We all make mistakes, lose sometimes, trying to pass through heavens gates,

Shaking every wise nation, my words are like an earthquake.

Creating excellent content, focused on engaging new readers,

Sick with my hustle, turning enemies into believers.

Organic growth derives from an everlasting hope,

Christ always forgives me, wrapped around His rope.

Hiding in plain sight, never exposing my true power,

Even when I’m not working, I’m becoming better every hour.

Household brands are the only investments made,

Situations change constantly, but love never fades.

Nubian Queen locked in my mind heavily,

Our wedding we organize will be heavenly.

Violence makes you look idiotic and insecure,

Peace is all about attaining happiness; God is who I refer.

Earth is cold, full of wickedness and sinful deception,

Penetrate the barrier by seeking God’s absolute direction.

There’s a plethora of goodness if you’re looking in the right places,

Imagining a legendary life for my family is how I win all of the races.

Parliament passes bills used to protect the oppressors, not the colonizers,

If you remain positive under duress, you’re a true survivor.

Going out of my element everyday, I’m never comfortable or satisfied

Pushing the truth, soaring into the unknown, creating lavish ties.

Move swiftly, so the microscope won’t get me,

More magic within these words than Walt Disney.

Once a thought enters my mind I lock it down rapidly,

Exerting positive energy, my character is represented fantastically.

Making noise louder than thunder, you won’t see me going under,

Refuse to be broke another summer; novels making people wonder.

More drive than any vehicle, determination unbreakable like steel,

Eating author’s alive for a meal, the experience is real.

Stepping on necks, raising the bar for competition,

My heart beats in a rhythm of nutrition and benediction.

The more disciplined you become the greater your life gets,

The more you pursue your dreams, the easier it becomes to wish.

Energy becomes depleted, but the battery recharges quickly,

Every business negotiation is a transaction that’s risky.

God never left, the devil chose to increase his mockery,

The truth is what I seek, eradicating all of the greed and hypocrisy.

Get the right woman behind you and blessings are bestowed, wondrously;

Never been better than the next person, only evil is under me.

The world is mine, everything is within my reach,

The only method to win repeatedly is never cheat.

Appetite is ravenous, the hunger for success is insatiable,

Mastering my craft; my passion for writing is sensational.

Her generosity is a precious gift from above; heavenly love,

She has been through it all with me; we rose together from the mud.



If you won’t practice what you preach I can’t stand behind it,

All I ask for acknowledgement, when I pass through I change the climate.

Life is good no matter the circumstances you face,

The disgrace is when you misplace happiness and turn it into a basket case.

The bad times are what make the good times feel like admittance to heaven,

The value of an hour gets you ahead like the clock striking eleven.

Positive thoughts turn into actions, which create positive results,

The predicaments you face are entirely your fault.

The blame game is a deranged range of jealousy and disdain,

Washing away my sins from the silver droplets of rain.

Troubling times invoke guidance and creativity,

Throughout the flames, I rose above those who thought about killing me.

Get involved in what empowers, the inception of meteor showers,

Consistently planting seeds so I’m able to bloom flowers.

Building a brand takes years, dedication requires you to bleed,

Part of becoming a better individual is opening a book, you must read.

Changing your ways is the only option to see brighter days,

Preparing a few new ventures, executing stronger plays.

Planning for tomorrow as I write this, the nicest,

Too many people are meandering around lifeless.

Thoughts are prayers that can save your life with no price,

Felt sick and twisted only eating a bowl of rice, trying to earn stripes.

The pain wouldn’t stop flowing, even though I was growing,

Working hard to obtain the stream of wealth; everyday its flowing.

Transgress beyond all bounds and you’ll never be found,

Real gangsters move without making a sound, the only way to run the town.

Depression, anger, and stress can be channelled into motivation,

Making emotions work for you is the quickest path to your destination.

Cooking up recipes in the kitchen, the finest editions,

Plant foods are what helped me full-fill my divine mission.



Where I Belong

Dropped out of college, I was finished like Kanye,

Sipping whisky, alternating between drinks, pass the Bombay.

My parents worked too hard for me to fail at life,

Literary success is one dimension of my grind, bosed up, started soaring to new heights.

They told me I needed a degree to succeed in life,

But the truth is I’ve surpassed those who didn’t understand my plight.

Diplomas, degrees, and certificates are only credentials,

Life experience is essential, the irreplaceable element that’s quintessential.

Working for a manager who doesn’t value your wellbeing,

Open up your eyes, realize the deception you’re seeing.

