The artistry within the clouds is a divine pattern,

Living on another planet, defying gravity like Saturn.

Rain descends upon me, cleansing my soul,

The internal organs of each word glitters more than gold.

The coolest person in the nation, possessing patience,
Having only one wish means you are becoming complacent.

Meeting queens from all around the world, I’ve been international,

Strategic preparation, implementing moves that are tactical.

Dropping jewels, shining more than a jewelry store,

Choosing which countries to tour in; words dripping from your pores.

The street life has an expiration date, used to think it was my fate,

Appointments are always punctual, ahead of every date.

Have a Nubian Queen who will love me unconditionally,

Representing a more powerful movement, rewriting history.

Wishing on a star, making the unthinkable occur,

Life is fantastic, only executing what I prefer.

All in or take nothing, focused on making more than something,

The truth is what I love, you won’t see me bluffing.

Investing in real estate, overseeing assets,

Owning land, businesses, and writing literary classics.

Every startup is a rocky start, shooting for the moon,

Passion, discipline and work ethic is part of my platoon.

Writing scripts and turning my novels into movies,

Commercial success is attained from soing me.

The underground novelist bringing the best people together,

Every second is a hustle to change and get better.

Still broke but will make money in my sleep very soon,

The digital marketing will be more popular than a cartoon.

Never cared about attracting the local scene,

They will come to me, my vision is clear and keen.

Scotian Breeze Apparel, the fleece connection will make millions,

Ethereal, relatable spectacular feelings.



Dreams are created to be chased, fate is determined,

But free will is the only reason why winners are earning.

Haters smile in your face, act like family; it’s a disgrace,

How can hatred and insecurities establish a stronger human race?

Posterity is imperative, listen closely to my literary narrative,

Become your own light, every action you take is operative.

My soul is awakened, rising up and taking what’s mine,

The crown has been written to be placed on my head, so divine.

The harder times are the more hopeful I become,

Darkness subsides after struggling, shining bright like the sun.

Words locked in the chamber; they only exit under comfort and danger,

It’s a shame when you need to go alone, and get more love from strangers.

Praying for all the true believers locked up, the kids indentured by prostitution,

Whatever the provocation, I act accordingly and find a solution.

Bright future with a team full of bosses and soldiers,

A queen to build with exponentially, so we can grow older.

Professional, underground, and international connections,

Making the stars shine for my empowerment of the world is the only direction.

Hard work on the blank page, writing outside the box, evading the cage,

Creating an ethereal stage, forcing all of my enemies to disengage.

Smoking sour, skunk, kush, and haze, entering a new phase,

Writing the next chapter; calm disposition, precise rage.

I don’t have any other choice but to get it, like a case acquitted,

Putting Nova Scotia on the map like a Yankee fitted.

Rough times only make you stronger, powerful and integral,

Generosity, ambition, loyalty and compassion running through my ventricles.

The greatest writer to ever grace planet earth, I know what I’m worth,

Even flowers are required to spend a segment of its time buried in dirt.

Millions flowing in on a monthly basis, I’m speaking about the future,

Book sales is a fragment of my entrepreneurial spirit; soul beyond super.

False prophets get praised for their artistic satire,

All they can say is how real they are, but I’m here to make all of them retire.


I’m the supply chain, operating on a different plane

The key to this game is to stay true and never change

Circumstances get redirected because I’m infinitely respected

I laughed at the emails when I got rejected

The market is full of propaganda and dumb niches

I sell books that are sweeter than peaches

I’m relaxing on beaches, not worried about new releases

Money is made in my sleep–I drain energy out of these leeches

Why should the grind stop and be stagnant?

That’s for quitters; shoutout to all of my intelligent vagrants

I get recognition from overseas every single day I rise

Diligence and dignity doesn’t feed my feeble pride

I will never care what others think of me

I have every writer in back of me, I left them stinking, see?

I’m catching bodies on the page like a true sage

I could make it physical, but I elevate to another stage

Producing words until my the last breath exits my lungs

Watching closely, which words roll of my tongue

Enlightening the darkness, breaking Satan’s skull

My work is ethereal, you won’t ever believe it’s dull

Say what you please, you don’t bless me when I sneeze

I keep getting hotter like higher degrees

I take full responsibility for the actions I commit

I work out intensely, to stay fit

Hitting the mark, vicious like four sharks

I only became successful because I anticipated many larks

Book sales come easy like the push of a button

I’m always willing to share; I’m not a glutton

Surrendering is for the weak, whom are fearful of waging war

I protect what’s mine, and even the score

Faith is a weapon that holds a high cost

I don’t need to prove I’m a boss–most believe I’m lost