Our Essence

Loving her imperfections, she has me addicted,

Life is about living truly, whatever I say isn’t scripted.

Working hard to give her the entire world on a gold platter,

My success is imminent, but at the end of the day family matters.

Around when I had nothing to my name, only loyalty and dignity,

She knew I represented who I needed to become to the epitome.

Independence is the only route to transcendence,

Colorful personality, like the smoothies I drink–strictly blended.

Refuse to settle for less than what I grind for,

Starting up a business with no capital is the only way to open doors.

Under pressure even when I apply it; my books you will buy it,

I’m a monster in the publishing industry; call me a tyrant.

Stomping out dreams hasn’t ever been my prerogative,

Still broke, but the millions are coming; completely on top of it.

It doesn’t matter how rough the situation is I’ll survive it,

Retrieving sunken treasure across the land like a pirate.

Being an effective leader is inspiring others to lead,

Nothing separates us because we all bleed.

Exhausted while writing this poem, feeling gassed out,

Always on the attack, earning my clout.

Focused on creating the best novels of all time,

The prose is hypnotizing, it captivates your mind.

The system didn’t want me to win, but my squad is taking over,

Materialism isn’t the right route, so my personality gets bolder.

The odds are stacked against me, won’t be locked in the penitentiary,

Trying my best to be here for another century.

Implementing the smoothest strategies, building with my African Queen,

She brings out the best in me and believes in every one of my dreams.

Larger visions, smaller circle, the vibes are only getting better,

Knew she would be all mine the moment I met her.

Our souls connect like the stars illuminating the night sky,

Once I’m on top I will make sure she’s crazy fly.



Illuminated Path

Going to do what no man has ever done,

Travelling on a sojourn, moving so fast you swear it’s my last run.

Bosses use their own bread for everything they do,

Independence is authentic, the rest of these lanes you can see through.

Creating substantial material; essence above ethereal,

The best author’s are poetically lyrical.

All I have is my word and my ball’s and they won’t get broken,

Cashews and almonds are the only nuts your soaking.

All of this jealousy and hate is comical,

It helps me write another chapter for the chronicle.

Ravenous snakes, who won’t cross heaven’s gate,

Writing to earn this cake, just a small part of my fate.

Only the uninspired feel comfortable and cozy,

Most judge my demeanor, but don’t even know me.

Changing up every single, building off progression,

Working even harder when I’m hit with a brick of depression.

Cowards act like they’re the toughest humans alive,

But won’t harm a fly, they live to lie.

Finding the truth takes meticulous research,

Exposing the superficial until I get buried in the earth.

Taking what’s mine is an impossible task,

Ladies Prism is a romantic novel that will come up fast.

I only accept the truth if the party presents the proof,

Integrity is what I instill inside the minds of the youth.

Living life however I please, so blessed like a sneeze.

Burning writer’s out of existence; Scotian Breeze.

Educational, teaching children that passion is inspirational,

Every word written is motivational, elegantly sensational.

International superstar,since I came out the womb,

Fulfilling my destiny, one of the finest grooms.

Confidence with every step I take,

Charisma in every breath I make.


The only hit I fear are the hands of God,

Lightning fast hands in a fight, knocking people off like the mob.

Hustlers won’t sleep on the genuine connections,

They capitalize situations from nothing, and never fear rejection.

I won’t allow anyone to step to me sideways,

Only value independence, doing things my way.

Stepping stones come in disguise, but won’t leave you deprived,

Focused on building a swift enterprise, only solutions subside.

Developing a squad with an unbreakable coalition,

Looking after others is like consuming fruits and vegetables for nutrition.

Be held accountable for the actions you disperse,

Breaking the cycle of every curse, the only place I finish is first.

Writing words down like a heavenly rendition,

Consolidation is the only route to my position.

Algorithms won’t determine the success I experience,

Speaking truth to the world, you care about appearance.

My generation doesn’t allow claims,

They shoot until your dead and blowout your brain.

These are the tactics utilized once your involved,

So don’t create problems and pray for resolve.

Pressure hasn’t made me nervous,

I get excited, articulate my purpose, and make you wordless.

Power is associated with intelligence, not money,

Admittedly, it helps, but I don’t care if you look at me funny.

Inviting all of the public scrutiny directly,

I’m planning to be worldwide like Pepsi.

But believe me, I’m not on the darkside,

I just understand the courage it takes to survive.

Drive and will only lead you uphill,

Ambition is only about going in for the kill.

