Top Commander

Success is only measured by happiness and bliss,

Captivated and smitten by your luscious kiss.

Sometimes we argue over silly incidents,

I never set out to hurt your temperament.

Transcendence is deep within the triumph of the human spirit,

Special genetic coding rest in the retina; visions are apparent.

My destiny excites me, taking over the publishing industry by storm,

I’m up at 3:00AM writing the next bestselling novel, you have been warned.

The devil whispers passages of evil, they are eradicated and ignored,

Always look ahead, don’t revert back to what you did before.

The present preserves the brilliance of your enlightened future,

Consistently swerving through all of the non-sense, I won’t be stopped by a trooper.

Verbally murdering authors every single time words are written,

The bodies are disposed in the dark, they are completely missing.

I’ve been homeless from sleeping in apartment lobbies to park benches,

Straight to the top is my prerogative, I’m rising directly out of the trenches.

When the stress hits my mental, I amalgamate all of my problems into goodness,

The flow I create has a heavenly appeal; it’s the antithesis of hood rich.

These novels are pure magic, they leave the women’s panties soaked,

Always believed in myself, I never possessed a single doubt.

The False Reality Of Martin will hold the number one spot for 17 consecutive weeks,

The stream-of-consciousness is captivating, compelling and utterly unique.

Millions of copies sold digitally is the first step in the direct direction,

Then they will proliferate when the paperback is released and promoted to perfection.

These prophecies are clear images stored in my subconscious,

The most high has instilled me with a holy spirit that’s responsive.

Research consumes the majority of my time, the grind has me exhausted,

Knowledge is applied, the wisdom provides a transformation like a prophet.

Happy people execute visions for the cause, instead of the effect,

Influence the network you create, aim to genuinely connect.

Self-control is a mastery that breeds discipline and determination,

The only path I’m on is the purity of devoted elevation.






Informed more than a disciple, towering above like the Eiffel,

Cycling through what’s delightful, only writing what’s insightful.

Author’s waste words on the page, their work is absolute garbage,

Attuned precisely with the cosmos–a saint in the bay like Margaret.

Extending my hand to new nations on the daily,

God is on my side, so none of these words crafted can fail me.

Scientific economist, prophecy envisioned like an optometrist,

Breaking down chromosomes like a biologist, raging like a rhinoceros.

Hypnotizing the globe, the prose is forever prosperous,

Rewinding time, decimating what’s thoughtless and monotonous.

Conviction is an addiction of a balling hard prediction,

Millions of sales in fiction is an accurate depiction.

Sincere storyteller, influence stronger than Helen Keller,

Brave, loyal dog like old Yeller, rising up from the cellar.

The galaxy is mine, like a constellation I’m born to shine,

Outlining future times, like a philosopher on their grind.

Defining tomorrow by the actions I produce today,

The publishing industry didn’t want to let me in, so I do things my way.

Heroic, determined, confident, full of passion, completing dreams,

Scheming above the dirtiest schemes, painting astounding themes.

Ascending past turmoil, blossoming like a flower sprouting out of the soil,

Making enemies kick back like a recoil, the blood in my veins is royal.

Wishing the best for all of my haters who aren’t winning,

They rely heavily on the devils stead, satisfied with their sinning.

Nobody is capable of taking food off my plate, even at my wake,

Once I get what’s written, I’m investing in land and real estate.

Sustaining and maintaining outside of the profession created,

Opening other businesses after every author is incinerated.

You couldn’t keep up with my pace, the world will remember my face,

Agility is my prerogative and taste, empowering love within the human race.

Reinventing literary composition, consciousness is revelations submission,

Progression is a transition of erudition, displaying deadly dedicated intuition.


Dreams are created to be chased, fate is determined,

But free will is the only reason why winners are earning.

Haters smile in your face, act like family; it’s a disgrace,

How can hatred and insecurities establish a stronger human race?

Posterity is imperative, listen closely to my literary narrative,

Become your own light, every action you take is operative.

My soul is awakened, rising up and taking what’s mine,

The crown has been written to be placed on my head, so divine.

The harder times are the more hopeful I become,

Darkness subsides after struggling, shining bright like the sun.

Words locked in the chamber; they only exit under comfort and danger,

It’s a shame when you need to go alone, and get more love from strangers.

Praying for all the true believers locked up, the kids indentured by prostitution,

Whatever the provocation, I act accordingly and find a solution.

Bright future with a team full of bosses and soldiers,

A queen to build with exponentially, so we can grow older.

Professional, underground, and international connections,

Making the stars shine for my empowerment of the world is the only direction.

Hard work on the blank page, writing outside the box, evading the cage,

Creating an ethereal stage, forcing all of my enemies to disengage.

