We all make mistakes, lose sometimes, trying to pass through heavens gates,

Shaking every wise nation, my words are like an earthquake.

Creating excellent content, focused on engaging new readers,

Sick with my hustle, turning enemies into believers.

Organic growth derives from an everlasting hope,

Christ always forgives me, wrapped around His rope.

Hiding in plain sight, never exposing my true power,

Even when I’m not working, I’m becoming better every hour.

Household brands are the only investments made,

Situations change constantly, but love never fades.

Nubian Queen locked in my mind heavily,

Our wedding we organize will be heavenly.

Violence makes you look idiotic and insecure,

Peace is all about attaining happiness; God is who I refer.

Earth is cold, full of wickedness and sinful deception,

Penetrate the barrier by seeking God’s absolute direction.

There’s a plethora of goodness if you’re looking in the right places,

Imagining a legendary life for my family is how I win all of the races.

Parliament passes bills used to protect the oppressors, not the colonizers,

If you remain positive under duress, you’re a true survivor.

Going out of my element everyday, I’m never comfortable or satisfied

Pushing the truth, soaring into the unknown, creating lavish ties.

Move swiftly, so the microscope won’t get me,

More magic within these words than Walt Disney.

Once a thought enters my mind I lock it down rapidly,

Exerting positive energy, my character is represented fantastically.

Making noise louder than thunder, you won’t see me going under,

Refuse to be broke another summer; novels making people wonder.

More drive than any vehicle, determination unbreakable like steel,

Eating author’s alive for a meal, the experience is real.

Stepping on necks, raising the bar for competition,

My heart beats in a rhythm of nutrition and benediction.

The more disciplined you become the greater your life gets,

The more you pursue your dreams, the easier it becomes to wish.

Energy becomes depleted, but the battery recharges quickly,

Every business negotiation is a transaction that’s risky.

God never left, the devil chose to increase his mockery,

The truth is what I seek, eradicating all of the greed and hypocrisy.

Get the right woman behind you and blessings are bestowed, wondrously;

Never been better than the next person, only evil is under me.

The world is mine, everything is within my reach,

The only method to win repeatedly is never cheat.

Appetite is ravenous, the hunger for success is insatiable,

Mastering my craft; my passion for writing is sensational.

Her generosity is a precious gift from above; heavenly love,

She has been through it all with me; we rose together from the mud.



Meet up with me and speak about legendary visions,

If not, you’re family whom I cherish that influence my decisions.

If you owe me money then I’ll get double back,

What you strive so hard for, I don’t lack.

The bottom was full of pain, despair, adversity and treachery,

The top is peaceful, serene and excruciating, only genuine souls get the best of me.

Saw the shooter’s on the roof aiming for my cranium,

But bullets go around me; my brother for life is taming them.

Been through a lot, just like everyone else,

The difference is that I’ve learned from my mistakes, destined for wealth.

Found the queen of my dreams and settled down,

Whenever anyone or anything tried to intervene; she straightened my crown.

Lowest profile in the entire nation, controlling the development,

Investing heavy in real estate, liquid assets aren’t out of my element.

Been international way before this writing frenzy,

The love I have for others only brings me more envy.

Hatred isn’t a character trait that’s within me,

People act like acting off their emotions is trendy.

Have a heart and use the greatest weapon known as love,

Clean fashion sense, smooth looks even when I arise from mud.

Richer than any item money can buy, never believing lies,

Solely becoming stronger off generating better family ties.

The only objective is a literary directive that’s respected,

Focused on growing exponentially, locked in on time, very selective.

The brain needs to be entertained like the earth needs cold rain,

Scotian Breeze holds infinite power allied with Family Over Fame.

My African queen is coming with me, everything I buy her is tasty; nothing thrifty,

Even when she’s around my aura; she’ll miss me.

The affection has its up and downs, every argument finds a solution,

Aiming for higher targets, refined the art of execution.

She’s the only one for me, I knew it since the night I met her,

Every single breath she understands how to make me better.


Legendary status doesn’t come easy,

Soon I’ll be soaking up the sun, letting the waves splash my body in Fiji.

Hard work is all I know, leaving the blank page unsatisfied,

Satiating voracious reader’s, leaving everyone gratified.

