Only know how to be myself and she loves the essence,

Lifts my spirit up when I’m broken and stressing.

The primordial waves of the ocean won’t sound as heavenly as your laugh,

Looking forward to our future together, prepared to conquer new tasks.

So young and angelic, making me a better man with your magical touch,

Brighter than the sun, a true woman I’m able to trust.

Virtuous, ambitious–a woman of God who has stolen my heart,

She makes me smile more than anyone else; sweeter than a tart.

Her beauty and radiance captivates the deepest corners of my soul,

The light in my life; her smile has my heart on hold.

Feeding me food, put me in a serene, harmonious mood,

Apologize every time I overreact and become too rude.

Making each other better, strengthening our flaws,

My grip on her is insatiable, like I have claws.

Proving to you I’m a man of honor, dignity, and respect,

Showing you the world in a brilliant way, the one I need to protect.

Admittedly, sometimes I let my anger get the best of me,

But you’re always there to forgive me and cherish the best of me.

I’d kill for you, but I’m more concerned with loving you properly,

Only sticking to the facts, dissecting all of the hypocrisy.

You’re a genius, unaware of your intellectual prowess,

I’m the man who will make you scream the loudest.

Everything is either written for you or about you,

The way that you walk, I don’t understand how people could doubt you?

I will make all of your dreams come true; a pure reality,

We have become one when our souls collide with prosperous duality.

Conquering mountains together, crossing rushing streams,

Your lips are so tasty, they paint even larger scenes.

You make me become a giant in this concrete jungle,

God made you beyond confident, so you’re incredibly humble.

The hope and beacon of light when the darkness decides to descend,

You’re a champion; my African queen who’s keen on setting trends.



If it isn’t lucrative, I’m not getting involved,

Stepping up for my brothers to get conflicts absolved.

Street heat, we can put you six feet, but we come in peace,

Beasts inside our anatomy, but we are angels of God that’s ethereal speak.

Linguistically, rearranging entropy, challenging is elementary,

Your calls are rudimentary, we won’t fall another century.

Taking you back to West Africa, the mother land,

We traded jewels of gold and minerals with Japan.

Got involved in scams, hustled out of a jam,

Honor is all we know, gaining the upper hand.

Fearful of the takeover, I see it,

But truthfully you better get used to me; nobody is shooting me.

Bringing back where it belongs, for all our brothers who are gone,

Staying positive, loving life, back and forth like it’s pingpong.

Traveling the world, hitting up Hong Kong,

Philosophical alchemy, the account is smooth like a jazz song.

Financial wizardry, creating masterpieces off epiphanies,

These demons aren’t getting me, my vision is above antipathy.

Preposterous with the words, spreading my wings like a bird,

I know you think it’s absurd, but I’m uniting nations that’s my word.

Papoose of the writing world, I shoot ’em up,

Throwback behind the mirror of time, adapt, change, and refine.

Concentrate, focus, build, tenacity uprooting, tearing up the field,

Only seeking an astronomical dividend yield, my mind is healed.

Invincible, I bet you thought it was impossible to be unstoppable,

Penetrating the marketplace, got it cornered, life is comical.

Laughing at the weaklings, what I say is probable,

Rising above expectations, every move is plausible.

People hate hearing the truth, they would rather live a lie,

Lost within themselves, due to foolish pride.

I speak about the negative side, to expose their treachery,

I have love for everyone, but I only let royalty stand next to me.

Too Fly

Try and send me to the grave I come out unscathed,

Dispersing light towards the shade, coming out clean from dirt like I bathed.

Mr. Originality: creationism writing sublime realities,

Antidote of truth; keeping it one-thousand to receive a salary.

Snakes in the grass slithering in silence,

Smooth don whose wild side is the epitome of violence.

Sitting on the throne, conducting business transactions at home,

Bulldozing through haters, expressions full of eloquence like a poem.

Can’t stop, won’t stop like Sean “Diddy” Combs,

Launched my business like a rocket without taking out a loan.

The last of a dying breed, planting righteous seeds,

Honor and loyalty is all I need; integrity instead of greed.

Official from the womb, fruits and vegetables I consume,

The majority of my meals are vegan, but I’m a pescatarian to the tomb.

Women adore my style, they love a bad man who disposes of memory files,

Cracking the vault requires an indecipherable code, not a gleaming smile.

Being this fly is an issue like a fingerprinted pistol,

Shining like the sunrise, visions clearer than crystal.

Golden words, silver lining, diamond business templates,

Writing at a prolific rate, strengthening my fate.

Pursue your dreams because it’s never too late,

Stop being negative, there’s no need to hate.

Get up with a purpose, dig deep beneath the surface,

I’m a superhero, Canadian treasure, and ringleader of the circus.

Spreading good vibes, giving you spectacular ineffable feelings;

So fly that I’m above the roof and the ceiling.

Watch the sky open up and shine brightly,

One of a kind, there won’t ever be another being like me.

Bad women aren’t for me, I need a a first lady,

A queen who is so fly that she’s absolutely crazy.

Taking breaks is important, but I neglect them,

Snitches deserve to die, why do you think they require witness protection?

Unstoppable Nature

I’m crossing over to a new life, like Iverson and Hardaway

My memories were enlodged in the harder days

But I’m not even thinking about a dark path

The light I recite leaves you broken like a cast

I recognize when loyalty is presented, but its rare

If I want you dead, I put it in my swears

The streets, the cement, the cracked pavement is what I move through

I’m not slithering like a snake, because I have a lot to prove

Keeping the verses simples; popping authors like pimples

A woman is empowered by her intelligence; not her cute dimples

Every time the pen is in my hand, the weather changes

I’m sick with the words like I have a fever; coming from different ranges

My height can be measured, but my mind is like a lever

I turn on the heat, and make you powerless, cause I’m way too clever

Supernatural being, only speaking on what’s factual

I make every dream I have reality, the actual

I’m high like the clouds and sticky kush

I have a buzz bigger than Lupe with Kick, Push

Find a passion that you would gladly die for

I spread love that exudes out of my core

Men are quick to call women whores

Yet, they love to watch the sweat drip from their pores

The streets made me, I love what God gave me

The silver spoon is what I will give my baby

Opportunities are like the stars the way they shoot

I’m not an enslaved man like the movie Roots

Honor the deeds that you commit, the purest dignity

I was born to be filthy rich; grounded man, never fidgety

Showing much less than what I have–I’m forever glad

I’m a goodfella, but I’m the enigmatic static recreating bad