apply pressure and laugh,

Surefire tactics to consistently keep your foot on the gas.

Flawless drive, monstrous ambition and insurmountable determination,

Black, Indigenous and Hispanic communities don’t deserve gentrification.

Verbally murdering authors, this is the process of elimination,

My Nubian Queen and I are on the plane to international destinations.

Time travel is a daily occurrence; a Godly demonstration,

Praying and working hard towards capturing eternal salvation.

These words nourish the soul; divine penetration,

Only writing for the height of the world’s edification. 


Where I Belong

Dropped out of college, I was finished like Kanye,

Sipping whisky, alternating between drinks, pass the Bombay.

My parents worked too hard for me to fail at life,

Literary success is one dimension of my grind, bosed up, started soaring to new heights.

They told me I needed a degree to succeed in life,

But the truth is I’ve surpassed those who didn’t understand my plight.

Diplomas, degrees, and certificates are only credentials,

Life experience is essential, the irreplaceable element that’s quintessential.

Working for a manager who doesn’t value your wellbeing,

Open up your eyes, realize the deception you’re seeing.

I wasn’t born to be treated like another number on the stat sheet,

Everything that’s labelled as impossible I reach.

I’m a hopeful dreamer, compassionate, deeply romantic,

Witty remarks leave you feeling jubilant, life just expanded.

Book tours across the province, exploring the nation,

Even hit spots overseas, time for a celebration.

Public speaking became another method to inspire,

Attended conferences and seminars, showed the audience the means to comfortably retire.

Words are powerful tools with knowledge behind them,

Wisdom is the only way to rise up, the necessity for surviving.

Get out of your own way, escape what doesn’t matter,

The more your mind focuses on the negativity, you only become madder.

Caring about what doesn’t need your energy is insufficient,

Seeing the brighter side of life is the divine difference.

Taking one positive element out of your day is all that counts,

The amount isn’t measured by the ounce.

Accurately on target like an arrow, invoking joy like a Christmas Carol,

I’m looking fly in off-brand or designer apparel.

Uplifting entrenched communities, earning to give back,

The assets and finances are temporary comforts, that’s a fact.

We own our thoughts, honor, dignity, and integrity,

Radiating with positive energy, repelling treachery, knocking out lethargy.