Our Future

Always thinking about our lavish life, but appreciating the present,

We have our ups and downs, but the majority of our encounters are pleasant.

She needs me, her spirit thrives from our connection,

Always prepared to cherish her divinity, and stand by her for protection.

When I fall down she picks me up, so I’m back on my feet,

More inspiration flows through my veins, her smile lightens up my weeks.

The impossible is everything we aim to accomplish,

Attaining what God has destined for us; acutely responsive.

Our relationship begins and ends with the almighty Father,

Praying that we have an intelligent, pious, beautiful daughter.

Plan on exposing my children to a world I’ve never seen,

Family is my real wealth; she’s always been my ultimate dream.

Before I even met her, I knew an angel was coming to save me,

She loves the fact that I’m overwhelmingly confident and crazy.

There’s nothing that will stop us from becoming closer,

Driving her towards where she belongs like a chauffeur.

When problems arise we always overcome obstacles and meet victory,

The night I met her I knew we would make  incredible history.

Legendary moments are the scenario’s she brings me,

She’s the only woman on the planet who could truly king me.

Every day we push each other further, strive to grind harder,

The more she motivates me is how we become smarter.

Every word is either written about her or for her,

Bridging the gap is crucial, constantly crossing borders.

Monetizing our lifestyle, moving how we please,

She always believed deeply in how I market Scotian Breeze.

Showing her everything she deserves and more,

Her mind is so attractive it penetrates my core.

Introducing her to a gentleman she never believed existed,

She calmed my disposition immensely, I used to be so vicious.

Our loyalty and commitment is an eternal wave of goodness,

Only have eyes for one woman, if you shoot for her you would miss.


Buzzing Like A Bee

The resurgence of a true author, I’m not a big talker,

Impacting the world like opera; polite, sophisticated and proper.

Putting in overtime on the blank page, free my real one’s in the cage,

The haters keep coming, you won’t get anywhere being enraged.

Shortage of food on my plate, attracting an enormous readership,

Strategizing the itinerary of my flight, held accountable for this leadership.

Kings and queens invest their time in sure things;

We aren’t consumed by moments of lust or diamond rings.

When it’s a do or die situation I always deliver,

Making the publishing industry shiver–a taker but more of a giver.

Love is full of inspiration, positive energy, and strong will,

Every time my words touch the page, I go in for the kill.

Determined to accomplish every dream I imagine deeply,

Nobody on this planet can stop me, you won’t beat me.

Business plans written down before they were brought into fruition,

Dangerous thoughts like nitroglycerin, consolidating my position.

Fearing death is cowardly, too creative to be paid hourly,

Floating in the clouds, but entrenched in the soil where the flowers be.

Revelations descend upon my soul every hour,

Inspiration for new novels, the potentcy of my power.

Quality over quantity is the motto; a lot of heads are hollow,

Addicted to nonsense like subscribers, comments, likes, and follows.

Remarkably astounding concepts, substance is a covenant,

Corporations engineer the government, then inform consumers how their time is spent.

I prefer to kick it with women like a sorority,

Respected by all, strength in every step, the blessing of authority.

Receiving strong visions of better living is a given,

Learning more every day, focused on making wiser decisions.

Grimy demeanor, insightful eyes shining bright like the sun,

We are all one, increasing my stamina, destined for a long run.

Seriously superior, you can tell by my exterior,

Humble until the end; crown your queen or somebody else will marry her.


Heathens are telling, snitching, giving out information,

Suckers live by squealing under the threat of intimidation.

The softest people talk the toughest,

Gentle souls are predominantly the roughest.

Leaving enemies depleted, flustered,

The devil is softer than custard.

Faith is about believing in every impossible action,

Live life on your own terms, constantly pursue your passion.

Going against the grain is harder than going with it,

Maniacal persona, attacking the fraudulent, always vicious.

Letting go is about moving forward, continuously pushing,

I’m not concerned about infiltration or people looking.

We all live on the same planet, but won’t stop fighting,

Peace is about finding God, investing in what’s exciting.

There are more problems than solutions,

Whether it’s now or the hereafter, everyone will experience retribution.

