The power we posess is an eternal wave,

A tough road to pave, energy that will exist after the grave.

Stand up and stand out is the only motive,

This literary grind is certainly explosive.

The False Reality Of Martin will sell millions of copies on a digital scale,

The paperbacks will proliferate and be translated; no time to fail.

Securing the number one spot for months is guaranteed,

Ladies Prism will follow, sick with the pen, come catch my disease.

Underlying resistance only empowers the state of my existence;

Comparisons are for the insecure, just appreciate the difference.

Two novels competing with each other for the top spot,

The race will make history; addictive characters and plot.

Treasure Words Publishing will disrupt the industry by storm,

Covers captivating, books distributed in the finest form.

There’s no reason to follow trends, go and create them,

Be what nobody expects of you, never debate sins.

Shine brighter than the prior day and expect setbacks,

Elevate higher, clear visions navigate on the best maps.

Strike with the sword in battle, hit your target,

The goals you set an hour ago, aim to enlarge it.

Unprecedented ground is only touched by a dreamer,

Close your eyes, invest in yourself, be certain of your demeanor.

Accept mistakes, move forward, apply pressure and laugh,

Surefire tactics to consistently keep your foot on the gas.

Flawless drive, monstrous ambition and insurmountable determination,

Black, Indigenous and Hispanic communities don’t deserve gentrification.

Verbally murdering authors, this is the process of elimination,

My Nubian Queen and I are on the plane to international destinations.

Time travel is a daily occurrence; a Godly demonstration,

Praying and working hard towards capturing eternal salvation.

These words nourish the soul; divine penetration,

Only writing for the height of the world’s edification. 



Praying for all of the real ones locked behind bars,

Some are in for life, others are locked for decades, I’m blessed to be on Mars.

Connected on the streets and in the business world, you bet,

People see me as a threat but fail to plan my death.

Here for longer than you can even imagine,

Deeper than any caverns, beyond what you even fathom.

Have soldiers behind me who will stab you into pieces,

Cuts inserted the deepest; speaking on a street thesis.

Disrespect me and I attack until you catch amnesia,

Avoid me on these streets because you aren’t a believer.

Staring in the eyes of all these soft cupcakes,

A platoon who acts like brothers, behind each other in tough states.

The feds won’t approach us, they are afraid and petrified,

I’ll freeze you up in your tracks with just one stride.

You won’t play with our money because you’ll go more than bankrupt,

You my think your rough, but I see you’re masquerading as tough.

I know some savages who would murder just for fun,

They won’t think twice about it, lay low, and stay on the run.

Explaining the environments I’ve been through;

Speaking on the evil that some real men do.

Always see the brighter picture of these darkest sides,

When I rise I know miracles are about to happen; no lies.

Guns aren’t busting like they used to be, so the choice is the knife,

I’ll never lie about my past is what I tell my future wife.

She knows I’m going where others won’t and she’s coming with me,

Expensive taste that’s acquired silently and thrifty.

Using the same hustle for drugs with books, got you hooked,

The ground shook, millions of copies sold digitally; electrified books.

Speaking on future events that are so far behind me,

People who are loyal to the need of you are grimy.

Working harder than all author’s; writing even when I’m not,

I could school their anthologies with only one thought.

The Don’s Thoughts

Gentrification is designed to treat people in poverty like lab rats,

Identifying humans as numbers isn’t considered bad stats.

Social engineering pushes drugs into the hood, you can have that,

The port authority turns their head; money arrives on a fast track.

Women get raped and go missing; we can’t support that,

Feminism of the black man is an illuminati contract.

I’ve been around real killers, pimps, scammers, and dealers,

Women need to stop covering their blemishes with concealer.

I’m beyond fly, you haven’t met anyone realer,

Treat your girl bad, I’ll steal her, do more than feel her.

Debating facts to gain understanding doesn’t gain views,

Lies, controversy, and anguish is always misconstrued.

Possessing clout and mechanics stationed on another planet,

Colder than Pluto, hotter than Mercury, these words I brandish.

Mentally tough, elevating health; my physical is felt,

Holding up the province like the holes in a belt.

Society is unbelievably superficial, they only care about appearance,

Insecurities are created, self-loathing is the adherence.

