Solid Ground 

Scotian Breeze and Family Over Fame are changing the game,

We do this for the entire province, there’s no need for fame.

The top is where we plan on residing, it feels like we’re flying,

Don’t expect greatness, if you aren’t keen on trying.

Confidence consolidated our spot, conquering every thought,

Circle remains tight, precise like a dot.

Fake love is the pinnacle of hatred, angry that we’re going to make it,

Exposing the devil worshipers worse than if they were naked.

Delighted to make your acquaintance regardless of your disposition,

We hold the keys to it all, the driving force behind the ignition.

Underground, celebrated novelist, building numerous household brands,

Reaped everything I imagined from my own two hands.

Every industry is dominated by my entrepreneurial spirit,

Coming fresh out the soil like a carrot.

Words are powerful, but actions shape the world,

My essence is a rarity like ocean floor pearls.

Goals won’t complete dreams but execution will,

Solitude means Christ has assured my mind is still.

Revelations descend from heaven, the inspiration overflows,

The holy spirit glows, everyone knows.

Rock bottom strengthened my character immensely,

Only express humor and business intensely.

Working smarter than the next man, investing in agricultural land,

Making passive income while I’m resting my feet in the sand.

My Nubian Queen has me for life, doing it all for our new beginning,

Wedlock is coming soon, constantly repenting for sinning.

Knew she was the one early on but she had her doubts,

Had to test my character and truly see what I’m about.

She’s so intelligent, modest, honorable, loyal and dignified,

Her mark on my heart is eternally signified.

Growing together spiritually, mentally and physically,

Pushing each other to become better to the epitome.


We Are The Future

My African queen is the only reason I’m rising straight to the top;

She has impeccable style, executing more than my thoughts.

Souls won’t be bought, every dream is sought after,

Health, happiness, joy, blessings and laughter.

Multi-million dollar companies in multiple industries;

Publishing, fashion, lingerie, coconut water–unstoppable energy.

Startup and business coaching on a supremely professional level,

Seeing through all the deception, I don’t believe in the devil.

Scotian Breeze is the movement, along side Family Over Fame,

This game can make you insane, but instead I push harder and train.

The iron is pumped, but the calisthenics are loved much more,

Following a serious fitness regime that could be sold in stores.

The truth hurts, so I damage my enemies until their in the dirt,

Mad at me because I realize the priceless strategy; know your worth.

The past marked being small-time in the streets around some dangerous men,

They were setting trends, making dollars ruthlessly to no end.

Once they close the doors on me, I open up those that were never touched,

Perfection is only created when there’s no rush.

The past won’t move a boss; we don’t dwell on what we lost,

Dreaming of things that exceed what the last venture costs.

Consequences behind actions that could elevate or consume me,

Used to be surrounded by snakes who planned on ruining me.

Any plot against me only worsens your life during the process,

Running the province, I command who gets elected in office.

Hiding in plain sight, most people think I’m a painstaking entrepreneur,

Truthfully: the meetings that I conduct underground are always sure.

Speaking on the positions I will hold gracefully in the future,

Love when haters assassinate my character; they are the weakest shooters.

These dreams are dedicated to the children who aren’t eating daily,

To all my genuine men and women locked up who can see clearly.

The written word is a covenant that I’ll always hold dearly,

Triads are my brothers, so law enforcement fears me.


Family Over Fame is an incredible force; allowing nature to run it’s course,

Every time we fall down, we get back up on our horse.

Twy Beals and Cunny Ross are next up; the Scotian potion,

Moving steady waves in the ocean; always in motion.

The industry takeover is like Biggie and Diddy,

Beezy and Cunny run the entire city.

Only focused on publishing miracles in high demand,

I move like the breeze, you can even feel me with your toes between the sand.

Ready to snap in an instant; victory won’t be replaced,

When I leave the scene you won’t detect a trace.

We’re the next blow; selling out shows, staying on the low,

Only around real ones, exterminating all our foes.

Every author is taken out of existence when I release a book,

Death threats only means the adversary is shook.

Whole squad full of bosses; Scotian dons,

Nobody used to see us, so we put ourselves on.

Used to be on some street tactics around known names,

If I attack you won’t see it, I beat you at your own game.

I won’t stop writing until I breathe my last breath,

I won’t fear death because I’m beyond blessed.

