Enthusiastic, the growth is rapid, moves are drastic,

My style is fantastic, the code I cracked it.

Residuals are critical, produce the reciprocal,

Increasing my wealth, the imagination is biblical.

Logically only creating unprecedented commodities,

Done with poverty, poetic anthologies of anthropology.

Absorb my philosophy, the future isn’t shocking me,

Levitating above mediocrity, there’s nobody stopping me.

Exposing all of the propaganda, I’m the top commander,

The overlord of the publishing industry, I have the answer.

Stopped being overlooked, every date is booked,

Kill what you eat before its cooked.

Serving a purpose, these words have a sovereign hand,

Imperialism made foul commands, time to take back our land.

Prophetic revelations strengthen relations, destroying segregation,

Running the smoothest operation, the objective is to take over the nation.

Get tested, become respected and you’re well rested,

Truly motivated when I was rejected, my assets are protected.

Kindred spirits encapsulate a brighter tomorrow, trampling down sorrow,

Moving around honorably, raised with morals.

People only speaking about the past don’t belong in my future,

The worst case scenario, I’ll be the stabber or the shooter.

Enthusiasm is what I exude, locked in on what’s true,

Love is what helps you invest in the grimiest crew.

Everyone has a story to tell so make it captivating,

Enemies smile in my face, shake my hand, never stopping what I’m creating.

Going harder every second, becoming closer to God,

It doesn’t matter how real I am, I’ll still be called a fraud.

Embrace the breeze; the Scotian essence leaves everyone appeased,

Everything I create is luxurious quality; professionalism develops intrigue.

Love is faith, supplication and the ability that guides me,

Focused on constant elevation, the movement is lively.

Her spirit becomes mine, flows smoothly inside me,

Her heavenly laugh is what truly defines me.

The unexpected is what you should expect frequently,

Privacy means the world to me, moving around secretly.


Getting To It

Being sedentary made me legendary,

Expanding individuals mental capacities from passionate theories.

Ancient philosopher like Socrates and Plato,

Writing with deeply convicted burning desire; feugo.

Benediction embedded in fiction, creating friction,

Dedicated to a mission, divine literary predictions.

Unsure of what the future holds, courageous soul, beyond bold,

Faithfully attuned to my business etiquette, emotionless so cold.

Predicted business ventures, the earth spins,

Always knew I was preordained to win.

Chasing dreams, instead of being lost in the lust for females,

Grinding so hard the tracks derailed, getting green like kale.

True discipline starts with a diet based on whole foods,

Eating what nature has prescribed locks in a spiritual mood.

Love yourself more by saying no to the unproductive activities,

Enhancing enchanted proclivities; Godly like a nativity.

The weak motivate me to become more precise and stronger,

Pushing up and squatting down so I will live longer.

Proving all of the doubters wrong,

Even under immense pressure I remain calm.

Mastered the law of attraction, controlling emotions,

Acquiring free publicity and promotion, wisdom deeper than the bottom of the ocean.

The corner is getting warmer, beef ignites the temperature,

Summer is hot, but the streets are like a disproportionate integer.

Governing bodies only cares about the bottom line,

Manipulation through greed is seen as divine.

Dislodge all of your negative thoughts,

Continue committing crimes, you will get caught.

Feed your focus by eliminating useless ideas,

You need to do things yourself like IKEA.

The only fame I want is amongst the angels within the stars,

Serving shots to the publishing industry like bars; outside of this planet like mars.


I’m ready to eat you alive just to survive,

I’m going all in until I meet my demise.

The wolf leading the pack, speaking facts;

A warrior whose sharper than needle and tacks.

I lost count how many times I thought about a homicide,

You won’t take anything from me, I have too much honor and pride.

I feel like I’m one step away from death or the penitentiary;

Producing philosophy that’s building the next century.

I’m a psycho who will tear anyone apart,

I’m a cool man, with a cold heart.

Blessings are bestowed every single day of existence,

Greatness is only achieved by undeniable commitment.

Success won’t appear without the element of failure;

Suits wouldn’t be suitable without a tailor.

Reminiscent on times when I had street money in my hands,

The land was treacherous, the devil is a liar who demands.

God commands souls to walk a path of righteousness,

But the majority never repent; meandering minds claiming lifeless gifts.

I talk to myself when I’m alone for expert advice,

My writing is a delight to entice a priceless right.

Which is the liberation and freedom of independence,

You need to be animalistic to render transcendence.

Love the way you move, talk, walk, and believe,

You will be the center of everyone’s intrigue.

The intangible statistics truly make a difference,

But if you can’t express it in numbers, they wipe it out of existence.

Cheap isn’t better, it’s just a method to embrace the storm,

I make hearts warm, positive energy is what forms.

Fake love is despicable, imposters only produce the reciprocal,

I’m a rarity, not so typical, you can tell by how the blood flows through my ventricles.

A genuine person has it a lot harder than a faker,

But the bread rises rapidly like a baker.

Hustle Harder

I’m floating in the sky like an airplane,

The softness of the brisk wind has my spirit rearranged.

