Top Commander

Success is only measured by happiness and bliss,

Captivated and smitten by your luscious kiss.

Sometimes we argue over silly incidents,

I never set out to hurt your temperament.

Transcendence is deep within the triumph of the human spirit,

Special genetic coding rest in the retina; visions are apparent.

My destiny excites me, taking over the publishing industry by storm,

I’m up at 3:00AM writing the next bestselling novel, you have been warned.

The devil whispers passages of evil, they are eradicated and ignored,

Always look ahead, don’t revert back to what you did before.

The present preserves the brilliance of your enlightened future,

Consistently swerving through all of the non-sense, I won’t be stopped by a trooper.

Verbally murdering authors every single time words are written,

The bodies are disposed in the dark, they are completely missing.

I’ve been homeless from sleeping in apartment lobbies to park benches,

Straight to the top is my prerogative, I’m rising directly out of the trenches.

When the stress hits my mental, I amalgamate all of my problems into goodness,

The flow I create has a heavenly appeal; it’s the antithesis of hood rich.

These novels are pure magic, they leave the women’s panties soaked,

Always believed in myself, I never possessed a single doubt.

The False Reality Of Martin will hold the number one spot for 17 consecutive weeks,

The stream-of-consciousness is captivating, compelling and utterly unique.

Millions of copies sold digitally is the first step in the direct direction,

Then they will proliferate when the paperback is released and promoted to perfection.

These prophecies are clear images stored in my subconscious,

The most high has instilled me with a holy spirit that’s responsive.

Research consumes the majority of my time, the grind has me exhausted,

Knowledge is applied, the wisdom provides a transformation like a prophet.

Happy people execute visions for the cause, instead of the effect,

Influence the network you create, aim to genuinely connect.

Self-control is a mastery that breeds discipline and determination,

The only path I’m on is the purity of devoted elevation.





Dominating The Game

Treasure Words Publishing is my first company of many ventures,

Independence gives me a hunger for more–a light thirst quencher.

Scotian Breeze is the movement, taking over the world by storm,

Every time I become scorching hot, haters claim I’m barely warm.

Found my soul mate; we understand each other comfortably and feel secure,

Felt like I knew her my entire life when we first met; I was absolutely sure.

Luscious Secrets Lingerie & Swimwear will lose money for years before reaching success,

Supply and demand are the keys that cause immense pain and stress.

Love the darkest hours when creating a new business model,

Investing with my own bread, so the world constantly follows.

Love for true queens, they’re more valuable than any materialistic object,

Prophetic tendencies within my writing, these things haven’t happened yet.

Rock bottom strengthened my character and empowered the depths of my soul,

Planting seeds in the dirt, digging through to the surface like a mole.

Signing a distribution deal for books that will make history,

Mysteriously captivated within the enigma of God’s greatest mystery.

Prayer is more powerful than our minds can even being to comprehend,

Creating and producing what’s heavenly, never following trends.

Reading through wicked manuscripts, difficult to find some nourishment,

Listening closely to the Lord’s admonishment, wrapped up in astonishment.

Dancing to the bank early in the morning, watching the sun rise gracefully,

Dropped out of school, so I could pay for my bachelor’s degree.

Only focused on what’s economically sound, wearing a blinding crown,

Smiling during the roughest times, there’s no time to frown.

Always writing another number one bestseller, the pen is in motion,

The False Reality of Martin and Ladies Prism will change the waves in the ocean.

Nothing will sell as successfully as my first two novels, always going worldwide,

Focused on benevolence and humility, I won’t be taken over by ego and pride.

My Nubian Queen always tells me what I need to hear, so I listen closely,

She knows more than any other human being knows about me.

Beyond humbled and gracious for her presence in my life,

I’m praying that one day I will make her a happy wife.


Waking up in the morning is stupendous, utterly tremendous,

The writing is splendid; only around spirits that are kindred.

Carrying books in duffle bags across town; legal money is silent,

Even what’s illegal, usually doesn’t result in violence.

The False Reality of Martin will sell millions of copies digitally,

Literary awards, life changing interviews; speaking on my personal story to the epitome.

God brought a black queen into my life; who holds me down heavy,

Nobody can break us apart, throw us any problem, and we’re ready.

Used to write articles and make nothing; now all I see is money coming,

Started from rock bottom, towards the top is where I’m running.

Peering into her soul when I look in her eyes, the sight is magnificent,

Everyday we speak about God’s goodness and vow to repent.

Different day, same grind, the words are flowing continuously,

These readers are addicted, the only way to move is strenuously.

If I wanted you dead, it would cost me absolutely nothing, but I worship peace,

Enemies backed off their men in front of me, because I’m a beast.

