If you won’t practice what you preach I can’t stand behind it,

All I ask for acknowledgement, when I pass through I change the climate.

Life is good no matter the circumstances you face,

The disgrace is when you misplace happiness and turn it into a basket case.

The bad times are what make the good times feel like admittance to heaven,

The value of an hour gets you ahead like the clock striking eleven.

Positive thoughts turn into actions, which create positive results,

The predicaments you face are entirely your fault.

The blame game is a deranged range of jealousy and disdain,

Washing away my sins from the silver droplets of rain.

Troubling times invoke guidance and creativity,

Throughout the flames, I rose above those who thought about killing me.

Get involved in what empowers, the inception of meteor showers,

Consistently planting seeds so I’m able to bloom flowers.

Building a brand takes years, dedication requires you to bleed,

Part of becoming a better individual is opening a book, you must read.

Changing your ways is the only option to see brighter days,

Preparing a few new ventures, executing stronger plays.

Planning for tomorrow as I write this, the nicest,

Too many people are meandering around lifeless.

Thoughts are prayers that can save your life with no price,

Felt sick and twisted only eating a bowl of rice, trying to earn stripes.

The pain wouldn’t stop flowing, even though I was growing,

Working hard to obtain the stream of wealth; everyday its flowing.

Transgress beyond all bounds and you’ll never be found,

Real gangsters move without making a sound, the only way to run the town.

Depression, anger, and stress can be channelled into motivation,

Making emotions work for you is the quickest path to your destination.

Cooking up recipes in the kitchen, the finest editions,

Plant foods are what helped me full-fill my divine mission.




Burn Out The Competition

I function with applicable gumption

I research the truth and don’t believe assumptions

I don’t care if you carry a gun, I won’t run

I failed miserably for twenty-five years–now I shine like the sun

Changing the world by taking courageous risks

I’m always ready to beat down someone with my fists

A few kicks to the temple, keeping it essential

I’m a skinny man, but far from a pencil

Parallel universe in each thought I have

Writing chose me, the mirror is all I had

The doubters were incredulous, when I hit my first million

I’m a book hustler, mobbing like I’m Sicilian

A serendipitous expedition is an art of nutrition

I summoned my ambition, to expand my intuition

Looking down on the city like I’m in a helicopter

I craft literary greatness, it’s like I’m promoting opera

Prayers provide strength during tough times

I walked on ice, the fire I write presented a fine line

The judicial system wants to give me the death penalty

I murder these writers, the time behind my words is infinity

I take these authors and poets fans like there’s no breeze

Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the company gathering cheese

Scotian Breeze is the movement scorching the industry

My publishing is a weapon like a platoons infantry

Photographers, journalists, models, actresses, painters

Artists are my closest friends: we’re the game changers

I manage money well; keeping it sustainable

I was told what I collected wouldn’t be obtainable

Philanthropy is the way to conduct business, thoroughly

Liquidating assets, creating a foundation to unfurl me