Her spirit becomes mine, flows smoothly inside me,

Her heavenly laugh is what truly defines me.

The unexpected is what you should expect frequently,

Privacy means the world to me, moving around secretly.

Taking her on expensive trips to Vienna, eating grits in Atlanta,

We won’t be torn apart by lies, gifts don’t come from Santa.

We’re in love for a living that’s a given,

Making Godly decisions, fueled from our inner-visions.

The moves we make are benefiting people who procrastinate from indecision,

Destroying division, with wisdom that has sharp precision.

I knew she was the one the first night we met,

Insecure people perceive us a solid threat.

Only striving to be the best, truly blessed,

Mastering self is how we engage in the highest intellect.

Protected by God’s armor, only immersed in good karma,

Planting seeds in minds, reaping my crops like a farmer.

She’s my muse, helping me build every brand up higher,

Her touch is more beautiful than what you see on a canvas from an art supplier.

Only honorable people around me, the team is consolidated,

Presidential character, the culture had me inaugurated.

Family man, only trying to impress my future wife and children,

She had her doubts, but could never deny the feelings.

Futuristic flow, only trying to grow, will annihilate any foe,

Even when success hits publicly; we’re still about to blow.

Fame is a useless resource, only into shrewd business,

Never creating a business for a dollar; God is my witness.

Always been outspoken, telling people how it is,

Pushing beyond limits, something has got to give.

I’ve been crazy, going over people’s heads every day,

Producing a God given gift, so I will live my way.

Quit smoking, she showed me a whole new perspective,

Ahead of my time, so you need to catch up to the objective.


Creating A New Life

I’ve decided to take my writing to the next level by being outrageously organized. Opening up another creative avenue will increase my revenue stream. A new life is about to begin and I’m very excited. I flooded the world with thought provoking poetry–now it’s time to go harder. I will be posting every Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Monday and Thursday will focus primarily on topics about entrepreneurship, business tactics, marketing strategies, objectives for success, motivation, lifestyle and personal finance. Friday will be a poetry post.

Embracing The Ups And Downs To Manifest Your Visions

Everyone has goals, dreams and aspirations, but the question is how do we retrieve what our imaginations believe? The answer is within the question, you must possess unwavering faith. Darkness will swallow you whole, chew you up and spit you out if you aren’t willing to firmly believe. The position you want is always worth fighting for, even if it seems like there’s no waves of progression.

Every experience you go through should be appreciated. Gratitude is the best attitude.

Visions are revelations that descend down from the heavens, embarking us on an unforgettable sojourn. Being obedient towards your vision is the only way to reach completion–and without completion, all you have is a wish.

Prayer (meditation) and hope are contributing factors towards our success as long as we treat them as a transformation. What we yearn for isn’t dependent upon what we decide to execute.

Understand The Art Of Wealth Management

Gaining wealth causes a change of circumstances, which creates a new environment for you to live in, happily. Money isn’t designed to make you happy; it’s here for us to live comfortably. And if you want to make it, the majority of your profits needs to be spent on funding new ventures. Increasing the likelihood of acquiring an unprecedented level of financial stability in your life requires an astronomical amount of research.

Everything in life boils down to the simple mathematical procedures of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Once you’re able to excel at these principles, you’re capable of managing the numbers. But this doesn’t constitute the knowledge you need to build a solidified financial portfolio.

There are many financial vehicles you’re able to invest in, but before you invest, you must save; it doesn’t have to be a substantial amount, just something that could cover a specific emergency. Ten years down the road you want to be able to tell yourself and others (if applicable) that you still have a small portion of the money you received a decade ago. Holding onto what you sacrificed for adds value to the altitude of your life.

The only way to obtain a lofty position in life is to get money. It shouldn’t be a source of contempt, which so many people are using as a way to hate now. Jealousy and envy only weakens and exposes how fraudulent you really are.

Read books about personal finance that will help you navigate, and weather the storms that are brought upon you. Of course there are many informative blogs, websites, and webinars around the internet, but a precise pattern of information that teaches you specific tactics, only exists in a structured form known as a book.