The city is full of snakes rattling–what a mess,

Who are you trying to thoroughly impress?

God gave me a voice so smooth, you automatically lose,

Working harder every hour–what you don’t believe I’ll prove.

Business behind closed doors, building inseparable rapport,

Scheduling a lucrative book tour, striving for more.

Nobody can get in my way or tell me what to say,

I’ve always been my own man who’s on to brighter days.

Learning from mistakes are great experiences to gain,

Behind the scenes, willing to entertain.

Creating excellent pitches that blow away editors,

A hungry wolf, don’t mistake me for a callous predator.



Forever fruitful; deeply rooted in faith,

Focused on passing through heavens gates.

Always understood I had an incredible fate,

Nobody can take food off my plate or ask what I make.

Taking respect that I earned from my writing prowess,

Good intentions on my mind; desecrated the malice.

Selling books like the times I bagged up dimes on the streets,

Perspective deeply unique, the world listens when I speak.

Listening and observing more than I’m talking,

Sealing up the holes to success like calking.

Used to re-up with the money I flipped from small time drugs,

Now everything is legal; solid reputation, the haters need a hug.

People I robbed walked by like they didn’t see me,

I laughed, kept it moving, you won’t play me like a CD.

Even when you think I don’t see through a lie, I see it;

Every instance doesn’t deserve a remark; what I believe I’ll be it.

Nobody used to talk about me; now all they do is create lies,

The only relationships I believe in are family ties.

We’re moving heavier than what you can imagine;

Family Over Fame times Live Gang gives women an orgasm.

Unstoppable methods; my spirit is beyond intrepid,

Bugs in the wall; the feds have most buildings infested.

Once the lights dim, the repentance for my sins allows me to win,

Setting every trend, prison is out of the question, I won’t bend.

Uplifting those who are engulfed in the darkest corridors,

Wings on my back like an angel; all I do is soar.

Converting negative energy into positive–what a blessing;

Healed my pain by writing down my deepest lessons.

Wise guy like the Sicilian mafia–every line is proper,

You won’t touch my queen; all of the evil flies off her.

Either you are on my side or showing me fake love,

I know what’s genuine, coming out clean like I jumped out of the tub.


Misery needs company, but they won’t get me,

Enemies scatter and flee, the devil is their dependency.

You won’t put your hands in my pocket, trust me,

I look around and see a bunch of clowns like Krusty.

Far from the hardest, toughest, or roughest being,

Out to get this cream, by chasing my dreams.

Evil disintegrates from the goodness I administrate,

Constantly changing, ready to innovate a real estate.

Productivity is what pushes us beyond our limitations,

Always building on elevation for the future generations.

Only family around, they won’t hunt me down like a hound,

Move without a sound; silence is blissfully underground.

Writing and publishing turned my life into luxury,

Ducking the Fed’s, living sucker free.

When I move left, you think I move right,

Capturing delight, within the pain of plight.

Situations get wild at anytime–not just at night,

When I put up a fight the combinations are landed right.

Standing tall above opponents is the atonement;

Any materialistic thing you see me in, I own it.

The richness in life doesn’t have a price tag,

Even when I was broke, life wasn’t truly that bad.

People are so superficial they complain about nonsense,

Concerned about social media likes, engagement and comments.

Grinding like gears that need fixing,

Planning to travel the world with video vixens.

Business movements facilitates discipline and power,

Connected globally like the signal in cell phone towers.

Every year I become stronger and hotter;

Zinora will be a magnificent queen–a brilliant daughter.

Profile so low I’m beneath the sewers,

My verses poke through your meat like a skewer.

International Moves

Still in my province making power moves,

Business mind so precise and shrewd.

The devil is incapable of watching my moves,

I stand with God, so his spirit is what I exude.

All of the hate I receive is because of lust and greed,

If you want to get physical then I guarantee you will bleed.

But the violence is so far beneath my visions I find it funny,

A whole foods plant-based diet is sweeter than honey.

I stopped giving handouts and doing favors for the weak,

My future is so bright, so all of the haters won’t draw their heat.

Been through situations I thought I wouldn’t survive,

The colonizers conquer and divide, but unification is my stride.

Family Over Fame will enhance the local community; infinite instruments,

When I reach out to you, you are unable to measure the extent.

Everyday I rise higher and continue to graciously repent,

Shooters behind me that will bury you beneath cement.

