There’s nothing that extends beyond my reach,

Destinations by the beach, the hustle is unique.

Promised God to only practice what I preach,

Cleanliness is the only way to teach.

Inspiration is needed every single day you rise up,

Angelic queen behind me; she forced me to wise up.

Seizing every opportunity to levitate my company off the ground,

Startup with no capital is like music without any sound.

Capturing the invisible, achieving the impossible,

What I make happen for my family isn’t comparable.

If you yearn to get to heaven you must experience hell,

Been through a lot of situations, but I’ll never tell.

The more real you become, the hatred reigns down heavier,

The pen moves on a consistent route, the journey is steadier.

My deepest inspiration derives directly from the cemetery,

The truth hurts, sets you free and is unbelievably scary.

Used to send out literary queries, thinking I was literary,

Independence only made me concerned about less adversaries.

Concentration is specific penetration for knowledge detonation,

Productivity has a main goal of revenue generation.

Going beyond what people expect is the definition of a threat,

Bosses always find solutions, every problem gets addressed.

Only keep those around who truly cherish your company,

Growth is a necessity, people won’t be stunting me.

Refuse to lie to my Nubian Queen, she deserves the world,

I will give her everything she dreams of, even a beautiful baby girl.

Times of turmoil only brings us closer together,

Only God comes between us; He makes us better.

The most difficult task is normally the right thing to do,

Situations aren’t left undone, I need to see it through.

Moving forward is the only direction to navigate,

Society has to stop snoring and amalgamate.



Money creates options, it won’t set you free,

Being the boss has a price, I’m just being me.

Difficulties arise every single day, there’s a  solution to every problem,

The dreams I’m chasing after are highly uncommon.

Locked in on victory, annihilating all of this trickery,

Rewriting the foul hands who lied throughout history.

God sent me an angel with divine splendor and grace,

Her eyes tell me she’s much more than another pretty face.

She’s my greatest blessing, biggest investment and ultimate dream,

My affection for her is always expressed to the extreme.

Treating the blank page like every time is my last encounter,

Selling books like McDonald’s sells their big macs and quarter pounders.

Always providing her jubilation to rule a nation,

Royalty under the sun, the ground we walk on defines consecration.

Never been trapped under the political system, broken rules of tradition,

Empowered by my drive and courageous decisions.


I slide inside and she screams, the walls shake,

Salacious movements; no lust–respect I take.

Prayed for a loyal team full of go-getters and businessmen,

Now we’re steadily elevating, setting our own trends.

Million dollar estates, luxury vehicles, international five star resorts,

Under the scope, receiving everything we need from the port.

I had gigantic dreams to run the city, and we made it happen,

When you lose your footing; we just gain more traction.

Family over fame: serious Scotian dons; millions in our palm,

Staying true to our communities; fake love received from Uncle Tom.

We don’t flex with others materials, the status held is imperial,

Making power moves, I could have you hit up while eating my cereal.

Peace and blessings is all we see; all of the haters want to be me,

But they don’t have the visions to even see–the truest G.

Fear is a non-existent emotion; my words are miracles and potions,

Rising above all of the silly, frivolous commotion.

In a few months what I’m writing will all be present,

Characters are consolidated; more colorful than a peasant.

I’m up before the sunrises just to grind harder than the day before,

Whether it’s a hoop, net or field goal, I’m determined to score.

Every time something new is received I only want more,

My hunger for success is so intimidating, you won’t see me soar.

You bring someone around; he’s not my man, I don’t consider him fam,

Even when you catch me in traffic, I’m never experiencing a jam.


Creating A New Life

I’ve decided to take my writing to the next level by being outrageously organized. Opening up another creative avenue will increase my revenue stream. A new life is about to begin and I’m very excited. I flooded the world with thought provoking poetry–now it’s time to go harder. I will be posting every Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Monday and Thursday will focus primarily on topics about entrepreneurship, business tactics, marketing strategies, objectives for success, motivation, lifestyle and personal finance. Friday will be a poetry post.

Embracing The Ups And Downs To Manifest Your Visions

Everyone has goals, dreams and aspirations, but the question is how do we retrieve what our imaginations believe? The answer is within the question, you must possess unwavering faith. Darkness will swallow you whole, chew you up and spit you out if you aren’t willing to firmly believe. The position you want is always worth fighting for, even if it seems like there’s no waves of progression.

Every experience you go through should be appreciated. Gratitude is the best attitude.

