Our Future

Always thinking about our lavish life, but appreciating the present,

We have our ups and downs, but the majority of our encounters are pleasant.

She needs me, her spirit thrives from our connection,

Always prepared to cherish her divinity, and stand by her for protection.

When I fall down she picks me up, so I’m back on my feet,

More inspiration flows through my veins, her smile lightens up my weeks.

The impossible is everything we aim to accomplish,

Attaining what God has destined for us; acutely responsive.

Our relationship begins and ends with the almighty Father,

Praying that we have an intelligent, pious, beautiful daughter.

Plan on exposing my children to a world I’ve never seen,

Family is my real wealth; she’s always been my ultimate dream.

Before I even met her, I knew an angel was coming to save me,

She loves the fact that I’m overwhelmingly confident and crazy.

There’s nothing that will stop us from becoming closer,

Driving her towards where she belongs like a chauffeur.

When problems arise we always overcome obstacles and meet victory,

The night I met her I knew we would make  incredible history.

Legendary moments are the scenario’s she brings me,

She’s the only woman on the planet who could truly king me.

Every day we push each other further, strive to grind harder,

The more she motivates me is how we become smarter.

Every word is either written about her or for her,

Bridging the gap is crucial, constantly crossing borders.

Monetizing our lifestyle, moving how we please,

She always believed deeply in how I market Scotian Breeze.

Showing her everything she deserves and more,

Her mind is so attractive it penetrates my core.

Introducing her to a gentleman she never believed existed,

She calmed my disposition immensely, I used to be so vicious.

Our loyalty and commitment is an eternal wave of goodness,

Only have eyes for one woman, if you shoot for her you would miss.


Go Hard

Keep your mind moving, focus on improving,

These words written are peaceful and soothing.

Addicted to the grind, never content with a salary,

A real entrepreneur, focused on helping others live lavishly.

Jobs won’t entice me, build your own empire,

Women love the boss, my drive always inspires.

Life is a gift, especially when people switch up,

Loyalty is eternal, and patience is a plus.

The more difficult the obstacles, the greater the rewards,

Never live beyond your means, purchase what you can afford.

Determined and devoted, allowing God to capture my heart,

Openly accepting the holy spirit, wisdom is what I impart.

Swelling tides only define deeper strides and faster rides,

Looking out for others, hustling in the shadows, there’s no need to hide.

Dream chasing is what I live for, the grandeur hustle,

Passionate about dark chocolate, my African Queen is sweeter than truffles.

Backing down from a challenge isn’t something I accept,

Promised myself that I’d die without having any regrets.

Flying into another state of consciousness, you might miss me,

Gallivanting around the globe like the holy spirit, every transaction is risky.

Every day means a new opportunity to pursue greatness,

Don’t deceive yourself; victory is never tasteless.

Exotic vacations derive from a devoted vocation,

Turn your hobby into a job, thrive off sublime innovation.

Building your own career means financing the vision yourself,

Never turn down a sincere individual who is willing to help.

Every hour, I’m focused on elevation of a deeper spirit,

Stop running through the same actions, repeating yourself like a parrot.

Pray, be strategic and prepare to win fantastically,

Thinking and execution are two separate entities; avoid falling tragically.

Graceful moves are the motives needed to enter the next chapter,

Fill your life with compassion, peace, joy, happiness, and continuous laughter.

Every day you live is completely different so be incredibly thankful,

You can’t deposit your life in the bank, but it can be cancelled.

Prove the world wrong every time you’re given an opportunity,

If your words don’t match your actions, you aren’t living congruently.

Used to be so stubborn, people couldn’t get through to me,

Now all I do is listen closely, vigilant and cautious, always doing me.

Gaining a greater understanding is giving me better resources,

Letting purity descend down naturally, I would never force it.

That’s Us

Attacking the blank page, watching these words turn into a fortune,

You won’t apply pressure on me, there’s no room for extortion.

My paradise is the heavenly light I see planted in your eyes,

The seed blooms a fruitful crop; all logic it defies.

You asked me if I’m in love with you and I told you not yet,

You make me smile unbelievably, and know I’m up next.

Imprisoned by your tender affection, it gives me direction,

God has blessed our relationship to become holy, the resurrection.

Going silent on me is an impossible action, plan on buying you the finest fashion,

We remain on the same wavelength, the beats of our hearts are matching.

