Back On My Horse

The grind has been accelerated, the hustle is celebrated,

Always thinking about the future, most tasks are delegated.

Impeccable sales funnel, launching my books off like a rocket,

The sales will skyrocket out of this world, nobody can stop it.

Work hard or lie down to a world full of missed opportunities,

Focused on strengthening relationships in entrenched communities.

We need to stick together, the essence of credibility,

Consistency is the key to gain traction and financial stability.

Decisions can be controlled, pride is much weaker than humility,

Happiness is a profound ability to attract great minds in any facility.

When the lights dissipate, the spirit and mind must integrate,

Direct with every response, cowards love to insinuate.

Character speaks volumes, but most fall for a pretty face,

Appearances aren’t the truth, manipulation is a disgrace.

The cyclical notion of this vicious system is an ill tradition,

Go out and get what you deserve, stop asking for permission.

Domination over the nation is granted by Jesus Christ,

Only wishing the best for others; more success and life.

Power is defined by love given and received,

Purchasing power creates options, it teaches people to believe.

Land and property are investments for a brighter future,

If I please, I can lay a beat down like a producer.

Taking my respect, capitalizing off every prospect,

Stand tall under any circumstances, I’ve been a promise and a threat.

My Nubian Queen motivates and inspires me to work smarter,

She’s my muse when I’m down and out, I grow larger.

She’s the one for me and nothing will change that,

I will always believe in us; that’s a fact.

Promises won’t be broken, but the mold will,

Independence is the motive, time to kill.

The bottom is too crowded, the top has a nicer view,

Read in-between the lines, listen to what I’m telling you.


Boss Moves

Every goal I set is attainable and lofty,

Conquer the beef smoothly, and devour all the broccoli.

The recipe for success is written between the lines,

The effort you apply is deeper than how you grind.

Passionate, articulate, compassionate, and loyal,

Entrepreneurial, determined, patient, and royal.

Pride is a root of evil larger than money,

Days off are for the uninspired, the unwillingly funny.

People try to stomp down your dreams, due to insecurities,

Trusting funds that are purely a surety.

It took me awhile to knockdown the doors to launch,

Exotic words written like the creation of a new font.

My power isn’t just within these words,

Exposing the absurd, inspiring the world not to follow the herd.

Society is blinded by the realm of treachery and deception;

Using the truth as my torch like a weapon.

These men are acting like little boy’s telling lies,

Treating queens emotions like a cherry pie.

Once their appetite is satisfied, they move onto the next course,

Told you they loved you, when you were equestrian like a horse.

Honorable men tell female’s the truth,

They won’t lie about having other women, and care about the youth.

Touching the city like an icy gust of wind,

Everyday the sunrises, I have no choice but to ascend.

I’d rather work for twelve hours than be entertained,

Discipline is a part of my existence, the consistency is ingrained.

Everyone has a couple of bad habits,

But being a beast at times doesn’t make you a savage.

The key to life is having predominantly productive habits,

Focus, drive, and dedication that allows you to live lavish.

I stay up all night writing literary greatness,

Loving the fact on how many people hate it.

The influence I will have on the world is deeper than writing,

Showing the universe a galaxy with better lighting.

Astronomical imprints on every paragraph indent,

Leaving a scent more appeasing than incense.


The only hit I fear are the hands of God,

Lightning fast hands in a fight, knocking people off like the mob.

Hustlers won’t sleep on the genuine connections,

They capitalize situations from nothing, and never fear rejection.

I won’t allow anyone to step to me sideways,

Only value independence, doing things my way.

Stepping stones come in disguise, but won’t leave you deprived,

Focused on building a swift enterprise, only solutions subside.

Developing a squad with an unbreakable coalition,

Looking after others is like consuming fruits and vegetables for nutrition.

Be held accountable for the actions you disperse,

Breaking the cycle of every curse, the only place I finish is first.

Writing words down like a heavenly rendition,

Consolidation is the only route to my position.

Algorithms won’t determine the success I experience,

Speaking truth to the world, you care about appearance.

My generation doesn’t allow claims,

They shoot until your dead and blowout your brain.

These are the tactics utilized once your involved,

So don’t create problems and pray for resolve.

Pressure hasn’t made me nervous,

I get excited, articulate my purpose, and make you wordless.

Power is associated with intelligence, not money,

Admittedly, it helps, but I don’t care if you look at me funny.

Inviting all of the public scrutiny directly,

I’m planning to be worldwide like Pepsi.

But believe me, I’m not on the darkside,

I just understand the courage it takes to survive.

Drive and will only lead you uphill,

Ambition is only about going in for the kill.

Everyone has thought about giving up, after seeing no progress,

But seeds sprout from the ground up in a lucrative process.

Love Has No Death

We had power and respect before hitting millions,

I had you on my mind before we started building.

I’m a don and a wild boss like a mobster,

My queen is an expert with the knife, you won’t rob her.

I grew up in the country and she conquered the city,

I started running the province because I kept it gritty.

We worship peace but have hearts colder than ice;

We’re like an army when we’re together; too nice.

Natural born hustlers, getting this cream,

The only time we’re going down is on each other or getting lean.

Infinite and eternal, just study my literary journal,

I write fire that keeps you warmer than a thermal.

I love pressure because my greatness has no measure;

Never mistake happiness for pleasure.

I love women who can dance like their exotic,

I promote confidence, not actions that are neurotic.

I don’t trust any planes in the sky,

I’m above aerodynamics because I’m so fly.

We both had to cut off cancerous relationships,

All we know is how to grind, you won’t break our concentration tip.

More options on the table, my idea of body shots doesn’t mean drinking out of her navel,

I’m a sophisticated, eloquent king, but I keep life basic like cable.

The world was dead set against me, but I proved them wrong,

International Women’s Day needs an anthem, not a song.

When all of my dollars disappeared I didn’t lose focus,

I made it back and multiplied figures; life is never hopeless.

Millions on my mind when I wake up in the morning,

If I come for your life, you won’t know it’s me–fair warning.

The only time I’m in the club is for a celebration,

I’m ready for war, but I’d rather enjoy life through scintillation.

Fifty million will be a slow year for me in a few years,

I don’t have any weaknesses, reservations, or fears.

Writing Days

Sitting in front of the keyboard for hours

Days create a story that gives me more power

The sun shines, but the clouds steadily hover

The way I write underground, you could say I’m undercover

Controversial, when my buzz goes pop and commercial

Offending the public, it shouldn’t be the reversal

Critics say I’m worsening, but I’m gaining more cheddar

Classical approach like I’m writing a letter

I get up after the drop hits me, the remarkable texture

Degrees of knowledge, you only write conjecture

It’s a shame the way I air out these writers

They won’t beat me because I’m a fighter

My enemies plot but I’m too far ahead

Well read, the case was plead, you won’t see me dead

Broken dreams don’t exist in my world

I put stress on the arms like a hammer curl

Jazz music plays softly, during my writing process

The words flow out, magnificently like a faucet

Every time I write, my life becomes substantially better

Your girl might get wet, but I make her wetter

Memories make life project perfection

The reflection neglects harmful directions

My breed is rare like a unicorn

The way I ram you with my horn is routine, like a uniform

When the sun is at its peak, the angels speak

They say: keep going, and expose those who are weak

Ending careers is a pleasure, without measure

These writers disappear, forever like sunken treasure

Absolute certainty that you aren’t hurting me

If I write for you–I charge a workers fee

In my heart: I know I’m writing what’s right

Many don’t understand how my words take flight