We all make mistakes, lose sometimes, trying to pass through heavens gates,

Shaking every wise nation, my words are like an earthquake.

Creating excellent content, focused on engaging new readers,

Sick with my hustle, turning enemies into believers.

Organic growth derives from an everlasting hope,

Christ always forgives me, wrapped around His rope.

Hiding in plain sight, never exposing my true power,

Even when I’m not working, I’m becoming better every hour.

Household brands are the only investments made,

Situations change constantly, but love never fades.

Nubian Queen locked in my mind heavily,

Our wedding we organize will be heavenly.

Violence makes you look idiotic and insecure,

Peace is all about attaining happiness; God is who I refer.

Earth is cold, full of wickedness and sinful deception,

Penetrate the barrier by seeking God’s absolute direction.

There’s a plethora of goodness if you’re looking in the right places,

Imagining a legendary life for my family is how I win all of the races.

Parliament passes bills used to protect the oppressors, not the colonizers,

If you remain positive under duress, you’re a true survivor.

Going out of my element everyday, I’m never comfortable or satisfied

Pushing the truth, soaring into the unknown, creating lavish ties.

Move swiftly, so the microscope won’t get me,

More magic within these words than Walt Disney.

Once a thought enters my mind I lock it down rapidly,

Exerting positive energy, my character is represented fantastically.

Making noise louder than thunder, you won’t see me going under,

Refuse to be broke another summer; novels making people wonder.

More drive than any vehicle, determination unbreakable like steel,

Eating author’s alive for a meal, the experience is real.

Stepping on necks, raising the bar for competition,

My heart beats in a rhythm of nutrition and benediction.

The more disciplined you become the greater your life gets,

The more you pursue your dreams, the easier it becomes to wish.

Energy becomes depleted, but the battery recharges quickly,

Every business negotiation is a transaction that’s risky.

God never left, the devil chose to increase his mockery,

The truth is what I seek, eradicating all of the greed and hypocrisy.

Get the right woman behind you and blessings are bestowed, wondrously;

Never been better than the next person, only evil is under me.

The world is mine, everything is within my reach,

The only method to win repeatedly is never cheat.

Appetite is ravenous, the hunger for success is insatiable,

Mastering my craft; my passion for writing is sensational.

Her generosity is a precious gift from above; heavenly love,

She has been through it all with me; we rose together from the mud.


Ups And Downs

Frustrated from the politics the industry represents,

Always have just intent; a sinful man willing to repent.

Staggering statistics don’t make a difference,

More numbers to relegate the vain of our existence.

Receiving revelations higher than the power you see,

Haters squeeze my hand tightly, they wish they could be me.

Scheming and plotting fools think about robbing me,

I jack the pot they smoke like the lottery.

My vision hasn’t been clearer; there’s no breed rarer,

Learning from your mistakes means knowing your errors.

It’s always love until you decide to violate,

We annihilate, you go missing; no need to boost the crime rate.

I eat it up like I haven’t eaten dinner for months;

She moans loudly, it echos; she loves how I stunt.

None of us are switching up, games I won’t trust,

We’re the winning team, the entire world knows about us.

Squaretown stand up, focused on getting everyone’s bands up,

Bodies at the bottom of the Bedford Basin; do you understand us?

Peace and blessings for my people,

Rooting for those who hate only surrounded by the confident and regal.

Hard days only make me want to hustle harder,

The way I get to the money, you would assume I barter.

I put my body into overdrive, feeling beyond alive,

Born to thrive; my team is needed on this earth like bee hives.

The chosen one, hot like the sun, experiencing unforgettable love,

Spent the majority of my life dead broke, stuck in the mud.

My phone rings for business, family, and queens,

Getting to it by any means; writing captivating scenes.

Make yourself hot, and boss up for the dividends,

Stay true to your divinity, there will be no equivalent.

Going straight to millions from thousands,

Knives in my back, reflecting on the actions of fake friends.

The Real Deal

Promoting peace, the movement is unstoppable and vital,

We exterminate those who sing like a recital.

Snitching isn’t forgiven, the street code parameters,

Fresh gear and fitted, my circle is a diameter.

I’d die for all of my loyal dons, the city is in my palm,

Locked it down, I’m the boss whose stronger than king kong.

My battalion stays strapped, but the shots keep firing,

The streets keep calling my name, but hotels are hiring.

