Solid Ground 

Scotian Breeze and Family Over Fame are changing the game,

We do this for the entire province, there’s no need for fame.

The top is where we plan on residing, it feels like we’re flying,

Don’t expect greatness, if you aren’t keen on trying.

Confidence consolidated our spot, conquering every thought,

Circle remains tight, precise like a dot.

Fake love is the pinnacle of hatred, angry that we’re going to make it,

Exposing the devil worshipers worse than if they were naked.

Delighted to make your acquaintance regardless of your disposition,

We hold the keys to it all, the driving force behind the ignition.

Underground, celebrated novelist, building numerous household brands,

Reaped everything I imagined from my own two hands.

Every industry is dominated by my entrepreneurial spirit,

Coming fresh out the soil like a carrot.

Words are powerful, but actions shape the world,

My essence is a rarity like ocean floor pearls.

Goals won’t complete dreams but execution will,

Solitude means Christ has assured my mind is still.

Revelations descend from heaven, the inspiration overflows,

The holy spirit glows, everyone knows.

Rock bottom strengthened my character immensely,

Only express humor and business intensely.

Working smarter than the next man, investing in agricultural land,

Making passive income while I’m resting my feet in the sand.

My Nubian Queen has me for life, doing it all for our new beginning,

Wedlock is coming soon, constantly repenting for sinning.

Knew she was the one early on but she had her doubts,

Had to test my character and truly see what I’m about.

She’s so intelligent, modest, honorable, loyal and dignified,

Her mark on my heart is eternally signified.

Growing together spiritually, mentally and physically,

Pushing each other to become better to the epitome.


Dominating The Game

Treasure Words Publishing is my first company of many ventures,

Independence gives me a hunger for more–a light thirst quencher.

Scotian Breeze is the movement, taking over the world by storm,

Every time I become scorching hot, haters claim I’m barely warm.

Found my soul mate; we understand each other comfortably and feel secure,

Felt like I knew her my entire life when we first met; I was absolutely sure.

Luscious Secrets Lingerie & Swimwear will lose money for years before reaching success,

Supply and demand are the keys that cause immense pain and stress.

Love the darkest hours when creating a new business model,

Investing with my own bread, so the world constantly follows.

Love for true queens, they’re more valuable than any materialistic object,

Prophetic tendencies within my writing, these things haven’t happened yet.

Rock bottom strengthened my character and empowered the depths of my soul,

Planting seeds in the dirt, digging through to the surface like a mole.

Signing a distribution deal for books that will make history,

Mysteriously captivated within the enigma of God’s greatest mystery.

Prayer is more powerful than our minds can even being to comprehend,

Creating and producing what’s heavenly, never following trends.

Reading through wicked manuscripts, difficult to find some nourishment,

Listening closely to the Lord’s admonishment, wrapped up in astonishment.

Dancing to the bank early in the morning, watching the sun rise gracefully,

Dropped out of school, so I could pay for my bachelor’s degree.

Only focused on what’s economically sound, wearing a blinding crown,

Smiling during the roughest times, there’s no time to frown.

Always writing another number one bestseller, the pen is in motion,

The False Reality of Martin and Ladies Prism will change the waves in the ocean.

Nothing will sell as successfully as my first two novels, always going worldwide,

Focused on benevolence and humility, I won’t be taken over by ego and pride.

My Nubian Queen always tells me what I need to hear, so I listen closely,

She knows more than any other human being knows about me.

Beyond humbled and gracious for her presence in my life,

I’m praying that one day I will make her a happy wife.

We Are The Future

My African queen is the only reason I’m rising straight to the top;

She has impeccable style, executing more than my thoughts.

Souls won’t be bought, every dream is sought after,

Health, happiness, joy, blessings and laughter.

Multi-million dollar companies in multiple industries;

Publishing, fashion, lingerie, coconut water–unstoppable energy.

Startup and business coaching on a supremely professional level,

Seeing through all the deception, I don’t believe in the devil.

Scotian Breeze is the movement, along side Family Over Fame,

This game can make you insane, but instead I push harder and train.

