I’m internationally known every time words are written,

This province will only grow from accepting my permission.

Metaphors and similes expressing various dimensions,

Always focused on acquiring more customer retention.

These techniques speak to people in every continent,

Blowing up due to my confidence and admonishments.

Never been the toughest, roughest, or hardest,

Get out of the room if you’re feeling like you’re the smartest.

Building brands that the entire globe can trust forever,

Grinding so hard, adamant on changing the weather.

Deadly combinations, mixing words together in a potion,

Creating a chemical reaction placating peace; no commotion.

Seeking God’s grace daily; His divinity will never fail me,

Speaking with the Holy Spirit, you should never hail me.

Only moving gallantly, fools express themselves violently,

They won’t cut me off, you can’t silence me.

The industries pick and choose who they decide to make hot,

But I’m solely responsible for rising straight to the top.

This fake cohesion only gives me a reason to make it killer season,

Murdering these author’s verbally, the exact opposite of treason.

Started from the bottom, directly from the basement,

Got locked in the dungeon, escaped and made a replacement.

Tragic situations create opportunities for enlightened immunity,

Bringing together communities before death is consuming me.

Create a platform, motivate, inspire, hire and never retire,

A campaign that will always have buyers; they label me a liar.

Eating all of these writers alive, I won’t let them survive,

Build them up and destroy them is the only way to ride.

Challenge the best and I come back with your head on a platter,

Never listened to the chatter, only accentuating what matters.

True power lies within not being seen, but controlling a regime,

My success is all for my future children and Nubian Queen.



I’m radiating at the bottom, extinguishing a bright light,

Grinding hard, contemplating my moves for the high life.

Putting a purpose towards every dollar,

Street scholar, institutions don’t teach like the heavenly father.

Either I intimidate or inspire greatness,

Whatever the situation, I never become complacent.

More is better, as long as you’re giving,

Harmonizing solitude, interacting tastefully compassionate living.

Showing love, spreading positivity, increasing humility,

Scheming, playing chess, no dramatized plot is killing me.

I create stories, observing richly; insipid people bore me,

Dedication is fascinating, the vibes are magnificent around Cory.

Waking up happy, death comes as a warning,

Negotiating fair business terms every morning.

Never cared about what another man has acquired,

When he’s winning, all I see is how he inspires.

Signing a book distribution deal in my favor,

The percentages were taken highly, cherishing the creator.

Build a platform, let other people eat,

Influence is about helping one another thrive on these streets.

There’s nothing wrong with loving money, just don’t make it your price,

Selling your soul to the devils treachery isn’t how you take flight.

Wining and dining, discussing the next venture,

Grabbing everyone’s attention, but I don’t care about the center.

Success is how I seek my revenge,

The killer of enemies and maker of life-long ends.

I only support family, I’d die for the cause,

You won’t do the same for me, then you aren’t on my squad.

Habits are what breed a sublime character and attitude,

Expressing gratitude, puts me in a lavish mood.

Closing the doors on me hurts you, opening what you couldn’t,

Ripping opportunity off the hinges, doing everything you wouldn’t.

Save Yourself

Creating your own lane is the only way to alleviate pain,

Relief and rejuvenation is provided like the blessing of rain.

The moon brings out another side of me,

Hustling is a notion like the ocean is a proprietary.

This is God’s society, but the devil is lying,

Why start a new path and you’re not even trying?

These cornballs are like a plate of cornbread to me,

People are lost on their devices in the 21st century.

You’re either money on the table or food on the plate,

Not grinding hard everyday hasn’t been your only mistake.

I came in this writing world to dominate and eviscerate,

Putting an end to all the myths the media chooses to propagate.

Reporting real news like I’m the fifth estate,

Lately, I’ve been up writing until the sun hits my face.

Concentrate, focus, and build the visions you receive,

The public will be caught in your rapture, the spell of intrigue.

You can’t build a solid platform without any genuine effort,

Professionalism is about working harder than anyone else, the ultimate texture.

Taking the next step, barely stopping for rest,

Passed every test due to my own behest.

