Back On My Horse

The grind has been accelerated, the hustle is celebrated,

Always thinking about the future, most tasks are delegated.

Impeccable sales funnel, launching my books off like a rocket,

The sales will skyrocket out of this world, nobody can stop it.

Work hard or lie down to a world full of missed opportunities,

Focused on strengthening relationships in entrenched communities.

We need to stick together, the essence of credibility,

Consistency is the key to gain traction and financial stability.

Decisions can be controlled, pride is much weaker than humility,

Happiness is a profound ability to attract great minds in any facility.

When the lights dissipate, the spirit and mind must integrate,

Direct with every response, cowards love to insinuate.

Character speaks volumes, but most fall for a pretty face,

Appearances aren’t the truth, manipulation is a disgrace.

The cyclical notion of this vicious system is an ill tradition,

Go out and get what you deserve, stop asking for permission.

Domination over the nation is granted by Jesus Christ,

Only wishing the best for others; more success and life.

Power is defined by love given and received,

Purchasing power creates options, it teaches people to believe.

Land and property are investments for a brighter future,

If I please, I can lay a beat down like a producer.

Taking my respect, capitalizing off every prospect,

Stand tall under any circumstances, I’ve been a promise and a threat.

My Nubian Queen motivates and inspires me to work smarter,

She’s my muse when I’m down and out, I grow larger.

She’s the one for me and nothing will change that,

I will always believe in us; that’s a fact.

Promises won’t be broken, but the mold will,

Independence is the motive, time to kill.

The bottom is too crowded, the top has a nicer view,

Read in-between the lines, listen to what I’m telling you.



Seeing events in retrospect before they occur,

Engraving the world with my intellect from a heart so pure.

Earn your own bread, don’t expect a helping hand,

Living God’s command, the vision is on demand.

Loyal soldier’s on retainer waiting for phone calls,

Pushing through the adversity like gushing waterfalls.

No worries in my life, just focused on making the moment count,

The only time I write, the love returns in a large amount.

Rain brings hope, the droplets form a new entrance,

Richness doesn’t pertain to the figures of dollars and cents.

Snitching isn’t present in the strands of my DNA,

I would serve life in prison before I cooperate and give information away.

The cops won’t ruin my life, the truth set me free,

Educating the planet like I received a PhD.

Repeating the battle can be the route to victory,

The process won’t speed up, study the depths of history.

Friend’s aren’t for me, it’s only business associates and family,

Floating through the sky like clouds enveloping the canopy.

The hustle and bustle doesn’t overwhelm my psyche,

I’m a powerful, influential figure, there’s nobody like me.

Sleepless night’s: writing until the pen snaps into pieces,

Levitating the written word like telekinesis.

Eating every meal like its my last, coming up fast;

Surpassing the incredibly successful, disposing of the trash.

Regular lives are for the suckers engulfed in depression,

I’m rising above extraordinary every writing session.

Dancing with the devil, living in hell, embracing the flames,

Beating evil senseless, benefiting positively from all the pain.

Breaking down isn’t an option, leaving my enemies defeated,

Working out to the maximum, until my glycogen levels are depleted.

Karma can build or kill, instill a will that drives you uphill,

Earn from your past or pay by chasing cheap thrills.

The Explosion

I let my pen move towards the notion of God’s storm,

Producing words that will keep your heart warm.

Babies are born, lives are murdered as I write this,

Hitting the jugular vein of the spiritless and and lifeless.

Life is what you plan and design to refine time,

I won’t stop for anybody, I only know how to stay on my grind.

Supernatural, superhero tactics, worldly vibrations like a space station;

Orbiting above the visions of the past, present, and future of the entire nation.

International moves only improves the mood I exude,

I have a lot to prove; only know about exceptional manners, screw being rude.

It doesn’t matter what you want for me, because I will accomplish more,

Even if you expect the best for me, I open unseen doors.

All of the hatred, jealousy, and envy only inspires me to work like a slave,

I’m putting my heart into every word until I meet the grave.