The iron is pumped, but the calisthenics are loved much more,

Following a serious fitness regime that could be sold in stores.

The truth hurts, so I damage my enemies until their in the dirt,

Mad at me because I realize the priceless strategy; know your worth.

The past marked being small-time in the streets around some dangerous men,

They were setting trends, making dollars ruthlessly to no end.

Once they close the doors on me, I open up those that were never touched,

Perfection is only created when there’s no rush.

The past won’t move a boss; we don’t dwell on what we lost,

Dreaming of things that exceed what the last venture costs.

Consequences behind actions that could elevate or consume me,

Used to be surrounded by snakes who planned on ruining me.

Any plot against me only worsens your life during the process,

Running the province, I command who gets elected in office.

Hiding in plain sight, most people think I’m a painstaking entrepreneur,

Truthfully: the meetings that I conduct underground are always sure.

Speaking on the positions I will hold gracefully in the future,

Love when haters assassinate my character; they are the weakest shooters.

These dreams are dedicated to the children who aren’t eating daily,

To all my genuine men and women locked up who can see clearly.

The written word is a covenant that I’ll always hold dearly,

Triads are my brothers, so law enforcement fears me.

The Best Of The Best

You were around when I was broke with nothing to my name,

I promised God you would be around when I hit the riches and experience fame.

Kings and queens are designed for each other,

The DNA is a perfect match is why they stay together.

Patiently waited and you came into my life from years of prayer,

Sometimes I don’t listen, but I know you really care.

Need to work on my flaws, constant improvement,

There’s cash in publishing, but Scotian Breeze is the movement.

Mobbing heavy across Canada to Hong Kong,

An everlasting marriage is written in my palm.

Pious, inspiring wife, amazing life; African serval eating nice,

Everything imagined got multiplied more than twice.

Product of my environment, the streets are behind me,

When you come after the king, you won’t find me.

Laziness is for the nonbelievers and uninspired,

Eradicating the foolish desires, earning what I require.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her happiness;

She isn’t materialistic, but I plan to bring her lavish gifts.

God explained to me exactly what it was when we first met,

Take control, make commands, the world will see you two as a threat.

Nobody is harder on me than myself,

Self-love is a pathway towards wealth.

The words explode on the page; straight facts,

Dishonor is a trend now; everyone rats.

Writing to enhance the world, building a better place,

Oxygen is what the blank page brings; food with finer taste.

Sacrificed a contemporary career for true freedom,

You feel pain within every word, that’s why I’m leading.

Publishing, fashion, production, and coconut water,

Multimillion dollar enterprises blessed by the heavenly father.

There’s only one queen for me and she’s all mine,

She’ll become my wife in a few years time.

The Process

People living lies are the first to commend you about the truth,

You’ll see me briefly, and then I’ll quickly disappear-poof.

Scotian Breeze is an influential movement like Badboy,

Positively impacting this generation like Taylor Gang; stop acting coy.

Clouds grow thicker, lighting scented candles, take a picture,

Studying the goodness and depths of all religious scripture.

Analyzing the Old Testament, New Testament, and the Holy Quran,

Ruler of this nation, pulling strings lightly like the best don.

Getting lost in the darkness happens to the best of us,

Swallowed by the viciousness and engulfed in lust.

There’s a way out of any situation, send out the invitations,

Refuse to keep it regular with regulation, closing commanding negotiations.

I saw myself in places, seeing beautiful faces, exotic spaces,

Way before success happened, I knew my life would be full of aces.

Underestimate nobody and never trust a soul,

They will lead you into a trap, just play your role.

Locked the writing world down, made it look simplistic,

Everything I write is astronomically futuristic.

Feeling like I’m high before the smoke hits me,

Snakes rarely make eye contact, all of their moves are shifty.

Why does everyone claim to be a gangster extraordinaire?

They won’t confront people or interfere–loathing a circle, living in a square.

Leveling up takes every ounce of energy you have inside,

Tenacious and gracious, destroying my feeble pride.

Being lonely on the top is better than the bottom,

An abundance of villains in my city like its Gotham.

Visualizing the visions that nobody is given,

Making incisions to live by every decision.