The luck of draw isn’t a philosophy I preach,

The amount of effort and dedication is what I teach.

Instigation, installation, invigorating illustrious imprints;

Paragraphs are flawless–with or without an indent.

Possessing a narrative that’s undeniably imperative,

I’m under the scope, working hard, something has to give.

I could write my books on toilet paper and make sales,

In order to be successful: you need to fail.

We need to rise up by the decisions we choose to make,

Stop blaming others for the scenario of your fate.

The gossip, backbiting, hatred, and envy,

Why are you focusing on what’s petty and trendy?

There’s no need for this confusion, they want us losing,

The labyrinth is set, so the spirit isn’t improving.

I broke the spell, burned out Satan in hell, got up when I fell;

These advertisements and videos are deception–can’t you tell?

Listen closely to what’s being said, and who said it,

Stop claiming you’re acquiring knowledge from Reddit.

My vision is above the ordinary individual,

I won’t concentrate on the negative that’s incredibly pitiful.

Contentment is found within yourself from specific attitudes,

Why are you addicted to dipping into the platitudes?

Many say God first, but that’s the devil talking treachery,

My words can get you higher than ecstasy.

Philanthropy is only sincere if the person believes in themselves,

Dispersing around expenses as a tax write off isn’t knowledge-of-self.

Don’t be fooled by the fake philanthropy, done in anonymity,

I have a lot of enemies plotting on the end of me.

Too bad all of their actions against me are completely futile,

I’m young, wild, with no weaknesses imbedded in my style.

Give up what doesn’t benefit you and watch your life change,

Seek the beauty of each droplet of rain.


Professional, exceptional, skipping past the line

I was so broke, I thought about reverting back to a life of crime

Once the door is closed, don’t reopen what’s deemed broken

It’s like having a monkey on your back, while quitting smoking

I receive calls and emails about scams and money

I thank them for the acknowledgement and laugh because I think its funny

Having an incredible future requires a rough past

I eat these authors up like I just finished a fast

Respite derives from the deepest insight

Philosophy practiced properly only brings delight

Why go against the grain you are given?

Disobey the ruler of all affairs, and you won’t continue living

I make sure everything I write is clear and concise

The world is shocked, reading a writer whose this nice

True leader, writing movies that will be sold out in theatres

Victory has a price like travelling every kilometre

I’m stellar whether I’m upstairs or chilling in the cellar

I’m far from an ordinary hood dweller; quotable like Helen Keller

Envisioning a brighter tomorrow today

I grind out words, stop and pray

The way I experience intense pain; people say I’m insane

I’ve been dead broke and never complained

The gratitude, acknowledgement, and love is what keeps me going

These verses are the reason why my blood’s flowing

I have an urge to commit a purge

Instead, I let my energy surge and converge

It takes a lot of tenacity and hustle to impress me

Intelligence is the truest indicator of being sexy

Queens get mistaken for hoes in this world of treachery

I’m forever thankful that God is blessing me

I was the only one who understood my happy destiny

I write words that make you higher than ecstasy



Grind And Shine

I started off rich like a literary giant

I listened to God–society needs to stop being compliant

I’m not a rapper or a blessed musician

I’m a true artist, bringing all his dreams into fruition

Struggled for years, just to have food on the table

Law enforcement watch like cable, cause I created my own label

Jazz tunes keep me smooth, attuned with my groove

I have a lot to prove; privacy I won’t intrude

Misunderstood like treachery and illusions

I write the best of both world’s like east and west fusion

Cooking up poems like a culinary expert

You won’t steal the recipe, by studying my excerpts

Solipcism is a philosophy used for division

Zinora provided me strength, and deepened my vision

I’m speaking about my future daughter, as a beloved father

I trade resources within my system like barter

The devil’s grip stinks like fish

Deceiving you from the truth is his only wish

Beauty is a blinding view, disconnecting the heart

Show the world who you love, before you depart

Desolate, reducing the deficit is a prerequisite

Climbed into riches like a well-known executive

Directing the writing world with the touch of my fingers

Typing words with harmony like a singer

Hustling hard, I won’t give up the pen

I breathe the spirit of God, and knock out his jinns

I don’t need a nine-to-five to survive a drought

I worked contracts to invest in my brand, without a doubt

Reading is a crucial tool for prolific writing

The judge bangs the gavel; he doesn’t care who he’s indicting

Staying fit is sweet like dates with a pit

Planted on the throne I sit, manifesting my mysterious wit

Scotian Breeze Is The Movement, Treasure Words, Collect Figures Is The Company

The only time you will ever read my prose on this blog; excluding any novels, short-stories, plays or scripts I plan on writing in the near future. Remember, this is a gift for mankind. I write to uplift the people’s spirits and show them a way out of the struggle. The streets made me the man I am today, but having a foundation to invest into and trust is an authentic jewel–otherwise known as the nuclear family. I don’t write for money, nor do I worry about materialistic things. Yet, what a hobby taken seriously can accomplish is diabolical and utterly astronomical. The stars aligned, the full moon sent me a message from the heavens resting graciously above us. Langston Hughes, Leo Tolstoy, William Shakespeare appeared in my dreams multiple times. They gave me light, shared their follies, and most importantly inspired me to keep it up. I was told the literary world hasn’t seen someone this versatile or gritty, who can decompress sentences into unadulterated humor, love, bliss, envy, jealousy, philosophy, and solace. Today marks the day of an epiphany: similar to what Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel had when creating the Flamingo. The only difference is I will live and carry on with honor, decorum, integrity, ethics and grace. Assembling my dynasty piece by piece. Promoters, Editors, my own distribution deal. And most importantly: get an office space. Invest in yourself before its too late.

