I’m internationally known every time words are written,

This province will only grow from accepting my permission.

Metaphors and similes expressing various dimensions,

Always focused on acquiring more customer retention.

These techniques speak to people in every continent,

Blowing up due to my confidence and admonishments.

Never been the toughest, roughest, or hardest,

Get out of the room if you’re feeling like you’re the smartest.

Building brands that the entire globe can trust forever,

Grinding so hard, adamant on changing the weather.

Deadly combinations, mixing words together in a potion,

Creating a chemical reaction placating peace; no commotion.

Seeking God’s grace daily; His divinity will never fail me,

Speaking with the Holy Spirit, you should never hail me.

Only moving gallantly, fools express themselves violently,

They won’t cut me off, you can’t silence me.

The industries pick and choose who they decide to make hot,

But I’m solely responsible for rising straight to the top.

This fake cohesion only gives me a reason to make it killer season,

Murdering these author’s verbally, the exact opposite of treason.

Started from the bottom, directly from the basement,

Got locked in the dungeon, escaped and made a replacement.

Tragic situations create opportunities for enlightened immunity,

Bringing together communities before death is consuming me.

Create a platform, motivate, inspire, hire and never retire,

A campaign that will always have buyers; they label me a liar.

Eating all of these writers alive, I won’t let them survive,

Build them up and destroy them is the only way to ride.

Challenge the best and I come back with your head on a platter,

Never listened to the chatter, only accentuating what matters.

True power lies within not being seen, but controlling a regime,

My success is all for my future children and Nubian Queen.


Highly Focused

Exhaustion isn’t a reason to stop climbing the ladder,

Focused on the truth, delivering a message that matters.

Rhyming with reason every season, the more I imagine the more I’m believing,

Never had any doubts in myself, wealth is what I plan on retrieving.

Writing every single day like its my last time on the blank page,

Blacking out completely, controlling my temper and rage.

Problems either push you beneath or help you grow,

Defeat means replanting crops, you reap what you sow.

Smooth maneuvers, moving coast to coast from Nova Scotia to Vancouver,

The fast life is like a past life, writing ahead of my time on the computer.

Inside the divide, bridging the gap of economic disparity is why I’m alive,

Any plot you contrive will fail, it will leave you deprived.

Treating words like composing music for symphonies, you don’t want it with the infantry,

Every time I leave the scene, somebody that was present mentions me.

Fell down, engulfed in foolish distractions; now it’s only business interactions,

Mastered the law of attraction, registering my businesses in fashion.

Honing abilities is an ancillary for the greatest literary delivery,

Publishing is a cut-throat business that I represent to the epitome.

The difference is I’m trying to put others on first, unlike the serpents slithering,

The devil crafts an eloquent speech, compliments me, but he’s withering.

I see through all of the prevaricators, you will meet your maker,

My bread is rising like a baker, the unbelievable dream chaser.

I’ve never did anything solely for paper, there’s a larger purpose behind it,

Throw me into a maze, the exit, I will find it.

Who said there was a limit on what you could achieve in twenty-four hours?

I know some days are better than others, but I bloom beautifully like flowers.

Take my kindness for weakness and I’ll overpower you gracefully,

I’m here for a long time, there’s nobody whose replacing me.

Born to sit on the throne, invest in property, work hard when I’m alone,

Life changing poems, accumulating more clicks than Google Chrome.

Unique Perspective

We all enter the system to fulfill a mission,

Many miss the exit on the highway and hate their position.

Nike coined the slogan just do it,

If you’re true to your creativity, nobody will see through it.

I always remained true to who I was without wavering,

Failure is part of success, it’s just different flavoring.

Understand the reality of what it takes to accomplish your goals,

Strength of character builds courageous souls.

Compassion and forgiveness gets you further than being furious,

Collecting the correct information because I’m curious.

The hunger won’t be satiated, but the pain is alleviated,

Investing my time in what pays, even if I’m high and inebriated.

Destined to be a living legend like Diddy and Pharrell,

Got up and worked harder every time I fell.

Future executive producer on the movie’s I create,

Notoriety like Ed Burns is the buzz I will generate.

Ready for the spoils of war and intense bloodshed,

But love and peace are my beliefs, so you won’t see me dead.

Productivity daily habits are what cement your future,

Learn everyday, read to earn, stay on target like a sharpshooter.

Breaking tradition, putting the key inside the ignition,

Writing and publishing is my life, I made a life changing decision.

I want it all, and I’m out to take everything over,

Don’t believe in luck, but people say I got it like a four-leaf clover.

The fight to the top almost killed me,

Everything I believe is what I will be.

Holding a deck full of aces and kings,

Flying above the clouds like I have wings.

Businesses and platforms are built solid from a written blueprint,

Before you think about retaliation, the crew was already sent.

My mind moves faster than cheetahs,

Focused on each thought deeply, beating down the women beaters.


The only hit I fear are the hands of God,

Lightning fast hands in a fight, knocking people off like the mob.

Hustlers won’t sleep on the genuine connections,

They capitalize situations from nothing, and never fear rejection.