Everyone has thought about giving up, after seeing no progress,

But seeds sprout from the ground up in a lucrative process.


This writing isn’t about me or my aspirations,

I share my experiences with you to teach generation’s.

I stopped attempting to motivate people who are living lies,

They’re so blinded by deception, they won’t even try.

Most people become engulfed under a curse,

Always worrying about nothing, continuously expecting the worst.

Nobody can bring me down or strip my crown,

I won’t paint the town red, I’ll paint it brown.

There’s a fine line between self-love and narcissism,

I believe in independence to implement nepotism.

Ignorant people are arrogant it’s apparent,

We’re all unaware of something, getting locked in the interference.

This world is cold, heartless, and treacherous,

But even beautiful outcomes derive from a deficit.

News and radio are full of propaganda and scripts,

But there are special individuals who show their gifts.

Trust your soul, follow your heart and pursue your destiny,

Getting high on life is the purest form of ecstasy.

Making a killing means you’re deading off the competition,

I’m never comfortable with what I have, you feel it in my prepositions.

I survive alone, build a home, you hear it in these poem’s,

I’m everywhere like Google Chrome, I built my empire on my own.

My vision is high above what most people think,

Determination and perseverance behind my essence, so I won’t sink.

I don’t care about your ten dollar conversations,

I’m only speaking about ideas, creativity, and innovation.

This life is a gift, but I care about what happens after,

I plan on leaving this world at peace and with laughter.

The believers have it tough, so I work harder;

When you’re asleep, I’m passing through bills like charter.

My imagination is what creates my reality,

I have confidence so clear, it impales the depths of actuality.


Winning doesn’t require luck, it takes discipline,

Resting for a brief period, then I’m at it again.

All night sessions on the blank page creating brilliance,

Secure and sure of myself, the highest form of resilience.

Independence is an attribute that dominates,

Stop falling for myths the media propagates.

I put my heart and soul into every word, but I ask for more;

Working hard doesn’t seem like enough to soar.

Planning a dynasty that my persistence is built for,

The repetitions don’t stop, sweat is dripping from my pores.

Forever focused, my devotion to writing is unwavering,

Breaking through the unseen like water with flavoring.

Showing up early to appointments, trying to invest,

I treat hours like the minutes are about to be compressed.

Waking up before the sun rises, admiring the moon;

A butterfly whose waiting to burst out of its cocoon.

I’m surpassing those who are at the top of the food chain,

I don’t care about the credit, money or fame.

Do what you love to help other’s succeed,

Reconcile disagreements between believers and intercede.

Taking no for an answer is giving up before you started,

Set sail on a destination or leave your ship departed.

No sleep is what I’m aware of every week,

Working around the clock is the only way to reach my peak.

Pushing myself harder everyday like I won’t win,

But I’m guaranteed success like the Japanese yen.

My eyelids are heavy like the weight of the world,

I won’t let them shut, I’m
doing it all for my babygirl.

The spark is activated, making the miserable exasperated,

I have the entire planet captivated like the evidence to an affidavit.

The chill button doesn’t exist,

Blessings are sometimes disguised in the mist.

The Power Of Success

I won’t pay for lust, cause there’s no trust

I devour the entire pie and savour the crust

I chase dreams that are determined and certain

Most people hate, they say you aren’t working

I made my own lane that has a global impact

You get paid from speaking the truth; that’s a fact

Surveying the land of preposterous intentions

I have hands of extension, holding death to its retention

Contentment is the main component invoking resentment

I pushed harder, to give my life more independence

Most are too frightened to live in a treacherous environment

In order to be truly successful: it’s an absolute requirement

The materialistic things associated with success is a mirage

Who cares about three luxury vehicles parked in the garage?

The bottom has you feeling consumed in a tomb

Evolution is about spreading your wings out of the cocoon

The money has been printed before your birth

The question is: are you going to give back to planet earth?

Everyone claims they want to be rich, but are afraid

I think peacefully, but will still cut you up with a blade

A positive outlook on life is like giving the blind sight

Disengage in plight, so you can start earning tonight

It takes years to build an empire, strategically

I hold down the castle, you just live egregiously

I just want the paper, and nothing else

The extra perks of finances can be bad for your health

Defeat only made my drive rise like a bee hive

Writing made me feel more alive than five

The creative juices were flowing like a faucet

Things I dreamt of buying, were resting in my pocket

People thought they could stop me, but were proved wrong

Before they found out where I was, I was already gone