Scotian Breeze is the movement, you know I move smooth and unseen like the wind. Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the company, committee, organization, enterprise and dynasty. Coming from all angles, directly for the jugular. I’m the plug, no connects needed. I love all my fans and truly appreciate your support. I hit overseas distance awhile ago. I’m worldwide, baby. Mr. International Hustler.

Head Shots

The media has been trying to give me head shots

trying to fill my mind with delusional pot

they would be happy seeing me rot

too bad I rise above because this is what I was taught

assassinating my character living in fear

been higher than the staircase on the next stair

philosophy, no lobotomy is how I build my lair

caring about everyone even when the rest don’t care

my heart pumps blood, definitely not batteries

stronger than a horse with a million calvaries

2014 has been my year just ask the zodiac

I don’t technically believe in it, along with those corny tracks

the industry doesn’t want my rise to be triumphant

I know it will be because I made a covenant

don’t let these fools try to enter your mind

once they do, they will start controlling the time

I never let them so all I do is shine

lesson and a blessing synthesized in my rhymes

Practicing Survival

To live and exist as a being in this world practicing survival is the key component to live successfully. If you don’t know how to survive then the future may be very bleak for you. And who wants to experience a bleak future? I’m sure there are some self-loathing sadistic people out there who may view a bleak future as a positive, but rest assured that doesn’t have to be you. Surviving is a common element every living specimen on this planet can relate to – it is what makes us one with nature.

I understand that survival can be tough, and some may say only the most fit truly survive. Don’t let that Darwinian jargon scare you because it is only halfway truthful. Open up your mind and allow yourself to understand the art of what survival really is – that is the true key to survival of the fittest. Your mind body and soul will be connected as one and run like a well-oiled machine. It may be a shocking turn of events to get there, but just keep in mind that the journey is all part of the battle.

You will see everything through one clear scope and it will represent the essence of your physicality, mental capacity, and spirituality. Nothing will be able to chain you down or stop you from achieving what you set out to do. In return there will be great things that happen to you with little to no effort. If you know yourself better than anyone else then you have already won. We all are our own worst enemies – ridding ourselves of negative habitual tendencies will be the difference between living and dying.

Live everyday accordingly and don’t take anything in your life that happens for granted because if you do, that may be the one thing that destroys you in the end. Be aware, informed, and know the terrain in which you live. Never live outside of your own confines and always listen to those who are willing to talk to you. It will be the ultimate learning experience, and bring you one step closer to comprehending the wondrous art of survival.

A wise man once told me when you harbor stress you aren’t far from death. Don’t let your ship sail out of the harbor with no purpose of accomplishing anything. It will only lead to you losing your sanity, and that is one of the hardest things to keep consistent in this world.

Feeling Depressed?

Everyone gets depressed at some point in their lives, and it can really seem like the end of the world at times. I’m here to try and help you through depression by giving you viable options on how to deal with it properly. I have been there myself many times in my life, and now I have learned to use it as a motivational too for writing. Everyone is different with their lexicon, linguistic idiosyncrasies, and diction – but that doesn’t mean you cannot use those attributes to your advantage when you are suffering from mild to severe depression.

It all boils down to whether you are an introvert or extrovert – that is something that needs to be determined by your individualism. I can’t be the one to define that for you and neither can your friends. Do not depend on someone else to define who you are because it will only get you burned. If you are an introvert like me try to look deep within yourself to find the root of the problem, and use all of that energy you can muster to produce a piece of writing. I know that it doesn’t sound easy, but if you push yourself wondrous writing will be produced.

The brain waves and neurological pathways completely change when you are depressed; that may very well be the catalyst to produce a piece of work which requires multiple reads to comprehend. Complexity is the key to enticing your readers, and depression brings out the soulful penmanship that I know everyone has deep within their being.

I would love to speak about extroverts and their means of producing a solid piece of writing, however, I feel it would be unfair to all the extroverts to analyze what I’m not. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert I feel surrounding yourself by the ones that love you will give you motivation. Nothing can crush the intrepid feeling that we can all love. It persists throughout time and will always be. Look to people who are sincere with you to gain critiques, constructive criticism, and most importantly an honest assessment of your work. There will be always haters out there who try to bash your work because of their own insecurities. Never let that stop you; just realize it could be the difference for you to produce something great as opposed to a daft piece of work.

No matter what mood you are in always try to write something, whether it be big or small. It is good to have a base to start from so you can continue to build. I hope everyone can learn from this and add it as a new weapon to their arsenal.