Visions are revelations that descend down from the heavens, embarking us on an unforgettable sojourn. Being obedient towards your vision is the only way to reach completion–and without completion, all you have is a wish.

Prayer (meditation) and hope are contributing factors towards our success as long as we treat them as a transformation. What we yearn for isn’t dependent upon what we decide to execute.

Understand The Art Of Wealth Management

Gaining wealth causes a change of circumstances, which creates a new environment for you to live in, happily. Money isn’t designed to make you happy; it’s here for us to live comfortably. And if you want to make it, the majority of your profits needs to be spent on funding new ventures. Increasing the likelihood of acquiring an unprecedented level of financial stability in your life requires an astronomical amount of research.

Everything in life boils down to the simple mathematical procedures of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Once you’re able to excel at these principles, you’re capable of managing the numbers. But this doesn’t constitute the knowledge you need to build a solidified financial portfolio.

There are many financial vehicles you’re able to invest in, but before you invest, you must save; it doesn’t have to be a substantial amount, just something that could cover a specific emergency. Ten years down the road you want to be able to tell yourself and others (if applicable) that you still have a small portion of the money you received a decade ago. Holding onto what you sacrificed for adds value to the altitude of your life.

The only way to obtain a lofty position in life is to get money. It shouldn’t be a source of contempt, which so many people are using as a way to hate now. Jealousy and envy only weakens and exposes how fraudulent you really are.

Read books about personal finance that will help you navigate, and weather the storms that are brought upon you. Of course there are many informative blogs, websites, and webinars around the internet, but a precise pattern of information that teaches you specific tactics, only exists in a structured form known as a book.

I could make some recommendations, but I will save them for my YouTube channel. It’s coming very soon, by the way.

Love Yourself More Every Breath You Take

Even if it feels like you’re trapped in a perpetual loop that only seems to be digressing; just remember–the more you look after yourself by practicing positive thoughts, good hygiene, and proper dietary habits, the better you will end up feeling. How do you expect to operate from a genuine place if you’re constantly feeling depressed, frustrated, and tempestuous?

Write down daily goals and honor those commitments. Create weekly and monthly goals that can be completed long-term, so you know you aren’t going to fall off too easily. Respecting yourself is the only way to receive respect back.

Resting is just as important as working; sometimes it can even be a higher priority. Schedule time every single day to relax and entertain yourself. Don’t run yourself ragged by working sixteen-twenty hour days for months. Sure, there’s a lot to accomplish and change for others, but sometimes taking a step back and appreciating the small moments in life fuels our creative juices.

Don’t count the amount of hours you’re devoting to a specific task, but actively monitor how productive you are, whilst doing this task. Productivity is the frequency in which you complete your tasks. Ensure your time is being utilized wisely.

Adversity is intertwined with the decadence of prosperity and clarity. Before the sun can shine you must absorb the treachery of the storm.

Everyone falls down, some harder than others, and the harder you fall, the higher you can rise. Love the journey and trust the process because it’s molding you into what you’ve requested. Resuscitation can only be achieved when you’re forced to drive into another lane.

Calculate The Moves You Make

Knowing the terrain and being mindful of your surroundings is how to multiply your effort. Follow the five e philosophy: energy, eagerness, effort, enthusiasm, and excitement.

Do what is best for you, don’t give in to others temptations. People who are miserable only want to bring others down with them. Crabs in the bucket who don’t want to see others rise up.

Surround yourself with individuals who want the best for you; everything they want for themselves they want for you and beyond. Your team is what defines you. People make judgments off those who your time is invested with. I learned this lesson the hard way.

What are some minor and major improvements you can make in your life? Think of five different things you can change, no matter how big or small, write them down on a piece of paper and promise yourself you will make it happen. When something is written down, it provides a visceral element that wasn’t present before.

Now the ultimate question is: will you take a leap of faith or remain planted in the realm of mediocrity? I know mediocrity isn’t part of my destiny.



Your Favorite

Far from a regular person, won’t give into coercion,

Hate is pushed to the forefront, as a diversion.

Expanding the movement, experiencing multiple excursions,

I’m just trying to be the best version, blending up greatness like an immersion.

The height of my writing decadence, sets an unparalleled precedence,

Captured the solution on circumstances that were exigent.

If the source of a threat isn’t a promise, then it isn’t honest,

Good deeds are what weighs on the scale–here to admonish.

Glorifying days ahead is impossible, the future is blinding,

Shining is only given to those who won’t stop grinding.

Avoiding violence is intelligence, thriving in various elements,

Stomping through the kingdom like an elephant.

