The artistry within the clouds is a divine pattern,

Living on another planet, defying gravity like Saturn.

Rain descends upon me, cleansing my soul,

The internal organs of each word glitters more than gold.

The coolest person in the nation, possessing patience,
Having only one wish means you are becoming complacent.

Meeting queens from all around the world, I’ve been international,

Strategic preparation, implementing moves that are tactical.

Dropping jewels, shining more than a jewelry store,

Choosing which countries to tour in; words dripping from your pores.

The street life has an expiration date, used to think it was my fate,

Appointments are always punctual, ahead of every date.

Have a Nubian Queen who will love me unconditionally,

Representing a more powerful movement, rewriting history.

Wishing on a star, making the unthinkable occur,

Life is fantastic, only executing what I prefer.

All in or take nothing, focused on making more than something,

The truth is what I love, you won’t see me bluffing.

Investing in real estate, overseeing assets,

Owning land, businesses, and writing literary classics.

Every startup is a rocky start, shooting for the moon,

Passion, discipline and work ethic is part of my platoon.

Writing scripts and turning my novels into movies,

Commercial success is attained from soing me.

The underground novelist bringing the best people together,

Every second is a hustle to change and get better.

Still broke but will make money in my sleep very soon,

The digital marketing will be more popular than a cartoon.

Never cared about attracting the local scene,

They will come to me, my vision is clear and keen.

Scotian Breeze Apparel, the fleece connection will make millions,

Ethereal, relatable spectacular feelings.



You’re my destiny, constantly blessing me, even stressing me,

Smile every time you’re texting me; pure, nothing expressed sexually.

There’s never any restrictions, we’re always receiving benedictions,

Our relationship is honorable and truthful, there’s no fiction.

Apologizing for my short-temper, need to become more centered,

Our passion is hotter than summer, en-lodged within us like a splinter.

The soulful connection is too powerful to give up, it must be nurtured,

The wave we’re riding on is smoother than any surfer.

Never had any doubts or reservations, belief embedded in consecration,

Only keen on building on elevation, eradicating every element of degradation.

You know how far I’ve come just to be part of your presence,

Unbelievably gracious and committed to your essence.

I need you close to me when the darkness descends,

God has chosen you for me, so there won’t be an end.

Concentrated on producing our own trends for the holy spirit,

Visions are becoming clearer, and you need to hear it.

I could never turn my back on you, I’m too loyal,

Striving to create a family with you that’s royal.

Even when the water became deeper you wouldn’t let me drown,

Every single time I fell off, you straightened my crown.

You’re one of my biggest dreams, and I will make you come true,

You light up my world, like the sky is blue.

Throughout all of the ups and the downs I believed in us,

Out of all the people in the world, I’m the one you will trust.

You exceed special, out of this world like extraterrestrial,

Times are coming to celebrate, organizing our own festival.

Whenever I thought you pushed me away, we only became closer,

You’re stuck by my side, like I carry a holster.

My African Queen: you’re the one who is meant for me,

A priceless gift from above with no finders fee.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you to make you better,

We won’t stop carrying on like the weather.


One Of A Kind

My uniqueness is the deepest secret like an esoteric conversation,

The universe works for you, if you decide to build on elevation.

I see the hatred so vividly, mad because I write exquisitely,

Your favorite author’s favorite author–the literary epitome.

Possessing what you can’t understand or fathom,

Acting out isn’t for me, identity built off the highest orgasm.

Maneuvering through the cracks in the concrete, learned to be discrete,

Resilience under the darkness of the devil, you won’t compete.

Deeper than the bottom of the ocean, drowning you out with words,

Destined to earn more paper than current billionaires; call me absurd.

I treat every word like the correct lottery number, hotter than summer,

Unplugging the cord like taking out the plug with a plunger.

Creating connections deemed impossible, traversing foreign seas,

I’m so sick with this writing, I contracted a deadly disease.

