Get Busy

Integrated grind in various industries, pushing consistently,

Allegory between every word, making my mark in history.

Building an empire, carrying throughout generations,

Philosophical truths spoken, the jugular vein is my penetration.

Traditions in this system are to incarcerate young black brothers,

Teaching them disrespecting women is cool, when they are raised by single mothers.

Intentional wickedness are the actions prescribed as medicine,

The deception is accepted, the rich are keen on leveraging.

Destroying beliefs are insidious crimes committed by colonizers,

Putting fast food to poison us in the neighborhood, but I’m much wiser.

Throwing our thoughts under the bus like they have no value,

These dictators only give what they will allow you.

This fight for humanity won’t stop until the oppressors cease,

Building a platform so everyone can feast.

Productivity is more important than having a busy life,

Structure and organization makes you taller; no height.

Working hard is a blessing within itself, money isn’t wealth,

Extremely private person, always moving stealth.

My imagination builds the foundation for my future,

Nubian Queen; my wife, accomplishing more dreams than Martin Luther.

Resurrection in the right direction; ancestor’s united,

Whether you’re a true believer or a hater I’m delighted.

Tenacious nature, determined fashion, accelerated destiny,

Professionalism isn’t an attribute that impresses me.

Scintillating stories sell brands better than a frivolous mission statement,

The underground king who hustles hard in the dungeon; no basement.

You need my books on your shelf, they’re reinforcements,

Independent bread is what I know, you won’t see me caught in endorsements.

Protecting love with my life is a sacrifice I made for God,

Turned hobbies into a career, the ignition was inspired from a job.

The deeper the waters the more hefty the reward,

The only life I see is luxury, living on my own accord.


The Future Is Bright

These bestsellers are selling books by the truckload,

I’m selling books by the boatload, I’m on the affluent road.

I have fans in Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Malaysia,

My prose is electrifying like a taser.

I hustle to the extreme with this pen,

My writing is bigger than me; it turns boys to men.

Where do I see myself in five years?

I’ll be capitalizing off books, clothes, lingerie, agriculture, food and real estate; hanging cool like pears.

I walk on the moon like a true don should,

These professions come naturally to me like wood.

I’m a unicorn; that’s how I expand my cognition;

Everything I write is like a perfectly crafted rendition.

My poetry and prose shines brighter than the sun,

My thoughts are heavy, they weigh a ton.

I’m an expert when it comes to digital revenue,

But I’m even more skillful with plastic and paper, I’m telling you.

Stability, consistency, loyalty, and respect is all I know,

I keep my circle small, so I can continue to grow.

I change every waking second of these fleeting moments,

My writing is the epitome of societies atonement.

The best days in my life are ahead of me,

I laugh at weak, jealous, envious people; they’re like a parody.

I’m not hard to find, even though I move with the wind,

Fake women try to claim they’re my friends.

I think with my soul, heart, and mental,

I won’t let my small head, get me shot dead in a rental.

Philosophical parables propelling past my potential,

My word is born and existential.

If you decide to give more than you receive,

You will obtain more than you dream and believe.

I read, write, market, brand, and promote my publishing company every single day,

I map out other business ventures, so nobody can get in my way.

The Pinnacle

I always knew I was going to make it,

I saw my goals completed like the finest woman butt naked.

I’m sitting on the beach, letting my feet sift through the sand,

I make money on vacation, I’m in high literary demand.

I had to go alone just to speed up the process,

But then I assembled my circle because I’m not thoughtless.

Start chasing what others can’t grasp,

Your relationships will start breaking apart like cast.

People get jealous so easily in today’s world;

They swear they want money, but only want the bad girls.

I laugh at these people who chase after the materialistic lust,

I’m eating my lunch; eating spinach pizza devouring the crust.

You could very well see me in hell, but I won’t stay there,

I’ll just make the fire your worst nightmare, I don’t play fair.

The toughest opponent is my presence, you won’t beat it;

Your movements languish, I leave your energy depleted.

If it’s all love then you wouldn’t waste time hating on me,

I’m trying my best to be all that I can be.

As an entrepreneur: there’s nothing I can’t do or accomplish,

I land my strikes accurately–my knockout punch is monstrous.

I’ve been keeping the rhymes smooth and simple lately,

So I can get more people to hate me.

Created a philosophical structure cleaner than a duster,

I seize the cake, cream, and the custard.

The False Reality Of Martin will erupt next month like volcano,

I told you I hustle hard like Maino.

Ladies Prism is perpetual romance for the masses;

Teaching you more lessons than glasses, sharpening visions like wearing glasses.

Being a boss takes tremendous sacrifice and responsibility,

It’s similar to operating a network full of utilities.

I take risks like I’m a foolish clown,

But it takes a wiseman to rise up when he’s down.