Her spirit becomes mine, flows smoothly inside me,

Her heavenly laugh is what truly defines me.

The unexpected is what you should expect frequently,

Privacy means the world to me, moving around secretly.

Taking her on expensive trips to Vienna, eating grits in Atlanta,

We won’t be torn apart by lies, gifts don’t come from Santa.

We’re in love for a living that’s a given,

Making Godly decisions, fueled from our inner-visions.

The moves we make are benefiting people who procrastinate from indecision,

Destroying division, with wisdom that has sharp precision.

I knew she was the one the first night we met,

Insecure people perceive us a solid threat.

Only striving to be the best, truly blessed,

Mastering self is how we engage in the highest intellect.

Protected by God’s armor, only immersed in good karma,

Planting seeds in minds, reaping my crops like a farmer.

She’s my muse, helping me build every brand up higher,

Her touch is more beautiful than what you see on a canvas from an art supplier.

Only honorable people around me, the team is consolidated,

Presidential character, the culture had me inaugurated.

Family man, only trying to impress my future wife and children,

She had her doubts, but could never deny the feelings.

Futuristic flow, only trying to grow, will annihilate any foe,

Even when success hits publicly; we’re still about to blow.

Fame is a useless resource, only into shrewd business,

Never creating a business for a dollar; God is my witness.

Always been outspoken, telling people how it is,

Pushing beyond limits, something has got to give.

I’ve been crazy, going over people’s heads every day,

Producing a God given gift, so I will live my way.

Quit smoking, she showed me a whole new perspective,

Ahead of my time, so you need to catch up to the objective.