Sitting on a goldmine of superior literary thoughts,

Have a view from the highest window like a flower pot.

The industry tried to stop me from shining,

I found my way, the luxury of wining and dining.

Only suckers are afraid of failure, immersed in rough waters like a sailor,

I penetrate the souls of queens, prepared to impale her.

Made the city mine; they follow my directions,

You only survive because of my protection.

All the hate does is make me a stronger man,

Increases the size of my pockets, puts my spirit in higher demand.

Prayer, hope, and wishing only works with actions behind them,

Prevaricators let materialism define them and refine them.


Breakthrough, tore the walls down, entered through the side door,

Working hard, revolutionary spirit, ready to explore.

I’m like the moon, the way I satellite around the earth,

Trusting God–he rose me up out of the dirt.

Taking what’s mine, so nobody can take a thing from me,

Grinding every day, whether it’s snowing, raining, or sunny.

Taking over the publishing industry is the beginning of the course,

Chinese zodiac of the horse, you can feel I’m an unstoppable force.

Humility is a priceless ability, the bottom line of agility,

You won’t take my life, the haters aren’t killing me.

I’m not hard to find; good intentions, writing in another dimension,

The only option for every day I live is ascension.

I’d like to introduce you to the plug, but you lames won’t meet me,

Throwing jabs–a heavy hitter, you won’t beat me.

Listening to those who are sincere, the prevaricators I don’t hear.

Writing is my vehicle I put into gear, the drive is why I persevere

Bragging isn’t an action I condone, it sets a vile tone,

When the money calls, you better answer the phone.

The women love me like LL Cool J; setting precedence for brighter days,

The truth hurts; call me a savage, like I’m incapable of mending my ways.

The moment you’re scared of your own people, you become lost,

Holding grudges and hate is the opposite of being a boss.

Plenty of greedy people acting like they’re righteous,

Identifying the snitches, zombies, and the lifeless.

There’s nobody harder on me than myself–believe that,

The flames of hell could burn me and I’ll stay intact.

Happiness is a state of mind, attracting what I please,

It’s never been a local movement, always developing overseas.

Turning up the volume, picking up speed, the rarest breed,

Crops enriching the landscape, planting plenty of seeds.

Emotions don’t infiltrate the realm of business; animated and vivid,

Astute observations, shrewdness is my trademark, the definition of exquisite.



Diamond heart, golden mind with silver lining,

Strangers don’t like that I’m shining, always grinding.

Weaving and bobbing like Tyson and Ali,

Rest in peace to the God, for getting people hype like a pep rally.

Unfinished business breeds harmonious continuity,

Goodness is about understanding the purpose of unity.

If you don’t love yourself, you’ll never truly love someone else,

Every word I’ve ever written is true, deeply heartfelt,

They want to destroy population’s by poisoning crops,

Monsanto spreads chemicals throughout agriculture, emotionless like a rock.

Contaminating the water from oil spills and animal excrement,

Fighting for freedom, distributing justice, equality is beyond relevant.

Put the person in their place if they’re out of line,

Speak your mind, before you let the system define.

Writing novels just to let the world know anything is possible,

Writing to eat, every business idea I execute is profitable.

I’ve been outside, watching all of my old friends,

I’m creating trends, hiring women before I meet my end.

I never believed in friends or trusted them,

Family is your most valuable investment, all I have is kin.

Nasty like a freak who spits and swallows,

Pushing products worldwide, no need for follows.

Lacing words with emeralds, selling ideas like rupees,

Why would you care about the treachery of a groupie?

So deep, rustic, philosophically inclined,

Working out so hard, my physical is defined.

Bury me beneath the caskets in every cemetery,

Overpowered every literary query, with tactical theories.

Acquired the boarding ticket for an itinerary to outer space,

You see the seriousness in my face, blessed with God’s grace.

President and king of Nova Scotia, you heard it here first,

Worth more than any dollars, money can buy you a curse.

Unless, you use it wisely, and provide for the people,

Cannibalism is eating off another man’s plate, greedily wanting a sequel.