I wasn’t born to be treated like another number on the stat sheet,

Everything that’s labelled as impossible I reach.

I’m a hopeful dreamer, compassionate, deeply romantic,

Witty remarks leave you feeling jubilant, life just expanded.

Book tours across the province, exploring the nation,

Even hit spots overseas, time for a celebration.

Public speaking became another method to inspire,

Attended conferences and seminars, showed the audience the means to comfortably retire.

Words are powerful tools with knowledge behind them,

Wisdom is the only way to rise up, the necessity for surviving.

Get out of your own way, escape what doesn’t matter,

The more your mind focuses on the negativity, you only become madder.

Caring about what doesn’t need your energy is insufficient,

Seeing the brighter side of life is the divine difference.

Taking one positive element out of your day is all that counts,

The amount isn’t measured by the ounce.

Accurately on target like an arrow, invoking joy like a Christmas Carol,

I’m looking fly in off-brand or designer apparel.

Uplifting entrenched communities, earning to give back,

The assets and finances are temporary comforts, that’s a fact.

We own our thoughts, honor, dignity, and integrity,

Radiating with positive energy, repelling treachery, knocking out lethargy.


The moon, the stars, the sky was enveloping my physical,

Conditions were critical, fighting for freedom and residuals.

Walking alone on the path I envisioned,

Dealing with the consequences of every decision.

Getting persecuted for speaking the truth is a given,

Praying for those who spend the rest of their natural lives in prison.

The mission isn’t simple, ferociously pushing my mental,

Accidents aren’t coincidental, they provide what’s essential.

Mistakes are blessings in disguise, understand this before your demise,

The legendary ruler of numerous swift enterprises.

Getting money was a struggle, stuck beneath the underground,

When I move, you comprehend how the lightning and the thunder sounds.

Determined to rise above the obstacles and deception,

Speaking greatness into existence, giving lost souls direction.

Life is a sojourn full of sorrow, joy, and confections,

Changing perceptions through well crafted introspection.

God is the only means of protection–a divine, positive connection,

Switching up lanes like a vehicle touching a different section.

Put the haters behind me, assassinating my character trying to define me,

I’m a peaceful soul, but I won’t hesitate to get grimy.

Don’t mistake the silence for being passive,

Stop falling for these frauds, the last star they saw was an asterisk.

People fabricating stories trying to act loonie,

Truthfully, they aren’t worth a dollar, this is how buffoons be.

Nothing worth having holds value unless you bleed;

Why fear man when I could make them beg and plead?

The streets are so saturated, teenagers are pitching dimes with seeds,

They never thought about taking the lead, the art of deception is greed.

Shrewd observations of multiple nations like numerous vacations,

Soaking in cultures isn’t about a feeble demonstration.

The final destination is eternity in heaven or hell,

Scorching the devil’s position is ingrained in every one of my cells.



If it isn’t lucrative, I’m not getting involved,

Stepping up for my brothers to get conflicts absolved.

Street heat, we can put you six feet, but we come in peace,

Beasts inside our anatomy, but we are angels of God that’s ethereal speak.

Linguistically, rearranging entropy, challenging is elementary,

Your calls are rudimentary, we won’t fall another century.

Taking you back to West Africa, the mother land,

We traded jewels of gold and minerals with Japan.

Got involved in scams, hustled out of a jam,

Honor is all we know, gaining the upper hand.

Fearful of the takeover, I see it,

But truthfully you better get used to me; nobody is shooting me.

Bringing back where it belongs, for all our brothers who are gone,

Staying positive, loving life, back and forth like it’s pingpong.

Traveling the world, hitting up Hong Kong,

Philosophical alchemy, the account is smooth like a jazz song.

Financial wizardry, creating masterpieces off epiphanies,

These demons aren’t getting me, my vision is above antipathy.

Preposterous with the words, spreading my wings like a bird,

I know you think it’s absurd, but I’m uniting nations that’s my word.

Papoose of the writing world, I shoot ’em up,

Throwback behind the mirror of time, adapt, change, and refine.

Concentrate, focus, build, tenacity uprooting, tearing up the field,

Only seeking an astronomical dividend yield, my mind is healed.

Invincible, I bet you thought it was impossible to be unstoppable,

Penetrating the marketplace, got it cornered, life is comical.

Laughing at the weaklings, what I say is probable,

Rising above expectations, every move is plausible.

People hate hearing the truth, they would rather live a lie,

Lost within themselves, due to foolish pride.

I speak about the negative side, to expose their treachery,

I have love for everyone, but I only let royalty stand next to me.

