Brand Identity

Every brand has an identity, some stand out more than others, and I will explain why.

The logo is only regarded as the skin of your brand. What truly defines brand identity is the slogan that explains the essence of your brand.

Nike has a slogan that isn’t only known globally, but it’s a catchy phrase anyone can apply to their life: “Just Do It”.

Elegance is the backbone of a slogan.

Enrapture the consumer with words they can either relate to or apply. Anything that causes them to take action.

The most successful slogans are ones that embrace change, since change is our only constant in life.

Those who know you will purchase a product or service because they like you. But what will you do with those consumers who know nothing about?

How do you reel them in to become existing customers?

The answer isn’t as simplistic as it sounds: create an identity that builds an infrastructure for a solidified action that will change the consumers lifestyle in a positive manner.

The first sentence of your about page must be engaging. This is the only opportunity you conceive to turn a person into an existing customer.

Every word after the first sentence must build upon the entity you have created.

Show the consumer what sets you apart from other brands in your niche. Give them a definitive “why” they should invest their time and money with you, as opposed to another brand.

Creative copy can easily be the death of your brand. Write something that a seven year old could easily comprehend.

Allow someone who knows nothing about your brand, to enter into a world they feel like they are welcomed in, and can express themselves freely.

Brand identity is what leads to purchases and referral marketing, which is the most effective form of marketing on the planet.




Hustle Harder

I’m floating in the sky like an airplane,

The softness of the brisk wind has my spirit rearranged.

The luck of draw isn’t a philosophy I preach,

The amount of effort and dedication is what I teach.

Instigation, installation, invigorating illustrious imprints;

Paragraphs are flawless–with or without an indent.

Possessing a narrative that’s undeniably imperative,

I’m under the scope, working hard, something has to give.

I could write my books on toilet paper and make sales,

In order to be successful: you need to fail.

We need to rise up by the decisions we choose to make,

Stop blaming others for the scenario of your fate.

The gossip, backbiting, hatred, and envy,

Why are you focusing on what’s petty and trendy?

There’s no need for this confusion, they want us losing,

The labyrinth is set, so the spirit isn’t improving.

I broke the spell, burned out Satan in hell, got up when I fell;

These advertisements and videos are deception–can’t you tell?

Listen closely to what’s being said, and who said it,

Stop claiming you’re acquiring knowledge from Reddit.

My vision is above the ordinary individual,

I won’t concentrate on the negative that’s incredibly pitiful.

Contentment is found within yourself from specific attitudes,

Why are you addicted to dipping into the platitudes?

Many say God first, but that’s the devil talking treachery,

My words can get you higher than ecstasy.

Philanthropy is only sincere if the person believes in themselves,

Dispersing around expenses as a tax write off isn’t knowledge-of-self.

Don’t be fooled by the fake philanthropy, done in anonymity,

I have a lot of enemies plotting on the end of me.

Too bad all of their actions against me are completely futile,

I’m young, wild, with no weaknesses imbedded in my style.

Give up what doesn’t benefit you and watch your life change,

Seek the beauty of each droplet of rain.


I’m underground, beneath the concrete like the sewers;

These women are so fake, I see directly through her.

These rules apply to the men too, with their treachery;

Understand you won’t stop God from blessing me.

I’m ready to swing on anyone and knock them out flat;

My fists make an impact like running into steel bars, you rat.

Racks only make more racks, that’s a fact,

Investments are what will put you on top.

I’m dropping some brief financial knowledge;

Mental slavery needs to be abolished.

The creative process is daunting and demanding,

But it leads to a positive path of deeper understanding.

Tearing apart all of these fraudulent writers, only the real survive;

Selling books is all about running a smooth enterprise.

I work like I haven’t eaten a meal in five years,

I can expose the depths of your deepest fears.

I forgive myself everyday because we all make mistakes,

I push forward and ask for God’s grace.

When the rain pours down it makes me cosmic,

I touched the moon, and gave every word polish.

I’m a connected man, successful made mogul;

Even when I was down and out, I was incredibly hopeful.

I felt successful before the success arrived,

My soul derives from the illest tribe.

Haters try their best to infiltrate and connive,

But I’m a wise guy like Joe Pesci; future winner of the Nobel Prize.

I could jump into the pool and come out dry;

My style is tight like your necktie.

Applying pressure–my words have a refined texture,

I prefer to speak the truth, instead of living in conjecture.

Life has a funny way of working out when you’re disciplined,

I remisnice on the good, bad, ugly, and even my greatest sins.

The Power Of Success

I won’t pay for lust, cause there’s no trust

I devour the entire pie and savour the crust

I chase dreams that are determined and certain

Most people hate, they say you aren’t working

I made my own lane that has a global impact

You get paid from speaking the truth; that’s a fact

Surveying the land of preposterous intentions

I have hands of extension, holding death to its retention

Contentment is the main component invoking resentment

I pushed harder, to give my life more independence

Most are too frightened to live in a treacherous environment

In order to be truly successful: it’s an absolute requirement

The materialistic things associated with success is a mirage

Who cares about three luxury vehicles parked in the garage?

