Astonished by how God admonishes me, daily,

He said obey my orders and the path I lead will never fail me.

Fornication almost destroyed what’s consecrated and pure,

My African queen rising to the top with me is sure.

Nobody can stop us from staying together; speaking the truth,

She’s a rising star, pious, brilliant and beyond couth.

The power and refinement of my soul, standing out in any group,

Direct aim on the target when we get up and shoot.

She’s worth more than what any dollar could amount to,

Supports me under any circumstance; our bond is true.

She deserves the world and I will give it to her,

My muse and motivation; getting through any event that occurs.

Excellent literature is a gift that descends from the heaven skies,

The ground we move on is above what you see, like we can fly.

I’m just sharing parts of my life with you that have meaning,

Emptiness isn’t part of my life, understanding the gifts I’m receiving.

The devil knocks on the door and I demolish him into nothing,

Why would I believe in an entity that’s content on bluffing?

She provides power with every step I take; refreshing like a lake,

If you won’t give it to me, then I’ll gladly take.

Money without respect and humility is absolutely pointless,

The key to life is always push for a position that’s anointed.

There’s something about her dignity that speaks to me devoutly,

You’re lying if you speak about me and know nothing about me.

She’s all about doing things on her own, keen on her independence,

Every blessing bestowed upon her from the most high makes her transcendent.

When a woman doesn’t need my help that’s what I call sexy,

Waking up in the morning, thankful for how the creator blessed me.

She wears the crown neatly on her head with charm and grace,

I plan on spoiling her rotten to redefine the sense of expensive taste.

She loves my romanticism and knows it will only become enhanced,

If you think you can come between us, the reality is you don’t have a chance.



Avoiding every altercation, like I’m relaxing on vacation,

My vision is above limitations, the freedom of creation.

Valuing gossip and degradation isn’t plausible mitigation,

Penetration of truth, spiraling into the next generation.

Every particle of knowledge is written in books, receive the invitation,

Desecration has become an accepted way of leading nations.

Democracy isn’t a choice; it’s promoted for identification,

Voting is already spoken for, they just want your registration.

Promises are broken, these crooks aren’t submitting to resignation,

HAARP controls the weather, the magnitude of earthquakes are a demonstration.

Speaking the truth, expelling light, holding the torch, strengthening relations,

How long are minds going to stay asleep, accepting this devastation?

Poetic soul, mastered prose, superior storyteller, delving into litigation;

Born for luxurious living, unlike cows, who are forced into insemination.

Expressing the impressions accurately, blessed with articulation,

Writing under the rays of sun; shining because of the moons participation.

Revisionist history is distorting the patterns of what actually happened,

The alarm clock doesn’t have to go off, directing this ship like a captain.

Once you start what’s meant, you won’t stop until the grave,

Embracing the genuine, money shouldn’t make you a modern day slave.

Descending down upon these writers like an avalanche,

You won’t move me out of my stance unless I decide to dance.

Every word written is enhanced, the definition of advanced,

These are thoughts on the back of my mind, you’re entranced.

Orchestrating events like the conductor of a symphony,

Overpowering all of the haters with every tremendous epiphany.

You can’t pay for generosity, loyalty, ambition, and humility,

If you don’t possess these attributes, I assume you’re plotting on killing me.

But the plan is useless, the devil is powerless among giants,

Following guidelines and rules isn’t my prerogative; call me defiant.

Pedigree: unknown entity, a real G, the best things come in threes,

Snitches get destroyed and delivered like a structured plea.


High Life

They won’t tell you to be your own boss,

Wins don’t come until you take a loss.

When I gave it my all, I felt like I was going to fall,

Ready to ball, freelance writing funds my business on every call.

Freedom derives from a state of mind,

Finances help, you have no choice but to grind.

Godfather of the writing profession,

Publishing my own work is a blessing.

Productivity shouldn’t have you stressing,

Your soul is the only individual you  should be impressing.

Reading opens up doors, not windows,

Playing the game to win; no Nintendo.

Reflection is meant to understand how far you’ve come,

There’s a time for work, relaxation, and fun.

You just need to know how to manage the dimensions,

Never depend on the government for a pension.

Focused on the moment because it builds the future brightly,

Make moves in silence, tread through the jungle lightly.

Who cares about the politics when kids are starving?

Oppress the people; out them in a system and call it a garden.

These lies are outrageous and ridiculous,

Only the truth deserves to be respected and ubiquitous.

Writer’s treat the blank page as a performance,

The impact I make on the world is enormous.

Parents are keeping their kids on a leach like dog’s,

When will the sky clear up so we can see through the fog?

Prayer and hope get trashed without consistency,

Actions breed champions, the mark of efficiency.

Winning is only for the determined, courageous one’s,

You won’t pick up greatness using only thumbs.

Blending the correct ingredients together like a smoothie,

Every time I wake up, I try my best to make a movie.


This writing isn’t about me or my aspirations,

I share my experiences with you to teach generation’s.

I stopped attempting to motivate people who are living lies,

They’re so blinded by deception, they won’t even try.