Sequentially, engulfed in literary propensity,

You can’t measure the depths of my intensity.

Keeping it one-hundred like a century,

Trying to be like a melenium, so everybody mentions me.

Victory isn’t an option, just a destined lifestyle,

Underdog gaining the upper hand like I’m on top of the dog pile.

Getting To It

Being sedentary made me legendary,

Expanding individuals mental capacities from passionate theories.

Ancient philosopher like Socrates and Plato,

Writing with deeply convicted burning desire; feugo.

Benediction embedded in fiction, creating friction,

Dedicated to a mission, divine literary predictions.

Unsure of what the future holds, courageous soul, beyond bold,

Faithfully attuned to my business etiquette, emotionless so cold.

Predicted business ventures, the earth spins,

Always knew I was preordained to win.

Chasing dreams, instead of being lost in the lust for females,

Grinding so hard the tracks derailed, getting green like kale.

True discipline starts with a diet based on whole foods,

Eating what nature has prescribed locks in a spiritual mood.

Love yourself more by saying no to the unproductive activities,

Enhancing enchanted proclivities; Godly like a nativity.

The weak motivate me to become more precise and stronger,

Pushing up and squatting down so I will live longer.

Proving all of the doubters wrong,

Even under immense pressure I remain calm.

Mastered the law of attraction, controlling emotions,

Acquiring free publicity and promotion, wisdom deeper than the bottom of the ocean.

The corner is getting warmer, beef ignites the temperature,

Summer is hot, but the streets are like a disproportionate integer.

Governing bodies only cares about the bottom line,

Manipulation through greed is seen as divine.

Dislodge all of your negative thoughts,

Continue committing crimes, you will get caught.

Feed your focus by eliminating useless ideas,

You need to do things yourself like IKEA.

The only fame I want is amongst the angels within the stars,

Serving shots to the publishing industry like bars; outside of this planet like mars.


She moves gracefully like a ballet dancer,

You have a question; she’ll supply the answer.

The center of attention without making an attempt,

The fiery gates of hell, she’s exempt.

Burned a hole in the equator from the flames she ignites,

If a script needs polishing, they call her for a rewrite.

Adventurous and ready to go on an excursion,

She’s not caught up in senseless diversions.

An aptitude for languages like immersion,

Amputation on the sick like a surgeon.

She enables intelligence, comedy, and confidence,

She lets the sermon commence, understands the value of recompense.

Preparing the world for a bountiful eternity,

School isn’t always about learning, but you earn a degree.

She feels like life is a series of dreams completed,

Gets up and goes harder after being defeated.

I just explained a woman who doesn’t get enough credit,

I speak my mind, I don’t care if you get offended when I said it.

Fakeness isn’t something I promote, I only elevate my clout,

The mainstream hears me, but only the underground knows what I’m about.

Beauty doesn’t signify the centre of goodness like ethics and morality,

Most people are working to earn a salary.

I’d rather design my life, instead of accepting the rules,

Being bad needs balance to be cool.

The best things in life aren’t what’s free,

It’s the beauty of creating what you need to be.

Nothing worth having will stay without working hard,

I’ve been grinding hard and playing my cards.

The deck gets shuffled, but it doesn’t impede my hustle,

Benefiting profusely from my mind that’s supple.

Everyone deserves purified water, food, and shelter,

Sometimes you won’t realize what you’ve had until you felt her.

Zoned In

Even the cleanest women love a thug’s narrative,

I’m one of the baddest men on the earth, it’s imperative.

I don’t waste a word, sentence, paragraph, or chapter,

Deviating away from all of the common factors.

Life needs to be learned, so you can earn and boss up,

The winning route means you need to get your losses up.

But once you break the threshold, the rain starts to pour,

Grinding hard for more, and I’m not talking about a book tour.

The incarcerated and deceased inspire me to produce,

Pushing buttons, writing, balling, shooting, moving and getting loose.

The connections I have cross boarders and dominate continents,

We are all under the creator’s divine providence.

How could you decide to go against me?

All it accomplishes is your life being pushed back a century.

