If it isn’t lucrative, I’m not getting involved,

Stepping up for my brothers to get conflicts absolved.

Street heat, we can put you six feet, but we come in peace,

Beasts inside our anatomy, but we are angels of God that’s ethereal speak.

Linguistically, rearranging entropy, challenging is elementary,

Your calls are rudimentary, we won’t fall another century.

Taking you back to West Africa, the mother land,

We traded jewels of gold and minerals with Japan.

Got involved in scams, hustled out of a jam,

Honor is all we know, gaining the upper hand.

Fearful of the takeover, I see it,

But truthfully you better get used to me; nobody is shooting me.

Bringing back where it belongs, for all our brothers who are gone,

Staying positive, loving life, back and forth like it’s pingpong.

Traveling the world, hitting up Hong Kong,

Philosophical alchemy, the account is smooth like a jazz song.

Financial wizardry, creating masterpieces off epiphanies,

These demons aren’t getting me, my vision is above antipathy.

Preposterous with the words, spreading my wings like a bird,

I know you think it’s absurd, but I’m uniting nations that’s my word.

Papoose of the writing world, I shoot ’em up,

Throwback behind the mirror of time, adapt, change, and refine.

Concentrate, focus, build, tenacity uprooting, tearing up the field,

Only seeking an astronomical dividend yield, my mind is healed.

Invincible, I bet you thought it was impossible to be unstoppable,

Penetrating the marketplace, got it cornered, life is comical.

Laughing at the weaklings, what I say is probable,

Rising above expectations, every move is plausible.

People hate hearing the truth, they would rather live a lie,

Lost within themselves, due to foolish pride.

I speak about the negative side, to expose their treachery,

I have love for everyone, but I only let royalty stand next to me.



The world is made up of delicate, revolutionary particles,

Read in-between the lines, when researching articles.

Beauty doesn’t lie in the flesh, the entity is intangible,

Fill your body with junk and become an animal.

Large doors are about to open like entering a castle,

Unchained by the shackles, forbidden fruit isn’t an apple.

The blues is something everyone can relate to,

Challenges are the only way to facilitate a breakthrough.

Writing like a conducted symphony, prepared for entropy,

The only method of publishing is with intensity.

Tough talking is known for its contemptuous mocking,

Examining the content, before the consideration of blocking.

Creation is a pathway towards discovery and invention,

Enhancing your spirit is the finest process of ascension.

Pain doesn’t stifle, it can be used as a weapon like a rifle,

Delightful notes memorized, like the performance of a recital.

Concentrating on what you want is accomplished by action,

Fill your mind with happiness, the law of attraction.

Authentic writing is like the supplication of prayer,

But put it in the wrong hands, and your days become grayer.

Looking at statistics and believing them is a personal choice,

But not all numbers add up, stand up; have your own voice.

We grow gradually, even if we produce exponentially,

Mastered the complex and rudimentary, evading the penitentiary.

Miracles happen every day, but nothing is ever given,

Angels are the watermark that your vision has risen.

Fearing death means you aren’t making the most out of a moment,

The deception is captured when you aren’t fulfilling your omens.

Negative energy makes me laugh; writing memorable like an epitaph,

Structuring my life into a mathematical demonstration like a graph.

Writing a book is like solving a puzzle; full of discovery,

Excavating the depths of who you are–depicting a short summary.







Avoiding every altercation, like I’m relaxing on vacation,

My vision is above limitations, the freedom of creation.

Valuing gossip and degradation isn’t plausible mitigation,

Penetration of truth, spiraling into the next generation.

Every particle of knowledge is written in books, receive the invitation,

Desecration has become an accepted way of leading nations.

Democracy isn’t a choice; it’s promoted for identification,

Voting is already spoken for, they just want your registration.

Promises are broken, these crooks aren’t submitting to resignation,

HAARP controls the weather, the magnitude of earthquakes are a demonstration.

Speaking the truth, expelling light, holding the torch, strengthening relations,

How long are minds going to stay asleep, accepting this devastation?

Poetic soul, mastered prose, superior storyteller, delving into litigation;

Born for luxurious living, unlike cows, who are forced into insemination.

Expressing the impressions accurately, blessed with articulation,

Writing under the rays of sun; shining because of the moons participation.

Revisionist history is distorting the patterns of what actually happened,

The alarm clock doesn’t have to go off, directing this ship like a captain.

Once you start what’s meant, you won’t stop until the grave,

Embracing the genuine, money shouldn’t make you a modern day slave.

Descending down upon these writers like an avalanche,

You won’t move me out of my stance unless I decide to dance.

Every word written is enhanced, the definition of advanced,

These are thoughts on the back of my mind, you’re entranced.

Orchestrating events like the conductor of a symphony,

Overpowering all of the haters with every tremendous epiphany.