Ensuring you have an intense need for me, ready to brighten up your days,

Every time we make a move together it’s a power play.

She is my destiny, without her my future wouldn’t be so bright,

When you have something you believe in, you must continue to fight.

My dreams are full of happiness, harmony, peace and unity,

Giving back to single mothers, and children within various communities.

Late at night my thoughts consume my entire being; sleep becomes non-existent,

Success means having no measurement of drive and persistence.

Treasure Words Publishing will have numerous number one best-sellers,

Not afraid to face the truth; courageous actions, so I will always tell her.

My African Queen recognizes that she’s all mine; our bond is unbreakable and divine,

Every time I fall down she picks me up and we elevate much higher to shine.

Always been a king, but you haven’t seen the physical manifestation,

The province comes first, then we’re taking over the entire nation.

Facts are the only words written; when she’s around me she’s smitten.

There’s no second chances with me once you blew the first,

Loyalty is everything, life is a gamble so roll the dice.

Compelling stories that excite all five senses; word addictions,

The breathtaking components of remarkable fiction.

The message that’s being delivered is deeper than the Grand Canyon,

The purpose is to eradicate harmful addictions and lead the world out of famine.

Business And Pleasure

Forgiveness is true strength, weakness is about holding grudges,

Covering blank pages with substance is the only way to reach the summit.

Come up and watch your surroundings change,

Faces get rearranged, the thoughts they had about you aren’t the same.

Jealousy is like using a dull knife to chop,

Ineffective, the efficacy of my words is why I’m hot.

Grapefruit in the morning, the citrus is foreign,

Catching all of my enemies sleeping and snoring.

Lost focus, wasted time away into nothingness,

Pushing forward with my visions, evading the abyss.

Acknowledged and loved globally, before I impact locally,

There’s no scale that defines my literary potency.

Shepherding the publishing industry, capturing readers exponentially,

Scorching hot when I’m dead broke, keeping it a century.

Experiences mold a framework for better days,

Even the worst relationships disperse light like sun rays.

If you aren’t willing to accept neglect and indifference,

You’re only weakening your existence.

Without embracing the hatred you become complacent,

Everyone feels pressure; moments to rise up from the basement.

Any hobby can be converted into a job; consistency and patience,

Loyalty makes the commitment a career, the principles are basic.

Words either enlighten the soul or damage the mind,

Author’s paint pictures for the world to define.

Proper planning is part of the grind,

The sooner you wake up, you can make better use of your time.

Resurrecting the writing profession, only publishing blessings,

Giving lost children directions within every lesson.

The impression is an expression more lethal than an injection,

Ultimate protection is the correction of wrongdoings through introspection.

Whether it’s the streets or a professional domain,

Negotiations and respect are what make it rain.

Beginnings And Endings

The cycle of life and death starts and ends with a breath,

The only thought on my mind is to become the best.

The streets are getting strange, snitching is accepted,

Loyalty doesn’t entice relationships, it’s brutally neglected.

Every time my pen touches the blank page; Nova Scotia is resurrected,

Success only comes to those who don’t care about getting rejected.

I never feared failure or defeat; no need to retreat,

Production company by 2021; videos, documentaries, and philosophical beats.

A plethora of business ideas that will be executed,

Shocking the world, waking them up like they were electrocuted.

Crafting poetry, writing stories, composing words like music,

Presenting facts, backing it up with the evidence to prove it.

Love and peace is how I enter and they way I return,

Pushing my body beyond its limits, feeling the burn.

Daily goals are the only method to grow exponentially,

Apply knowledge, speak less, you won’t see me in the penitentiary.

Hatred, jealousy, and envy are weak emotions to harbor,

Everything isn’t based around money, learn how to barter.

Line for line I’m destined to shine sublime,

Time after time, the only elements of life that nourish me are hustle and grind.

Worrying doesn’t cross my mind, God made my faith too strong,

Open mind, curiosity to learn, correct me if I’m wrong.

Deeper than hieroglyphics, pinpointing historical lies; remarkably specific,

The illuminati murders mankind, advertising and brainwashing the masses to be sadistic.

All of this propaganda is addictive, it leaves you conflicted,

Understand the picture being painted, prevent becoming inflicted.

Progression is always in session, learning from every lesson,

The blessings eradicate depression, obliterating the devils suggestions.