I could make some recommendations, but I will save them for my YouTube channel. It’s coming very soon, by the way.

Love Yourself More Every Breath You Take

Even if it feels like you’re trapped in a perpetual loop that only seems to be digressing; just remember–the more you look after yourself by practicing positive thoughts, good hygiene, and proper dietary habits, the better you will end up feeling. How do you expect to operate from a genuine place if you’re constantly feeling depressed, frustrated, and tempestuous?

Write down daily goals and honor those commitments. Create weekly and monthly goals that can be completed long-term, so you know you aren’t going to fall off too easily. Respecting yourself is the only way to receive respect back.

Resting is just as important as working; sometimes it can even be a higher priority. Schedule time every single day to relax and entertain yourself. Don’t run yourself ragged by working sixteen-twenty hour days for months. Sure, there’s a lot to accomplish and change for others, but sometimes taking a step back and appreciating the small moments in life fuels our creative juices.

Don’t count the amount of hours you’re devoting to a specific task, but actively monitor how productive you are, whilst doing this task. Productivity is the frequency in which you complete your tasks. Ensure your time is being utilized wisely.

Adversity is intertwined with the decadence of prosperity and clarity. Before the sun can shine you must absorb the treachery of the storm.

Everyone falls down, some harder than others, and the harder you fall, the higher you can rise. Love the journey and trust the process because it’s molding you into what you’ve requested. Resuscitation can only be achieved when you’re forced to drive into another lane.

Calculate The Moves You Make

Knowing the terrain and being mindful of your surroundings is how to multiply your effort. Follow the five e philosophy: energy, eagerness, effort, enthusiasm, and excitement.

Do what is best for you, don’t give in to others temptations. People who are miserable only want to bring others down with them. Crabs in the bucket who don’t want to see others rise up.

Surround yourself with individuals who want the best for you; everything they want for themselves they want for you and beyond. Your team is what defines you. People make judgments off those who your time is invested with. I learned this lesson the hard way.

What are some minor and major improvements you can make in your life? Think of five different things you can change, no matter how big or small, write them down on a piece of paper and promise yourself you will make it happen. When something is written down, it provides a visceral element that wasn’t present before.

Now the ultimate question is: will you take a leap of faith or remain planted in the realm of mediocrity? I know mediocrity isn’t part of my destiny.



Heal Yourself

The grind is a necessity, very few people are impressing me,

Love for everyone winning and struggling, God keeps blessing me.

Exhaling breaths that have the stench of death,

Reevaluate your life before you live under a threat.

No sleep isn’t advised, but it starts up an enterprise,

Take time out for yourself before you meet your demise.

Put family over everything under any circumstances,

Purpose is an art like the performance of choreographed dances.

Lie to yourself and fall into a pit of doom,

It must be hard to breathe without any room to consume.

The devil says everyone is a good person,

His lasso consists of conjecture, treachery, and coercion.

Face the facts before you have to look back,

Regretting your decisions, ashamed of your foul acts.

There’s no time to waste; this place is a race,

A marathon to be precise, you choose your own pace.

Working harder isn’t always the answer for rising higher,

Prosperity should be reached decades before you retire.

I smell the hate in the air, all it does is get me hype,

Take a hold of the torch you harbor, create your own light.

Posted in the publishing zone all night,

Leaving the country in the morning to catch an early flight.

These are simple dreams in life, chase them while you’re granted respite,

I speak about where I’m headed, its a complete delight.

When you control your destiny, the predictions are right,

Others see you as dangerous, intimidated by how you fight.

The truth is only warriors level up on a daily basis,

Never become complacent, stay humble and gracious.

Devote the majority of your day to making tomorrow brighter,

These are the thoughts and ambitions of a fighter.

You’re reading the greatest writer,

I spark up brilliant ideas, carry the flame like a lighter.

Literary Assassin

Decimating every author with the ink within my pen,

Encourage their artistry, build them up, so I can destroy them again.