Speaking solemnly, creating monopolies, fulfilling my prophecy,

Most people are soft cowards, caught up in the realm of monotony.

People smile in my face with the intentions of trying to finish me,

Worst case scenario: I’m robbing you of your energy.

I’m not acclimated with the fears of being murdered,

I shine brightly, and watch my style explode, I’m a brilliant inserter.

When the world decided to turn their back towards me,

I created stories with deeper meanings of allegory.

Giving up isn’t part of my DNA like the drama king Kay Slay,

I’m only interested in philosophies that lead to a bigger pay.

The hustle cannot be taught, you need to be born with the multiplication of a plot,

I see what you thought, and then tie your body up in a knot.

You can only seize an opportunity that you love and create,

Don’t mistake the genuine nature of others for hate.

I wear out all of my enemies like old clothes and sneakers,

Every day I aspire to dig deeper into the essence of my features.

Living in the fast lane, taking every business transaction seriously,

But I have a sense of humour that makes you think I’m positioned precariously.


She moves gracefully like a ballet dancer,

You have a question; she’ll supply the answer.

The center of attention without making an attempt,

The fiery gates of hell, she’s exempt.

Burned a hole in the equator from the flames she ignites,

If a script needs polishing, they call her for a rewrite.

Adventurous and ready to go on an excursion,

She’s not caught up in senseless diversions.

An aptitude for languages like immersion,

Amputation on the sick like a surgeon.

She enables intelligence, comedy, and confidence,

She lets the sermon commence, understands the value of recompense.

Preparing the world for a bountiful eternity,

School isn’t always about learning, but you earn a degree.

She feels like life is a series of dreams completed,

Gets up and goes harder after being defeated.

I just explained a woman who doesn’t get enough credit,

I speak my mind, I don’t care if you get offended when I said it.

Fakeness isn’t something I promote, I only elevate my clout,

The mainstream hears me, but only the underground knows what I’m about.

Beauty doesn’t signify the centre of goodness like ethics and morality,

Most people are working to earn a salary.

I’d rather design my life, instead of accepting the rules,

Being bad needs balance to be cool.

The best things in life aren’t what’s free,

It’s the beauty of creating what you need to be.

Nothing worth having will stay without working hard,

I’ve been grinding hard and playing my cards.

The deck gets shuffled, but it doesn’t impede my hustle,

Benefiting profusely from my mind that’s supple.

Everyone deserves purified water, food, and shelter,

Sometimes you won’t realize what you’ve had until you felt her.

Unwrapped Gifts

The only lane I know is hustle, the only life I live is fast,

I move smoothly like a Bentley; thank God for a worldwide G pass.

Montreal is missing me, a lot of memories in DG,

Returning is inevitable, but before I do I’ll be on TV.

Lost a lot soldiers on the ups and downs of my journey,

The way I used to live was like a cinematic picture trying to burn me.

Switching up is a must, you lose touch,

Old friends become your biggest haters, breaking the seal of trust.

This world is so cold that it’s a beautiful tapestry,

Luxury vehicles are nice, but I’d rather live lavishly.

Writing to eat, fighting the heat, all of my enemies are on retreat;

Mystifying, enigmatic, creating static on every heartbeat.

Hate isn’t in my heart, I workout at the park,

Pull up like I’m stunting in the hood, swimming with the sharks.

The next step of evolution is always a form of uprooting,

Writing tragedies, developing strategies like a director shooting.

Only becoming better every time I write something down,

Earned the crown, it takes many responsibilities to run the town.

Sleeping five hour nights is the normal,

Sometimes I don’t sleep for days, cause I’m supernatural like a thermal.

Middlemen work for the bosses, they don’t deal with me,

I created my own doors to open and his the keys.

Chasing this paper means I don’t ever chill,

There’s no time for thrills, only prepared to go in for the kill.

Love is love and I receive it from the correct people,

Prayer and work are essential to life, they make me regal.