Smoking sour, skunk, kush, and haze, entering a new phase,

Writing the next chapter; calm disposition, precise rage.

I don’t have any other choice but to get it, like a case acquitted,

Putting Nova Scotia on the map like a Yankee fitted.

Rough times only make you stronger, powerful and integral,

Generosity, ambition, loyalty and compassion running through my ventricles.

The greatest writer to ever grace planet earth, I know what I’m worth,

Even flowers are required to spend a segment of its time buried in dirt.

Millions flowing in on a monthly basis, I’m speaking about the future,

Book sales is a fragment of my entrepreneurial spirit; soul beyond super.

False prophets get praised for their artistic satire,

All they can say is how real they are, but I’m here to make all of them retire.

Purposeful Movements

I prescribe the antidote through my words like a prescription,

The nicest author to have ever written fiction.

Where are you planning on going?

Are you making more than what you’re showing?

I’m climbing to the top like I reached the peak of a mountain,

Refreshing sustainability within my prose like a fountain.

I love when people talk behind my back,

I’m ahead of everyone in Canada, that’s a fact.

Strategically advancing on the board like chess,

I put pressure on these writer’s like a full court press.

Keep your mind open, and expand your reach,

Cut off those who suck blood out of you like a leech.

If you can’t build with the individual, then the situation is critical,

The impact I make is legendary and biblical.

I’m the holiday hit man in the publishing industry,

Knocking off those who act like friends to me.

Locked in on each step I need to take,

I’m after receiving real love, so I can get this cake.

Dancing my way to the bank, while smiling bright,

My fists land like steel, always prepared to fight.

Plan, execute, and create your own opportunities,

I love freedom, independence, truth, and brotherhood, I shine like jewelry.

It doesn’t matter the location or block,

I’ll find you easily, and take you out of your socks.

Fame is designed by an atrocious monster,

I don’t need attention or a thoroughbred sponsor.

I support myself and climb higher up the ladder,

Bursting you open like bladder, laughing at all the chatter.

A businessman whose gifts have been unwrapped twice,

I paid the price, so I sacrificed for a brand new life.

Chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, stainless marble floors,

Luxury vehicles, and millions in cash, but I only want more.

Love Has No Death

We had power and respect before hitting millions,

I had you on my mind before we started building.

I’m a don and a wild boss like a mobster,

My queen is an expert with the knife, you won’t rob her.

I grew up in the country and she conquered the city,

I started running the province because I kept it gritty.

We worship peace but have hearts colder than ice;

We’re like an army when we’re together; too nice.

Natural born hustlers, getting this cream,

The only time we’re going down is on each other or getting lean.

Infinite and eternal, just study my literary journal,

I write fire that keeps you warmer than a thermal.

I love pressure because my greatness has no measure;

Never mistake happiness for pleasure.

I love women who can dance like their exotic,

I promote confidence, not actions that are neurotic.

I don’t trust any planes in the sky,

I’m above aerodynamics because I’m so fly.

We both had to cut off cancerous relationships,

All we know is how to grind, you won’t break our concentration tip.

More options on the table, my idea of body shots doesn’t mean drinking out of her navel,

I’m a sophisticated, eloquent king, but I keep life basic like cable.

The world was dead set against me, but I proved them wrong,

International Women’s Day needs an anthem, not a song.

When all of my dollars disappeared I didn’t lose focus,

I made it back and multiplied figures; life is never hopeless.

Millions on my mind when I wake up in the morning,

If I come for your life, you won’t know it’s me–fair warning.

The only time I’m in the club is for a celebration,

I’m ready for war, but I’d rather enjoy life through scintillation.

Fifty million will be a slow year for me in a few years,

I don’t have any weaknesses, reservations, or fears.