The only way to advance is to try and perfect my flaws,

My hold is so tight on my baby, you’d assume I have claws.

Too much time has went into this writing profession, there’s no stopping it,

Landing every strike effortlessly; laughing at the moments that are innocuous.

She won’t leave or cheat on me no matter what you wish,

Mess with her and you’ll be getting to know fish; no dish.

Every word crafted is a bullet inside an enemies head,

Accountable for your actions, so stop sleeping in bed.

Receptive to every individual, but I rarely listen,

Sedition is my position, just ask my purest intuition.

If you ask who run’s the province they will say a lot of names,

But truthfully: I will become the ruler, there’s no time for games.

She will be right beside me when I cash in off hustling books,

I told her she’s stuck with me, and I truly believe it’s the best look.

The grind won’t stop. Check out my article:¬†Seven Anti-aging Foods For Longevity You Must Know


The False Reality of Martin will be stuck inside your brain,

Surpassing every author; similar to The Girl on The Train.

Ladies Prism will follow, shattering romantic embrace,

Stop supporting whack author’s; they’re a disgrace.

The written word is like my secret elixir, emitting more light than a fixture,

Blasian legend; targeted threat–a passionate, lethal mixture.

Only one remains A1 since day one, the hatred and jealousy continues,

I smell the envy in the air at every venue, you’re just more food on the menu.

You either have to cut off the cancer or murder people underground,

Either way, I exit unscatched, and continue laughing at you clowns.

The truth hurts, so what I write offends the weakest,

Islamic logic that can blow a disbeliever into pieces.

Working ahead of my time because the future matters,

My queen is becoming badder, she’ll shoot out like a bad bladder.

Truthfully: violence doesn’t create any resolute solutions,

Impossible to mess the king up, experiencing remarkable evolution.

Writing the genesis, you won’t see the end of it,

Outliving my most ruthless enemies–astonishing penmanship.

Overwhelming any vicinity, snakes act like friends to me,

Politicians say I’m a troublemaker, more deception spewed out by the industry.

Snitches are forbidden from contaminating my environment,

I’ll stop writing fiction for a couple of years, then come out of retirement.

Treasure Words Publishing is a literary goldmine, take that,

The only thing written down is pure, syndicated facts.

Far from a capitalist, but I want it all, even when I fall,

The footage I produce is always uncut and raw.

Winning takes confidence, courage and charisma,

I always knew I was going to make it, prepared to deliver.

Everything is hard hitting, the government fears my position, they hear my roar;

Turning down deals, investing in agriculture, land and real estate; hotter than the earth’s core.

Street credibility is the loyalty I cherish the most–character and honor

Everyday I get hotter and become a little bit calmer.



Most authors have a nine-to-five after their books see success,

I’m making writing my career, pushing hard to be the best.

When The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism launch they will explode,

International bestsellers is the truth that is told.

As time progresses they will only become more authentic,

An indelible mark on the world that will be reprinted.

Reaching above the stars, clinching the moon tightly,

The only methodology for my words to shine brightly.

I never let the devil fool me, so he can ignite me,

Low profile on these streets; watching your moves, you better tread lightly.

There’s nobody quite like me, I’ll knock you out if you fight me,

It’s all love, keeping my spirit down is highly unlikely.

You can feel the pain depicted in these words,

Haunted days turned into dreadful nights out on the curb.

The top is the only place I’m working towards, that’s my word,

Most people think that I’m absurd; they chirp like birds.

Caring what someone thinks about you is a weak road,

Disloyalty is snitching in all forms, I follow the street code.

Laugh at the people who stress about what doesn’t matter,

I’m the next up, outside the box like a batter.

Recharging energies like batteries, penetrating mental cavities,

Creating witty analogies, learning from my fallacies.

The first thing I do in the morning is write down something supreme,

The blank page revewals all of my wildest dreams.

Building writers up, then breaking them down is the regime,

Going hard, even when the negative energy tries to intervene.

Worrying is useless; all it does is cause a major sickness,

Moving with the swiftness, gaining muscle mass is the definition of fitness.

If you aren’t inspiring others, then I won’t spend time with you,

The only way to build with me is to keep it official.

Blessings only appear from the work you put in daily,

Naps increase productivity, they never fail me.

Higher Vibrations

Visions high above the ordinary thinker; my name rings bells,

Enemies smile in my face, tell me peace, they sense my intel.

Prepared for war at all times, dietary habits, exercise is refined,

Financially inclined to manage father time, uplifting the blind.

Ginger, garlic, carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, and peanut butter,

Naming a few healthy selections that keep me on my toes like a runner.