Everywhere I look the cops are trying to knock at my door,

Chasing capital, gaining momentum, hear the lions roar.

We fly the young hitters in to put in twork,

Leaving a puddle of blood floating under your shirt.

Violate this thing of ours and you’ll be sleeping with the fishes,

Unable to be found at the bottom of the Bedford Basin with your Mrs.

My right hand man is facing eight-twelve, the judicial system is foul,

Bail is $500, 000, captured the best lawyer and beat the trial.

I’m realest man in my city like A-Mafia,

We’re deep in the game, til death do us part like the opera.

The segregation ends now, this death needs to stop rippling out,

Everyday we’re cashing in, focusing on gaining more clout.

Two of my men are facing life sentences in prison,

Imagining about getting ahead, but struggling to complete the vision.

Pulling up in Rovers, Beamers, Benzes and new Audi’s,

The entire block is jealous, but won’t spoil the party.

Feeling sick to my stomach, watching good brothers fall from the summit,

They plummet and our enemies love it, these moves won’t cut it.

I’m surrounded by serious earners who won’t hesitate to bust their burners,

Young kids willing to bust for a rep, they’re fast learners.

I can’t even kick it with my dogs, the feds are aiming for a conspiracy charge,

Lost ten soldiers to homicides, and two who I wish were at large.

They say I’m a threat and want me wet and slumped in the ditch,

You won’t stop the real ones from getting filthy rich.

This is the new regime, an era for improvement,

Ski mask gang, covered in Scotian Breeze Apparel; it’s the movement.

Stressed out, losing sleep, thinking on how I can solve my problems,

All of these trifling women are cursing us by adding liquid to their cauldron.

Responsible for a team full of ruthless hustlers, pimps and killers,

Everyone knows the power of our organization; popular like Michael Jackson’s ┬áhit thriller.

The devil is lining up my troops, leading them into death traps,

If you’re moving funny, then you’re clown–that’s a fact.

The battle was won, but the war has just started,

Building up Nova Scotia’s hottest new artist.

Writing and publishing are the only reasons why I’m still breathing,

Walked through the hood alone during killer season.

One man army, I can turn any enemy into a believer,

I know how I.Blast felt while writing airplanes, he wasn’t so eager.

The beef will stop; we’re busy planting seeds and reaping crops,

The strip won’t ever slow down; it’s always hot.

Squaretown is the hood where me and my team are stationed,

Sincerity has been celebrated, you won’t receive any invitation.



If it isn’t lucrative, I’m not getting involved,

Stepping up for my brothers to get conflicts absolved.

Street heat, we can put you six feet, but we come in peace,

Beasts inside our anatomy, but we are angels of God that’s ethereal speak.

Linguistically, rearranging entropy, challenging is elementary,

Your calls are rudimentary, we won’t fall another century.

Taking you back to West Africa, the mother land,

We traded jewels of gold and minerals with Japan.

Got involved in scams, hustled out of a jam,

Honor is all we know, gaining the upper hand.

Fearful of the takeover, I see it,

But truthfully you better get used to me; nobody is shooting me.

Bringing back where it belongs, for all our brothers who are gone,

Staying positive, loving life, back and forth like it’s pingpong.

Traveling the world, hitting up Hong Kong,

Philosophical alchemy, the account is smooth like a jazz song.

Financial wizardry, creating masterpieces off epiphanies,

These demons aren’t getting me, my vision is above antipathy.

Preposterous with the words, spreading my wings like a bird,

I know you think it’s absurd, but I’m uniting nations that’s my word.

Papoose of the writing world, I shoot ’em up,

Throwback behind the mirror of time, adapt, change, and refine.

Concentrate, focus, build, tenacity uprooting, tearing up the field,

Only seeking an astronomical dividend yield, my mind is healed.

Invincible, I bet you thought it was impossible to be unstoppable,

Penetrating the marketplace, got it cornered, life is comical.

Laughing at the weaklings, what I say is probable,

Rising above expectations, every move is plausible.

People hate hearing the truth, they would rather live a lie,

Lost within themselves, due to foolish pride.

I speak about the negative side, to expose their treachery,

I have love for everyone, but I only let royalty stand next to me.

Persistence Pays

Children aren’t eating, they don’t have water in their system,

The oppressors laugh maniacally but claim their Christian.

Advertisements tell women they must be abnormally slim,

Collagen injections and implants aren’t the way to win.

Will the spreading of this sickness ever cease?

