Where I Belong

Dropped out of college, I was finished like Kanye,

Sipping whisky, alternating between drinks, pass the Bombay.

My parents worked too hard for me to fail at life,

Literary success is one dimension of my grind, bosed up, started soaring to new heights.

They told me I needed a degree to succeed in life,

But the truth is I’ve surpassed those who didn’t understand my plight.

Diplomas, degrees, and certificates are only credentials,

Life experience is essential, the irreplaceable element that’s quintessential.

Working for a manager who doesn’t value your wellbeing,

Open up your eyes, realize the deception you’re seeing.

I wasn’t born to be treated like another number on the stat sheet,

Everything that’s labelled as impossible I reach.

I’m a hopeful dreamer, compassionate, deeply romantic,

Witty remarks leave you feeling jubilant, life just expanded.

Book tours across the province, exploring the nation,

Even hit spots overseas, time for a celebration.

Public speaking became another method to inspire,

Attended conferences and seminars, showed the audience the means to comfortably retire.

Words are powerful tools with knowledge behind them,

Wisdom is the only way to rise up, the necessity for surviving.

Get out of your own way, escape what doesn’t matter,

The more your mind focuses on the negativity, you only become madder.

Caring about what doesn’t need your energy is insufficient,

Seeing the brighter side of life is the divine difference.

Taking one positive element out of your day is all that counts,

The amount isn’t measured by the ounce.

Accurately on target like an arrow, invoking joy like a Christmas Carol,

I’m looking fly in off-brand or designer apparel.

Uplifting entrenched communities, earning to give back,

The assets and finances are temporary comforts, that’s a fact.

We own our thoughts, honor, dignity, and integrity,

Radiating with positive energy, repelling treachery, knocking out lethargy.


The Time Is Now

Ask me who do I trust, only God that’s above us,

The moment you depend on another, it results in broken trust.

An immense amount of love for the authentic spirits,

Life is about your good deeds, not your intentions and merit.

Ambition, loyalty, comprehension, integrity, and compassion,

These characteristics are what matters, not all this pointless laughing.

Going hard every day, spending more time on the blank page than most,

Floating around these streets like a ghost, indulging the east coast.

Most people are too fearful and corrupt to listen to their heart,

Instead they hate on dream chasers that tear them apart.

Everything under the sun has been thrown at me,

Why would I care about what others say–you won’t gas me.

Revisionist history has taught us lies about royal blood,

The monarchy is part of the crooks within the government with no love.

Looking out and loving yourself more in this cold world is needed,

Who’s going to be pick you back up when you’re mistreated?

The beauty on this planet is infinite like a lofty position in heaven,

The only checks I want my name on are in figures of seven.

Connections have always been deep in these streets,

Burning up these authors, they can’t handle the heat.

Productive every hour, even when I’m fast asleep,

Philosophy destroying hypocrisy, every word is beyond deep.

Society says go to school, sit at a desk and sign a mortgage,

Taking out loans, these financial institutions want you extorted.

The visions I possess surpass those filthy ideologies,

Creating businesses designed to thrive off my ontology.

DNA strands are superior, but I’ll never treat anyone inferior,

Humility is part of confidence; it builds depth to your interior.

Seeing into the future clearly, so the colonizers fear me,

Making all of my enemies powerless and weary.

Friends don’t exist to me, I only believe in having family,

The support is eternal; they will never jam me.