Back when I didn’t have a job or any cash to my name,

She held me down, believed in my dreams–a real dame.

Murdering author’s every time my pen touches paper,

Prepared to die, everyone is destined to meet our maker.

Worked more in my sleep than while I was awake,

Taking a break from the world provided a sublime escape.

Soon I’ll be collecting more figures asleep than when I’m awake,

Every word adds more fuel and prosperity to my fate.

Dead serious about this path I’ve decided to take,

Entrepreneurial spirit within my soul, moving at a faster pace.

Learning from every mistake, there’s still a lot more to make,

Concentrated on building for my family, purchasing a mansion by the lake.

Determined to make my Nubian Queen my wife,

She’s the ultimate wealth provided in my life.

Went from having no money to millions of dollars invested,

She remained committed and loyal through it all; our bond is eternal and intrepid.

Once let negative thoughts consume me, they tried to ruin me,

But God said: you won’t win him over, he has to pass through me.

The holy spirit will take advantage and ensure advancement,

Every aspect of life will pursue vast enhancement.

The gift to gab and write motivational sermons,

Its never been about money, but I’m constantly earning.

Someone always wants your spot, be thankful for your position,

Always thinking something great will happen, the depth of my intuition.

Growing regardless of what my enemies scheme and plot,

Saw my life taken away by making the wrong turn, it only took one shot.

Taking care of every bill, she won’t have to pay a dime,

She was always patient with me, knew I was destined to shine.

Only buying what I can afford, working so nothing is out of my price range,

Our feelings only grow stronger, ready to adapt to any change.

Optimistic about the arc of great things coming for us,

Placing all of our hope, faith, and compassion in God we trust.

Pretty babies come in all different shades and colors,

We need to cherish the role of every mother.

Plenty of enemies, very few allies on my side,

Focused on larger thoughts in every stride.


Chasing Dreams

Blowing author’s out of existence, loving this independence,

Every word consolidates power, you feel transcendence.

Crazy situations averted, on top with my queen; never deserted,

Refuse going back to my old ways, they won’t be reverted.

Book awards are an honor and a privilege; international scale,

Success is what’s behind my name, I won’t fail.

Eternally humble, when the waves crash I adjust my sail;

Done chasing tail, only responding to positive mail.

Beyond gracious for my black queen; she makes me better,

The way she and I grind–we change the weather.

She told me stay focused and remain intact,

When we’re on top, people will talk on the wealth amassed.

My black queen is perfect to me with her flaws and mistakes,

There’s no upgrade for me; we give each other space, the one, no debate.

God put all the right people in my life and eliminated my enemies,

Woke up drained of my energy, all I experience now is harmony and synergy.

They tried to get in our way but black love is invincible,

She’s so close to God, measuring the pulse in my ventricle.

There was never a doubt in my mind when I met her,

Knew she was destined to be my wife, tougher than leather.

God knew what he made for us, an eternal shelter,

The situation doesn’t matter, I will always help her.

Found a woman I can build more than a dream with,

If I need to shoot that means I’ll never miss.

The world is what I need to provide for her; that’s a must.

The only woman that I can fully trust; there’s no lust.

Romantic dinner dates, deep conversations under the stars,

Teaching me deeper meanings, allowing me to go far.

People act like they don’t know us because we’re so low key,

We value our privacy, so the general public let’s us be.

Multi-million dollar companies in every passion pursued,

Every entrepreneurial endeavor leaves all of my foes subdued.

Boss Moves

Every goal I set is attainable and lofty,

Conquer the beef smoothly, and devour all the broccoli.

The recipe for success is written between the lines,

The effort you apply is deeper than how you grind.

Passionate, articulate, compassionate, and loyal,

Entrepreneurial, determined, patient, and royal.

Pride is a root of evil larger than money,

Days off are for the uninspired, the unwillingly funny.

People try to stomp down your dreams, due to insecurities,

Trusting funds that are purely a surety.

It took me awhile to knockdown the doors to launch,

Exotic words written like the creation of a new font.

My power isn’t just within these words,

Exposing the absurd, inspiring the world not to follow the herd.

Society is blinded by the realm of treachery and deception;

Using the truth as my torch like a weapon.

These men are acting like little boy’s telling lies,

Treating queens emotions like a cherry pie.

Once their appetite is satisfied, they move onto the next course,

Told you they loved you, when you were equestrian like a horse.

Honorable men tell female’s the truth,

They won’t lie about having other women, and care about the youth.

Touching the city like an icy gust of wind,

Everyday the sunrises, I have no choice but to ascend.

I’d rather work for twelve hours than be entertained,

Discipline is a part of my existence, the consistency is ingrained.

Everyone has a couple of bad habits,

But being a beast at times doesn’t make you a savage.

The key to life is having predominantly productive habits,

Focus, drive, and dedication that allows you to live lavish.

I stay up all night writing literary greatness,

Loving the fact on how many people hate it.

The influence I will have on the world is deeper than writing,

Showing the universe a galaxy with better lighting.

Astronomical imprints on every paragraph indent,

Leaving a scent more appeasing than incense.

Living To Win

Challenge yourself to empower your health,

Stop getting locked up like a belt.

Invigorating the destitute, setting new writing precedence,

I do my due diligence, to keep my publishing relevant.

The genuine will always say how underrated you are,

Staying underground traveling through tunnels like a car.

Mapping out my entire life on the blank page,

Only three pages of planning for a business to grow and age.

Keep a concise record of how you implement ideas,

Sleep is optimal, but I neglect it to plant seeds like chia.

Six figures is nice but it means nothing to me,

I worked hard to earn my stunting degree.

Most of my acquaintances are praying on my downfall,

I could face any kind of adversity and stand tall.

My book tour will add serious enlightenment to my dome,

But there’s only one place that I can call home.

Message so flexible that it hits every decibel,

I feed you healthy words like green vegetables.

People are comfortable with being lazy,

Put your soul into driving ambition further, and get called crazy.

You’ll never see what I deal with behind the scenes,

Nobody can track me or stop me from completing my dreams.

Entrepreneurial endeavors can be volatile like the weather,

My footsteps break up the ground, but I move lighter than a feather.

Stopping is only meant to be executed in traffic,

I need to keep going to get this cabbage.

I live in the underworld and cherish the underground,

The mainstream stirs up controversy and worships the sound.

I inspire minds, refine time, facilitate my grind;

Decimate swine, age like wine, persevere through any bind.

Most people love the convenience of fast food,

But their marketing teaches you to deceive and be rude.