Inspiration comes from within and the outside,

But motivation is the only way to survive.

I took days off, but still manifested ideas,

Preferably, I don’t like days off; complex like onomatopoeia.

Putting my entire heart on the page, letting it bleed,

Praying I write material that helps others breathe.

The only time is now, focused to succeed,

Preparing for the future, the past recedes.

Steering deep into the abyss, shooting up from God’s bliss.

Effort and hard work pays forever, so I won’t miss.

What a blessing it is to be alive, let’s thrive,

If I set up a trap, you’re kissing the world goodbye.

Giving up isn’t a choice or an option for me,

Victory is the only obtainable goal I see.

Get your bread, invest heavy into land and property,

Build for the next generation to abolish this monotony.

Bills Of Passion

A relentless grind consists of monotous activity,

Gratitude and patience are the main elements of humility.

Why is the devil working overtime during these rough times,

Because the world neglected the creator and chose to believe false rhymes.

The ostensible hands of shadows are snakes who rattle,

They won’t beat me, I’m always prepared to battle.

Perspiration during peace constitutes a win during war,

You can win if you work hard and believe you can soar.

Jugular Spirits was written in twenty-one days,

I only conduct businesses, and invest my bread in what pays.

I scare demons, devour weaklings, and rule the literary world,

My babygirl will be flyer than me, she’ll be beyond thorough.

Enter Nova Scotia and survive because I said so,

I have the goons ready to blast you into the sky, eradicating my foes.

Planning underground, putting pressure on the non-believers;

Controlling, upholding, murdering all of the foolish deceivers.

Even the wisest souls make mistakes and do stupid things,

I fail a lot, but my success outshines the lust for bling.

The world rulers live in a different colony,

They run a hidden agenda so secret they administrate every lobotomy.

They yearn to make every human look tarnished and horrendous,

But the truth is: I’m an inspiration whose power is tremendous.

Papoose is the greatest hip hop artist to ever touch the mic,

I thrive off his insight and love to see him give artists delight.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, because devotion always wins,

I could strike anyone down like bowling pins.

Unified the entire province, I’m in demand like pharmaceuticals,

Created my own lane, screw a sweaty cubicle.

I’m an international man who runs a swift enterprise,

Such a real soul that I get acused of being a liar.

Serious with a good sense of humor, don’t believe in rumors,

Money calls and puts me on the other line to capitalize off the consumers.

Being A Rarity Is Clarity

I was told I wouldn’t make it to sit on the throne,

But I was concentrated on making mansions my home.

Writing rejuvenated my soul, put me in demand like a stripper pole;

The bread was on a roll, and my energy got accused of being darker than coal.

We go through a lot of craziness just to strive and thrive,

I thank God every single day that I’m alive.

I can envision a decision and make it my way of living,

This profession is much bigger than me, so I’m always giving.

Exasperation is an invitation to formal degradation;

2016 is all about inspiration and elevation.

I will continue to win once I reach a surplus,

The most high is always willing to appreciate service.

The reaper calls my name, but he won’t capture me,

I will live long, and do the unthinkable because of my energy.

Days are covered with the blankets of clouds,

Getting foolishness past me isn’t allowed.

Lunging forward through the senseless violence and massacre,

I’m dedicating this to Zinora, I’m going to master her.

Serious author with a swift demeanor, trying to move cleaner;

You become nicer, and the public swears you’ve gotten meaner.

Hope, hustle and grind made me a self-published phenomenon,

I created novels, short stories, and poetry more popular than ComicCon.

Immense dreams will only take you to the highest level,

I’m moving rocks and you’re barely pushing pebbles.

If you want to ball hard, then work harder and play smart;

Extract all of the purest qualities from your heart.

I’m like a dragon the way my pen leaves a trail of fire,

You need to prove yourself, if you’re available for hire.

It takes a lot to impress me, but if you do I’m loyal until death;

Barely sleeping so I can breathe money like cess.

I will be making movies, collaborating with actresses and models,

Even when I’m asleep, my foot is on the throttle.



