Top Commander

Success is only measured by happiness and bliss,

Captivated and smitten by your luscious kiss.

Sometimes we argue over silly incidents,

I never set out to hurt your temperament.

Transcendence is deep within the triumph of the human spirit,

Special genetic coding rest in the retina; visions are apparent.

My destiny excites me, taking over the publishing industry by storm,

I’m up at 3:00AM writing the next bestselling novel, you have been warned.

The devil whispers passages of evil, they are eradicated and ignored,

Always look ahead, don’t revert back to what you did before.

The present preserves the brilliance of your enlightened future,

Consistently swerving through all of the non-sense, I won’t be stopped by a trooper.

Verbally murdering authors every single time words are written,

The bodies are disposed in the dark, they are completely missing.

I’ve been homeless from sleeping in apartment lobbies to park benches,

Straight to the top is my prerogative, I’m rising directly out of the trenches.

When the stress hits my mental, I amalgamate all of my problems into goodness,

The flow I create has a heavenly appeal; it’s the antithesis of hood rich.

These novels are pure magic, they leave the women’s panties soaked,

Always believed in myself, I never possessed a single doubt.

The False Reality Of Martin will hold the number one spot for 17 consecutive weeks,

The stream-of-consciousness is captivating, compelling and utterly unique.

Millions of copies sold digitally is the first step in the direct direction,

Then they will proliferate when the paperback is released and promoted to perfection.

These prophecies are clear images stored in my subconscious,

The most high has instilled me with a holy spirit that’s responsive.

Research consumes the majority of my time, the grind has me exhausted,

Knowledge is applied, the wisdom provides a transformation like a prophet.

Happy people execute visions for the cause, instead of the effect,

Influence the network you create, aim to genuinely connect.

Self-control is a mastery that breeds discipline and determination,

The only path I’m on is the purity of devoted elevation.






I’m ready to eat you alive just to survive,

I’m going all in until I meet my demise.

The wolf leading the pack, speaking facts;

A warrior whose sharper than needle and tacks.

I lost count how many times I thought about a homicide,

You won’t take anything from me, I have too much honor and pride.

I feel like I’m one step away from death or the penitentiary;

Producing philosophy that’s building the next century.

I’m a psycho who will tear anyone apart,

I’m a cool man, with a cold heart.

Blessings are bestowed every single day of existence,

Greatness is only achieved by undeniable commitment.

Success won’t appear without the element of failure;

Suits wouldn’t be suitable without a tailor.

Reminiscent on times when I had street money in my hands,

The land was treacherous, the devil is a liar who demands.

God commands souls to walk a path of righteousness,

But the majority never repent; meandering minds claiming lifeless gifts.

I talk to myself when I’m alone for expert advice,

My writing is a delight to entice a priceless right.

Which is the liberation and freedom of independence,

You need to be animalistic to render transcendence.

Love the way you move, talk, walk, and believe,

You will be the center of everyone’s intrigue.

The intangible statistics truly make a difference,

But if you can’t express it in numbers, they wipe it out of existence.

Cheap isn’t better, it’s just a method to embrace the storm,

I make hearts warm, positive energy is what forms.

Fake love is despicable, imposters only produce the reciprocal,

I’m a rarity, not so typical, you can tell by how the blood flows through my ventricles.

A genuine person has it a lot harder than a faker,

But the bread rises rapidly like a baker.