The moon, the stars, the sky was enveloping my physical,

Conditions were critical, fighting for freedom and residuals.

Walking alone on the path I envisioned,

Dealing with the consequences of every decision.

Getting persecuted for speaking the truth is a given,

Praying for those who spend the rest of their natural lives in prison.

The mission isn’t simple, ferociously pushing my mental,

Accidents aren’t coincidental, they provide what’s essential.

Mistakes are blessings in disguise, understand this before your demise,

The legendary ruler of numerous swift enterprises.

Getting money was a struggle, stuck beneath the underground,

When I move, you comprehend how the lightning and the thunder sounds.

Determined to rise above the obstacles and deception,

Speaking greatness into existence, giving lost souls direction.

Life is a sojourn full of sorrow, joy, and confections,

Changing perceptions through well crafted introspection.

God is the only means of protection–a divine, positive connection,

Switching up lanes like a vehicle touching a different section.

Put the haters behind me, assassinating my character trying to define me,

I’m a peaceful soul, but I won’t hesitate to get grimy.

Don’t mistake the silence for being passive,

Stop falling for these frauds, the last star they saw was an asterisk.

People fabricating stories trying to act loonie,

Truthfully, they aren’t worth a dollar, this is how buffoons be.

Nothing worth having holds value unless you bleed;

Why fear man when I could make them beg and plead?

The streets are so saturated, teenagers are pitching dimes with seeds,

They never thought about taking the lead, the art of deception is greed.

Shrewd observations of multiple nations like numerous vacations,

Soaking in cultures isn’t about a feeble demonstration.

The final destination is eternity in heaven or hell,

Scorching the devil’s position is ingrained in every one of my cells.




Diamond heart, golden mind with silver lining,

Strangers don’t like that I’m shining, always grinding.

Weaving and bobbing like Tyson and Ali,

Rest in peace to the God, for getting people hype like a pep rally.

Unfinished business breeds harmonious continuity,

Goodness is about understanding the purpose of unity.

If you don’t love yourself, you’ll never truly love someone else,

Every word I’ve ever written is true, deeply heartfelt,

They want to destroy population’s by poisoning crops,

Monsanto spreads chemicals throughout agriculture, emotionless like a rock.

Contaminating the water from oil spills and animal excrement,

Fighting for freedom, distributing justice, equality is beyond relevant.

Put the person in their place if they’re out of line,

Speak your mind, before you let the system define.

Writing novels just to let the world know anything is possible,

Writing to eat, every business idea I execute is profitable.

I’ve been outside, watching all of my old friends,

I’m creating trends, hiring women before I meet my end.

I never believed in friends or trusted them,

Family is your most valuable investment, all I have is kin.

Nasty like a freak who spits and swallows,

Pushing products worldwide, no need for follows.

Lacing words with emeralds, selling ideas like rupees,

Why would you care about the treachery of a groupie?

So deep, rustic, philosophically inclined,

Working out so hard, my physical is defined.

Bury me beneath the caskets in every cemetery,

Overpowered every literary query, with tactical theories.

Acquired the boarding ticket for an itinerary to outer space,

You see the seriousness in my face, blessed with God’s grace.

President and king of Nova Scotia, you heard it here first,

Worth more than any dollars, money can buy you a curse.

Unless, you use it wisely, and provide for the people,

Cannibalism is eating off another man’s plate, greedily wanting a sequel.

Sequentially, engulfed in literary propensity,

You can’t measure the depths of my intensity.

Keeping it one-hundred like a century,

Trying to be like a melenium, so everybody mentions me.

Victory isn’t an option, just a destined lifestyle,

Underdog gaining the upper hand like I’m on top of the dog pile.

High Life

They won’t tell you to be your own boss,

Wins don’t come until you take a loss.

When I gave it my all, I felt like I was going to fall,

Ready to ball, freelance writing funds my business on every call.

Freedom derives from a state of mind,

Finances help, you have no choice but to grind.

Godfather of the writing profession,

Publishing my own work is a blessing.

Productivity shouldn’t have you stressing,

Your soul is the only individual you  should be impressing.

Reading opens up doors, not windows,

Playing the game to win; no Nintendo.

Reflection is meant to understand how far you’ve come,

There’s a time for work, relaxation, and fun.

You just need to know how to manage the dimensions,

Never depend on the government for a pension.

Focused on the moment because it builds the future brightly,

Make moves in silence, tread through the jungle lightly.

Who cares about the politics when kids are starving?

Oppress the people; out them in a system and call it a garden.

These lies are outrageous and ridiculous,

Only the truth deserves to be respected and ubiquitous.

Writer’s treat the blank page as a performance,

The impact I make on the world is enormous.