It’s Beezy Season, which is fresher than spring cleaning,

Scotian Breeze is a lifestyle movement with infinite meaning.

Eating nutritious, going in deep on the calisthenics,

Improving my aesthetic, thriving off energy that’s kinetic.

You can hear, feel, see, and smell the essence of fitness health,

Majority of these women are out here killing themselves.

I’m here to change the destruction into formidable production,

The rarity of my breed is like a volcanic eruption.

I don’t fall for sexual seduction, I know how to function,

Hitting the high way, you won’t catch me in the junction.

Once the traffic comes I ponder the greatest story ideas,

I leave you with an aftertaste of sweetness like sangria.

Third eye is locked on the prize until my demise,

I don’t care about the past, have no need to despise.

Ridicule only makes you look like a fool,

I’m fresh like the cleanest pool, carrying the province on my back like a mule.

Are you going to stay shallow or jump in the deep end?

A leap of faith will cause you to lose most of your family and friends.

Powerful Books

I strengthen my spirituality every day I rise,

I’m running a lucrative, sensational enterprise.

I make the impossible happen because I believe it,

When something is out of reach I retrieve it.

Confident, pensive, poise, calm, and collected;

Cool, charismatic; all of my communication is effective.

I live for the written word, most say it’s absurd,

But the number on spot is what I deserve.

Work like a slave and eat like a king, fight in any ring;

Sing harmonious tunes like you have wings.

Letting go is hard, but a necessary fraction of life;

True character is about staying loyal to your wife.

I write books that will leave a legacy twice,

But while I’m alive my business mind will overshadow my true light.

I make the night mine, by writing wisdom onto the page,

But the daytime grind is like I’m trapped in a cage.

I’m speaking about extreme discipline and practice;

Why do you think no writer can match this?

These are the sacrifices and responsibilities you need to make,

I’m speaking purely from a successful mind state.

I admit that I’m insane like I have screws lose in the brain,

Without going hard, I would just stay the same.

I believe in building an empire from being a novelist,

I won’t fumble the pass, but your mind is boggled from my hits.

Contract work like a mobster, I go in for the kill,

The only reason I made it this far is because of God’s will.

Writing needs to come from the soul like a death toll,

I illuminate the scene for a short breath, then I roll.

Worldwide embodiment because I broke providence;

Left the world in shock and astonishment.

I didn’t come out of nowhere, I’ve been grinding for years,

Girl, if you’re in pain I’ll wipe off your tears.

The wind moves briskly, and I move swiftly,

People who lost me, hate me and miss me.



Elements Of Discipline

Discipline is one of the seven keys to success

I will be controlling a billion dollar empire, before I get put to rest

I write for the streets, underground, queens and underdogs

The wisest sage on the page; what you wonder is fog

Wisdom begins with wonders, I’m louder than thunder

The excellence of execution is the only time I’m going under

Bank account was negative and debt was piling

I worked hard for years, so now I’m styling

I had no food in my fridge for weeks, I could barely manage

My stomach rumbled every hour; I was, severely famished

No fruits or vegetables in my intestines, imagine the damage

If my writing were a gun, I would blast and brandish

The lies can’t break family ties, no matter how many tries

I seek the prize because I’ve heard all the cries

Rising and grinding everyday like a boardslide

I started shining two years after–plugging in the cord, with a hasty stride

While the poker games and dice keep rolling

I beat the odds like a clean strike in bowling

Genius and beautiful are the two most overused words

But I represent the epitome of opulence, I have cash on reserve

Prepared to get in a fist fight; it’s clinched tight

Steel will rock your jaw, time to say goodnight

I’m kind to everyone but only show love to authentic gestures

These are the true fans, who value my lectures

I’m on an entirely different plateau, as an entrepreneur

When in doubt, I can make your conscious assured

Scotian Breeze is the movement, bulldozing the competition

Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the company, igniting my position

The blank page keeps me company, you aren’t stumping me

Animals aren’t hunting me, cause most people in the world are fronting fees

Paying for their own deception, by disobeying the mirrors reflection

I don’t have to pay for protection, cause I have a luxurious perception