The bottom has you feeling consumed in a tomb

Evolution is about spreading your wings out of the cocoon

The money has been printed before your birth

The question is: are you going to give back to planet earth?

Everyone claims they want to be rich, but are afraid

I think peacefully, but will still cut you up with a blade

A positive outlook on life is like giving the blind sight

Disengage in plight, so you can start earning tonight

It takes years to build an empire, strategically

I hold down the castle, you just live egregiously

I just want the paper, and nothing else

The extra perks of finances can be bad for your health

Defeat only made my drive rise like a bee hive

Writing made me feel more alive than five

The creative juices were flowing like a faucet

Things I dreamt of buying, were resting in my pocket

People thought they could stop me, but were proved wrong

Before they found out where I was, I was already gone


I’m the supply chain, operating on a different plane

The key to this game is to stay true and never change

Circumstances get redirected because I’m infinitely respected

I laughed at the emails when I got rejected

The market is full of propaganda and dumb niches

I sell books that are sweeter than peaches

I’m relaxing on beaches, not worried about new releases

Money is made in my sleep–I drain energy out of these leeches

Why should the grind stop and be stagnant?

That’s for quitters; shoutout to all of my intelligent vagrants

I get recognition from overseas every single day I rise

Diligence and dignity doesn’t feed my feeble pride

I will never care what others think of me

I have every writer in back of me, I left them stinking, see?

I’m catching bodies on the page like a true sage

I could make it physical, but I elevate to another stage

Producing words until my the last breath exits my lungs

Watching closely, which words roll of my tongue

Enlightening the darkness, breaking Satan’s skull

My work is ethereal, you won’t ever believe it’s dull

Say what you please, you don’t bless me when I sneeze

I keep getting hotter like higher degrees

I take full responsibility for the actions I commit

I work out intensely, to stay fit

Hitting the mark, vicious like four sharks

I only became successful because I anticipated many larks

Book sales come easy like the push of a button

I’m always willing to share; I’m not a glutton

Surrendering is for the weak, whom are fearful of waging war

I protect what’s mine, and even the score

Faith is a weapon that holds a high cost

I don’t need to prove I’m a boss–most believe I’m lost

Breathing Success

I will tell the world the seven keys to being successful

This way: your life won’t be as stressful

Consistency, persistence, discipline, devotion, passion, fitness and health

God bestows blessings, but you need to expect the best from yourself

I blend in with the crowd, like a chameleon

But I still stand out, with a sealing grin

My fate has been captured, because I’m the master

I broke down the walls like tearing through plaster

Floating above the concrete, even when I’m not high

I see the undercover spies trying to buy and imply

The only product I’m selling is hope through poetry and novels

A huge celebration in the club, is when you see me popping bottles

I put my foot to the pedal and speed off

I may be a boss, but to bleed costs

Expenses that are preventable, so I get called soft

It’s really the opposite, cause I’m raiding tombs like Laura Croft

Why do you think my writing resides in another galaxy?

I ressurect the dead and make every vision my reality

Scotian Breeze is the movement, upholding principles and dignity

I’m signifying a spectacular dialect; I’m told to retire, you must be kidding me

My essence and style is addictive like cocaine

Breathing in my vernacular is revitalizing like cold rain

Jazz tunes are smooth and I intend to be smoother

The cops won’t understand how I maneuver in Vancouver

Nova Scotia is my home and will be the death of me

A billion dollar dynasty has been written and guaranteed in my destiny

Treasure Words, Collect Figures is the only publishing company truly moving

The numbers are substantial and on route to improving

These women out here try to steal my time, and distract my attention

My rentention and discipline is why you won’t get mentioned

Only queens can reserve time with the king

She has to be a hustler, under the umbrella of many rings

Sit Down

I would gladly have a civil sit down with politicians

however, they fear me and want my voice dead–that’s an odd position

my memory is locked within my subconscious thoughts

I already wrote a poem entitled that creating a brand new lot

infrastructure, buildings, and architecture are pleasing

without structure none of our memories would be worth ceasing

most hate me in the shadows because I bring real philosophy

watered down isn’t me; it has to be your lobotomy

unmatched like a book with no matches

I could hand you a book with zero matches giving you hot flashes

fire is what I write with the pen

ignition heavily heated–the cycle is ten

the real want to see me successful

could have had a traditional publishing deal, but I denied the addressable

a HarperCollins scout reached out to me

I looked at what was presented, they just wanted to show me a serving fee

would have made sure the money I made came right back to them

like a boomerang I’d come back and plow right through their sins

I’m not knocking anyone who wants to be traditionally published

we all have dreams; most of what I see is redundant

I make myself rise by my voice and words

King Of Nova Scotia, but I’ll leave you dusted on any curb

everything I write comes naturally, it’s just way too easy

that’s why so many hate cause they wish they could be me

concepts, creativity, message and substance

that isn’t practiced for anyone, it’s a covenant

all these devil worshippers are angry

they lose every time their around my presence, so they want to hang me

I’ve been asking for challengers, but nobody will step to the plate

I’ll grand slam, spank their asses, and then attend their wake