Keeping a low profile is my style, the dissection of secret files,

Moving under the radar, creating a base to walk on like floor tiles.

Stepping over puddles of pain, hopeful visions from the rain,

I’ll never care about fame, just focused on creating my own lane.

Nobody is going to hold your hand and show you the way to success,

You must believe in yourself, and work hard to be the best of the best.

When the future is spoken about, my name will be a part of it,

Covenant I made with the universe; average thoughts, I’m flying above it.

The most anticipated author to ever hit the scene so clean,

Determined to live all of my dreams; strength risen by beans.

Doing the right things aren’t warranted by many,

But follow what your heart tells you, and you’ll end up with plenty.

Pray, plan, set a strategy and execute–always feed the destitute,

Navigate towards the highway, don’t get caught in a vicious loop.

Loyalty means you don’t have any friends, just family until the end,

They want the best for you, there’s no need to pretend.

Getting the upper hand takes years of dedication like a contract stipulation,

Commanding eternal veneration, fighting for justice and liberation.

Abiding by a set of solidified principles, consolidating literary prowess,

Swimming among the sharks, eating away at the petty cowardice.


Getting To It

Being sedentary made me legendary,

Expanding individuals mental capacities from passionate theories.

Ancient philosopher like Socrates and Plato,

Writing with deeply convicted burning desire; feugo.

Benediction embedded in fiction, creating friction,

Dedicated to a mission, divine literary predictions.

Unsure of what the future holds, courageous soul, beyond bold,

Faithfully attuned to my business etiquette, emotionless so cold.

Predicted business ventures, the earth spins,

Always knew I was preordained to win.

Chasing dreams, instead of being lost in the lust for females,

Grinding so hard the tracks derailed, getting green like kale.

True discipline starts with a diet based on whole foods,

Eating what nature has prescribed locks in a spiritual mood.

Love yourself more by saying no to the unproductive activities,

Enhancing enchanted proclivities; Godly like a nativity.

The weak motivate me to become more precise and stronger,

Pushing up and squatting down so I will live longer.

Proving all of the doubters wrong,

Even under immense pressure I remain calm.

Mastered the law of attraction, controlling emotions,

Acquiring free publicity and promotion, wisdom deeper than the bottom of the ocean.

The corner is getting warmer, beef ignites the temperature,

Summer is hot, but the streets are like a disproportionate integer.

Governing bodies only cares about the bottom line,

Manipulation through greed is seen as divine.

Dislodge all of your negative thoughts,

Continue committing crimes, you will get caught.

Feed your focus by eliminating useless ideas,

You need to do things yourself like IKEA.

The only fame I want is amongst the angels within the stars,

Serving shots to the publishing industry like bars; outside of this planet like mars.

The Game

You won’t be able to beat me, every paragraph designed neatly,

Only into independent women who aren’t afraid to get freaky.

Nothing under the sun that I fear,

Throughout all of the tough times I persevere.

God and family are the only thing’s that matter,

Writing literary classics only make my pockets fatter.

Viewing the future through the contents of my crystal ball,

Getting directly to the point; this isn’t a casting call.

Comparing yourself to others is a weak way of living,

Focused on providing a divine message, understand what I’m giving.

Nobody should validate the height of your existence,

The definition is deeply embedded in your persistence.

People act like it’s all love, just to be nosy,

I can’t put my feet up and be cozy.

There’s too much to accomplish and conquer,

Eating these writer’s alive because I’m a monster.

The sun shines down upon me, exuding rays of light,

Alleviated my plight, you won’t get anywhere unless you fight.

Intelligence is knowing how to respond and when,

Knocking down these goals like bowling pins.

Never told a lie on the blank page yet,

And I don’t plan to start, only becoming a larger threat.

Put too much time in to turn back now,

This world is full of wickedness, but it isn’t judged as foul.

Children getting shot down on the streets, men fighting in prisons,

Satan makes an incision, and influences the majorities decisions.

Magazine’s infiltrate the mind, tell women they should be skinny,

Boatox, silicone injections, liposuction, plastic surgery doesn’t mean you have plenty.

I have dreams to be around model’s, and its not for aesthetics,

It’s to prove the truth about the industry, the establishment is pathetic.

Kicking down doors, creating opportunities during tragedy,

Trust me: I understand why you fraudulent people are mad at me.

Here, There, Everywhere

Leaving footprints in the sand by God’s command,

Making a mark on the world that the future will demand.