Let’s Unify

I love myself so much, I have sympathy and compassion for others;

Stand tall, stay positive; sending love to all the single mothers.

The capitalist system advertises tricks,

Stop falling for their lies, you’re making them rich.

I love my people, and I want them out of poverty,

We must pool our wealth and invest in land and property.

God isn’t making more soil on the earth,

I have business connections in Perth.

Punctuality is a huge part of building a bright reality,

The media only glorifies heartless fatalities.

Introspection is about finding what’s under the under-covers,

Unity is about loving, trusting, and looking after one another.

Brothers and sister’s this is our time to make changes,

A revolutionary movement that transcends humanity on different stages.

Open books, study history and divine scriptures;

Richness is acquiring knowledge, emit light like a fixture.

Heedful decisions, prevent the chaos of harmful collisions,

I’m never going to be locked in prison because of my visions.

I’m here to help those in need of assistance,

I believe that tough times help you go the distance.

The glorious rays of sunshine, even need rain,

Creation is a derivation of agony and pain.

Speak about struggle and everyone can relate,

I only speak about my life stories, so I receive a lot of hate.

If it’s all love, don’t bring a weapon;

Snakes act like friends, to give a lethal injection.

I dedicated my life to the blank page,

Capture your passion and cultivate your rage.

Fear, nervousness, and anxiety comes from being mad at yourself,

Negativity and pessimistic ways are cancerous to your health.

Let’s stick together, rise up from under the weather;

Encourage each other to become better; jealousy is more common than leather.


I’m underground, beneath the concrete like the sewers;

These women are so fake, I see directly through her.

These rules apply to the men too, with their treachery;

Understand you won’t stop God from blessing me.

I’m ready to swing on anyone and knock them out flat;

My fists make an impact like running into steel bars, you rat.

Racks only make more racks, that’s a fact,

Investments are what will put you on top.

I’m dropping some brief financial knowledge;

Mental slavery needs to be abolished.

The creative process is daunting and demanding,

But it leads to a positive path of deeper understanding.

Tearing apart all of these fraudulent writers, only the real survive;

Selling books is all about running a smooth enterprise.

I work like I haven’t eaten a meal in five years,

I can expose the depths of your deepest fears.

I forgive myself everyday because we all make mistakes,

I push forward and ask for God’s grace.

When the rain pours down it makes me cosmic,

I touched the moon, and gave every word polish.

I’m a connected man, successful made mogul;

Even when I was down and out, I was incredibly hopeful.

I felt successful before the success arrived,

My soul derives from the illest tribe.

Haters try their best to infiltrate and connive,

But I’m a wise guy like Joe Pesci; future winner of the Nobel Prize.

I could jump into the pool and come out dry;

My style is tight like your necktie.

Applying pressure–my words have a refined texture,

I prefer to speak the truth, instead of living in conjecture.

Life has a funny way of working out when you’re disciplined,

I remisnice on the good, bad, ugly, and even my greatest sins.


I capture moments that are ahead of my time,

What I define is the essence of a relentless grind.

The odds are dead set against me, so I beat them,

Aboriginals are marginalized in my country, legislation mistreats them.

You read struggles, pain, trials and tribulations in my poetry,

I learn about the publishing industry, I don’t need people showing me.

I’m open to listen and take advice if you’re ahead in life,

Experienced a lot of strife to find my future wife.

I got accused of being lost and a liar,

In order to save my life I had to pass through the fire.

Lunch at the CN Tower is just a business meeting,

Another annual report like seasons greetings.

Women need to stop trying to play boys,

Breeding another senseless dog to employ.

Conforming is made for the cheaters and weaklings,

Creating an unforgettable wave like your first encounter with the precinct.

Reading less than I’m writing cause work matters,

A huge dreamer, I don’t fill my mind with clatter.

I have love for everyone, but I’m loyal to the true believers,

Whenever I’m around its like watching a movie in theaters.

Screenwriting award; winning motion pictures,

The checks are correct from studying scriptures.

I made sure to get a number of plays under my belt,

The audience was in tears, it was so heartfelt.

When you realize you can’t be stopped, you’re a threat,

I put blood, sweat, and years into every set.

I remember not even having a dollar to my name;

But I knew I would be filthy rich like LeBron James.

The law written in our nature is irresistible,

I multiply my racks, create anamolies not so typical.

I guarantee I write faster than any author alive,

I built Scotian Breeze from nothing, I was feeling deprived.

Treasure Words, Collect Figures is my life summarization,

Taking over the publishing industry doesn’t require justification.

