The artistry within the clouds is a divine pattern,

Living on another planet, defying gravity like Saturn.

Rain descends upon me, cleansing my soul,

The internal organs of each word glitters more than gold.

The coolest person in the nation, possessing patience,
Having only one wish means you are becoming complacent.

Meeting queens from all around the world, I’ve been international,

Strategic preparation, implementing moves that are tactical.

Dropping jewels, shining more than a jewelry store,

Choosing which countries to tour in; words dripping from your pores.

The street life has an expiration date, used to think it was my fate,

Appointments are always punctual, ahead of every date.

Have a Nubian Queen who will love me unconditionally,

Representing a more powerful movement, rewriting history.

Wishing on a star, making the unthinkable occur,

Life is fantastic, only executing what I prefer.

All in or take nothing, focused on making more than something,

The truth is what I love, you won’t see me bluffing.

Investing in real estate, overseeing assets,

Owning land, businesses, and writing literary classics.

Every startup is a rocky start, shooting for the moon,

Passion, discipline and work ethic is part of my platoon.

Writing scripts and turning my novels into movies,

Commercial success is attained from soing me.

The underground novelist bringing the best people together,

Every second is a hustle to change and get better.

Still broke but will make money in my sleep very soon,

The digital marketing will be more popular than a cartoon.

Never cared about attracting the local scene,

They will come to me, my vision is clear and keen.

Scotian Breeze Apparel, the fleece connection will make millions,

Ethereal, relatable spectacular feelings.



Meet up with me and speak about legendary visions,

If not, you’re family whom I cherish that influence my decisions.

If you owe me money then I’ll get double back,

What you strive so hard for, I don’t lack.

The bottom was full of pain, despair, adversity and treachery,

The top is peaceful, serene and excruciating, only genuine souls get the best of me.

Saw the shooter’s on the roof aiming for my cranium,

But bullets go around me; my brother for life is taming them.

Been through a lot, just like everyone else,

The difference is that I’ve learned from my mistakes, destined for wealth.

Found the queen of my dreams and settled down,

Whenever anyone or anything tried to intervene; she straightened my crown.

Lowest profile in the entire nation, controlling the development,

Investing heavy in real estate, liquid assets aren’t out of my element.

Been international way before this writing frenzy,

The love I have for others only brings me more envy.

Hatred isn’t a character trait that’s within me,

People act like acting off their emotions is trendy.

Have a heart and use the greatest weapon known as love,

Clean fashion sense, smooth looks even when I arise from mud.

Richer than any item money can buy, never believing lies,

Solely becoming stronger off generating better family ties.

The only objective is a literary directive that’s respected,

Focused on growing exponentially, locked in on time, very selective.

The brain needs to be entertained like the earth needs cold rain,

Scotian Breeze holds infinite power allied with Family Over Fame.

My African queen is coming with me, everything I buy her is tasty; nothing thrifty,

Even when she’s around my aura; she’ll miss me.

The affection has its up and downs, every argument finds a solution,

Aiming for higher targets, refined the art of execution.

She’s the only one for me, I knew it since the night I met her,

Every single breath she understands how to make me better.


I slide inside and she screams, the walls shake,

Salacious movements; no lust–respect I take.

Prayed for a loyal team full of go-getters and businessmen,

Now we’re steadily elevating, setting our own trends.

Million dollar estates, luxury vehicles, international five star resorts,

Under the scope, receiving everything we need from the port.

I had gigantic dreams to run the city, and we made it happen,

When you lose your footing; we just gain more traction.

Family over fame: serious Scotian dons; millions in our palm,

Staying true to our communities; fake love received from Uncle Tom.

We don’t flex with others materials, the status held is imperial,

Making power moves, I could have you hit up while eating my cereal.

Peace and blessings is all we see; all of the haters want to be me,

But they don’t have the visions to even see–the truest G.

Fear is a non-existent emotion; my words are miracles and potions,

Rising above all of the silly, frivolous commotion.

In a few months what I’m writing will all be present,

Characters are consolidated; more colorful than a peasant.

I’m up before the sunrises just to grind harder than the day before,

Whether it’s a hoop, net or field goal, I’m determined to score.

Every time something new is received I only want more,

My hunger for success is so intimidating, you won’t see me soar.