The writing world police tried to eviscerate my message,

They saw the infinite power inside the writing I’ve been blessed with.

These are the evil schemes of men, who love to sin,

Attacking and challenging the powers that be, they don’t want us to win.

Painting breathtaking scenery like the blank page is my canvas,

Locking down the publishing industry–God commands it.

The illuminati teaches you to yearn a bugatti,

Materialism doesn’t work, like an employee whose shoddy.

The streets are depicted hauntingly in my novels,

Drug dealers, pimps, and murderers are the opposite of a model.

Believe me: there’s beauty in criminal activity,

Don’t compare it to a religious epiphany.

Diligence only accumulated serendipity,

I’m the epitome of the written words ability.

Crossing me is like trying to swim through the ocean,

I’m making a mark on history, like the Halifax explosion.

You thought 50 Shades Of Grey was successful, you haven’t seen nothing yet,

They label me as a troublemaker, assassinate my character, I’ve been a treat.

Found my soul revitalized on the blank page,

Felt like I was falling perpetually; heart enraged.

Always had faith in my capabilities, harnessing virility,

Ahead of myself, the ability penetrating agility.

I was never worried about balling out; always gained clout,

Discovered my purpose, destroyed the surface without a doubt.

Faced so much rejection like a failed presidential election,

Regained my sense of direction by literary introspection.

Allah is your only protection, don’t depend on a weapon,

Laughed at the devils suggestions, advanced even when I’m stressing.

Worrying can tear apart your frame, make you deranged,

We all love to be entertained, this is just part of the game.

Life’s treasures aren’t measured; analyze the weather,

Cherish what money can’t buy; these are the infinite treasures.

I’m comfortable with who I am and the man I will become,

Courageous and confident in everything I’ve done.

Friends switched up, I rose above their ideals,

Even when I didn’t have a meal, I didn’t slip like a banana peel.

People laughed, told my loved ones I’m delusional,

I’ve been given this vision, the literary anomaly, ending the usual.

Eternally Hopeful

Praying, wishing, and hoping is a strong start,

But you finish weak if the execution is lacking from your heart.

Pushing beyond limits is celestial and vivid,

Gratitude is the holy key, but most of you don’t get it.

Intense defence isn’t an expense if you repent,

Competitive nature is priceless, the loyal intent.

Operating in the red is like you’re living dead,

Getting caught in a trap means you aren’t using your head.

Spreading love, emitting light like broad day,

Some people love burning bridges, so their life is a parade.

Intellectual discourse isn’t a means of remorse;

It’s designed to gain understanding, like a settlement of divorce.

None of us are perfect, we’re far from it,

Only the determined hustlers reach the summit.

No is never an answer its only a response,

Lies are told like words with different font.

Waves crashing down, without making a sound,

The shore is bare, the results of wearing the crown.

Sparking minds, they’re exploding like land mines,

Been out of the streets for years, but I’ll always be around crimes.

Embracing the struggles, buried under rocks and rubble,

Haters tarnish my name, the reputation of a puddle.

You won’t step in my lane, royal cells in my membrane,

I was stamped insane from all the jealousy and disdain.

Times became tougher, started moving mountains like Usher.

Harnessed unbelievable strength only God could muster.

Breaking my spirit is an impossible feat,

Poetic soul, refreshing like the beach.

Unimpeachable record, cleaner than your dirtiest freak,

When I’m alone, its like I’m one-hundred deep.

The military grind is my army on the streets,

Defeat only made me victorious and unique.photo-on-2013-10-13-at-00-38.jpg


Outselling the bestsellers, the greatest author alive,

Describing the graciousness of my future, you can see God in my eyes.

Capitalism has the world hypnotized under an evil spell,

Teaching the world daily, you only succeed if you fell.

Nobody grinds harder than me and that’s a promise,

A solidified threat to the globe because I’m so honest.

If I want you dead and missing, I can switch your position,

But my heart is full of love; observing acutely, always willing to listen.

Publishing mogul, tight circle, avoiding the ovals,

Your girl told me she’s never met a king this noble.

