The Core

Death is always imminent, the eternal genesis,

Recycled back into the essence; heavenly penmanship.

Corporations dictate the economy due to ownership,

Own the rights to your creations, stop looking for a bone to pick.

Risk takers have the greatest rewards, but largest losses,

Striving to be holier than crosses, building a team full of experts and bosses.

Anything is possible with a relentless pursuit for curiosity,

The hypocrisy is we all lie, burning bridges isn’t my philosophy.

Awakening spirits that believe they are uniquely generic,

You either create waves or complain to anyone who will hear it.

Taking life into my own hands, confident on foreign land,

Implementing commands that demands my organization expands.

Sinking down another level is the mark of the devil,

I move boulders and break pebbles, the base to your treble.

Big mouths sink ships, they can leave you slumped in a ditch,

Having more than one wish is the only way to get rich.

The future of this publishing industry, born to become a legend,

Elevating into the future, making my life acceptance into heaven.

I know a lot of religious people who won’t read scriptures,

Deception within the voiceless word’s of their pictures.

Certain actions buried me deeper than six feet,

The consequences never discouraged me; victory comes after defeat.

The flyer you become, the harder it is to stay grounded,

Truthfully, come at me and I’ll have you surrounded.

Penetrating the human psyche, I’m not taken lightly,

The wolves love me; sheep are afraid to fight me.

Prepared for the worst, always expecting the best,

I’ve been blessed, if there isn’t a gun to my head then I’m not stressed.

Wishing an abundance of success for those who are against me,

Experience is the best teacher that’s elementary.

Writer’s write captivating stories, publishers attract the audience,

The prominence and devotion sets unprecedented providence.


Climbing Stairs

I would rather live under the threat of death and danger,

Instead of being lost inside a vortex, treating myself as a stranger.

You couldn’t even step on my staircase, I swear on my life,

Knocking all authors off the ladder, you reread my words with delight.

Operating off sublime intuition, logical propositions,

Business orientated, treating words like recipes in the kitchen.

Its all love here, all I smell is fear; floating on a tear,

My essence is rare, capturing stares, hidden plans in the lair.

Pain and suffering is only a factor of true success,

Even when I’m asleep, I don’t rest.

Always contemplating on every move, willing to improve,

Fruits and vegetables enhance my mood; prepared to lose.

Everyone takes a loss once in awhile, but my wins keep me in style,

Overpowering the blank page, every time I write you smile.

Respect the process, tell an intriguing story with allegory,

Looking down on all of these authors from the observatory.

Biologically, the nucleolus of my work is a commodity,

Hitting the jackpot on every word like I won the lottery.

The hunger won’t subsist, determined to prove my gifts,

When the trumpet sounds, I will reside in bliss.

Leaving a legacy that enhances the culture,

Staying close to God like I live by the altar.

Praying for the innocent children entrenched in poverty,

All of the violence, senselessness, and celebrated monotony.

Spirituality is enlightenment and strengthening of the soul,

Religiosity is being serious, even when your life is darker than coal.

The abyss won’t be missed like the time I broke my wrist,

Find your passion and make the leap of faith, I insist.

Taking risks only made my life better,

But they were strategically thought out for days in different conditions of weather.

Officially meticulous, accurate, honorable and promiscuous,

Admitting my flaws, but they won’t make me precipitous.

The Explosion

I let my pen move towards the notion of God’s storm,

Producing words that will keep your heart warm.

Babies are born, lives are murdered as I write this,

Hitting the jugular vein of the spiritless and and lifeless.

Life is what you plan and design to refine time,

I won’t stop for anybody, I only know how to stay on my grind.

Supernatural, superhero tactics, worldly vibrations like a space station;

Orbiting above the visions of the past, present, and future of the entire nation.

International moves only improves the mood I exude,

I have a lot to prove; only know about exceptional manners, screw being rude.

It doesn’t matter what you want for me, because I will accomplish more,

Even if you expect the best for me, I open unseen doors.

All of the hatred, jealousy, and envy only inspires me to work like a slave,

I’m putting my heart into every word until I meet the grave.

Speaking solemnly, creating monopolies, fulfilling my prophecy,

Most people are soft cowards, caught up in the realm of monotony.

People smile in my face with the intentions of trying to finish me,

Worst case scenario: I’m robbing you of your energy.

I’m not acclimated with the fears of being murdered,

I shine brightly, and watch my style explode, I’m a brilliant inserter.

When the world decided to turn their back towards me,

I created stories with deeper meanings of allegory.

Giving up isn’t part of my DNA like the drama king Kay Slay,

I’m only interested in philosophies that lead to a bigger pay.

The hustle cannot be taught, you need to be born with the multiplication of a plot,

I see what you thought, and then tie your body up in a knot.

You can only seize an opportunity that you love and create,

Don’t mistake the genuine nature of others for hate.

I wear out all of my enemies like old clothes and sneakers,

Every day I aspire to dig deeper into the essence of my features.