Completed all of my dreams and made the world a better place,

Exposed societies lies, improved the advancement of the human race.

There’s nothing left on my list of goals,

Awakened the greatness in some of the finest souls.

Taught others to strive for what seemed unreachable,

Showed them they could grab and hold onto what’s reachable.

Most people wake up and run around asleep,

Just because your eyes are open, doesn’t mean you’re on fleek.

I won’t be forgotten, I will be remembered like the coldest month in December,

They will celebrate my born day like a ritual in November.

Changing the beats of people’s hearts into vitality,

They didn’t want me to shine, but I made the spotlight my reality.

Even when I tried my best, I asked myself for more,

I pushed myself back up, depended on the strength of my core.

A sense of purpose is only found in your deepest passion,

It will open up other doors to unsullied actions.

Belief is only the first step up the mountain of truth,

Actions are consistent, positive habits that provide the proof.

Asking for forgiveness every day, trying to improve every second,

Showing less than what I have, even when I’m flexing.

There’s nothing that I can’t go out and get,

And believe me: you can do it too if you unwrap your gift.

Pass through the fire to see the beauty of heaven,

I feel like I’m an hour away from the following day like eleven.

Being accountable for your own actions is how to thrive;

Plunge into the deepest water’s, take the dive.

Challenges present more obstacles, and they build integrity,

Money means more options to leave an indelible legacy.

I’m a proud Canadian who has a presence from Japan to Germany,

Satan knocks on my door, but he isn’t burning me.

Perpetual Hunger

I used to have people around that were trying to hold me back,

I write gold, God has my back, I distribute words like crack.

Losing friends and family members told me I was doing what’s right,

I give the blind sight, unreachable being whose catching a flight.

Passion takes courage, charisma, patience, and consistency,

I took a different path from a wondrous epiphany.

Molding my writing into the most inspiring words,

Every day I grind harder, the world thinks it’s absurd.

I’m told to slowdown, take a rest and get comfortable,

Hunger has an appetite that’s insatiable.

Moving fast, born to last like the transactions of cash;

Exposing the fraudulent and breaking you out like a rash.

One look in your eye’s tells me that your trash,

Only the true hustlers will understand my path.

Losing sleep just to eat and push out stories,

I owe everything to God and his powerful glory.

Faith is what makes dreams come true,

I’m higher than the sky that’s blue.

Looking down on the competition, arrogance and haters,

You might be great, but I’m greater.

Rectify the worst situations, create innumerable innovations,

Start something and go hard like the downfall of precipitation.

Learn how to barter, understand the charter,

Live like a saint with the heart of a martyr.

The largest simplicity is the eloquence of speech,

The complexity is the purpose you teach.

I’m much different than the average, the other side of me is a savage,

You need to comprehend and sacrifice a lot to live lavish.

Peace is what I worship and live under,

My footsteps are crashing down on the earth like thunder.

Security guards aren’t needed, the creation of my future is superseded,

I work until my energy levels are depleted, making other authors look egregious.

I’m On It

I tackle new challenges, embrace the ambiance,

Ignorance doesn’t require a response.

Silence is an asset, the human brain is placid,

I burn through the barriers like acid.

Giving up is a decision for those who love the easy route,

Design a creative sphere that builds God’s house.

Complaining and negativity isn’t warranted when you’re alive,

I was born to thrive, not throw in the towel and survive.

I adore the hatred, so I receive fake love,

I’m legendary like Michael Jackson’s white gloves.

I lay back and wonder how I’ll be hotter than this summer,

Smartphones and Google are generated to make us dumber.

The internet is a web that traps the non-believers,

But those true in faith earn revenue; call us the global retrievers.

Chase your dreams truly and listen to people speak about stagnation,

You are ahead of those who don’t understand how to build on elevation.

I’m sick like I caught a sizzling fever,

I turn the darkest hearts into believers.

My readership tunes into me like a radio station,

The anticipation is a heavenly gift like precipitation.

Accepting what happened is forgiveness from within,

But don’t forget to repent consistently for your sins.

Lessons are taught to improve the world’s disposition,

Trust your intuition, grind hard, never ask for permission.

Riding with killer’s, making boss decisions,

My inner-vision is a priceless incision in demand more than television.

Three to four hour nights, taking power naps,

I’m up before the sun shines to bridge the gap.

You can go out and turn up if you’d like,

I’m focused on stacking cheddar higher than a kite.

Hustling is an innate ability, only for those who possess humility,

Every hour I’m becoming stronger, with a heightened sense of virility.