It doesn’t matter how wild the block, I’ll show up,

Explosions within this pen, the blank page is about to blow up.

Speak the truth clearly and you’ll get accused of lying,

Starving children are dying, parent’s won’t stop crying.

Everyone deserves to eat, but the uninspired accept defeat,

Numerous writing styles like I’m equipped with a fleet.

Centralized enterprises, don’t get shocked by surprises,

Structured and organized, engaged with what Allah advises.

Bosses make sure their team is good before they eat,

Running the marathon smoothly like a track meet.

Old friends are the worst, praying on my down fall,

I believe in my capabilities–all of my writing is raw.

Staying up until 5AM receiving revelations, bleeding ink,

Every paragraph is re-read, causing you to stop and think.

No excuses, they are useless and fruitless,

Locked in on every dream, there’s more than one way to do this.

The reason why the pictures I paint are so vivid is because I live it,

When opportunity knocks on my door, I don’t ask who is it?

Provocations don’t make me livid, they just guarantee more digits,

Innovative and eternally creative, the production is so exquisite.

I’m an assassin on the page, bringing back the haze,

Classic literature, entering another phase, the only route to escape the maze.


Spending sleepless nights on the blank page,

Preparing to rise out of the dungeon, creating a bright stage.

Snitches tell it all to everyone, the cops are only as good as their informants,

Words glide with the breeze, but any dirt about me is dormant.

The streets doesn’t love anyone, just speaking on past experiences,

Judging individuals off their appearance is the devil’s interference.

Prison isn’t designed for anyone, praying for all the real one’s incarcerated,

The future means I’m leaving numerous industries dominated.

Stop believing in myths that are propagated, they leave families desecrated.

The breakdown of any dynamic, results in addictions that need to be alleviated.

Innocent children get food taken off their plate,

Watch their parent’s get decapitated, and can’t attend a wake.

Speaking the truth on what occurs in this cold, cold world,

But love overpowers any foolish action or quarrel.

The problem derives from ingrained obeisance,

Bowing down to a man’s wishes is ignorant and blatant.

Fitting in doesn’t create trends, it just gives you more fake friends,

I’ve forgiven weaklings a long time ago, there’s no need to make amends.

Relentless pursuits of curiosity, constructed properly,

Thoroughbred for life; decimating beef and gaining broccoli.

The top means there’s no flat days on your agenda,

Surpassing the expectations of any contender.

Backing up the foundation of creation is the crafts relation,

There’s never any imitation for this generation, accept the invitation.

Name a writer who’s exciting as I; all of the rules I defy,

Only cowards are afraid to die; intelligence doesn’t need to comply.

Essentially, possess a propensity lethal like an infantry,

There isn’t an accurate measurement for my intensity.

Composed, collected, respected; lost count of the times I’ve been rejected,

The best connected, logic is detected–Nova Scotia is resurrected.

Poisonous venom within the teeth of the infected,

Biting into a bitter fruit is how you leave yourself neglected.

Creating The Future

This is my era, the only person you have to blame is the man in the mirror,

Analyze the decisions you make, and life becomes clearer.

Attacking the publishing industry, labelled as the largest terror,

Apart from God and my family, the written word is superior.

Hold the torch high, don’t allow the flame to burn you,

When the tides swell, let the embrace of nature turn you.

Education is an everlasting road of twists and spirals,

If you’re willing to go the distance, you will travel for miles.

Commitment should be dispersed for the sake of humanity,

Stop indulging in all of these supplements promoting vanity.

Looking good and feeling good are two totally separate mechanisms,

Justice and peace is needed; we must rise out of this cataclysm.

Reading the wrong information can lead you into perdition,

Fill your mind with positive, philosophical ammunition.

Recognize the warning signs of monotonous times,

Don’t blindly condone the deception of the asinine.

One conversation can change a life completely,

Unmatched in the writing world; nobody can beat me.

Overpower enemies with love and forgiveness,

Nourish your body, invest in what’s nutritious.