A lot of people only know how to speak of others in a negative passion,

Satan is a divine evil who creeps around the earth in a timely fashion.

Either you put God first or never believe in the revelations given,

Faith is the only path towards sustainability and better living.

We have all wasted time participating in frivolous activities,

Arrogance is believing in falsehood; a dangerous proclivity.

Seeing success for myself is like breathing,

Open up your mind and realize the blessings you’re receiving.

Business is about reaching negotiations, finding an understanding,

Walking out in a calm manner if you don’t get what you’re demanding.

Insightful outlook on the status of the world; the system is corrupted,

Changed up my plans, salacious women will always be seductive.

Telephone thugs act tough, but wouldn’t hurt a soul,

They are the ones who got beat down and told.

Catching me off guard isn’t possible, I see beyond horizons,

Jumping into the unknown; new experiences I dive in.

Executing your passion for free is a long-term financial investment,

The genesis of wealth in abundance; read the New Testament.

Leaving the block by foot is the only option, prepared to transform,

I’m like a rainbow that appears in the sky after a storm.

Reading, writing, cuisine, the depths of my dreams,

Organic business ventures; sixteen hour workdays to feed my team.

I only wish the absolute best for people and hope they succeed,

Helping others feeds the soul; there’s no time for greed.

The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism will change the planet,

Universal messages, truth serum, prose morbid and romantic.


Time is limited but money is limitless,

Improving every time I touch the blank page, my words are profound and intricate.

This month is bringing insurmountable blessings, with sublime lessons,

Concentrating on making the best first impressions every session.

I sacrificed my life for this writing regime,

All of my hard work is finally reaping dividends, grinding to the extreme.

Attuned and apprised about the streets, but won’t see defeat,

I plan on paying my authors first, they’re the flagship of my fleet.

Every author has to fall back, the top is mine,

The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism surpasses groundbreaking and divine.

Rediscovered my soul on the page, made it my enlightened stage,

We all feel rage, but mine is controlled and precise like a gauge.

Serious business is going down, only my head wears the crown,

Nicest in my province, I like how that sounds.

The amount of opportunities that I’ve been seeing is pure liberation,

Cherishing the children, all I have is love for the next generation.

Everything I’ve ever written reflects my life; past, present, or future,

Society is a mess with these vigilante shooters.

I’ve been so broke I couldn’t eat or pay the bills, constantly twitching, receiving chills,

Never been this focused, treating writing like I’m pitching pills.

God will give you everything you pray for if you work towards it,

I’m living proof, style so gorgeous, the ladies adore it.

Murder, drugs, sex, and money are the desires and motives,

I see through all of this deception, the oppressors won’t sugar coat it.

The media produces propaganda, with a striking headline,

Once it catches your attention, they just manipulated every thought on your mind.

Supplying our countries with unlimited firearms and weaponry,

Teaching us to hate, envy, kill; depleting our energy, promoting lethargy.

Most people wake up in the mornings and are already dead,

I just explained the process and conditions, they obliterate your head.

If it isn’t about truth, justice, peace, love, and positive thoughts it doesn’t concern me,

I’m influencing the globe tremendously, examining my journey.

The industry picks and chooses who they want in the public eye,

Comments, likes, views, and subscribers don’t determine revenue supply.

Stop being fooled by the layers of deception these bankers plant,

Masquerading as philanthropists, reciting an evil chant.

The ritual is sickening, I hope you’re listening,

Working hard is my motto before being entertained by what’s interesting.

The attention span is so short now they distract you with games,

Visuals of a virtual reality rotting your brain, but nobody complains.

Dissecting the culture as it’s meant to be presented,

Love your own body, don’t chase after these physiques that are drugged and augmented.


Striving on overdrive, like a punctured body trying to survive,

Yes men are dead men, roaming the earth, acting like they’re alive.

The past doesn’t move anyone, so why look back?

Reflection to see how far you’ve come are written facts.

Regrets are ordained to those who care about what others think,

Trying to please others, worrying about senselessness; poison in their drink.

The vain of their existence is dwindling on the brink,

You could strap an anchor to me and I won’t sink.

Legend like Zelda games, without the presence of Link,

Entrancing, advancing, making the impossible happen between every blink.

Taking over the writing world is only the beginning of my destiny,

Nobel Peace Prize in Literature will be mine–God keeps blessing me.

Silent readership spanning the globe in every single continent,

Every word is perpetually dominant, the quintessence of prominent.

Continue buying reviews and purchasing your own books, this is tradition,

I’m ending the conventional publishing notions, facilitating a pure transition.