Cutting off the cancer, not answering my phone and deleting texts,

The road to affluence told me I’m next.

Money only means more options and demands,

I surpass every challenge, because I listen to God’s commands.

Kush comes by the pound, liquor is purchased by the litre,

The largest giant in the underground, even have a good connect for heaters.

Higher Than The Moon

I treat writing like a rocket on the launch pad,

I’ll make a good girl turn bad, make her happy when she’s sad.

People are asking me how I write magically,

The truth is that I triumphed over tragedy.

Who doesn’t want to live lavishly?

I’m close to the murderers, who live savagely.

Above the average, breaking the law for fun,

I move in silence, so far I’ve had a good run.

I will be conducting business with P. Diddy,

Anybody who has the will, drive, and determination is coming with me.

Looking after others livelihood is what I build on,

Everyone whose around me is a boss, just read their palms.

Smoking the most potent haze on sunny days,

Shining like the rays hitting the edge of the bay.

My circle is full of vicious dogs who bite and never bark,

You better step your game up, stop playing in the park.

Hustle like you won’t get a day to live again,

I spice up your life because I’m nice like cinnamon.

Grind out throughout the rough times to seek pleasure,

I change the weather, dropping showers, becoming better.

Don’t be surprised when three of my novel’s chart the top three spots,

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Koble, and iTunes, I’m solid as a rock.

Undeniable Immortality will be released in early December,

My 3rd novel of the year, everyone will remember.

A mystifying tale that ignites life hotter than tinder,

I charge readers for my services rendered.

Knocking out writers, I’m beating them senseless,

I have a cult following and an apprentice.

Created a prodigy, who has been labelled an oddity,

Nobody on this planet will succeed at robbing me.

Writing until the sunrises, planning other enterprises,

I prepare for the worst, and expect the best, so there are no surprises.

Blasian Hero

I’m a superhero breaking through ground zero,

I will have a clothing line full of successful apparel.

Endorsements with popular clothing companies,

They love my hustle and style, I have the best market’s hunting me.

Magazine covers with international stars is what I call eye candy,

Staying true to myself is the only proponent that’s handy.

I write when I’m dead tired, while others sleep,

My mind stays up; all of my enemies are scared and weak.

I treated a living hell like it was the gate to heaven,

Started grinding harder, I knew one day my checks would be figures of seven.

I write stories that stand the test of time like religious scriptures,

I love my family infinitely much more than you will see in pictures.

The level of my success is limitless in commerce,

I tacked every realm, just study my verse.

A true businessman who gets fast results,

My spirit is above what you can exalt.

I won’t stop for stop signs, I make them halt,

My cash is hidden in the ground like I buried a vault.

I’m one of the baddest, most ferocious men to ever grace the earth,

One of the coolest individuals to plant seeds in dirt.

I watch my crops grow, as the seasons change,

Every single one of my beliefs are within range.

Once I set my mind to complete the mission it’s done,

I burn hotter than the sun, make bread out of crumbs.

I love new responsibilities and to conquer all challenges,

Passing every rest with flying colors, you won’t drown the kid.

Name a legend and my presence can make them larger,

I’m the plug of all connections like a phone charger.

Mobbing on the streets deep underground, sitting at the round table,

Planning boss moves, covering linear graphs like basic cable.

The entrepreneurial spirit invests in property like monopoly,

You’re just playing the game, but I’m doing it properly.

The Future Is Bright

These bestsellers are selling books by the truckload,

I’m selling books by the boatload, I’m on the affluent road.

I have fans in Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Malaysia,

My prose is electrifying like a taser.

I hustle to the extreme with this pen,

My writing is bigger than me; it turns boys to men.

Where do I see myself in five years?

I’ll be capitalizing off books, clothes, lingerie, agriculture, food and real estate; hanging cool like pears.

I walk on the moon like a true don should,

These professions come naturally to me like wood.