Unexpected, God doesn’t need to be resurrected, heaven was just reflected,

Living on planet earth, but my heart beats angels praises is whats detected.

Trying to escape my reach, is like avoiding the breeze from water on a beach,

The greatest writers are born to teach, like a preachers preacher we preach.

Logically broke it down properly, correct intuition with no monotony,

Enlightened a literary prophecy, reaching heights higher than aristocracy.

Passion is the only paycheck I accept, the only author who the world won’t neglect,

No matter the circumstances, I come at you in a straight line–infinitely direct.

Spiraling through the bottom of the abyss, rising to the top is purified bliss,

Exposing tendencies that are sweet like a kiss, planning to ball like swish.

Every day conquering a new caliber, defeating new challengers,

I’m the rarest breed in the country, like the removal of Excalibur.

Hardcore making the tough attacks look soft like a blanket,

Trending on all of the platforms, like when Souljah Boy told you to crank it.

Escaping sorrow, envisioning brighter tomorrows, creating stronger morals,

My team doesn’t borrow; we work hard and overpower each quarrel.

Wake up and see the revolutionary spirit, the opposite of generic,

The truth is why I’m overlooked and the public doesn’t want to hear it.

The Expansion

Aim to be esoteric, instead of cherishing the generic,

Thoughts are powerful, the heavens can hear it.

All of my words get reiterated like a parrot,

Fuel your body with colorful foods, like sweet potatoes and carrots.

Do your research in order to seek the truth,

Facts don’t appear out of thin air, you need to find the proof.

The False Reality Of Martin has been written for years,

The relaunch is a million dollar goldmine with no fears.

Uplift a person’s spirit before you choose to harm their emotions,

Mixing ingredients together like a potion, mind remains open.

Poetic verses full of emeralds, the truest general,

Prose dense like nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

This world of information everything comes into the light,

Darkness descends in succession, relieving the value of your sight.

Passion is the only element which truly pays dividends,

You won’t find anything more superior or equivalent.

The vehicle of success is built off strong wheels and pistons,

Accelerating into a new dimension, soak in the knowledge and listen.

The anticipation of antipathy is being acclaimed critically,

Basking in the spotlight, soaking the sun up in Italy.

Secret plans are what command the land, the concept expands,

Manifest wisdom to gain the upper hand, acquiring what I command.

Silence of the mind is a divine grind like the antioxidants in red wine,

Accurate, sublime, beyond fine, the only constant is changes through time.

The future holds no apprehension, just the grace of God’s extension,

Reviving new levels of comprehension like the formation of interventions.

Life has so much to offer and be happy about, choose your route,

Even during a flood, the optimistic continue to stay afloat.

The beauty of art is a from of expression that can be coined expressionless,

Turn away from pursuing your dreams and that’s when depression hits.

Everyone is blessed, but you need to work for your blessings,

Sins can be converted into important lessons, you’re reading my confessions.


Heathens are telling, snitching, giving out information,

Suckers live by squealing under the threat of intimidation.

The softest people talk the toughest,

Gentle souls are predominantly the roughest.

Leaving enemies depleted, flustered,

The devil is softer than custard.

Faith is about believing in every impossible action,

Live life on your own terms, constantly pursue your passion.

Going against the grain is harder than going with it,

Maniacal persona, attacking the fraudulent, always vicious.

Letting go is about moving forward, continuously pushing,

I’m not concerned about infiltration or people looking.

We all live on the same planet, but won’t stop fighting,

Peace is about finding God, investing in what’s exciting.

There are more problems than solutions,

Whether it’s now or the hereafter, everyone will experience retribution.

Inspiration comes from within and the outside,

But motivation is the only way to survive.

I took days off, but still manifested ideas,

Preferably, I don’t like days off; complex like onomatopoeia.

Putting my entire heart on the page, letting it bleed,

Praying I write material that helps others breathe.

The only time is now, focused to succeed,

Preparing for the future, the past recedes.

Steering deep into the abyss, shooting up from God’s bliss.