I saw myself on top way before the struggle ended,

Rising up like early mornings; my spirituality has ascended.

Writing the script to my life is beyond nice,

The feeling is hotter than fire, colder than ice–a staple like rice.


Your Favorite

Far from a regular person, won’t give into coercion,

Hate is pushed to the forefront, as a diversion.

Expanding the movement, experiencing multiple excursions,

I’m just trying to be the best version, blending up greatness like an immersion.

The height of my writing decadence, sets an unparalleled precedence,

Captured the solution on circumstances that were exigent.

If the source of a threat isn’t a promise, then it isn’t honest,

Good deeds are what weighs on the scale–here to admonish.

Glorifying days ahead is impossible, the future is blinding,

Shining is only given to those who won’t stop grinding.

Avoiding violence is intelligence, thriving in various elements,

Stomping through the kingdom like an elephant.

Keeping a low profile is my style, the dissection of secret files,

Moving under the radar, creating a base to walk on like floor tiles.

Stepping over puddles of pain, hopeful visions from the rain,

I’ll never care about fame, just focused on creating my own lane.

Nobody is going to hold your hand and show you the way to success,

You must believe in yourself, and work hard to be the best of the best.

When the future is spoken about, my name will be a part of it,

Covenant I made with the universe; average thoughts, I’m flying above it.

The most anticipated author to ever hit the scene so clean,

Determined to live all of my dreams; strength risen by beans.

Doing the right things aren’t warranted by many,

But follow what your heart tells you, and you’ll end up with plenty.

Pray, plan, set a strategy and execute–always feed the destitute,

Navigate towards the highway, don’t get caught in a vicious loop.

Loyalty means you don’t have any friends, just family until the end,

They want the best for you, there’s no need to pretend.

Getting the upper hand takes years of dedication like a contract stipulation,

Commanding eternal veneration, fighting for justice and liberation.

Abiding by a set of solidified principles, consolidating literary prowess,

Swimming among the sharks, eating away at the petty cowardice.


Difficulties Breed Legends

Adversity on these streets; we take your life for snitching,

Prevaricators make me vicious; my trigger finger is itching.

But listen closely, I don’t move violently or morosely,

I’m speaking on what could have been; floating cause I’m ghostly.

Subconscious thoughts are manifested, the truth is attested,

I have the game on lock, every author just got arrested.

I won’t touch the blank page unless I see a coffin,

Catching verbal bodies everyday, every verse is awesome.

Winners respect winners and bosses hang with bosses,

Our wins outweigh every mistake and all of the losses.

Loyalty means you will die for them before you kill,

Sacrificing aspects of your life is how you travel uphill.

By any means I will take all of your fans,

Adrenaline increases, completing what I say because I’m a real man.

Hard times only made me adapt to perfecting this craft,

I’m going after this cheese for every dinner like Kraft.

Concentrated on majesty and conquering every calibers,

My prose is legendary like the removal of Excalibur.

Selling books like diamonds, up the charts I’m climbing,

Going straight to the number one spot because of my rhyming.

Locked Down poetry collection will end the year amazingly,

Four novels and poetry circulating throughout the universe crazily.

Champions aren’t capable of being stopped or toppled,

Building up the culture up like holy apostles.

The smoothest times are indicating future friction,

Indelible fiction, predictions with accurate depictions.

Listening is an art; one of the laws of hustling smart,

Companionship means having an inseparable counterpart.

Collaboration will get your further than trying to it alone,

Look after your team, invite them into your home.

The law of attraction pertains to positive thoughts and enthusiasm,

Effort that goes unmatched, persistent like an orgasm.

The industry blackballed me for exposing their demonic secrets,

Personally, I have my own grind and succeed due to its uniqueness.

The internet is a beast and social media engineers the feet,

Movement and information is sold to data companies; nothing is discreet.

Taking pictures of each atmosphere with every blink,

Each word makes you stop and think–will you elevate or sink?

The only thing I love more than writing is God, family, and the power to create,

I love the hate, sealed my fate, born to own a mansion by the lake.

Too Fly

Try and send me to the grave I come out unscathed,

Dispersing light towards the shade, coming out clean from dirt like I bathed.

Mr. Originality: creationism writing sublime realities,

Antidote of truth; keeping it one-thousand to receive a salary.

