Seeing events in retrospect before they occur,

Engraving the world with my intellect from a heart so pure.

Earn your own bread, don’t expect a helping hand,

Living God’s command, the vision is on demand.

Loyal soldier’s on retainer waiting for phone calls,

Pushing through the adversity like gushing waterfalls.

No worries in my life, just focused on making the moment count,

The only time I write, the love returns in a large amount.

Rain brings hope, the droplets form a new entrance,

Richness doesn’t pertain to the figures of dollars and cents.

Snitching isn’t present in the strands of my DNA,

I would serve life in prison before I cooperate and give information away.

The cops won’t ruin my life, the truth set me free,

Educating the planet like I received a PhD.

Repeating the battle can be the route to victory,

The process won’t speed up, study the depths of history.

Friend’s aren’t for me, it’s only business associates and family,

Floating through the sky like clouds enveloping the canopy.

The hustle and bustle doesn’t overwhelm my psyche,

I’m a powerful, influential figure, there’s nobody like me.

Sleepless night’s: writing until the pen snaps into pieces,

Levitating the written word like telekinesis.

Eating every meal like its my last, coming up fast;

Surpassing the incredibly successful, disposing of the trash.

Regular lives are for the suckers engulfed in depression,

I’m rising above extraordinary every writing session.

Dancing with the devil, living in hell, embracing the flames,

Beating evil senseless, benefiting positively from all the pain.

Breaking down isn’t an option, leaving my enemies defeated,

Working out to the maximum, until my glycogen levels are depleted.

Karma can build or kill, instill a will that drives you uphill,

Earn from your past or pay by chasing cheap thrills.


Let’s Unify

I love myself so much, I have sympathy and compassion for others;

Stand tall, stay positive; sending love to all the single mothers.

The capitalist system advertises tricks,

Stop falling for their lies, you’re making them rich.

I love my people, and I want them out of poverty,

We must pool our wealth and invest in land and property.

God isn’t making more soil on the earth,

I have business connections in Perth.

Punctuality is a huge part of building a bright reality,

The media only glorifies heartless fatalities.

Introspection is about finding what’s under the under-covers,

Unity is about loving, trusting, and looking after one another.

Brothers and sister’s this is our time to make changes,

A revolutionary movement that transcends humanity on different stages.

Open books, study history and divine scriptures;

Richness is acquiring knowledge, emit light like a fixture.

Heedful decisions, prevent the chaos of harmful collisions,

I’m never going to be locked in prison because of my visions.

I’m here to help those in need of assistance,

I believe that tough times help you go the distance.

The glorious rays of sunshine, even need rain,

Creation is a derivation of agony and pain.

Speak about struggle and everyone can relate,

I only speak about my life stories, so I receive a lot of hate.

If it’s all love, don’t bring a weapon;

Snakes act like friends, to give a lethal injection.

I dedicated my life to the blank page,

Capture your passion and cultivate your rage.

Fear, nervousness, and anxiety comes from being mad at yourself,

Negativity and pessimistic ways are cancerous to your health.

Let’s stick together, rise up from under the weather;

Encourage each other to become better; jealousy is more common than leather.