You bring someone around; he’s not my man, I don’t consider him fam,

Even when you catch me in traffic, I’m never experiencing a jam.


Illuminated Path

Going to do what no man has ever done,

Travelling on a sojourn, moving so fast you swear it’s my last run.

Bosses use their own bread for everything they do,

Independence is authentic, the rest of these lanes you can see through.

Creating substantial material; essence above ethereal,

The best author’s are poetically lyrical.

All I have is my word and my ball’s and they won’t get broken,

Cashews and almonds are the only nuts your soaking.

All of this jealousy and hate is comical,

It helps me write another chapter for the chronicle.

Ravenous snakes, who won’t cross heaven’s gate,

Writing to earn this cake, just a small part of my fate.

Only the uninspired feel comfortable and cozy,

Most judge my demeanor, but don’t even know me.

Changing up every single, building off progression,

Working even harder when I’m hit with a brick of depression.

Cowards act like they’re the toughest humans alive,

But won’t harm a fly, they live to lie.

Finding the truth takes meticulous research,

Exposing the superficial until I get buried in the earth.

Taking what’s mine is an impossible task,

Ladies Prism is a romantic novel that will come up fast.

I only accept the truth if the party presents the proof,

Integrity is what I instill inside the minds of the youth.

Living life however I please, so blessed like a sneeze.

Burning writer’s out of existence; Scotian Breeze.

Educational, teaching children that passion is inspirational,

Every word written is motivational, elegantly sensational.

International superstar,since I came out the womb,

Fulfilling my destiny, one of the finest grooms.

Confidence with every step I take,

Charisma in every breath I make.

The Explosion

I let my pen move towards the notion of God’s storm,

Producing words that will keep your heart warm.

Babies are born, lives are murdered as I write this,

Hitting the jugular vein of the spiritless and and lifeless.

Life is what you plan and design to refine time,

I won’t stop for anybody, I only know how to stay on my grind.

Supernatural, superhero tactics, worldly vibrations like a space station;

Orbiting above the visions of the past, present, and future of the entire nation.

International moves only improves the mood I exude,

I have a lot to prove; only know about exceptional manners, screw being rude.

It doesn’t matter what you want for me, because I will accomplish more,

Even if you expect the best for me, I open unseen doors.

All of the hatred, jealousy, and envy only inspires me to work like a slave,

I’m putting my heart into every word until I meet the grave.

Speaking solemnly, creating monopolies, fulfilling my prophecy,

Most people are soft cowards, caught up in the realm of monotony.

People smile in my face with the intentions of trying to finish me,

Worst case scenario: I’m robbing you of your energy.

I’m not acclimated with the fears of being murdered,

I shine brightly, and watch my style explode, I’m a brilliant inserter.

When the world decided to turn their back towards me,

I created stories with deeper meanings of allegory.

Giving up isn’t part of my DNA like the drama king Kay Slay,

I’m only interested in philosophies that lead to a bigger pay.

The hustle cannot be taught, you need to be born with the multiplication of a plot,

I see what you thought, and then tie your body up in a knot.

You can only seize an opportunity that you love and create,

Don’t mistake the genuine nature of others for hate.

I wear out all of my enemies like old clothes and sneakers,

Every day I aspire to dig deeper into the essence of my features.

Living in the fast lane, taking every business transaction seriously,

But I have a sense of humour that makes you think I’m positioned precariously.

Blasian Hero

I’m a superhero breaking through ground zero,

I will have a clothing line full of successful apparel.

Endorsements with popular clothing companies,

They love my hustle and style, I have the best market’s hunting me.

Magazine covers with international stars is what I call eye candy,

Staying true to myself is the only proponent that’s handy.

I write when I’m dead tired, while others sleep,

My mind stays up; all of my enemies are scared and weak.

I treated a living hell like it was the gate to heaven,

Started grinding harder, I knew one day my checks would be figures of seven.

I write stories that stand the test of time like religious scriptures,

I love my family infinitely much more than you will see in pictures.

The level of my success is limitless in commerce,

I tacked every realm, just study my verse.

A true businessman who gets fast results,

My spirit is above what you can exalt.

I won’t stop for stop signs, I make them halt,

My cash is hidden in the ground like I buried a vault.

I’m one of the baddest, most ferocious men to ever grace the earth,

One of the coolest individuals to plant seeds in dirt.