Planets inside my eyes, mysterious like the solar system,

Consuming the universe; only producing starry fiction.

Surpassing every author whose been successful for decades,

I was born to become filthy rich like the luxury of brocade.



Dear, God

Thank you for letting me write lines that inspire,

Showing me what I’m passionate about, so I’ll never retire.

Introverted, all of my energy is exerted, compassion is inserted.

Solitude is about looking into the future, focusing on being deserted.

Asking for forgiveness; we all sin every single day,

Trying to improve on my shortcomings, finding better ways.

Averaging four hours of sleep every night,

Hustlers take power naps, and take flight.

Selling my soul wasn’t an option or a thought,

But Satan whispers to my enemies trying to plot.

I only have love in my heart; no hatred or jealousy,

Laughing at the envious pretenders, what are you telling me?

The miserable individuals are hypocritical expecting residuals,

You won’t accomplish goals without seeing the visuals.

This summer is going to be a wild ride, cancelling out the foolish pride

I don’t walk on concrete, so fly I glide, fresher than a tide.

Creating a new wave known as the Scotian Breeze movement,

Clothing line coming out in the future, the entire world will consume it.

Holding my nation down like an anchor,

Focused on getting to this money like an investment banker.

I sleep six days out of the seven, sometimes its less,

My visions keep me up at night, striving to be the best.

The blank page has a causastic effect on my disposition,

Moving boulders in a sedentary position is my sedition.

Asking for more and receiving what I asked,

Getting more than what I worked for because I have a lot of class.

Dignified, righteous and benevolent with a malicious side,

Confronting my problems, facing the world with an accelerated stride.

Writing groundbreaking underground novels to prove my ingenuity,

Obstinate and hard-headed, but the authentic get through to me.

Touching new territory is due to believing in great things,

I only spend my time with honorable queens and kings.


Zoned In

Even the cleanest women love a thug’s narrative,

I’m one of the baddest men on the earth, it’s imperative.

I don’t waste a word, sentence, paragraph, or chapter,

Deviating away from all of the common factors.

Life needs to be learned, so you can earn and boss up,

The winning route means you need to get your losses up.

But once you break the threshold, the rain starts to pour,

Grinding hard for more, and I’m not talking about a book tour.

The incarcerated and deceased inspire me to produce,

Pushing buttons, writing, balling, shooting, moving and getting loose.

The connections I have cross boarders and dominate continents,

We are all under the creator’s divine providence.

How could you decide to go against me?

All it accomplishes is your life being pushed back a century.

It’s Beezy Season, which is fresher than spring cleaning,

Scotian Breeze is a lifestyle movement with infinite meaning.

Eating nutritious, going in deep on the calisthenics,

Improving my aesthetic, thriving off energy that’s kinetic.

You can hear, feel, see, and smell the essence of fitness health,

Majority of these women are out here killing themselves.

I’m here to change the destruction into formidable production,

The rarity of my breed is like a volcanic eruption.

I don’t fall for sexual seduction, I know how to function,

Hitting the high way, you won’t catch me in the junction.

Once the traffic comes I ponder the greatest story ideas,

I leave you with an aftertaste of sweetness like sangria.

Third eye is locked on the prize until my demise,

I don’t care about the past, have no need to despise.

Ridicule only makes you look like a fool,

I’m fresh like the cleanest pool, carrying the province on my back like a mule.

Are you going to stay shallow or jump in the deep end?

A leap of faith will cause you to lose most of your family and friends.


I knew I would be fly, influential, wealthy, and successful from the beginning,

I teach others about the publishing industry, let’s keep winning.

Most people know absolutely nothing about me,

They just want to speak about me because they doubt me.

I never let opinions change my determination and drive,

Everyone has a gift, but most won’t unwrap it to survive.

And you can follow others and never prosper;

Anytime or any hour I’m preparing the youth to foster.

Expand your mind, learn more about atmospheres and surroundings,

Picture’s are snapped to be perfect, write something astounding.

Mangos in the summer, riding a new wave,

Steadfast under duress like a fresh shave.

Marketing my novels to perfection like a lethal injection,

Giving the universe cosmic direction.