I won’t allow anyone to step to me sideways,

Only value independence, doing things my way.

Stepping stones come in disguise, but won’t leave you deprived,

Focused on building a swift enterprise, only solutions subside.

Developing a squad with an unbreakable coalition,

Looking after others is like consuming fruits and vegetables for nutrition.

Be held accountable for the actions you disperse,

Breaking the cycle of every curse, the only place I finish is first.

Writing words down like a heavenly rendition,

Consolidation is the only route to my position.

Algorithms won’t determine the success I experience,

Speaking truth to the world, you care about appearance.

My generation doesn’t allow claims,

They shoot until your dead and blowout your brain.

These are the tactics utilized once your involved,

So don’t create problems and pray for resolve.

Pressure hasn’t made me nervous,

I get excited, articulate my purpose, and make you wordless.

Power is associated with intelligence, not money,

Admittedly, it helps, but I don’t care if you look at me funny.

Inviting all of the public scrutiny directly,

I’m planning to be worldwide like Pepsi.

But believe me, I’m not on the darkside,

I just understand the courage it takes to survive.

Drive and will only lead you uphill,

Ambition is only about going in for the kill.

Everyone has thought about giving up, after seeing no progress,

But seeds sprout from the ground up in a lucrative process.


Popular for exposing the fraudulent, superficial individuals,

Soon to be living off the benefits of residuals.

Eating pineapples, sipping green tea, love is free,

Focused on new ventures, just trying to be all I can be.

No smiles in pictures because I’m serious like religious scriptures,

Returned your girl back to you, I did more than kiss her.

Global wordsmith travelling the landscape, traversing the seven seas,

Building an empire to acquire more green than peas.

The throne has many responsibilities to uphold,

Heart so cold, beyond bold, all the cards I hold.

The mainstream media won’t give me a fair shot,

Breaking down the doors, infiltrating their thoughts.

Underrated, most hated author alive,

You will never see where I relax and reside.

Nobody wants to fight anymore, they just go in for the kill,

But you will fail miserably coming after me, I swear to God’s will.

Praying that somebody will try me,

But they won’t reach me because of how high I see.

Living life on the edge, pushing for progression,

I will only become hotter, my truest confession.

Don’t tell me to chill; writing to tear apart flesh

Putting the publishing industry under pressure like a full court press.

Producing justice, so only a select few are trusted,

I won’t trust anyone completely because God would be disgusted.

Tunnel vision on with the blinders destroying distractions,

Influential with lingerie and fashion, speaking about future business actions.

Nobody on my team bows down to another man,

We only know how to rise up like bread and expand.

Plastic bags, missing bodies, flesh and bones floating in the ocean,

Unsolved murders cause commotion like poisonous lotion.

Killer instinct, understanding what you think,

Whatever you desire to have I got the link.


Seeing events in retrospect before they occur,

Engraving the world with my intellect from a heart so pure.

Earn your own bread, don’t expect a helping hand,

Living God’s command, the vision is on demand.

Loyal soldier’s on retainer waiting for phone calls,

Pushing through the adversity like gushing waterfalls.

No worries in my life, just focused on making the moment count,

The only time I write, the love returns in a large amount.

Rain brings hope, the droplets form a new entrance,

Richness doesn’t pertain to the figures of dollars and cents.

Snitching isn’t present in the strands of my DNA,

I would serve life in prison before I cooperate and give information away.

The cops won’t ruin my life, the truth set me free,

Educating the planet like I received a PhD.

Repeating the battle can be the route to victory,

The process won’t speed up, study the depths of history.

Friend’s aren’t for me, it’s only business associates and family,

Floating through the sky like clouds enveloping the canopy.

The hustle and bustle doesn’t overwhelm my psyche,

I’m a powerful, influential figure, there’s nobody like me.

Sleepless night’s: writing until the pen snaps into pieces,

Levitating the written word like telekinesis.

Eating every meal like its my last, coming up fast;

Surpassing the incredibly successful, disposing of the trash.

Regular lives are for the suckers engulfed in depression,

I’m rising above extraordinary every writing session.

Dancing with the devil, living in hell, embracing the flames,

Beating evil senseless, benefiting positively from all the pain.

Breaking down isn’t an option, leaving my enemies defeated,

Working out to the maximum, until my glycogen levels are depleted.

Karma can build or kill, instill a will that drives you uphill,

Earn from your past or pay by chasing cheap thrills.

The Grind

Diligence is what makes me militant

Building on the highest level, reaping dividends

The drive is like a smoking gun, firing a speeding bullet

Digging nasty weeds out of the ground, I pull it

I’m focused on taking what belongs to me

I’m heard throughout the world, but very few can see me

The platform is bright like a meteor shower

My writing is one constituent that gives me power

The future is bright; I’m flying high like a kite

I prefer to move in silence at night

I’m pushing forward with relentless force

I’m smoking more greenery than a golf course

The poetry I write reflects my life in the purest form

I’m a one man army, when I attack, I swarm

Delivering a scripture, that can’t be measured on the scale known as the richter

The photogenic mesmerization, shoots a staggering picture