Releasing my pain, exterminating the devils trickery,

Never cared about the next woman wanting to get with me.

Kept my eyes on one woman, it changed my life immensely,

Having the right queen behind you will keep you out of the penitentiary.

Showing the world a path they haven’t seen before,

Capitalized off a world book tour, penetrated the earth’s core.

Filling the air with joy, goodness, peace, prosperity and hope,

Look deep within yourself and realize there’s no doubts.

Made mistakes but they were never fatal,

Fixed my flaws, so we could have a baby in the cradle.

Faith is unwavering, knew she was the one from our first kiss,

Even before that there was no way I could miss.

Coming out on top was always a thought greatly fought,

Listened closely, absorbed the lessons I was taught.

Entrepreneurs create their own hustle, the mark of independence,

Every word you read is the quintessence of transcendence.

Mansions were bought out completely, only the devil is beneath me,

Integrity runs through my veins, you won’t win being sneaky.

Living in joy and abundance, had plenty of unsuccessful years,

Made nothing for months, the depths of economic despair.

Giving the world a greater vision, believers are benefitting,

Aiming for the target, hitting every time with precision.

Constantly on the move, embracing pain and change,

Painting a perfect picture that deserves to be framed.

Every good name will be slandered, especially when you have manners,

Social proof comes from reviews and professionally designed banners.

Mastering art is a sojourn created for a Godly sensation,

Sending out an invitation, come and have a celebration.

The past only made me improve, never stuck in a groove,

Every time I look around all I see is food.

People act funny around me, angry that God crowned me,

Even during the darkest times I truly found me.


Truth Serum

Millions of books sold digitally, then the figures doubled physically,

Fulfilling my obligations and responsibilities–a hustler, I’m the epitome.

I know people who want to get rid of me, you must be kidding me,

Reading holy scriptures, getting inspired, enhancing my virility.

Shooting to top like a rocket, sealing my fate, time to lock it,

Hotter than Mercury, colder than Pluto, the solar system is in my pocket.

Visions are prophetic, the haters are pathetic, healing people like a medic,

I always knew I would get it, the impeccable literary aesthetic.

Mastermind plotting on a scheme to clock millions,

One isn’t enough; it’s shameful like a cracked up ceiling.

My mind is like the perfect storm, moving militant throughout the land,

Locked Down poetry collection will be in demand, like a beach with smooth sand.

Philosophically inclined, the message defined is utterly sublime,

Progressing every hour, far from my prime, the devotion is intertwined.

Women are precious, they leave me breathless, more valuable than a necklace,

Converting negative energy to positive; peaceful before getting reckless.

You can’t promote yourself without confidence and passion,

Production company, restaurants, candles, mineral oil, soap, and fashion.

Hitting unprecedented levels in all of those industries,

Working out hard, getting my weight up, these are my affinities.

Communication is clear, there’s no room for entropy,

It’s an ineffable feeling, knowing I’ll never see the penitentiary.

Molding a lifestyle that children can admire before I retire

Posterity is prosperity, feeding the inner-city–all I do is rise higher.

Commerce and trade, everyone has gotten played,

Receiving more than I lost, retaining back more like a raid.

The breed I’m cut from is cleaner than a fresh shower,

Standing tall and erect, an indispensable addition to the city like the tower.

These fraudulent individuals are cracked and hilarious,

Trying to hold water, everything they attempt is precarious.

These heathens claim they believe in God, but live in conjecture,

They crack under pressure, letting what has no meaning fester.

Deadly Devotion

Exploding like a grenade, protected by God’s shade,

Knocking down doors like a raid; let’s get made.

Fight for what you deserve or get curbed,

Prosperity on reserve, speaking the truth so absurd.

Would you rather dance in the club or to the bank?

Competition isn’t about ascending your rank.

Praying for the world to change, the environmental injustice,

Law enforcement our killing children–how can you trust this?

People would prefer to spread hate, instead of support,

Gossip doesn’t require a reaction, some treat it as a sport.

Excuses are for the deceiving, weak individuals,

Everything they do is contradictory and hypocritical.

Pushing hard through cardio to improve my physical,

Losing sleep, hustling to own the citadel.

Writing five hours minimum every day,

Perfecting my craft to obtain a higher pay.

If you aren’t willing to commit then you will quit,

Inspired by my grit, every word I write is lit.

Achieving the impossible, there’s no doubt inside,

The number one spot is the only place I reside.

If it isn’t God or family, then everything else is just noise,

Increasing my knowledge daily, understanding how to remain poise.

Most remarks don’t require a reaction,

Loving evil is a detrimental, fatal attraction.

Be conscious of the food you’re putting into your body,

Taking on new challenges is a form of being Godly.

The accountability is a form of humility and virility,

Being a property owner is about owning working facilities.

Professionalism is a large part of my trademark,

Surprising the world with my sensational narrative arc.

I’m going to be here for a long time, the saga continues,

Hosting event’s and organizing various venues.


The clarity of prosperity is like the purest water

Blessings that will be bestowed, by the heavenly father

As an author, I hit the jugular from every conceivable angle

Unwrapping the clouded mind, that was once tangled

Writing was made solely for my success

Each project I write captures public interest

Turning each corner; applying intense pressure

I speak from the heart–I don’t let my emotions fester

Stacks turn into racks, millions into billions

I’m organized like a crime syndicate that’s Sicilian

Writing beauty, is truly my duty, the strengthening message

The essence is combined with tempestuous winds, leaving you breathless

The False Reality Of Martin will be published before 2015 is over

A gem, diamond and jewel rarer than a four leaf clover

Ladies Prism will be released gracefully in succession

It will be like night and day, the way it leaves an impression