Author’s read through hundreds of book’s to write one,

The resources are consumed before the creativity is done.

Scotian Breeze is the movement empowering the planet,

The public is addicted, they demand it.

Always creating new doors and opportunities,

I pieced the entire province together; that’s what I call unity.

The impression of expressions is an everlasting blessing,

When I write, lessons are constantly in session.

The dirt I’ve done requires no confessions;

Only repentance to Allah is interesting.

Hustling until my body gets buried in a coffin,

I give a new meaning to my grind often.

Predicting the future like I already live there,

I’m inside the essence of beauty like swimwear.

Reeling new readers in every time my pen ignites,

The paper continues to call my name to my delight.

Working hard to prove my purpose is indispensable,

Imperative, above the stars, my actions are sensible.

The Next Phenom

I’m the next international bestseller, there’s no stopping me,

Exposing the weak, fraudulent actors and hypocrisy.

Most of these people are evil, with sullied hearts,

The angel of death will tear their soul apart.

Scotian Breeze is the movement empowering the universe;

Galaxies, stars, constellations light up, cause I write the truest verse.

Aiming for the top of the game, but I’m staying underground,

I won’t be an a-list author, but the world likes how I sound.

I don’t write for money, credit or materials,

But I acquire whole grain like the best cereal.

I provide excellent service, I don’t ever get nervous,

Irresistible, irreplaceable, instilling prose well-worded.

Mediocrity wasn’t destined for me, I’m meant to ball;

Rise up higher like you never felt the fall.

Motivation is harnessed from within; strong maker of men,

I try my best to abstain from sin, the goal is to win.

Hitting the stated targets like a bow and arrow,

My essence breeds the success of a legend and a hero.

One is everlasting and the other is temporary,

You never met a man who has ever been this literary.

Calisthenics strengthens the mind, revolutionizes the spirit,

My circle is only focused on doing deeds for good merit.

I pray to receive the truth, educate and lead the youth,

Give back to the impoverished communities, and be kind to the uncouth.

Ultimate storyteller, staggering narrator, the highest passion,

The words I design are more lucrative than the finest fashion.

The takeover is ubiquitous and vociferous,

Cherishing every moment; father time is serendipitous.

Empowering the vicinity and enlightening the scene,

Friendships ended just to get this cream.

I only work with those who are scorching,

Entertainment is needed, but we must focus on what’s important.

I’m Going In

I’m a self-made mogul, outspoken, confident and vocal,

My courage only becomes stronger because I’m international and local.

If your not moving, your not improving is the slogan I live by, religiously;

Printed on a t-shirt, making millions off packages and deliveries.

I’m speaking about Scotian Breeze plans for the future,

I’m a gentleman, but won’t hesitate to send the shooters.

Personally, I don’t like to delegate actions to my young kings,

I like to earn my own clout and focus on building new things.

The devil won’t look in my direction; he can’t break the barrier of my protection;

His evildoings are a reflection of the actions from an individuals introspection.

Trust me: I fulfill a covenant to God when I write these words,

I’m a unicorn, succeeding in different disciplines–all I do is earn.

The sojourn to the essence is a learning experience,

I make a extraordinary impact without making an appearance.

The next chapter is full of opulence, passion, and blessings;

More bills, responsibilities, challenges and lessons.

I’m keeping this drive until I hit my first billion dollars;

Then I’ll multiply my revenue like an economic academic scholar.

I need a queen who can match my flyness; who understands when to remain quiet,

I spark wisdom in the brains of the youth; no revolts or riots.

Playing a role is the first step into conformity,

You’ve just sold your soul, the heartless are boring me.

Indigenous people get treated like animals on the reserve;

They deserve food, clothing, shelter, and riches on preserve.

I light up a room with my presence like a lamp,

You won’t violate any of the members in my camp.

I’m a ride or die; all in type of brother,

I move unseen like the wind, cause I’m undercover.

Everything I write is monumental like a true giant,

I’m so ambitious that I find a way, I’m never compliant.

Welcome to Beezy’s world; I’m about to explode,

I’m a lion, tiger, shark, and wolf engaged in beast mode.