Snakes in the grass slithering in silence,

Smooth don whose wild side is the epitome of violence.

Sitting on the throne, conducting business transactions at home,

Bulldozing through haters, expressions full of eloquence like a poem.

Can’t stop, won’t stop like Sean “Diddy” Combs,

Launched my business like a rocket without taking out a loan.

The last of a dying breed, planting righteous seeds,

Honor and loyalty is all I need; integrity instead of greed.

Official from the womb, fruits and vegetables I consume,

The majority of my meals are vegan, but I’m a pescatarian to the tomb.

Women adore my style, they love a bad man who disposes of memory files,

Cracking the vault requires an indecipherable code, not a gleaming smile.

Being this fly is an issue like a fingerprinted pistol,

Shining like the sunrise, visions clearer than crystal.

Golden words, silver lining, diamond business templates,

Writing at a prolific rate, strengthening my fate.

Pursue your dreams because it’s never too late,

Stop being negative, there’s no need to hate.

Get up with a purpose, dig deep beneath the surface,

I’m a superhero, Canadian treasure, and ringleader of the circus.

Spreading good vibes, giving you spectacular ineffable feelings;

So fly that I’m above the roof and the ceiling.

Watch the sky open up and shine brightly,

One of a kind, there won’t ever be another being like me.

Bad women aren’t for me, I need a a first lady,

A queen who is so fly that she’s absolutely crazy.

Taking breaks is important, but I neglect them,

Snitches deserve to die, why do you think they require witness protection?

Thorough And Pure

I wake up before the sun rises to ask for forgiveness;

Everything isn’t a blessing when it comes to business.

When a man tries to condemn a female for being intimate;

He’s trying to take attention away from himself, I’m not into it.

I have a design that’s meant to refine the times,

I catch a verbal body daily because I’m a wordsmith whose inclined.

Every author is in back of me, I’m looking down from the throne,

I obtained fans from being humble and writing unforgettable poems.

I only have women with beautiful minds around me, so you can imagine how she looks,

The best way to gain knowledge is from discipline and reading books.

Writing doesn’t determine whether or not the individual is my friend;

It’s all about loyalty and being true until the end.

I eradicate my stress by exercising and eating properly,

Don’t be surprised when I own mansions and lavish property.

I devoted thousands of hours towards pursuing my dreams,

I’ve written words more popular than memes.

The way I grind makes the storm peak on the horizon;

I’m like bread baking in the oven–always rising.

Guaranteed bestseller, I’ll be a larger legend than Helen Keller,

I keep secrets to myself, deposit it in the memory bank like a teller.

I’m the president of this literary regime, painting ill themes,

I represent my words to the extreme, I’m in your genes like the seams.

I lived in hell, embraced the fire and burn it out,

I reached past the moon, and ascended to heaven from my clout.

I’ve done a lot for many who were infinitely ungrateful,

But I learned to forgive and push forward from being faithful.

The trifling women just make me laugh, broken words like cast,

I’m building a legacy to be remembered on my epitaph.

I would be truly appreciated for writing until I stop it;

That’s fine with me, I’ll still take money out of your pocket.

But the purpose is much bigger than making some generational wealth,

I do this to inspire the people to understand the gifts within themselves.

Loving Life

There’s nothing better than loyalty and respect

Honorable actions are what I detect

I’m on the road all alone, on my way home

A true king is crowned by his actions and dome

I’m causing an earthquake when I step through the town

The haters hear the sound, I’m flying so high, I don’t touch the ground

Abandoning problems and issues, by fixing the resources

I’m seeing more green than golf courses

I don’t burn bridges, but move on and forgive

I won’t forget what happened, is what I will teach my kids

Youthful offenders are criminal contenders

They rob the dealers, and escape with splendor

Resisting what demons are steadily insisting

The substance of an angel, is what my words are consisting

Dreams that are broken can be reassembled

Creating a better opportunity that’s more nimble

I still have dreams to complete, I won’t see defeat

Putting all of my enemies in retreat

Sipping brew, building on bigger ideas with my crew

I leave an imprint like a shoe, I’m impossible to subdue

You need to go through hell to make it into heaven

I’m onto the next day like an hour after eleven

People don’t play fair, but I don’t care

They can continue to be shocked and stare

The stars are here to shine with you

If you’re beloved, a lot of souls will miss you