I’m a unicorn; that’s how I expand my cognition;

Everything I write is like a perfectly crafted rendition.

My poetry and prose shines brighter than the sun,

My thoughts are heavy, they weigh a ton.

I’m an expert when it comes to digital revenue,

But I’m even more skillful with plastic and paper, I’m telling you.

Stability, consistency, loyalty, and respect is all I know,

I keep my circle small, so I can continue to grow.

I change every waking second of these fleeting moments,

My writing is the epitome of societies atonement.

The best days in my life are ahead of me,

I laugh at weak, jealous, envious people; they’re like a parody.

I’m not hard to find, even though I move with the wind,

Fake women try to claim they’re my friends.

I think with my soul, heart, and mental,

I won’t let my small head, get me shot dead in a rental.

Philosophical parables propelling past my potential,

My word is born and existential.

If you decide to give more than you receive,

You will obtain more than you dream and believe.

I read, write, market, brand, and promote my publishing company every single day,

I map out other business ventures, so nobody can get in my way.

The Pinnacle

I always knew I was going to make it,

I saw my goals completed like the finest woman butt naked.

I’m sitting on the beach, letting my feet sift through the sand,

I make money on vacation, I’m in high literary demand.

I had to go alone just to speed up the process,

But then I assembled my circle because I’m not thoughtless.

Start chasing what others can’t grasp,

Your relationships will start breaking apart like cast.

People get jealous so easily in today’s world;

They swear they want money, but only want the bad girls.

I laugh at these people who chase after the materialistic lust,

I’m eating my lunch; eating spinach pizza devouring the crust.

You could very well see me in hell, but I won’t stay there,

I’ll just make the fire your worst nightmare, I don’t play fair.

The toughest opponent is my presence, you won’t beat it;

Your movements languish, I leave your energy depleted.

If it’s all love then you wouldn’t waste time hating on me,

I’m trying my best to be all that I can be.

As an entrepreneur: there’s nothing I can’t do or accomplish,

I land my strikes accurately–my knockout punch is monstrous.

I’ve been keeping the rhymes smooth and simple lately,

So I can get more people to hate me.

Created a philosophical structure cleaner than a duster,

I seize the cake, cream, and the custard.

The False Reality Of Martin will erupt next month like volcano,

I told you I hustle hard like Maino.

Ladies Prism is perpetual romance for the masses;

Teaching you more lessons than glasses, sharpening visions like wearing glasses.

Being a boss takes tremendous sacrifice and responsibility,

It’s similar to operating a network full of utilities.

I take risks like I’m a foolish clown,

But it takes a wiseman to rise up when he’s down.



Freshly Baked

The objective is never be in a deficit

Writing books got me out, cause I’m affectionate

Majestically inclined, the words have been defined

Leading the world to a nicer place, with a free mind

Recipes, remedies, rapture–my essence was recaptured

I don’t have a role to play like an actor

All I have is my pen and a divine mission

When I apply ink to the page, the universe glistens

Every night I’m up late, not looking for an escape

I’m just propelling my dwelling to collect higher rates

Entrepreneur that’s willing to put other authors under my umbrella

But you have to be a contagious bookseller

Catch me on the block at any hour

I go for daily walks like taking a shower

Only fools would request the need for power

I’m smoking the sour, envisioning my seeds seeing the last hour

Without the hustle, I would’ve struggled hard

I refused to spend my life stuck on the boulevard

I put my words in the oven and watch them rise

The temperature caught on fire, showing authors their demise

I create a fan base that nobody knew about

I steal writers fans, invade the space, and tell them their moving out

Divas have a lot of influence and information

You won’t outsmart an intelligent women; she’s about elevation

I don’t care what anyone thinks about me

I’m happy that many people doubt me

Ending the drought because I have insurmountable clout

I work smarter and ball harder, while I watch you pout

I’m living sucker free, cause I’m a true G

God has blessed me, putting you under me

Branding that has expertise behind it, ruling the market

I was already winning, before I even started