Signing contracts, the deals are getting ratified,

Skipping stages wasn’t part of the plan, I’m never satisfied.

When success seemed unreachable I extended my reach,

Started growing faster, practicing everything I preach.

Watching the sunrise, smoking the finest kush,

I pay no mind to the corrupt, continuing to push.

Deciphering the bullshit is a long journey like getting full and fit,

The only books I know how to write are hits.

I’m accurate, pinpointing every target, I won’t miss,

Come at me and you’ll meet a fish, I’m not talking about a dish.

Multiplying generosity and ambition is the sublime transition,

Diet, exercise, hygiene, reading and relaxation are the keys to nutrition.

Developer, effective communicator, never was an insecure foolish hater,

Still making plenty of mistakes, serving food like a waiter.

Diamonds are the jewels I drop to stay on top,

Even during my worst days, I’m happy and thankful for what I’ve got.

Powerful direction is about a refined sense of expression,

Reveal your hand, the cards become like bombs of depression.

Discipline is listening to what’s beneficial,

Remaining official is using your mind before drawing a pistol.

Nobody can complete their dreams alone,

Build a team with the same visions; construct a home.

Poetry deeper than six feet, dangerously cold and unique,

Overpowering defeat, ensuring all of my enemies retreat.

Elevation like clouds full of wondrous precipitation,

Innovation sparks minds, leading a fearless generation.

I’m sending out invitations, complete the registration,

There’s no need for degradation; unmitigated situations.

Getting To It

Being sedentary made me legendary,

Expanding individuals mental capacities from passionate theories.

Ancient philosopher like Socrates and Plato,

Writing with deeply convicted burning desire; feugo.

Benediction embedded in fiction, creating friction,

Dedicated to a mission, divine literary predictions.

Unsure of what the future holds, courageous soul, beyond bold,

Faithfully attuned to my business etiquette, emotionless so cold.

Predicted business ventures, the earth spins,

Always knew I was preordained to win.

Chasing dreams, instead of being lost in the lust for females,

Grinding so hard the tracks derailed, getting green like kale.

True discipline starts with a diet based on whole foods,

Eating what nature has prescribed locks in a spiritual mood.

Love yourself more by saying no to the unproductive activities,

Enhancing enchanted proclivities; Godly like a nativity.

The weak motivate me to become more precise and stronger,

Pushing up and squatting down so I will live longer.

Proving all of the doubters wrong,

Even under immense pressure I remain calm.

Mastered the law of attraction, controlling emotions,

Acquiring free publicity and promotion, wisdom deeper than the bottom of the ocean.

The corner is getting warmer, beef ignites the temperature,

Summer is hot, but the streets are like a disproportionate integer.

Governing bodies only cares about the bottom line,

Manipulation through greed is seen as divine.

Dislodge all of your negative thoughts,

Continue committing crimes, you will get caught.

Feed your focus by eliminating useless ideas,

You need to do things yourself like IKEA.

The only fame I want is amongst the angels within the stars,

Serving shots to the publishing industry like bars; outside of this planet like mars.

Fruitful Grind

Ambition over beauty is living truly,

Real men defend a woman’s honor; it’s a God given duty.

Suckers talk down to their significant other,

I know people who would decapitate their own mother.

The world is foul, cold, ruthless, and evil,

Goodness comes from within the nature of people.

Life is astoundingly beautiful and breathtaking,

Moving strategically; nobody knows the moves I’m making.

Listening to jazz, getting ridiculously inspired,

Smoking weed so potent, you won’t get any higher.

Locking down any area that receives my presence,

Discovering the strength of my spirit created from the essence.

The seeds planted only pursue growth,

Whether the day is sunny or stormy, all I see is hope.

The roots of tree branches bear its due fruit;

Will you follow the righteous path or let every demon loose?

Laser like precision on the visions I’m given,

Revelations change lives positively, with a swift incision.

Literary monster, publishing genius without a sponsor,

Confident, classy, and charismatic, so any land I conquer.

Future so bright that its like a heavenly blinding light,

The sojourn through the tunnel tells me to fight.

Freelance writing financed the start-up of my publishing company,

My subconscious has awoken, I know what lies in front of me.