Economically administrating and demonstrating the meaning of every dollar,

Surpassing all of the literary scholars, surrounded by vixens and the ballers.

Heaven captured my heart, patiently waiting on my triumphant return,

This is a worldwide frenzy, constantly executing new ways to earn.

Compelling, intriguing, captivating underground king; articulate stories,

Shakespearean essence consumed inside greatness and allegory.

The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism are coming soon,

The mission of expedition is taking the sun, stars, and the moon.

The top is the only place I truly belong like a number one song,

Even when I’m ready to kill, my disposition remains calm.

All of this fake love is comedic, iron sharpens iron, you’re anemic,

When you work hard to win, the haters claim you cheated.

Creating my own doors, opening up when opportunity knocks,

Let me reiterate my publishing persona, I’m going straight to the top.

It’s a shame when you receive more support outside your own city,

But I’m beloved by the most influential, powerful people–forever gritty.


The Expansion

Aim to be esoteric, instead of cherishing the generic,

Thoughts are powerful, the heavens can hear it.

All of my words get reiterated like a parrot,

Fuel your body with colorful foods, like sweet potatoes and carrots.

Do your research in order to seek the truth,

Facts don’t appear out of thin air, you need to find the proof.

The False Reality Of Martin has been written for years,

The relaunch is a million dollar goldmine with no fears.

Uplift a person’s spirit before you choose to harm their emotions,

Mixing ingredients together like a potion, mind remains open.

Poetic verses full of emeralds, the truest general,

Prose dense like nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

This world of information everything comes into the light,

Darkness descends in succession, relieving the value of your sight.

Passion is the only element which truly pays dividends,

You won’t find anything more superior or equivalent.

The vehicle of success is built off strong wheels and pistons,

Accelerating into a new dimension, soak in the knowledge and listen.

The anticipation of antipathy is being acclaimed critically,

Basking in the spotlight, soaking the sun up in Italy.

Secret plans are what command the land, the concept expands,

Manifest wisdom to gain the upper hand, acquiring what I command.

Silence of the mind is a divine grind like the antioxidants in red wine,

Accurate, sublime, beyond fine, the only constant is changes through time.

The future holds no apprehension, just the grace of God’s extension,

Reviving new levels of comprehension like the formation of interventions.

Life has so much to offer and be happy about, choose your route,

Even during a flood, the optimistic continue to stay afloat.

The beauty of art is a from of expression that can be coined expressionless,

Turn away from pursuing your dreams and that’s when depression hits.

Everyone is blessed, but you need to work for your blessings,

Sins can be converted into important lessons, you’re reading my confessions.

So High

Stopped seeing the ground a long time ago,

Forced myself to work harder and grow.

Balling so hard you won’t cross me,

I can see the hate clearly like political hypocrisy.

High as the clouds resting peacefully in the sky,

Parallel to the heavens like I’m ready to die.

Looking down on all of the conjecture and deception,

Laughing at the miserable, they chose the wrong direction.

You’ll never see me paying for protection,

Honest and straight up like a raging erection.

The written word is taken seriously like a religion,

Canadian mogul, making wise decisions, imagining larger visions.

Hunger calls my name, squatting and pushing to enlarge my frame,

Most of y’all move the same, losing at the same game.

The height of my intelligence is higher than what you believe,

What I do scares most, the grind is so dangerous, full of intrigue.

The prices of oil and gas fluctuate like the volatility of precipitation,

Stop being satisfied with degradation, focus on sublime innovation.

Critically acclaimed isn’t an accolade in my eyes,

Just another result from receiving reviews, before I die.

There’s going to be a moment of silence when my books hit the scene,

The False Reality Of Martin and Ladies Prism are eternally supreme.

Encouraging my enemies who act like friends to me,

Tough and gritty down to the bone, fulfilling my divine duty.

People tell other’s they want God to make things easy for them,

But I’d rather be tested; what comes hard will last, this is proven.

Nobody grinds harder than me on the blank page,

Other’s may put more hours in, but I’m positioned on a higher stage.

Efficient and productive, I’m never self-destructive,

Analyzing all criticism, listening closely to what’s constructive.

The will in my eyes catches you by surprise, because I’m wise,

Pinpointing the fraudulent characters, laughing at all of the lies.

The street’s doesn’t love anyone, even if you’re scraping up crumbs,

Bread is broken between the index finger and thumbs.

Get your gun license, if you aren’t marked as an outlaw,

Killer combos, lightning jabs, switching it up like I’m southpaw.

All dog’s need to eat; no matter their position on the food chain,

Making it rain throughout the pain, made her scream before she came.