Living in the fast lane, taking every business transaction seriously,

But I have a sense of humour that makes you think I’m positioned precariously.

Back On The Grind

I lost the essence of my grind for a minute,

Currently: I’m going even harder; my soul is replenished.

Neglecting your true talent is distancing yourself from the creator,

You won’t change levels like an elevator.

A minimum of one hundred hours per week are the requirements,

I plan on having an unbelievably comfortable retirement.

Money is on the table and its calling my name,

I fuel my writing with passion and produce flames.

I’m one of the baddest men to ever walk on planet earth,

You never met anyone cooler because I realize what I’m worth.

Assembling a team of bread winner’s,

We work like we’ve never eaten dinner.

I’d rather work for sixteen hours everyday than relax,

I’m the king, and I’m not just talking about Halifax.

Laziness is the making of negativity and lack of virility,

The higher I rise the more I comprehend humility.

I’m holding more accountability for my actions,

Telling stories that have gained more traction.

You need to believe deeply in your visions,

I’ve never doubted myself, even when my soul embraced a collision.

Nothing in this life is for free, you pay with time,

I’m going to shine with the finest dimes.

The tank hasn’t even been emptied, I thrive off my thoughts,

I have novels, poetry, and scripts sealed in the vault.

Save the gossip for the ladies, cause I’m crazy,

Smoking the best weed in the country; my early mornings are hazy.

Kale and strawberry smoothies got me feeling groovy,

Every time I step outside I make an award-winning movie.

Critically acclaimed; I never cared about fame,

The bad reviews only add value to my name.

The literary awards sharpened my narrative sword,

I’m the plug and the cord; two swings will leave you stiff like a board.

The Book Community

I love the book community, but I only support the real,

I murder the fraudulent, just to eat a meal.

The youth need better direction, so we need to structure a reception;

Be present, and awaken their presence with an intellectual perception.

I won’t miss any opportunities because my mind is open,

All of my enemies I observe with the telescope; here’s hoping.

Parables and parameters pinpointing precision;

Capturing visions high above any standard of living.

The False Reality Of Martin is more refreshing than the first day of Spring,

I dictate, dominate, captivate, and fascinate because I’m a king.

Fearful of nobody on planet earth, I don’t care about aliens and their turf;

Know what you’re worth, before you end up buried in the dirt.

Understand the multi-layered deception of this world that’s produced,

Being trapped under the surface serves no purpose for the youth.

The undercover colonizers try to make everybody look awful and bad,

Just so they can wipe dirt off their names; it makes people mad.

The World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, The World Health Organization, and The World Trade Organization,
Seven individuals in the shadows, controlling the leaders we see like puppets for a monstrous demonstration.

What is placed in the media is showing their power of attorney,

The decisions, hideous homicides, and genocides being orchestrated on our journey.

Why should you be afraid of these cowards who want you to be like them?

I’m trying my best to turn boys into respectful, eloquent men.

God is behind me, so there’s nobody who can take my life,

When I move, even to the keenest eye, I’m out of sight.

I’m making history with this pen hustle and flow,

I don’t act or put on a performance like a show.

I grind every day to propel my essence into a new beacon,

What I’m reaping is wisdom, because its knowledge I’m seeking.

Protect your own world, and block out the rest,

Show compassion, let your heart beat outside of your chest.

If you don’t think you’re in competition you’re useless,

I decimate my adversaries and foes, I’m quick to be ruthless.

Ring Bells

My name rings bells like my surname,

As soon as I entered this game, I made a thoroughbred lane.

I’m strong like a horse, getting more green than a golf course,

I’m cold like an icicle, when I call the drop I have no remorse.

I always ask for forgiveness, to abstain from sins;

All of these impish grins from people acting as fake friends.

The mirror doesn’t lie, the pain was a war cry,

I was asking God why, when I was a child I used to be shy.

I was analyzing scenerios and didn’t trust people,

I persevered through the prequel to provide an extraordinary sequel.

Living an extravagent life is all about confidence and sacrifice,

I’m an old school shooter like Glen Rice.

Everyone wants dollars but have no work ethic,

I out work these authors; my time is on another clock being accepted.

They want the perks associated with money,

I just want the paper whether it’s storming or sunny.

I keep a low profile, you know my style,

I’m a lunatic; no pseudonyms, pen name is Kyle.

I fell in love with books at the age of six,

I was ahead of my time like the architect laying down bricks.

I procure refer by the pound like a boxing round,

The cops won’t catch me cause I don’t make a sound.

All of my income is legal and legitimate,

Even when it’s lustful I still get passionately intimate.

Dressed in all black when I reach the club,

Bottle service, chain glistening, the after party is sex and a foot rub.

The only people who inspire me are the ones collecting figures,

Money is power, all it did was make me bigger.

Most people don’t want me to grow taller,

But it’s all part of rejuvenation and being a baller.

There’s no secret to getting paper,

I need it like a professional debater.