The only being moving me is Allah and myself,

The only reason I capitalized was from knowledge-of-self.

I only choose to be surrounded by the presence of pretty women,

The mental creates the physical, I’m doing things heavy like Ronnie Coleman.

Sports, fitness, discipline and determination will save you;

The mind will be sharper, so the buffoons won’t play you.

I sell books on the streets to strangers,

I survey the geographical area, thoroughly like a park ranger.

Loonies, toonies, fives, tens, and twenties,

I take it any way I can get it to obtain plenty.

Unbelievably grateful for what I earned;

When I’m driving on the highway I take a sharper turn.

Analyzing the technicalities and legalities, understanding reality;

Most say I’m delusional, but they work for a salary.

Perfecting my craft, your girl is licking my shaft,

The head is so sensational, she can’t be daft.

Classy behavior to my adversaries and neighbours,

Harvesting on the farm, doing manual labor.

I won’t ask for favors cause I’m the savior,

I’m from an era where my generation doesn’t know of pagers.

Stay tuned for my ode to Langston Hughes;

I instill a positive mission, I guarantee you won’t feel used.

Celebrating in the club popping bottles;

Bagging models with my foot on the throttle.

I don’t get involved with females, unless we’re friends first;

Jump into a pool of lust and drown in hurt.

Sunday is the beginning of the week for me,

I’m refreshingly cool like iced tea.

The ambition of a go-getter battles the storm,

The grind has flawless form, my books sell faster than porn.

The Power Of Success

I won’t pay for lust, cause there’s no trust

I devour the entire pie and savour the crust

I chase dreams that are determined and certain

Most people hate, they say you aren’t working

I made my own lane that has a global impact

You get paid from speaking the truth; that’s a fact

Surveying the land of preposterous intentions

I have hands of extension, holding death to its retention

Contentment is the main component invoking resentment

I pushed harder, to give my life more independence

Most are too frightened to live in a treacherous environment

In order to be truly successful: it’s an absolute requirement

The materialistic things associated with success is a mirage

Who cares about three luxury vehicles parked in the garage?

The bottom has you feeling consumed in a tomb

Evolution is about spreading your wings out of the cocoon

The money has been printed before your birth

The question is: are you going to give back to planet earth?

Everyone claims they want to be rich, but are afraid

I think peacefully, but will still cut you up with a blade

A positive outlook on life is like giving the blind sight

Disengage in plight, so you can start earning tonight

It takes years to build an empire, strategically

I hold down the castle, you just live egregiously

I just want the paper, and nothing else

The extra perks of finances can be bad for your health

Defeat only made my drive rise like a bee hive

Writing made me feel more alive than five

The creative juices were flowing like a faucet

Things I dreamt of buying, were resting in my pocket

People thought they could stop me, but were proved wrong

Before they found out where I was, I was already gone

Revival Of The Soul

Athena’s Combustion is an eruption in every discussion

I create and deploy–ready to build off destruction

Writing stories that give readers goosebumps

I hear a lot of people talking loose like foolish chumps

I feel myself because I believe in myself

Gripping this freelance money, to heighten my wealth

I don’t battle, I just plan to win the war

All of my words soar, open doors, enter your pores

Strength derives from my core like a lion’s roar

I made pounds, euro’s, and dollars off my promotional book tour

I know how to throw a lethal punch, serve you lunch

Stack figures when the reaper calls, and puts me in a crunch

Who cares about the mansions, women, jewelry, and fancy cars

Obedient puppets to the devil, whose heart is blacker than tar

I’m not worried about the city police, they can’t see me

I write fiction so well, people don’t believe me

Hoping, wishing, and praying are essential, but won’t breed results

You need to work hard, and not rely on defaults

The only way to reach new altitudes is have a positive mood

My mind helps me eat food–a businessman superbly shrewd

If I’m on my phone it means I’m working towards a higher level

I’m hot like a kettle, tougher than metal, my foot is on the pedal

The only person I rely on is myself, but you won’t do it alone

Love is how I live in peace, and upgrade my homes

I outgrew 99% of the people I grew up with; thank God

Assembling a team of professionals, luring them in like a fishing rod

I don’t call people for favours; nor do I expect anything back from a good deed

I’m just a loyal man whose existence is the rarest breed

If anyone has a problem with me I’m ready to eliminate them

I ask for forgiveness, because in order to write this I had to sin

I won’t post pictures on this blog, I let my words paint them

Reviewers bash with no credit; who’s going to rate them?