The Journey

Every poem I write makes me a richer man

I’m growing my fan base and increasing my demand

Business mindset that’s ready to pounce like a tiger

When I get my chronic I go straight to the supplier

Connected with the connections of advantageous sources

Writing is the path I chose to replenish my resources

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity

I happen to be both, minus all the vanity

Beer bottles break on the streets, shots are fired, the mission is complete

A body goes missing from the heat, hell on earth is a fiery seat

It can get vicious out here on my travels

Writing is a form of therapy to let my mind unravel

Improving and focusing more on the technical aspects of the craft

I leave these writers desolate and broken; they need a body cast

Smarter than any employer I’ve ever worked for

But I put in hours just to reach the earths core

Believe me it was well worth it, because life changed

I’m still the same G; a lunatic who is deranged

But I’m also a fly guy, with the essence of heaven

Comedic flare and charming demeanor, all thanks to the number seven

The baddest women keep approaching me; sharing their gruesome life stories

I listen and try to be their friends, but I’m looking down from the observatory

When you are sure of yourself with no doubts or reservations

It intimidated those who are uncertain, it’s like a state of inebriation

I’m ready to go deep in your roots, but I’m also ready to shoot

I’ll ask questions after the body is disposed of, so I can capture more loot

Haven’t had to commit a homicide yet but I would in an instant

You only see me around dimes, who are worth more than ten cents

I’m shining like the sun, and mysterious like the moon

The light I emit rises the righteous out of their tombs

Inspiration from the dead, incarcerated and myself

Money is on my mind, but first I look after my health


I’m not afraid to go to war because I won before it starts

A real warrior focuses on the real, before his soul departs

The existential potential amagalmates my mental

My style can’t be borrowed, like a rental

The harder I go, the more haters arrive

I could care less about follows, likes, comments, or who subscribes

I back the truth up with my life

You can’t prove that I’m lying, because I’m destroying the hype

If I were telling lies, then death would have came upon me

Even when I’m raging, I’m still moving calmly

Barrelling through the hypocrisy, the staggering maneuver

Decapitating the signs of any quarrelsome intruders

The view is outstanding, respect is what I’m demanding

Obtaining the greatest gifts in life is what I’m commanding

Penetrating barriers, you thought I was inferior

I don’t think I’m better than y’all; only God is superior

The inspiration from the most high is how I speak

Envisioning the world with my heart, experiencing the peak

Fake compliments, love and behavior from people who say their my neighbours

I told you before, and I’ll say it again: I am the savior

The checks come in seven figures, regardless

These writers are soft–truly, I am the hardest

All the public can do is fabricate and spread rumors

But all that tells me is they aren’t smart consumers

Living the life that I want to live, by doing what I love

I know many people who have jobs they hate, despising what’s above

I’m kind to those who hate me; it makes them furious

Discovering new gaps in knowledge, because I’m curious

Ladies Prism will romance like no novel has done before

New connections will be made, establishing an impeccable rapport

Books of poetry written, novels in transition, short-stories in a dominating position

The recession is here, but I’m not affected–defining real sedition

Trapped In Schisms

These women love your pocket, because of their vanity

They swear their virtuous, but exemplify insanity

Penetrating the heart isn’t executed, by reaching into another mans pocket

It’s made by a soulful connection, more electrifying than a socket

the aboriginal people get treated like scum on the reserves

their way of life was torn apart and disturbed

inequality derives from pretentious insolence

I lead you out of schisms; providing compassionate sentiments

stick-up kids want to take cocaine out the trap house

they will put the gun to your face, and move silently like a mouse

drug dealers are constantly looking forward to their next chop

they take steps backwards, but swear their on top

it doesn’t take much to get shot or stabbed

especially when you are blessed with the gift to gab

fabulous visions is how I attain better living

I would love to take away lives, but instead I’m giving

I’m steeped in vice, but don’t believe the hype

I’m a whole grain like brown rice

this world can rip apart your spirit

that’s why I write complex poems–nothing generic

serving a purpose, with each word I produce

logical predispositions is what I deduce

murdering me is impossible, so enemies slander my reputation

I saw degrees of truth beyond what you call inspiration