The hunger only grew immensely after my first big check,

My life was a wreck and I made it simply fresh.

I had a rack saved up, but I treat that like pennies,

God gave me essence to influence many, thankful for plenty.

I touch different demographics like a researcher;

My queen carries weapons but they never search her.

True leaders have fans in junior high across the globe,

I wake up to a view of the city and throw on my Polo robe.


I capture moments that are ahead of my time,

What I define is the essence of a relentless grind.

The odds are dead set against me, so I beat them,

Aboriginals are marginalized in my country, legislation mistreats them.

You read struggles, pain, trials and tribulations in my poetry,

I learn about the publishing industry, I don’t need people showing me.

I’m open to listen and take advice if you’re ahead in life,

Experienced a lot of strife to find my future wife.

I got accused of being lost and a liar,

In order to save my life I had to pass through the fire.

Lunch at the CN Tower is just a business meeting,

Another annual report like seasons greetings.

Women need to stop trying to play boys,

Breeding another senseless dog to employ.

Conforming is made for the cheaters and weaklings,

Creating an unforgettable wave like your first encounter with the precinct.

Reading less than I’m writing cause work matters,

A huge dreamer, I don’t fill my mind with clatter.

I have love for everyone, but I’m loyal to the true believers,

Whenever I’m around its like watching a movie in theaters.

Screenwriting award; winning motion pictures,

The checks are correct from studying scriptures.

I made sure to get a number of plays under my belt,

The audience was in tears, it was so heartfelt.

When you realize you can’t be stopped, you’re a threat,

I put blood, sweat, and years into every set.

I remember not even having a dollar to my name;

But I knew I would be filthy rich like LeBron James.

The law written in our nature is irresistible,

I multiply my racks, create anamolies not so typical.

I guarantee I write faster than any author alive,

I built Scotian Breeze from nothing, I was feeling deprived.

Treasure Words, Collect Figures is my life summarization,

Taking over the publishing industry doesn’t require justification.

The only being moving me is Allah and myself,

The only reason I capitalized was from knowledge-of-self.

I only choose to be surrounded by the presence of pretty women,

The mental creates the physical, I’m doing things heavy like Ronnie Coleman.

Sports, fitness, discipline and determination will save you;

The mind will be sharper, so the buffoons won’t play you.

I sell books on the streets to strangers,

I survey the geographical area, thoroughly like a park ranger.

Loonies, toonies, fives, tens, and twenties,

I take it any way I can get it to obtain plenty.

Unbelievably grateful for what I earned;

When I’m driving on the highway I take a sharper turn.

Analyzing the technicalities and legalities, understanding reality;

Most say I’m delusional, but they work for a salary.

Perfecting my craft, your girl is licking my shaft,

The head is so sensational, she can’t be daft.

Classy behavior to my adversaries and neighbours,

Harvesting on the farm, doing manual labor.

I won’t ask for favors cause I’m the savior,

I’m from an era where my generation doesn’t know of pagers.

Stay tuned for my ode to Langston Hughes;

I instill a positive mission, I guarantee you won’t feel used.

Celebrating in the club popping bottles;

Bagging models with my foot on the throttle.

I don’t get involved with females, unless we’re friends first;

Jump into a pool of lust and drown in hurt.

Sunday is the beginning of the week for me,

I’m refreshingly cool like iced tea.

The ambition of a go-getter battles the storm,

The grind has flawless form, my books sell faster than porn.

Fresh Opportunities

The storm is over like the end of winter

I looked death in the face, but didn’t enter

I feel unbelievably blessed to be alive

I cultivate where the essence derived; running a colony like a bee hive

Moving forward, enhancing life, instilling new beginnings

I made the impossible look easy, I don’t have time for chilling

When money is on the mind; all you know is grind

Trust in God is what I find, culminating a deeper shrine

The waiting game is one part of what makes a man patient

I write what’s in high demand and the adjacent

Making literature, poetry and writing my life was cemented

Brilliantly resplendent, I needed to pursue independence

Getting down is easy, but getting up is harder

Every second that passes, I become smarter

Business mind that’s revamping the writing world as we know it

If I’m hurt I don’t show it, cause I’m the toughest poet

The prize money from competitions and literary awards were nice

That was only the beginning of the bread that I sliced

I attuned my mental to the essential

Built the foundation to multiply the sequential

Subsequently, I won the competition from a single entry

I’m not a prisoner locked up in the penitentiary

Cops want to put me behind bars like a rap song

They’re dead wrong, I stomp through the city like King Kong

I’m always ready to decimate, but instead I elevate

When I drink I celebrate, you consume alcohol to devastate

Selling books was an easy task like sipping whisky out a flask

The genuine will survive, the best writer ever, I am the last

I stopped giving hand outs and doing favors

But believe me: I’m still nice to my neighbours

I’ve been slowing down the vernacular, so you can catch up

I’ve been stacking up dollars, you only get your debt up