The goal is for the world to live in peace.

But these malicious concepts promote hatred,

The drama continues, people become stagnate and complacent.

Everyone says they want to ball but won’t lose sleep,

If you want to win, you have to play for keeps.

Observing the scene, creating complex themes,

Scheming the largest scheme, looking after my team.

Allah knows what is behind and ahead of me,

Relief through these words, reviving those who are dead to me.

Pray, prepare, plan, execute daily like the hands of an hour,

Competition gets demolished by my power, fresh like blooming flowers.

The godfather of this writing professions, teaching lessons,

Everyday I ask myself the important questions.

Satisfaction is a fatal attraction like pure thoughts with no actions,

Saving money like a fraction, accumulating bread off captions.

Punishing these superficial writers, they don’t deserve a check,

Other than myself, everyone under my umbrella is up next.

The rain pours down from the heaven skies,

Open up your eyes, think critically, stop believing insecure lies.

Official since the day I was born, changing forms,

Leaving haters torn, claiming their hot but not even warm.

Impossible to move me out of my zone, on the move like a mobile phone,

Tracking me takes more than a satellite, building an empire like ancient Rome.

Every concept I create is an addiction,

Producing messages that soar beyond the realm of fiction.

One of the coolest men in the world; debonair and fly,

Boldness in my face, humble and confident like the tufts of clouds in the sky.


Heathens are telling, snitching, giving out information,

Suckers live by squealing under the threat of intimidation.

The softest people talk the toughest,

Gentle souls are predominantly the roughest.

Leaving enemies depleted, flustered,

The devil is softer than custard.

Faith is about believing in every impossible action,

Live life on your own terms, constantly pursue your passion.

Going against the grain is harder than going with it,

Maniacal persona, attacking the fraudulent, always vicious.

Letting go is about moving forward, continuously pushing,

I’m not concerned about infiltration or people looking.

We all live on the same planet, but won’t stop fighting,

Peace is about finding God, investing in what’s exciting.

There are more problems than solutions,

Whether it’s now or the hereafter, everyone will experience retribution.

Inspiration comes from within and the outside,

But motivation is the only way to survive.

I took days off, but still manifested ideas,

Preferably, I don’t like days off; complex like onomatopoeia.

Putting my entire heart on the page, letting it bleed,

Praying I write material that helps others breathe.

The only time is now, focused to succeed,

Preparing for the future, the past recedes.

Steering deep into the abyss, shooting up from God’s bliss.

Effort and hard work pays forever, so I won’t miss.

What a blessing it is to be alive, let’s thrive,

If I set up a trap, you’re kissing the world goodbye.

Giving up isn’t a choice or an option for me,

Victory is the only obtainable goal I see.

Get your bread, invest heavy into land and property,

Build for the next generation to abolish this monotony.

Real Power

Money changes circumstances, but the world doesn’t change off cash advances,

The intelligence of your mind is the deepening of better stances.

When times bring pain I pour down passion like rain,

Grind to jump on the fastest train, the real possess shame.

I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of, creating my post;

Instances I only speak to God about, chilling by the coast.

The ocean waves crash against the crescent of the moon,

One is trapped on land, the other flies high to consume.

Losing sleep, sometimes night’s won’t end,

I saw the top within reach without following trends.

Switched over the dietary priorities; part of the veganism minority,

Promoting peace, love, security, and whole foods for the majority.

Sometimes all I do is write rhymes all night for clarity,

Eat a large breakfast, and push onto prose that’s a rarity.

I can make the hardest head listen up,

Beating their behind, sending them to the wolves; ravenous lust.

Being dead broke isn’t enjoyable or appealing,

All the mind processes is killing and stealing.

Very few are loyal, everybody is squealing,

Heaven is my place to reside, but I don’t know the feeling.

Planning to blow millions before I reach the age of twenty-seven,

Prepared for everyday like an hour after eleven.

Saving and investing before I spend,

Good outside of all these publishing trends.

Writing helped build an empire, capturing the intangible assets,

Coming in directly from all different angles, always multifaceted.

Bowing down to man is for the faithless,

God has got my back when I’m wasted.

Fearlessness derives from constancy and tolerance,

Compassion enters into the equation for a pureed providence.

Speaking on secret recipes, cooking up storms to prevent disease,

Epidemics are endorsed by the meat industry, invoking intrigue.