Grind To Climb

I’m under the sun shining bright, ready to fight

But I’d rather spread love, and fly like a kite

I don’t write to entertain, I do it solely for the culture

Envy against me is prevalent; they’re swooping down like a vulture

Yeah, I spoke about the cars, money, and mansions before it happened

2016: is all about inspiration and elevation–the truest captain

I know where I’m going, steadily growing

Writing words that’s overflowing, proving, and showing

The publishing industry didn’t want to open the doors

So I tore the hinges off, I have a loyal following out in Singapore

Logically, I write simplistic and complex

I go over heads, so I can stay fresh to death

The amount of hate I receive derives from the devils stead

Go against me, then all you do is bleed

Writing to gain direction, changing perceptions

I know cowards scared of their own reflection

I’m eating healthy like a supernatural bodybuilder

I’m so raw like a cigarette without the filter

Pharmaceuticals destroy the population, corrupt the land

I sift through communities like the smoothest sand

I plan to be richer than any Soprano

Increase my finances like Wells Fargo

The struggle had me feeling depleted and doomed

But I kept pushing to give my children the silver spoon

I treat every novel like birthing a new life

Prepare, execute, command, and demand like my future wife

Every single day I write words, and elevate my business

I brush my teeth in the morning, and see digits

I’m leaving the world with an indelible imprint

Lethal prose and verses like the finest indent

This is the year to make millions, to become stronger

I have a vicious nature, but only become calmer

True King

People are too worried about what’s relevant

Fearful, when they are taken out of their element

I stomp down on the pavement like an elephant

God is behind me; it’s supremely evident

You won’t scare me, I dare you to try and hit me

You’ll be seeing more white than Whitney

I’m the best ever in this profession

I teach you lessons, my words bestow blessings

Strip poker is full of fraudulent molesters

They want to steal your essence and let drama fester

Media outlets, spit out more propaganda than criminal organizations

Informing the populace that crooks are ruining nations

Who are the real crooks behind the masks?

Swine ethics devouring flasks, murdering in mass

Social engineering forced drugs into particular communities

Moved with impunity, eradicating loving relations and unity

Judgement day is closing in like a sniper

False prophets claim their the truth, but resemble what’s in a diaper

I’m getting nicer like an optimistic, happy person

I’m standing on top, when they close the curtains

I wake up early, constantly working

I’m guaranteed millions, this is certain

The eyes never lie–look deep into them

Most are unconscious zombies who look through them

Why do you think werewolves, vampires and zombies have become a niche?

Dead souls like petty stories that help them eat

I’m a monster, ready to exterminate all the rats and roaches

I’m relaxed off the page, like when you sit in couches

Your composition is a premonition fighting off intuition

I gain recognition because of my inner-vision taking a new position

Hate the king all you want, it’s only making me stronger

Vehemence in seven degrees; my writing is growing fonder

Ice And Fire

I’m cold like the freezer, striking catastrophically like a seizure

I’m working off the meter, I don’t have time for leisure

I won’t even kick it once a week

I’m chasing the millions, as I write this heat

You can see the devotion and unwavering determination

I go out, and take what’s mine, from an ingenious invitation

Writing poetry, prose and blogging every day

That’s one way to be healthy, so the doctor stays away

I have a deeply embedded passion in my heart

Writing showed me exactly where to start

I hustle harder than any writer alive

Push my work on the platform to survive

Actually, let’s scratch that last line

Because I plan on living lavishly, and militant like army time

Surviving is strictly for the average thinkers

I change up the pitch and throw a sinker

Crashing the boards, doing the dirty work

I’ll take it any way I can get it, you’re a chicken like jerk

I’m on the streets selling copies of my novels

I get loonies, toonies, fives, tens, and twenties; I’m leaving minds boggled

I protect my vision from the allurement of evil, like I’m wearing goggles

I treat the blank page like a re-up, the empty space I toggle

Nobody expected these tactics from me

But I always rise above what’s crummy; its a wrap like a mummy

The ladder of success is a volatile climate

But once you climb it, your influence defines it

It’s like the holiday season, the way my words sell

I killed Satan in hell; his worshippers can’t stand the smell

The smell of a fly guy, who breeds success

I pass God’s test, end stress, and repent for every sin I confess

Freezing up writers and burning them out

It feels lovely to be a living legend, each path I reroute

Inevitable Progression

I’m working harder, moving faster like the ghost Casper

Barely sleeping; magnetized towards becoming the master

I’m happy with very little, but about to be living large

I purchased a castle with cars to put in the garage

I’m never losing focus, just switching up my route

Servicing God is the reason I’m devout

I make sure to become a better person daily

I capture multiple checks, you better mail me

I keep taking my ends, and then proceed to give back

What others lack, I make up for the deficit; that’s a fact

Cooking meals to establish and boost my mental

A wise man, who treats his body like a temple

Rushing what’s determined won’t happen

I aim directly for the jugular when I’m attacking

I’ve been destined to blow and keep my business on the low

They way I flow, I have no choice but to grow

Intrepid, respected, connected, negativity deflected

I’m of a complete vision, exclusively selected

Ebook sales had gone above the roof like snoopy

Dollars are nice, but I’m trying to capitalize off rupees

Grinding for the millions, equals service and sacrifice

Hours alone, writing prose or rhymes with the roots of life

If I’m on my phone that means I’m working

I’m not wasting time in other people’s business, lurking

I only support those who know they need to support me

I have a lot of fake fans, who want me in court, see?

I play games with those who wear masks

I consume haters quicker than liquor in a flask

I show you who I am on the page and in person

Fronting isn’t for me when I’m happily conversing

A year ago, was the last time I got depressed

So I changed my life drastically, to demolish the duress