Wise, but I’m foolish everyday, there’s always room for mistakes,

Praying for all of the genuine, locked up inmates.

The philosophy you eloquently prepare has been fake,

Gain knowledge-of-self before you reach your wake.

Filling out paperwork is how you make the paper work for you,

Read a book for a couple hours everyday, I implore you.

Planting seeds in the soil, growing a crop that’s royal,

Lowest profile in the city, hotter than a boil.

Mobbing directive, commanding a rare perspective,

The general’s general; all of my soldiers are protected.

I laugh in the face of death, never been afraid to breathe my last breath,

Outliving all of y’all is what I attest to confess.

Eradicating stress, never living to impress,

The only day I’ll settle is when God puts me to rest.

Praying On A Star

Praying to impact the world like constellations,

The inception illuminated the universe, extraterrestrial salutations.

The future is only as bleak as you see it,

Climate change has globalised the trade funds, this isn’t a thesis.

Didn’t even have a dime to my name,

The blood of a champion kept rushing through my veins.

Victory is within reach, imagining vacations on the beach,

Overcoming what’s ordinary, the volition to teach.

Rapists, child molesters, and serial killers belong in prison,

They threw away the goodness of life they were given.

Exexuting the vision is an exceptional decision,

Elitist organizations cause the injustice of division.

Humility is learned, patience is earned,

Working out hard, the mind muscle connection, feel the burn.

Character is about molding gratitude into reality,

The art of forgiveness is deeply entranced in actuality.

Engaged in the procurement, rising above disturbance,

The faculties of keen sight, telescopic observance.

Mountains bulldozed over, the resilience is brilliant,

Living the written facts, moving tranquil, capacity instantly militant.

Meeting demands is about overwhelming commands,

Business tactics, evading imprisonment, on route to expand.

If it isn’t global, I don’t touch the land, under the radar like contraband,

The will is divine, fascinating, supreme grind, gaining the upper hand.

When you are at the bottom they won’t open the door,

Entered through the side door, efficacious nature absorbed.

Putting priorities first is relentless devotion,

Smoothing out the rough edges like lotion.

Substance so magical, it moves with the ocean,

Rinse, lather, repeat, the literary potion.

Read more than you write, but write more than imaginable,

Ancient civilizations, magical realism, explaining the unfathomable.

Digging deep into the grain, more crops were obtained,

Pulled the root out of the ground, and wasn’t even drained.

God works for your efforts, bestows blessings upon your frame,

The architecture and design is insane; recreating the physical, winning the game.

Looking out for others, even those who were never my brothers,

They need love too, a key to life I discovered.

This is what I believe in, experts claim I had a brain lesion,

Changing the weather out here; this is Beezy Season.

Writing is purely passionate, I never crave attention,

The new root of all evil; they enjoyed obliterating the pension.

Vanity is insanity, the inside divide, building the bridge for humanity,

Escaping perilous calamities, fool’s aren’t understanding me.

The constant evolution, certain resolutions, discipline above all ends,

Delayed my benevolent duties and fell for all sins.

Came out of it quick, the motionless trick,

Loved the experience, I’m speaking about lessons that stick.

Eternally Hopeful

Praying, wishing, and hoping is a strong start,

But you finish weak if the execution is lacking from your heart.

Pushing beyond limits is celestial and vivid,

Gratitude is the holy key, but most of you don’t get it.

Intense defence isn’t an expense if you repent,

Competitive nature is priceless, the loyal intent.

Operating in the red is like you’re living dead,

Getting caught in a trap means you aren’t using your head.

Spreading love, emitting light like broad day,

Some people love burning bridges, so their life is a parade.

Intellectual discourse isn’t a means of remorse;

It’s designed to gain understanding, like a settlement of divorce.

None of us are perfect, we’re far from it,

Only the determined hustlers reach the summit.

No is never an answer its only a response,

Lies are told like words with different font.

Waves crashing down, without making a sound,

The shore is bare, the results of wearing the crown.

Sparking minds, they’re exploding like land mines,

Been out of the streets for years, but I’ll always be around crimes.

Embracing the struggles, buried under rocks and rubble,

Haters tarnish my name, the reputation of a puddle.

You won’t step in my lane, royal cells in my membrane,

I was stamped insane from all the jealousy and disdain.

