There’s nothing that extends beyond my reach,

Destinations by the beach, the hustle is unique.

Promised God to only practice what I preach,

Cleanliness is the only way to teach.

Inspiration is needed every single day you rise up,

Angelic queen behind me; she forced me to wise up.

Seizing every opportunity to levitate my company off the ground,

Startup with no capital is like music without any sound.

Capturing the invisible, achieving the impossible,

What I make happen for my family isn’t comparable.

If you yearn to get to heaven you must experience hell,

Been through a lot of situations, but I’ll never tell.

The more real you become, the hatred reigns down heavier,

The pen moves on a consistent route, the journey is steadier.

My deepest inspiration derives directly from the cemetery,

The truth hurts, sets you free and is unbelievably scary.

Used to send out literary queries, thinking I was literary,

Independence only made me concerned about less adversaries.

Concentration is specific penetration for knowledge detonation,

Productivity has a main goal of revenue generation.

Going beyond what people expect is the definition of a threat,

Bosses always find solutions, every problem gets addressed.

Only keep those around who truly cherish your company,

Growth is a necessity, people won’t be stunting me.

Refuse to lie to my Nubian Queen, she deserves the world,

I will give her everything she dreams of, even a beautiful baby girl.

Times of turmoil only brings us closer together,

Only God comes between us; He makes us better.

The most difficult task is normally the right thing to do,

Situations aren’t left undone, I need to see it through.

Moving forward is the only direction to navigate,

Society has to stop snoring and amalgamate.


Unique Perspective

We all enter the system to fulfill a mission,

Many miss the exit on the highway and hate their position.

Nike coined the slogan just do it,

If you’re true to your creativity, nobody will see through it.

I always remained true to who I was without wavering,

Failure is part of success, it’s just different flavoring.

Understand the reality of what it takes to accomplish your goals,

Strength of character builds courageous souls.

Compassion and forgiveness gets you further than being furious,

Collecting the correct information because I’m curious.

The hunger won’t be satiated, but the pain is alleviated,

Investing my time in what pays, even if I’m high and inebriated.

Destined to be a living legend like Diddy and Pharrell,

Got up and worked harder every time I fell.

Future executive producer on the movie’s I create,

Notoriety like Ed Burns is the buzz I will generate.

Ready for the spoils of war and intense bloodshed,

But love and peace are my beliefs, so you won’t see me dead.

Productivity daily habits are what cement your future,

Learn everyday, read to earn, stay on target like a sharpshooter.

Breaking tradition, putting the key inside the ignition,

Writing and publishing is my life, I made a life changing decision.

I want it all, and I’m out to take everything over,

Don’t believe in luck, but people say I got it like a four-leaf clover.

The fight to the top almost killed me,

Everything I believe is what I will be.

Holding a deck full of aces and kings,

Flying above the clouds like I have wings.

Businesses and platforms are built solid from a written blueprint,

Before you think about retaliation, the crew was already sent.

My mind moves faster than cheetahs,

Focused on each thought deeply, beating down the women beaters.


I’m getting wiser, rising higher, promoting my publishing company well,

I’m flyer than the promotional pamphlet–my books sell.

Empires take years to build up with each brick,

I murder these writers like a smooth executed mob hit.

I know I make people angry, I’m cool with it,

I’m only growing taller and you’re just a midget.

Attracting true beauty like I’m wearing a magnet,

I used to buy weed, weight it, and bag it.

But I found a more effective route to exemplify my hustle;

I’m in a meditative state like Russell.

Scotian Breeze is the movement people will learn from,

I obtain bread and blow through the crumbs.

The inception of divine direction derives from introspection;

Every time I write there’s a revolutionary resurrection.

Progression is about making productivity a proclivity;

As a young king, I’m always increasing my virility.

These imposters claim to be royalty, but they’re prevaricators,

I serve a purpose, and you eat my food like I’m a waiter.

I create new dreams every morning I get out of bed,

Then I manifest the required actions that are inside my head.

One-hundred hour work weeks are the bear minimum,

I clear up your complexion like cinnamon.

Boss up and stop hating on those who do;

Stop focusing your energy on negativity; no wonder you’re blue.

I’m into new atmospheres and better scenery,

I move at God speed, you won’t understand what he means to me.

I mapped out all of my plans on the blank page;

Hit the stage, eliminated rage, and locked the writing world in a cage.

I mean what I say, and say what I mean,

Wishing for a better life is how you demean.

Have deeply rooted actions behind the endeavours you need;

Why give in to the emptiness of greed?

Fall on your back but stand back up on your feet,

If you never give up, you won’t see defeat.

The Truth Is

I survived the fire so I could inspire;

Taking what I desire, drinking champagne on my yacht, before I retire.

Dancing with the devil is no way to live;

Some choose to stay there, I know something has to give.

I don’t have plan B, because plan A is making the impossible reality,

There’s nothing I fear on this planet; not even a fatality.

Possess unlimited confidence and get called a fool;

I refuse to be a corporate mule, I’m a pro like tools.

I had to crawl my way to the top, but I made it,

I won’t be involved in depositions on any affidavit.

I found my purpose and felt like I was falling for three years,

But as soon as I was down to my last pennies, life became clear.

The money started adding up exponentially,

The grind paid dividends essentially.

I was writing my life into existence like I planned;

Started taking over, ruling the vicinity by demand.

Efficiency is the key to making powerful moves;

Productivity needs growth to improve.

My eyelids are heavy, I’m feeling congested.

I’m sick under this poetic spell that’s international and domestic.

Laughing at the blueprint only makes you a follower,

I don’t mess with the girl unless she’s a shotcaller.

I’m not even looking for a city cop,

I’m focused on secret agents who don’t want me on top.

I work harder than any politician, with my linguistic incisions;

My financial action plan doesn’t require any revisions.

I have a diverse group of loyal, true fans;

My footsteps create a canvas on the land.

I stay up for days just to chase my dreams;

Painting delectable themes like chocolate cake topped with whipped cream.

I balance my life well like a beam, build my team;

Enhance every single one of my dreams and stay lean.