You can’t pay for generosity, loyalty, ambition, and humility,

If you don’t possess these attributes, I assume you’re plotting on killing me.

But the plan is useless, the devil is powerless among giants,

Following guidelines and rules isn’t my prerogative; call me defiant.

Pedigree: unknown entity, a real G, the best things come in threes,

Snitches get destroyed and delivered like a structured plea.


Laser Focus

Civility in any facility, manifesting pure virility,

Awakening abilities, moving wisely with agility.

Confidence and humility is a lucid ability,

Godfather of writing prose and poetry, I’m the epitome.

Loving those who hate, depending on God’s fate,

Charging higher rates, always on time, never late.

Fame, jewelry, luxury vehicles, and mansions don’t impress me,

Only involved with dreamy imaginations, that’s sexy.

Breaking through barriers, studying the exterior,

Investing in idea’s that are superior.

Stop giving in to wasting finances on useless cosmetics,

Eat healthy, work out, stop making excuses and being pathetic.

Nobody cares about your lack of motivation,

You must remain positive under the scorn of degradation.

Losing sleep, chasing dreams like hustlers should,

Superstitions are manipulations, making you knock on wood.

Making a killing in business requires a calm disposition,

Taking losses personally won’t initiate a tremendous transition.

Waiting is needed, but increase your work ethic in the mean time,

I’m only getting warmed up, ten years away from grazing my prime.

Clarity in these words, they are sharp like a blade,

Teaching on a global scale how to behave.

Riding wave after wave, hopping on better stages,

Leveling up is the only way to stay out of cages.

Evil comes first with vengeance and anger,

Appreciating the moments of peace and canter.

Demand more from yourself and command respect,

You can predict a vision, but won’t see what’s next.

People waste their time texting frivolous messages,

Feeding their sins, growing a proceeding precipice.

Popularity is something I had since preschool,

There’s a lot to learn, but you can’t teach cool.

The Angles Of Angels

These men claim their kings, but they’re only peasants,

Pawns on the chess board, moving backwards thinking it’s pleasant.

One night stands aren’t something I participate in,

Had too many in the past, punishment reigned down for my sins.

Cautious around these snakes and heathens,

Powerful and respected because I won’t stop believing.

Karmic retribution isn’t a path to evolution,

The boomerang of life is shocking like electrocution.

Erupting like a volcano this summer,

Moving through the plight, staying undercover.

Illuminating the darkness like a campfire,

I can make a body disappear like The Wire.

Floating within the stars like a satellite,

Vision is enormous, I’ll never be the average type.

Buying into gossip is naive and idiotic,

Creating the impossible, prepared by a prophet.

Giving back is what matters the most,

Who cares about showing off, you need to pay the cost.

Golden drive shining like diamonds; ambition with perfect timing,

Capitalizing heavily off every book signing.

Futuristic depictions rendering unmatched fiction,

The best novelist alive; full of controversy and friction.

Plant ideas and watch the seeds sprout,

Undeniable clout, I never had any doubts.

Satan tried to take me out but failed miserably,

All he does is try to smile in my vicinity.

Stay alert, make plans, and put them into action,

Fame sucks, it becomes difficult to maintain traction.

Shadow boxing, timed sprints, enhancing my cardiovascular,

Precise, witty vernacular, you never met someone this spectacular.

Writing gold is all I know how to do,

Every author is underneath my prose like the bottom of a shoe.


This writing isn’t about me or my aspirations,

I share my experiences with you to teach generation’s.

I stopped attempting to motivate people who are living lies,

They’re so blinded by deception, they won’t even try.

Most people become engulfed under a curse,

Always worrying about nothing, continuously expecting the worst.

Nobody can bring me down or strip my crown,

I won’t paint the town red, I’ll paint it brown.

There’s a fine line between self-love and narcissism,

I believe in independence to implement nepotism.

Ignorant people are arrogant it’s apparent,

We’re all unaware of something, getting locked in the interference.

This world is cold, heartless, and treacherous,

But even beautiful outcomes derive from a deficit.

News and radio are full of propaganda and scripts,

But there are special individuals who show their gifts.

Trust your soul, follow your heart and pursue your destiny,

Getting high on life is the purest form of ecstasy.

Making a killing means you’re deading off the competition,

I’m never comfortable with what I have, you feel it in my prepositions.

I survive alone, build a home, you hear it in these poem’s,

I’m everywhere like Google Chrome, I built my empire on my own.

My vision is high above what most people think,

Determination and perseverance behind my essence, so I won’t sink.

I don’t care about your ten dollar conversations,

I’m only speaking about ideas, creativity, and innovation.

This life is a gift, but I care about what happens after,

I plan on leaving this world at peace and with laughter.

The believers have it tough, so I work harder;

When you’re asleep, I’m passing through bills like charter.

My imagination is what creates my reality,

I have confidence so clear, it impales the depths of actuality.