Parents are keeping their kids on a leach like dog’s,

When will the sky clear up so we can see through the fog?

Prayer and hope get trashed without consistency,

Actions breed champions, the mark of efficiency.

Winning is only for the determined, courageous one’s,

You won’t pick up greatness using only thumbs.

Blending the correct ingredients together like a smoothie,

Every time I wake up, I try my best to make a movie.

State Of Engagement

Tapping into individuals psychology like I redesigned a lobotomy,

The true grind isn’t monotonous, triggering the purest ontology.

Inside the media like apprised journalists,

Money isn’t the thorough way to get rich.

Knowledge is the freedom to discover facts and ride,

Close ties, like the mob with their payroll of homicide.

Anything within existence that sprouts and grows,

I’m focused on progression and it shows by how I flow.

Fascinating, intriguing, seeing what others aren’t believing,

Truth speaking, planting seeds, every look you see is deceiving.

Cemented a position at the top like the peak of a mountain,

Underground breaking through the pavement; more refreshing than a fountain.

Association’s is an annual demonstration of the castration of this great nation,

Pointing fingers at each other that’s giving the public anticipation.

Wake up, view the oppressors trying to divert dirt from their name’s,

Yet they go unnamed and insist the treacherous design of fame.

Attention is nice, but stop being duped,

They won’t take me alive, I fight, stab, swing, and shoot.

The antidote, healing the pain, anguish, and torture,

I can gurantee this summer will be a scorcher.

Writing comes so easy like the inception of death,

Cherish your breath like the secret that’s best kept.

Gangsters in the government trick the masses to abide by a covenant,

I’m shining this year like the film The Revenant, cause I’m heaven sent.

Building with the brightest, moving like I’m the lightest,

The determined see brand new opportunities in a crisis.

Eight hours on the blank page, another four are spent reading,

The twelve hour grind doesn’t change the patterns you’re seeing.

Another three for marketing, branding and promotion,

One hour of training hard in controlled motions.

The rigorous tasks of completing objectives,

I’m here to empower, enlighten, and energize your perspective.

Street Credibility

We call cops pigs, cuz like pork, they ain’t peace,

Revelations spoken, I’m from where the sun rises in the east.

To serve and protect–naw, they sell you out like a lease,

Ask your main chick, my credibility has been on the streets.

My name will be remembered like the highest mountain,

Touch me, and water will pour out your body like a fountain.

Concrete indented with saliva from demons,

Sinful acts will never buy you freedom

Predicting success, rewriting this test,

Gained respect before I graced the earth, while you make it a request.

Can’t complain about similarities in life because I learned from the best,

Dogmatic tribes remain recidivists with broken vests

Scars release pain, but always remain visceral,

Rereading your work, just to reproduce the reciprocal.

Charisma is a gift, not something so typical,

World is in shambles because the masses follow a ritual.

Visionary, producing pictures envisioned by your kinfolk

Can’t see the crowd chanting, you’ve been broke

The False Reality Of Martin will be a splash in the sea;

It’s my time to go into the deep end, and rest with the spirits that be.

No publisher needed for my book to rise,

The writing world can’t see my eyes.

There is never no need to lie,

Publishing houses need me, but I can’t hear the cries.

Just something to feed the streets. I have had street credibility for as long as my breath has been present.

My Father: The Provider

My father did everything he could within his power to raise me properly. I commend him for his efforts, and great exuberance for the developmental process of kinship. Many of my friends, and close family members, didn’t grow up with a father figure in their life, and I thank God everyday that I was blessed enough to have a father be part of my life. He taught me to be a real man, and stand up for what I believe in. No one can take away our bond that we share. An unconditional love that will be cherished on this planet and it will carry over to the hereafter.

Being there for me emotionally, physically, and spiritually when I needed a shoulder to lean on; nothing can compare to that wondrous feeling. It promotes peace and healthy living. Another lesson that my father taught me is freedom. I’ve been free on this planet for ages now. Sometimes I feel like it was established and preordained before my miraculous birth. Freedom is a powerful tool that requires precision, caring, and tact to demonstrate it responsibly.

I’m extremely jubilant about his existence and I hope his spirit continues on throughout this generation and the next. It would be a blessing for mankind and a true life lesson would be raised above the intricacies of society. This is just a short piece about my father: the provider. I could write the blogosphere a divine scripture about him, but I will leave you with this short piece. One day his name will echo through the tallest of mountains and be heard for miles. Until then: let this small revelation soothe your mind.

12 Jewels Of Life













I could briefly explain each jewel but I honestly don’t think it would be a commendable job. I am constantly learning and embracing these 12 jewels as guidelines to live by. Many have lived and failed to incorporate these jewels in their life. I refuse to let that happen to me and I encourage all of my readers to do the same.