Times became tougher, started moving mountains like Usher.

Harnessed unbelievable strength only God could muster.

Breaking my spirit is an impossible feat,

Poetic soul, refreshing like the beach.

Unimpeachable record, cleaner than your dirtiest freak,

When I’m alone, its like I’m one-hundred deep.

The military grind is my army on the streets,

Defeat only made me victorious and


The moon, the stars, the sky was enveloping my physical,

Conditions were critical, fighting for freedom and residuals.

Walking alone on the path I envisioned,

Dealing with the consequences of every decision.

Getting persecuted for speaking the truth is a given,

Praying for those who spend the rest of their natural lives in prison.

The mission isn’t simple, ferociously pushing my mental,

Accidents aren’t coincidental, they provide what’s essential.

Mistakes are blessings in disguise, understand this before your demise,

The legendary ruler of numerous swift enterprises.

Getting money was a struggle, stuck beneath the underground,

When I move, you comprehend how the lightning and the thunder sounds.

Determined to rise above the obstacles and deception,

Speaking greatness into existence, giving lost souls direction.

Life is a sojourn full of sorrow, joy, and confections,

Changing perceptions through well crafted introspection.

God is the only means of protection–a divine, positive connection,

Switching up lanes like a vehicle touching a different section.

Put the haters behind me, assassinating my character trying to define me,

I’m a peaceful soul, but I won’t hesitate to get grimy.

Don’t mistake the silence for being passive,

Stop falling for these frauds, the last star they saw was an asterisk.

People fabricating stories trying to act loonie,

Truthfully, they aren’t worth a dollar, this is how buffoons be.

Nothing worth having holds value unless you bleed;

Why fear man when I could make them beg and plead?

The streets are so saturated, teenagers are pitching dimes with seeds,

They never thought about taking the lead, the art of deception is greed.

Shrewd observations of multiple nations like numerous vacations,

Soaking in cultures isn’t about a feeble demonstration.

The final destination is eternity in heaven or hell,

Scorching the devil’s position is ingrained in every one of my cells.



Spending sleepless nights on the blank page,

Preparing to rise out of the dungeon, creating a bright stage.

Snitches tell it all to everyone, the cops are only as good as their informants,

Words glide with the breeze, but any dirt about me is dormant.

The streets doesn’t love anyone, just speaking on past experiences,

Judging individuals off their appearance is the devil’s interference.

Prison isn’t designed for anyone, praying for all the real one’s incarcerated,

The future means I’m leaving numerous industries dominated.

Stop believing in myths that are propagated, they leave families desecrated.

The breakdown of any dynamic, results in addictions that need to be alleviated.

Innocent children get food taken off their plate,

Watch their parent’s get decapitated, and can’t attend a wake.

Speaking the truth on what occurs in this cold, cold world,

But love overpowers any foolish action or quarrel.

The problem derives from ingrained obeisance,

Bowing down to a man’s wishes is ignorant and blatant.

Fitting in doesn’t create trends, it just gives you more fake friends,

I’ve forgiven weaklings a long time ago, there’s no need to make amends.

Relentless pursuits of curiosity, constructed properly,

Thoroughbred for life; decimating beef and gaining broccoli.

The top means there’s no flat days on your agenda,

Surpassing the expectations of any contender.

Backing up the foundation of creation is the crafts relation,

There’s never any imitation for this generation, accept the invitation.

Name a writer who’s exciting as I; all of the rules I defy,

Only cowards are afraid to die; intelligence doesn’t need to comply.

Essentially, possess a propensity lethal like an infantry,

There isn’t an accurate measurement for my intensity.

Composed, collected, respected; lost count of the times I’ve been rejected,

The best connected, logic is detected–Nova Scotia is resurrected.

Poisonous venom within the teeth of the infected,

Biting into a bitter fruit is how you leave yourself neglected.


Dreams are created to be chased, fate is determined,

But free will is the only reason why winners are earning.

Haters smile in your face, act like family; it’s a disgrace,

How can hatred and insecurities establish a stronger human race?

Posterity is imperative, listen closely to my literary narrative,

Become your own light, every action you take is operative.

My soul is awakened, rising up and taking what’s mine,

The crown has been written to be placed on my head, so divine.