If you truly love yourself, you’ll never be envious of somebody else,

Hatred is negative energy that’s horrible for your health.

Only focus on peace and love, watch your life change,

Every situation is temporary, don’t fret over rain.

Embrace pain, channel it into ways to entertain,

Be a leading example, and you’ll be labelled as insane.

Public scrutiny and criticism only should make you work harder,

Every odd has been set against me, it only made me smarter.

Concentrate solely on the passion, repudiate all of the numbers,

Target an audience, but market to the world, and become hotter than summer.

Prepare your thesis and move like the breeze,

I’m so sick with the words, I spread like a disease.

Fearing another man is cowardly and foolish,

Reading every mind, analyzing every event shrewdly.

Painting picture’s like Kandinsky, scriptwriter of movies,

Overpowering the false authority of the unruly.

Vicious like fights that break out in prison yards,

Always grind hard and play your cards.

Evoking a keen sense of humor and seriousness,

Impenetrable like steel, stronger than the iron fist.

The government is hogwash designed to oppress the people,

Nepotism is the movement I believe in for a sequel.

The greatest author who will ever grace planet earth,

I had legendary teachers who showed me what I’m worth.

Purposeful Movements

I prescribe the antidote through my words like a prescription,

The nicest author to have ever written fiction.

Where are you planning on going?

Are you making more than what you’re showing?

I’m climbing to the top like I reached the peak of a mountain,

Refreshing sustainability within my prose like a fountain.

I love when people talk behind my back,

I’m ahead of everyone in Canada, that’s a fact.

Strategically advancing on the board like chess,

I put pressure on these writer’s like a full court press.

Keep your mind open, and expand your reach,

Cut off those who suck blood out of you like a leech.

If you can’t build with the individual, then the situation is critical,

The impact I make is legendary and biblical.

I’m the holiday hit man in the publishing industry,

Knocking off those who act like friends to me.

Locked in on each step I need to take,

I’m after receiving real love, so I can get this cake.

Dancing my way to the bank, while smiling bright,

My fists land like steel, always prepared to fight.

Plan, execute, and create your own opportunities,

I love freedom, independence, truth, and brotherhood, I shine like jewelry.

It doesn’t matter the location or block,

I’ll find you easily, and take you out of your socks.

Fame is designed by an atrocious monster,

I don’t need attention or a thoroughbred sponsor.

I support myself and climb higher up the ladder,

Bursting you open like bladder, laughing at all the chatter.

A businessman whose gifts have been unwrapped twice,

I paid the price, so I sacrificed for a brand new life.

Chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, stainless marble floors,

Luxury vehicles, and millions in cash, but I only want more.

I’m On It

I tackle new challenges, embrace the ambiance,

Ignorance doesn’t require a response.

Silence is an asset, the human brain is placid,

I burn through the barriers like acid.

Giving up is a decision for those who love the easy route,

Design a creative sphere that builds God’s house.

Complaining and negativity isn’t warranted when you’re alive,

I was born to thrive, not throw in the towel and survive.

I adore the hatred, so I receive fake love,

I’m legendary like Michael Jackson’s white gloves.

I lay back and wonder how I’ll be hotter than this summer,

Smartphones and Google are generated to make us dumber.

The internet is a web that traps the non-believers,

But those true in faith earn revenue; call us the global retrievers.

Chase your dreams truly and listen to people speak about stagnation,

You are ahead of those who don’t understand how to build on elevation.

I’m sick like I caught a sizzling fever,

I turn the darkest hearts into believers.

My readership tunes into me like a radio station,

The anticipation is a heavenly gift like precipitation.

Accepting what happened is forgiveness from within,

But don’t forget to repent consistently for your sins.

Lessons are taught to improve the world’s disposition,

Trust your intuition, grind hard, never ask for permission.

Riding with killer’s, making boss decisions,

My inner-vision is a priceless incision in demand more than television.

Three to four hour nights, taking power naps,

I’m up before the sun shines to bridge the gap.

You can go out and turn up if you’d like,

I’m focused on stacking cheddar higher than a kite.

Hustling is an innate ability, only for those who possess humility,

Every hour I’m becoming stronger, with a heightened sense of virility.