Effort and hard work pays forever, so I won’t miss.

What a blessing it is to be alive, let’s thrive,

If I set up a trap, you’re kissing the world goodbye.

Giving up isn’t a choice or an option for me,

Victory is the only obtainable goal I see.

Get your bread, invest heavy into land and property,

Build for the next generation to abolish this monotony.


The highest, there’s no author whose greater,

I have the most haters, making an impact like a crater.

Pumping out words like their drugs on the block,

Shining under presssure, I won’t be stopped.

The rain descends down, lightning flashing brighter than tin foil.

Most see precipitation as negative because their not royal.

Fake people summon Satan when they pray,

Blooming like the flowers during this month of May.

I won’t spend time looking for signs,

God tells me to cherish my time, stay on my grind.

Forced impressionable smiles like the creation of tedious files,

Impeccable style, flyer than the design of marble tiles.

I swear I’m going to shine sooner than I think,

Switched over to veganism; no meat thawing in the sink.

Supplication is the foundation of every generation,

Bosses only kick it with bosses due to veneration.

Changing lanes, swerving into traffic, just avoided an accident;

Coming up through the adversity, burning up the flatulence.

Every time I write fire on the blank page,

Colder than ice, freezing up your rage.

Barricades were placed in the front of the doors,

Climbed up the castle wall, in order to really soar.

Power makes the humble man understand he doesn’t know much,

Burying the competition underground; call it a royal flush.

Writing is like the traphouse the way I stay up all night,

The emergence of light, plotting on me means losing the fight.

Nothing to lose, only the world to gain,

Born to revitalize the world like the essence of rain.

Hunger fueled by the passion for the craft,

Never worried about what happened in my past.

Planning for the future, making sure it’s in my favor,

The nutrients I savor, focused on succeeding like a laser.

Living To Give

If you don’t make me happy or better then I won’t come around,

Living in the library, but you would swear I’m in the sewers underground.

I don’t look for anybody to do me favors,

Drink water purified with no added flavor.

Had a lot of people bluffing saying they had my back,

We ain’t cool, you are just a sucker and hack.

Ageless due to a vegan diet, gifted genetics, and awareness of rats,

Mysterious like a cat, wisdom concealed under my hats.

Penetrating the impossible, there’s no way I’m coming back,

My best self is presented on the page, writing lifehacks.

Trifling women won’t get my attention or energy,

Working hard, hustling with the smoothest efficiency.

Ride or die is the motto, I don’t care about follows,

I love a freak who swallows, her head isn’t hollow.

Death is inevitable so make this life enjoyable,

The hereafter is either always magnificent or infinitely deplorable.

Bright lights, small city, but it’s major.

The kingdom is growing fast like a sixth grader.

I refuse to work a job I hate to put food on the plate,

Transformed my passion into lucrative career, I need all this cake.

Up all night thinking about how to make the next dollar,

Sometimes I’m writing a classic like a well-known scholar.

Taking no for an answer means you have given up,

Life is what you make it, don’t rely on the randomness of luck.

I don’t believe in luck but most people do,

Sick with writing poetry and prose like I have the flu.

Getting it in until the sunrises, what a celebration,

Listen deeply to what I’m saying if you need motivation.

Don’t bother to start a plan you won’t finish,

It’s like having money to buy a vehicle, but driving around a rented.

I don’t care if you’re religious or what you eat,

That doesn’t determine your goodness, beauty isn’t skin deep.

Boss Up

Men are worried about what other men do,

Queens watch your back more than your crew.

I never trust anyone completely,

God is the only entity who can defeat me.

Never do things for money, only to personify a feeling,

Wheeling and dealing before my natural life hits the ceiling.

The grind is for survival, the hustle is for generational wealth,

Something I can give to my kids to empower their health.

Sleeplessness becomes a way of life in the beginning stages,

After the lift off, you can wake up when you please, the energy is contagious.

Peace and love isn’t earned without the presence of chaos,

Most people become engulfed in evil and get lost.