Most people become engulfed under a curse,

Always worrying about nothing, continuously expecting the worst.

Nobody can bring me down or strip my crown,

I won’t paint the town red, I’ll paint it brown.

There’s a fine line between self-love and narcissism,

I believe in independence to implement nepotism.

Ignorant people are arrogant it’s apparent,

We’re all unaware of something, getting locked in the interference.

This world is cold, heartless, and treacherous,

But even beautiful outcomes derive from a deficit.

News and radio are full of propaganda and scripts,

But there are special individuals who show their gifts.

Trust your soul, follow your heart and pursue your destiny,

Getting high on life is the purest form of ecstasy.

Making a killing means you’re deading off the competition,

I’m never comfortable with what I have, you feel it in my prepositions.

I survive alone, build a home, you hear it in these poem’s,

I’m everywhere like Google Chrome, I built my empire on my own.

My vision is high above what most people think,

Determination and perseverance behind my essence, so I won’t sink.

I don’t care about your ten dollar conversations,

I’m only speaking about ideas, creativity, and innovation.

This life is a gift, but I care about what happens after,

I plan on leaving this world at peace and with laughter.

The believers have it tough, so I work harder;

When you’re asleep, I’m passing through bills like charter.

My imagination is what creates my reality,

I have confidence so clear, it impales the depths of actuality.

Back On The Grind

I lost the essence of my grind for a minute,

Currently: I’m going even harder; my soul is replenished.

Neglecting your true talent is distancing yourself from the creator,

You won’t change levels like an elevator.

A minimum of one hundred hours per week are the requirements,

I plan on having an unbelievably comfortable retirement.

Money is on the table and its calling my name,

I fuel my writing with passion and produce flames.

I’m one of the baddest men to ever walk on planet earth,

You never met anyone cooler because I realize what I’m worth.

Assembling a team of bread winner’s,

We work like we’ve never eaten dinner.

I’d rather work for sixteen hours everyday than relax,

I’m the king, and I’m not just talking about Halifax.

Laziness is the making of negativity and lack of virility,

The higher I rise the more I comprehend humility.

I’m holding more accountability for my actions,

Telling stories that have gained more traction.

You need to believe deeply in your visions,

I’ve never doubted myself, even when my soul embraced a collision.

Nothing in this life is for free, you pay with time,

I’m going to shine with the finest dimes.

The tank hasn’t even been emptied, I thrive off my thoughts,

I have novels, poetry, and scripts sealed in the vault.

Save the gossip for the ladies, cause I’m crazy,

Smoking the best weed in the country; my early mornings are hazy.

Kale and strawberry smoothies got me feeling groovy,

Every time I step outside I make an award-winning movie.

Critically acclaimed; I never cared about fame,

The bad reviews only add value to my name.

The literary awards sharpened my narrative sword,

I’m the plug and the cord; two swings will leave you stiff like a board.

Eyes Never Lie

The light in the eyes doesn’t mean fortitude;

It could easily mean buying meat, before you could afford food.

The master deceiver tries to shine brightly,

But I make him bleed gallons, don’t take him lightly.

Look for righteousness inside the eyes,

It’s not always a glow, but constitutes a prize.

Demons say they love God, but are transparent,

Believers follow the laws above–superbly adherent.

The soul can be viewed through the retina, the authenticity,

The shine is a dominant force, no matter the ethnicity.

The best qualities are expressed; nothing is recessed,

You can see whether or not the person is happy or depressed.

As for the blind, their voice is divine,

An inflection that ripples the strings of time.

Listen, carefully to the tone their using,

This will explain whether they are unified or intruding.

Its easy to tell who the real are;

When the perpetrators look in the mirror, they won’t go real far.

Beating themselves down like a stubborn nail,

My third eye has clarity, you’re just a snail.

My eyes show you decades into the future,

My writing symbolizes a bigger purpose, like Martin Luther.

The money gets taken, the thresholds are broken,

All that will be left is an arcade token.

The cunning, try to say their deep like the Grand Canyon,

Listening to music, is the only time I’m jamming.

The impossible won’t be achieved by lying,

The struggles won’t heal, by incessantly crying.

The bigger picture is more than just human creation,

It lies within the eyes and droplets of precipitation.

Just don’t be bamboozled by the light that calls,

That light will cross you, and watch you fall.

The Future Is Bright

These bestsellers are selling books by the truckload,

I’m selling books by the boatload, I’m on the affluent road.

I have fans in Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Malaysia,

My prose is electrifying like a taser.

I hustle to the extreme with this pen,

My writing is bigger than me; it turns boys to men.

Where do I see myself in five years?

I’ll be capitalizing off books, clothes, lingerie, agriculture, food and real estate; hanging cool like pears.

I walk on the moon like a true don should,

These professions come naturally to me like wood.

I’m a unicorn; that’s how I expand my cognition;

Everything I write is like a perfectly crafted rendition.

My poetry and prose shines brighter than the sun,

My thoughts are heavy, they weigh a ton.

I’m an expert when it comes to digital revenue,

But I’m even more skillful with plastic and paper, I’m telling you.