The harder times are the more hopeful I become,

Darkness subsides after struggling, shining bright like the sun.

Words locked in the chamber; they only exit under comfort and danger,

It’s a shame when you need to go alone, and get more love from strangers.

Praying for all the true believers locked up, the kids indentured by prostitution,

Whatever the provocation, I act accordingly and find a solution.

Bright future with a team full of bosses and soldiers,

A queen to build with exponentially, so we can grow older.

Professional, underground, and international connections,

Making the stars shine for my empowerment of the world is the only direction.

Hard work on the blank page, writing outside the box, evading the cage,

Creating an ethereal stage, forcing all of my enemies to disengage.

Smoking sour, skunk, kush, and haze, entering a new phase,

Writing the next chapter; calm disposition, precise rage.

I don’t have any other choice but to get it, like a case acquitted,

Putting Nova Scotia on the map like a Yankee fitted.

Rough times only make you stronger, powerful and integral,

Generosity, ambition, loyalty and compassion running through my ventricles.

The greatest writer to ever grace planet earth, I know what I’m worth,

Even flowers are required to spend a segment of its time buried in dirt.

Millions flowing in on a monthly basis, I’m speaking about the future,

Book sales is a fragment of my entrepreneurial spirit; soul beyond super.

False prophets get praised for their artistic satire,

All they can say is how real they are, but I’m here to make all of them retire.

Deadly Devotion

Exploding like a grenade, protected by God’s shade,

Knocking down doors like a raid; let’s get made.

Fight for what you deserve or get curbed,

Prosperity on reserve, speaking the truth so absurd.

Would you rather dance in the club or to the bank?

Competition isn’t about ascending your rank.

Praying for the world to change, the environmental injustice,

Law enforcement our killing children–how can you trust this?

People would prefer to spread hate, instead of support,

Gossip doesn’t require a reaction, some treat it as a sport.

Excuses are for the deceiving, weak individuals,

Everything they do is contradictory and hypocritical.

Pushing hard through cardio to improve my physical,

Losing sleep, hustling to own the citadel.

Writing five hours minimum every day,

Perfecting my craft to obtain a higher pay.

If you aren’t willing to commit then you will quit,

Inspired by my grit, every word I write is lit.

Achieving the impossible, there’s no doubt inside,

The number one spot is the only place I reside.

If it isn’t God or family, then everything else is just noise,

Increasing my knowledge daily, understanding how to remain poise.

Most remarks don’t require a reaction,

Loving evil is a detrimental, fatal attraction.

Be conscious of the food you’re putting into your body,

Taking on new challenges is a form of being Godly.

The accountability is a form of humility and virility,

Being a property owner is about owning working facilities.

Professionalism is a large part of my trademark,

Surprising the world with my sensational narrative arc.

I’m going to be here for a long time, the saga continues,

Hosting event’s and organizing various venues.


Heathens are telling, snitching, giving out information,

Suckers live by squealing under the threat of intimidation.

The softest people talk the toughest,

Gentle souls are predominantly the roughest.

Leaving enemies depleted, flustered,

The devil is softer than custard.

Faith is about believing in every impossible action,

Live life on your own terms, constantly pursue your passion.

Going against the grain is harder than going with it,

Maniacal persona, attacking the fraudulent, always vicious.

Letting go is about moving forward, continuously pushing,

I’m not concerned about infiltration or people looking.

We all live on the same planet, but won’t stop fighting,

Peace is about finding God, investing in what’s exciting.

There are more problems than solutions,

Whether it’s now or the hereafter, everyone will experience retribution.

Inspiration comes from within and the outside,

But motivation is the only way to survive.

I took days off, but still manifested ideas,

Preferably, I don’t like days off; complex like onomatopoeia.

Putting my entire heart on the page, letting it bleed,

Praying I write material that helps others breathe.

The only time is now, focused to succeed,

Preparing for the future, the past recedes.

Steering deep into the abyss, shooting up from God’s bliss.

Effort and hard work pays forever, so I won’t miss.

What a blessing it is to be alive, let’s thrive,

If I set up a trap, you’re kissing the world goodbye.

Giving up isn’t a choice or an option for me,

Victory is the only obtainable goal I see.

Get your bread, invest heavy into land and property,

Build for the next generation to abolish this monotony.