I don’t believe anything people tell me about others,

Because they’re really exposing themselves undercover.

If I can’t build with you then don’t try to come around,

I swear to God if you disrespect me I’ll put you underground.

Living with losses isn’t for bosses,

We embrace the victory no matter what the cost is.

Sometimes I don’t think straight unless I get high;

Medicated off Mary Jane until I die.

I won’t reveal what people choose to tell me,

I don’t sell stories, I’m focused on selling me.

I love the children, prepared to build a better tomorrow,

Too many individuals have no originality, they imitate a style that’s borrowed.

Words have no meaning, unless their action is brought into existence;

That’s why you feel my passion and understand the difference.

I’m getting my weight up, laughing at the hate,

A lot of actors in my face with no pay rate.

If you do something for attention your insecure,

Stop sleepwalking through life, by administrating a blurr.

Whenever I act on a circumstance I’m sure,

I’m one of the baddest men on the planet, the public concurs.

Perpetual Hunger

I used to have people around that were trying to hold me back,

I write gold, God has my back, I distribute words like crack.

Losing friends and family members told me I was doing what’s right,

I give the blind sight, unreachable being whose catching a flight.

Passion takes courage, charisma, patience, and consistency,

I took a different path from a wondrous epiphany.

Molding my writing into the most inspiring words,

Every day I grind harder, the world thinks it’s absurd.

I’m told to slowdown, take a rest and get comfortable,

Hunger has an appetite that’s insatiable.

Moving fast, born to last like the transactions of cash;

Exposing the fraudulent and breaking you out like a rash.

One look in your eye’s tells me that your trash,

Only the true hustlers will understand my path.

Losing sleep just to eat and push out stories,

I owe everything to God and his powerful glory.

Faith is what makes dreams come true,

I’m higher than the sky that’s blue.

Looking down on the competition, arrogance and haters,

You might be great, but I’m greater.

Rectify the worst situations, create innumerable innovations,

Start something and go hard like the downfall of precipitation.

Learn how to barter, understand the charter,

Live like a saint with the heart of a martyr.

The largest simplicity is the eloquence of speech,

The complexity is the purpose you teach.

I’m much different than the average, the other side of me is a savage,

You need to comprehend and sacrifice a lot to live lavish.

Peace is what I worship and live under,

My footsteps are crashing down on the earth like thunder.

Security guards aren’t needed, the creation of my future is superseded,

I work until my energy levels are depleted, making other authors look egregious.

Let’s Unify

I love myself so much, I have sympathy and compassion for others;

Stand tall, stay positive; sending love to all the single mothers.

The capitalist system advertises tricks,

Stop falling for their lies, you’re making them rich.

I love my people, and I want them out of poverty,

We must pool our wealth and invest in land and property.

God isn’t making more soil on the earth,

I have business connections in Perth.

Punctuality is a huge part of building a bright reality,

The media only glorifies heartless fatalities.

Introspection is about finding what’s under the under-covers,

Unity is about loving, trusting, and looking after one another.

Brothers and sister’s this is our time to make changes,

A revolutionary movement that transcends humanity on different stages.

Open books, study history and divine scriptures;

Richness is acquiring knowledge, emit light like a fixture.

Heedful decisions, prevent the chaos of harmful collisions,

I’m never going to be locked in prison because of my visions.

I’m here to help those in need of assistance,

I believe that tough times help you go the distance.

The glorious rays of sunshine, even need rain,

Creation is a derivation of agony and pain.

Speak about struggle and everyone can relate,

I only speak about my life stories, so I receive a lot of hate.

If it’s all love, don’t bring a weapon;

Snakes act like friends, to give a lethal injection.

I dedicated my life to the blank page,

Capture your passion and cultivate your rage.

Fear, nervousness, and anxiety comes from being mad at yourself,

Negativity and pessimistic ways are cancerous to your health.

Let’s stick together, rise up from under the weather;

Encourage each other to become better; jealousy is more common than leather.