Stability, consistency, loyalty, and respect is all I know,

I keep my circle small, so I can continue to grow.

I change every waking second of these fleeting moments,

My writing is the epitome of societies atonement.

The best days in my life are ahead of me,

I laugh at weak, jealous, envious people; they’re like a parody.

I’m not hard to find, even though I move with the wind,

Fake women try to claim they’re my friends.

I think with my soul, heart, and mental,

I won’t let my small head, get me shot dead in a rental.

Philosophical parables propelling past my potential,

My word is born and existential.

If you decide to give more than you receive,

You will obtain more than you dream and believe.

I read, write, market, brand, and promote my publishing company every single day,

I map out other business ventures, so nobody can get in my way.


I’m underground, beneath the concrete like the sewers;

These women are so fake, I see directly through her.

These rules apply to the men too, with their treachery;

Understand you won’t stop God from blessing me.

I’m ready to swing on anyone and knock them out flat;

My fists make an impact like running into steel bars, you rat.

Racks only make more racks, that’s a fact,

Investments are what will put you on top.

I’m dropping some brief financial knowledge;

Mental slavery needs to be abolished.

The creative process is daunting and demanding,

But it leads to a positive path of deeper understanding.

Tearing apart all of these fraudulent writers, only the real survive;

Selling books is all about running a smooth enterprise.

I work like I haven’t eaten a meal in five years,

I can expose the depths of your deepest fears.

I forgive myself everyday because we all make mistakes,

I push forward and ask for God’s grace.

When the rain pours down it makes me cosmic,

I touched the moon, and gave every word polish.

I’m a connected man, successful made mogul;

Even when I was down and out, I was incredibly hopeful.

I felt successful before the success arrived,

My soul derives from the illest tribe.

Haters try their best to infiltrate and connive,

But I’m a wise guy like Joe Pesci; future winner of the Nobel Prize.

I could jump into the pool and come out dry;

My style is tight like your necktie.

Applying pressure–my words have a refined texture,

I prefer to speak the truth, instead of living in conjecture.

Life has a funny way of working out when you’re disciplined,

I remisnice on the good, bad, ugly, and even my greatest sins.

Overwhelming The Competition

The competition can’t even compete with my prepositions

I write for love and respect; not for recognition

I miss my old friends, we won’t chill or speak

God has a plan for me, cause it’s him I seek

Assembling a team of precise, punctual professionals

I take control of every facility like correctional

My habitual states cater to mansions by the lake

I open up heavens gate, to move at a faster pace

Being busy is the only lifestyle I will enjoy

The benefits of being fiscally responsible and self-employed

I reminisce a lot about mistakes in the past

The newest Don, and I won’t be the last

I could be dead sober and put bullets through your head

Cut your body up, and laugh after your dead

But I prevent the beast from erupting

I focus on a fly vibe, with sensual seduction

I’m comfortable with being misunderstood

I’m one of a kind, I have no need to knock on wood

Solitude is a prerequisite for superior writing techniques

Haters energy I deplete, because my mission is complete

A true visionary with a perfectly crafted itinerary

Storyteller, captivating words that are the most literary

My hometown is a dark cloud full of jealousy

Locals going against the king is only selling me

My soul, heart, essence and passion bleeds ink everlasting

I paint pictures that don’t require a caption

I meet a lot of queens who hustle with supreme muscles

Their voices are sweet like chocolate truffles

Building an infrastructure that’s valuable like gold clusters

I excel off the excellence of strength I harness and muster

I created an empire that had no choice but to accumulate millions

Annihilating goals like true hustlers from Walkley and Fielding

Create A Path

I don’t have a writing notebook, I create stories from my mental

I write a descriptive outlook of the atmosphere, covering what’s essential

The maze tried to trap me, but I beat it

When I fell down, I only rose higher, I won’t be defeated

Haters try to bring me down like a waterfall

I’m concentrated on my literary journey, like the swish of a basketball

I’m going straight to the money, making no stops

Before I even started I knew I was going to be on top

Ladies Prism is coming to romance the world, graciously

The False Reality Of Martin devoured the literary scene, voraciously

Millions of copies sold on a digital scale

When the books were published, they were more popular than e-mails

The distribution deal took a lot of thinking and wise planning

I wasn’t going to let the industry rob me like cheap scamming

Hustle hard and follow your dreams; God will make it happen

In the worst of times I was happy and constantly laughing

The success was so close, it touched my lips

I loved the feeling like it was the sweetest kiss

I feel flattered that people see the need to show me fake love

Don’t try to talk business when we’re in the club

Asinine movements are what create stagnation

It’s a shame that most stand still and yearn for a vacation

I’ve been up all night writing, devoted to the page

I won’t be locked in a cage, cause I don’t act off of rage

I go hard at everything I do, I put my soul into it

These fools operate transparently, expecting you not to see through it

Sensational wordsmith, literary behemoth, business tycoon

I’m a giant like New York; tropical like typhoons

I have work in the vault, ready to be revealed

First: I’m just branding my company for public appeal

Marketing products so well they’re sold before creation

I’m going to travel on a promotional book tour across the nation