If I can’t put in work myself then I won’t pick up the phone,

The city I live in is so crazy, but it’s a place I’ll always call home.

Never ran, never will, I’m not afraid to kill; empowered by God’s will,

I’m not seeking thrills, climbing hills; working hard to pay the bills.

Living the fast life in a slow city–becoming a mogul like Dame and Diddy,

Promised to keep it gritty, turning my back on the streets is like never being witty.

It won’t happen; propelling my squad into new dimensions of rapping,

Cunny Ross will be accepting a Grammy; the whole crowd will be standing and clapping.

These future predictions are accurately depicted; Family Over Fame is so gifted,

Every time my pen touches the blank page, I feel so lifted.

If you aren’t up on the movement, then your mind needs improvement,

Whenever we link up, the world see’s unbelievable attunement.

Beezy is the man, do you understand; every step breaks up the land,

Every breath my team gains the upper hand; getting to these bands.

2017 only means more dreams completed and every enemy becomes defeated,

Working hard on calisthenics, pumping iron; the opposite of anemic.


Family Over Fame: we’re taking over the entire game,

Music, entertainment, publishing, fashion; screw the fame.

When you were busy turning up in the club,

I was praying and working towards a golden tub.

When we put in work it overpowers what you call love,

The bond is inseparable, you couldn’t come between us like a glove.

Everyone is cut from a different cloth, displaying vivacious thoughts,

In a few a months, all of us will be on top; planting crops.

The queens in my circle are so loyal they won’t even look at you,

Explanations aren’t needed; all we do is remain true.

Old friends stabbed me in the back, now they’re copying my style,

Truthfully, they’re scared of me, the crew I roll with is wild.

When my enemies come around they’re quiet–almost silent,

They don’t want it with me, I’m a monster who can be beyond violent.

I send a message to the entire world that’s unmatched,

Catastrophic for these fake authors like a lethal car crash.

Ending careers is all I know how to accomplish; ambition is monstrous,

God has sent me to this planet so I can admonish like a comet.

Ten toes down means until death, when nothing else is left,

Zinora and Kairell will enhance my legacy with just one breath.

I’m wearing the crown, running the entire province simply,

Even your grandmother speaks highly when she mentions me.

95 percent of these people are clowns who are already buried underground,

They may walk around the town, but their soul has drowned.

Late nights writing and producing, sipping on various teas,

Eating like a king because I work like a slave, as you can see.

Prayed for years to find a team full of certified goons,

Now I have a platoon, but I won’t call them to put another in their tomb.

I’ll make room, run down on them when they least expect it,

When they’re putting the key in their lock; my spirit is intrepid.

These are all different things in life that I’m humbly blessed with,

I’ll never think I’m better than anyone else that’s why I’m so respected.

Family Over Fame

Scotian dons; we remain calm and exterminate when war is on,

Collect bands and creep through the grip of Uncle Sam and Uncle Tom.

We kill the Illuminati, catching hard bodies like John Gotti,

The work we create is the antithesis of shoddy.

Our queens are way out of your league–untouchable giants,

Creating our own parameters, we don’t believe in being compliant.

Family Over Fame is the unstoppable dynasty that many envy,

Every individual produces a style that’s picked up as trendy.

International superstars that run the nation powerfully,

Understanding we don’t work for a rate that’s hourly.

What you make in an entire year, we clear in a fresh week,

The graveyard is the only place that’s beyond the deep.

The devil is working overtime to eradicate our blessings,
But the lessons we learn our threatening.

My writing gets the women panties drenched before I enter,

She screams and wants me stuck inside her like a splinter.

The attention we grab is always the center,

Hotter than the summer and colder than the coldest winter.

Every day someone tries to aim for our lives,

Rising above the hatred; prepared to use two knives.

Never dropping our vision on the level of the enemies,

Every time we link up it boosts our energy.

You don’t want it with us–the army, navy and coastguard,

Navigating the globe, attaining the next level is beyond hard.

Sleepless nights have become normal, dedicated to the grind,

Greatness is what you shall seek within us and find.

I have women from every ethnic group ready to freak,

But I only choose true queens who like it when I go deep.

Our parents are living lavishly, so old friends walk by casually,

Anything we imagine is created simplistically and factually.

Killing the pain with weed and liquor, becoming quicker,

Spiritually richer; strangers address me unaware of the bigger picture.