I watch my crops grow, as the seasons change,

Every single one of my beliefs are within range.

Once I set my mind to complete the mission it’s done,

I burn hotter than the sun, make bread out of crumbs.

I love new responsibilities and to conquer all challenges,

Passing every rest with flying colors, you won’t drown the kid.

Name a legend and my presence can make them larger,

I’m the plug of all connections like a phone charger.

Mobbing on the streets deep underground, sitting at the round table,

Planning boss moves, covering linear graphs like basic cable.

The entrepreneurial spirit invests in property like monopoly,

You’re just playing the game, but I’m doing it properly.

Number One

Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo,

I hit the number one spot on the charts–take a photo.

Preidicting the future, accurately like a prophet,

I was prepared by one, so nobody can stop it.

When I fell down, I got up and worked harder,

Every day I envision entities on the rise, I’m getting smarter.

Writing rhymes is harder than writing prose,

Writing is my natural born tendency and it shows.

I have dialogue layered deeply like a cake,

I receive a lot of hate because I simply devastate.

I’m underrated, the most hated, the literary terrain I desecrated,

I created my life like God; this isn’t debated.

I live swiftly within his image, my soul has been replenished;

Before I started, I knew your career was finished.

Every novel I write is a bestseller, I breathe fire,

I follow the path with will, drive, determination, and desire.

I have the best cover designers, editors, and promoters,

I casted the best ballot like millions of voters.

I built my empire from the ground up like a true king,

I’m growing taller, and towering over people like Yao Ming.

I encouraged a little boy to take over the world by storm;

He thanked me, I could see his heart was warm.

The False Reality Of Martin took over two years to explode,

I’m the MVP of the writing world like Steph Curry and D Rose.

I’m worldwide every time I write words on the blank slate;

It doesn’t take a genius to realize I’m great.

I put myself on, and didn’t look back,

But I reflected on my mistakes, to gain deeper facts.

I’m the feeling you get when you’re a millionaire blowing your first million,

I have street connections, I’m mobbed up like a Sicilian.

I’m supposed to be in prison rotting alive,

Instead, I’m a renown author and smooth criminal on the rise.

I won’t let any police officer or secret agent ruin my life,

I’m cautious, acute, and clever when I strike.

The mental creates the embodiment of the physical,

I only write literary classics that are biblical.

Photo shoots with some of the most inspirational queens,

In twenty years: I’ll still be looking like I’m sixteen.

I accomplish the impossible, and listen to the inaudible,

I make powerful moves; formulate a reality that’s improbable.

I’m not trapped in the system of wickedness;

They hand out diplomas as an apprenticeship.

Academic education makes a living, not a fortune,

My aim is full of precise incisions on the largest portion.

The international stage is how I turn the page,

I’m ahead of myself, so I never act my age.

I absorb the positive orbs and get rich like the Forbes list,

I’m all about conducting business ventures, and creating art so gorgeous.

Sunny Days

I grind to the extreme, chase my dreams,

My pen game is scarier than Halloween.

I have no time to chill, constantly finding ways to work harder,

I’m providing a boost to my team like a starter.

Penetrating the unknown entities and succeeding,

I write down words of passion that are intriguing.

I don’t speak about the streets much anymore, cause I surpassed the turmoil,

I’m hotter than water ready to boil, shine brighter than tinfoil.

Contemplating on business ventures, enhancing the culture;

Landing my punches, swooping over the competition with no sponsor.

Dynasties take years to build and develop,

I capture readers with the embrace I envelop.

I live on the blank page like a pure creator,

I’m not an imitator, just a compassionate innovator.

When I had nothing in my pocket I felt nauseous;

But I still got respect and remained cautious.

The light shines upon me from the sun beaming,

I’m on the road to riches, always scheming.

Living truthfully is much harder than living a lie;

The best novelists are poets in disguise.

Family over everything is the only thing I know;

The only positive way to grow.

Love is the only action I sincerely respond to;

Hate is all about trying to disarm you.

I move like the waves in the ocean;

It’s the essence of being Nova Scotian.

I knew I would run the entire province;

Underground international connections; enemies want to rob him.

But the king stays royal like the sediment of soil,

I make women scream when I break the bed coil.

The ultimate plan is travel the land to get inspired;

Cross the oceans on a cruise, meet people for hire.