Boss Up

Men are worried about what other men do,

Queens watch your back more than your crew.

I never trust anyone completely,

God is the only entity who can defeat me.

Never do things for money, only to personify a feeling,

Wheeling and dealing before my natural life hits the ceiling.

The grind is for survival, the hustle is for generational wealth,

Something I can give to my kids to empower their health.

Sleeplessness becomes a way of life in the beginning stages,

After the lift off, you can wake up when you please, the energy is contagious.

Peace and love isn’t earned without the presence of chaos,

Most people become engulfed in evil and get lost.

I don’t believe anything people tell me about others,

Because they’re really exposing themselves undercover.

If I can’t build with you then don’t try to come around,

I swear to God if you disrespect me I’ll put you underground.

Living with losses isn’t for bosses,

We embrace the victory no matter what the cost is.

Sometimes I don’t think straight unless I get high;

Medicated off Mary Jane until I die.

I won’t reveal what people choose to tell me,

I don’t sell stories, I’m focused on selling me.

I love the children, prepared to build a better tomorrow,

Too many individuals have no originality, they imitate a style that’s borrowed.

Words have no meaning, unless their action is brought into existence;

That’s why you feel my passion and understand the difference.

I’m getting my weight up, laughing at the hate,

A lot of actors in my face with no pay rate.

If you do something for attention your insecure,

Stop sleepwalking through life, by administrating a blurr.

Whenever I act on a circumstance I’m sure,

I’m one of the baddest men on the planet, the public concurs.

Finest Play

People say God bless you, but do they really mean it?

The devil tricks people into thinking it’s good to be an evil genius.

There are only a select few who are truly special,

The rest live to lust and impress you.

Hatred is taught in the education system,

Parasites see others doing well, and want to diss them.

Peace is a direct link to God and his insurmountable power,

My words bloom like flowers, and stay intact like an ivory tower.

Only chase after necessities, breaking records,

Creating chemical reactions in the laboratory like Dexter.

I’m awake when others are sleeping,

The remedy to poverty is never going out of style like a harmonious greeting.

I’m here to stay like the cycle of night and day;

Even when the world went against me I found a way.

I’m much smarter than what you believe,

The finest thoughts are induced from intrigue.

Searching for love isn’t the correct formula,

Love finds you due to an immediate euphoria.

Passion develops enthusiasm into a feeling better than an orgasm,

I have the writing world on lock like a muscle spasm.

Nothing ever happens before its time,

I’m far from my prime, I was born to shine.

People are programmed into believing lies;

Adamant on wearing clothes before they dry.

Save money before you decide to spend it,

Chase after goals, and value your independence.

Anybody can be polite, but manners are for the real,

I write words you can feel, while you eat your meal.

The sweeter the deal, the tighter the seal,

You won’t catch me slipping like a banana peel.

The vindictive visualize violent vicissitudes,

But I stay positive, there aren’t any interludes.

Love Has No Death

We had power and respect before hitting millions,

I had you on my mind before we started building.

I’m a don and a wild boss like a mobster,

My queen is an expert with the knife, you won’t rob her.

I grew up in the country and she conquered the city,

I started running the province because I kept it gritty.

We worship peace but have hearts colder than ice;

We’re like an army when we’re together; too nice.

Natural born hustlers, getting this cream,

The only time we’re going down is on each other or getting lean.

Infinite and eternal, just study my literary journal,

I write fire that keeps you warmer than a thermal.

I love pressure because my greatness has no measure;

Never mistake happiness for pleasure.

I love women who can dance like their exotic,

I promote confidence, not actions that are neurotic.

I don’t trust any planes in the sky,

I’m above aerodynamics because I’m so fly.

We both had to cut off cancerous relationships,

All we know is how to grind, you won’t break our concentration tip.

More options on the table, my idea of body shots doesn’t mean drinking out of her navel,

I’m a sophisticated, eloquent king, but I keep life basic like cable.

The world was dead set against me, but I proved them wrong,

International Women’s Day needs an anthem, not a song.

When all of my dollars disappeared I didn’t lose focus,

I made it back and multiplied figures; life is never hopeless.

Millions on my mind when I wake up in the morning,

If I come for your life, you won’t know it’s me–fair warning.

The only time I’m in the club is for a celebration,

I’m ready for war, but I’d rather enjoy life through scintillation.

Fifty million will be a slow year for me in a few years,

I don’t have any weaknesses, reservations, or fears.