Pinpointing the essence of principles, serving a purpose,

Reading through what is seen at the surface.

Mystic like a cat; cryptic acquisition, pummeling tradition,

Thriving off my intuition, shattering the barrier of encryption.

Fake people are keen on draining others energy,

Misfortunes are manufactured by our own hands; they are meant to be.

The choice is yours–you’ll either be entertained or work hard,

I coined the term: grind hard, play your cards like the name of a boulevard.

Soul is about seeing beyond the lust for materialistic pursuits,

The potency of mass media teaches you to shoot.

Build up the culture, instill a sense of heightened posterity,

Underneath the underground, and the whole world is hearing me.



My Galaxy

The universe works for you, but doesn’t have fallacies,

All humans are flawed, lets face this reality.

Circumscription isn’t a prediction; flourishing off predilection,

Hot in any section, giving every author direction.

You claim to be the plug, but you feed off my connection,

Electrifying inspection, analyzing mistakes and making corrections.

God has provided me with dreams brighter than constellations,

Visions are pure, eating like a wolf, you won’t receive an invitation.

Everyone wants to claim to be a gangster, but haven’t lived the life,

It isn’t about selling drugs and taking lives; my words stab like a knife.

You have to be associated with a foul crew of members doing dirt,

They back you up whether you’re on top or in the ground hurt.

Explaining the unthinkable, addressing what political leaders won’t,

They are slaves to public opinion, stuck on an agenda telling you don’t.

Listening to people who don’t genuinely care for you is danger,

Day ones hate on me heavily; receiving more support and love from strangers.

They tell you be yourself around females, set an authentic demonstration

I let them be themselves first, so we can build on elevation.

The ladies love me because I devote my writing to them,

Why would I strive to gain the affection of men?

Males have too much pride, too susceptible to try and slow down your stride,

They will leave you dead and deserted, but swear they will ride.

Surpassing fiction from the past, present, and future,

Going straight to my destination like I called an Uber.

I woke up from a dream and started making it happen instantly,

So far ahead of my time you couldn’t catch up with a century.

The finance minister speaks about devoting more revenue to the pension plan,

Stop following their desires, you will have all the money you need in your hands.

Examining the uniqueness of idiosyncrasies like the passage of entropy,

The only reason you survive in my kingdom is because it pertains to my decree.

I’m not into talking because its cheap, mobsters move in silence,

Peace and love before war, but I’m prepared for any facet of violence.


The Time Is Now

Ask me who do I trust, only God that’s above us,

The moment you depend on another, it results in broken trust.

An immense amount of love for the authentic spirits,

Life is about your good deeds, not your intentions and merit.

Ambition, loyalty, comprehension, integrity, and compassion,

These characteristics are what matters, not all this pointless laughing.

Going hard every day, spending more time on the blank page than most,

Floating around these streets like a ghost, indulging the east coast.

Most people are too fearful and corrupt to listen to their heart,

Instead they hate on dream chasers that tear them apart.

Everything under the sun has been thrown at me,

Why would I care about what others say–you won’t gas me.

Revisionist history has taught us lies about royal blood,

The monarchy is part of the crooks within the government with no love.

Looking out and loving yourself more in this cold world is needed,

Who’s going to be pick you back up when you’re mistreated?

The beauty on this planet is infinite like a lofty position in heaven,

The only checks I want my name on are in figures of seven.

Connections have always been deep in these streets,

Burning up these authors, they can’t handle the heat.

Productive every hour, even when I’m fast asleep,

Philosophy destroying hypocrisy, every word is beyond deep.

Society says go to school, sit at a desk and sign a mortgage,

Taking out loans, these financial institutions want you extorted.

The visions I possess surpass those filthy ideologies,

Creating businesses designed to thrive off my ontology.

DNA strands are superior, but I’ll never treat anyone inferior,

Humility is part of confidence; it builds depth to your interior.

Seeing into the future clearly, so the colonizers fear me,

Making all of my enemies powerless and weary.

Friends don’t exist to me, I only believe in having family,

The support is eternal; they will never jam me.