Where I Belong

Dropped out of college, I was finished like Kanye,

Sipping whisky, alternating between drinks, pass the Bombay.

My parents worked too hard for me to fail at life,

Literary success is one dimension of my grind, bosed up, started soaring to new heights.

They told me I needed a degree to succeed in life,

But the truth is I’ve surpassed those who didn’t understand my plight.

Diplomas, degrees, and certificates are only credentials,

Life experience is essential, the irreplaceable element that’s quintessential.

Working for a manager who doesn’t value your wellbeing,

Open up your eyes, realize the deception you’re seeing.

I wasn’t born to be treated like another number on the stat sheet,

Everything that’s labelled as impossible I reach.

I’m a hopeful dreamer, compassionate, deeply romantic,

Witty remarks leave you feeling jubilant, life just expanded.

Book tours across the province, exploring the nation,

Even hit spots overseas, time for a celebration.

Public speaking became another method to inspire,

Attended conferences and seminars, showed the audience the means to comfortably retire.

Words are powerful tools with knowledge behind them,

Wisdom is the only way to rise up, the necessity for surviving.

Get out of your own way, escape what doesn’t matter,

The more your mind focuses on the negativity, you only become madder.

Caring about what doesn’t need your energy is insufficient,

Seeing the brighter side of life is the divine difference.

Taking one positive element out of your day is all that counts,

The amount isn’t measured by the ounce.

Accurately on target like an arrow, invoking joy like a Christmas Carol,

I’m looking fly in off-brand or designer apparel.

Uplifting entrenched communities, earning to give back,

The assets and finances are temporary comforts, that’s a fact.

We own our thoughts, honor, dignity, and integrity,

Radiating with positive energy, repelling treachery, knocking out lethargy.



Spending sleepless nights on the blank page,

Preparing to rise out of the dungeon, creating a bright stage.

Snitches tell it all to everyone, the cops are only as good as their informants,

Words glide with the breeze, but any dirt about me is dormant.

The streets doesn’t love anyone, just speaking on past experiences,

Judging individuals off their appearance is the devil’s interference.

Prison isn’t designed for anyone, praying for all the real one’s incarcerated,

The future means I’m leaving numerous industries dominated.

Stop believing in myths that are propagated, they leave families desecrated.

The breakdown of any dynamic, results in addictions that need to be alleviated.

Innocent children get food taken off their plate,

Watch their parent’s get decapitated, and can’t attend a wake.

Speaking the truth on what occurs in this cold, cold world,

But love overpowers any foolish action or quarrel.

The problem derives from ingrained obeisance,

Bowing down to a man’s wishes is ignorant and blatant.

Fitting in doesn’t create trends, it just gives you more fake friends,

I’ve forgiven weaklings a long time ago, there’s no need to make amends.

Relentless pursuits of curiosity, constructed properly,

Thoroughbred for life; decimating beef and gaining broccoli.

The top means there’s no flat days on your agenda,

Surpassing the expectations of any contender.

Backing up the foundation of creation is the crafts relation,

There’s never any imitation for this generation, accept the invitation.

Name a writer who’s exciting as I; all of the rules I defy,

Only cowards are afraid to die; intelligence doesn’t need to comply.

Essentially, possess a propensity lethal like an infantry,

There isn’t an accurate measurement for my intensity.

Composed, collected, respected; lost count of the times I’ve been rejected,

The best connected, logic is detected–Nova Scotia is resurrected.

Poisonous venom within the teeth of the infected,

Biting into a bitter fruit is how you leave yourself neglected.


Dreams are created to be chased, fate is determined,

But free will is the only reason why winners are earning.

Haters smile in your face, act like family; it’s a disgrace,

How can hatred and insecurities establish a stronger human race?

Posterity is imperative, listen closely to my literary narrative,

Become your own light, every action you take is operative.

My soul is awakened, rising up and taking what’s mine,

The crown has been written to be placed on my head, so divine.

The harder times are the more hopeful I become,

Darkness subsides after struggling, shining bright like the sun.

Words locked in the chamber; they only exit under comfort and danger,

It’s a shame when you need to go alone, and get more love from strangers.

Praying for all the true believers locked up, the kids indentured by prostitution,

Whatever the provocation, I act accordingly and find a solution.

Bright future with a team full of bosses and soldiers,

A queen to build with exponentially, so we can grow older.

Professional, underground, and international connections,

Making the stars shine for my empowerment of the world is the only direction.

Hard work on the blank page, writing outside the box, evading the cage,

Creating an ethereal stage, forcing all of my enemies to disengage.

Smoking sour, skunk, kush, and haze, entering a new phase,

Writing the next chapter; calm disposition, precise rage.

I don’t have any other choice but to get it, like a case acquitted,

Putting Nova Scotia on the map like a Yankee fitted.

Rough times only make you stronger, powerful and integral,

Generosity, ambition, loyalty and compassion running through my ventricles.

The greatest writer to ever grace planet earth, I know what I’m worth,

Even flowers are required to spend a segment of its time buried in dirt.

Millions flowing in on a monthly basis, I’m speaking about the future,

Book sales is a fragment of my entrepreneurial spirit; soul beyond super.

False prophets get praised for their artistic satire,

All they can say is how real they are, but I’m here to make all of them retire.

Climbing Stairs

I would rather live under the threat of death and danger,

Instead of being lost inside a vortex, treating myself as a stranger.

You couldn’t even step on my staircase, I swear on my life,

Knocking all authors off the ladder, you reread my words with delight.

Operating off sublime intuition, logical propositions,

Business orientated, treating words like recipes in the kitchen.

Its all love here, all I smell is fear; floating on a tear,

My essence is rare, capturing stares, hidden plans in the lair.

Pain and suffering is only a factor of true success,

Even when I’m asleep, I don’t rest.

Always contemplating on every move, willing to improve,

Fruits and vegetables enhance my mood; prepared to lose.

Everyone takes a loss once in awhile, but my wins keep me in style,

Overpowering the blank page, every time I write you smile.

Respect the process, tell an intriguing story with allegory,

Looking down on all of these authors from the observatory.

Biologically, the nucleolus of my work is a commodity,

Hitting the jackpot on every word like I won the lottery.

The hunger won’t subsist, determined to prove my gifts,

When the trumpet sounds, I will reside in bliss.

Leaving a legacy that enhances the culture,

Staying close to God like I live by the altar.

Praying for the innocent children entrenched in poverty,

All of the violence, senselessness, and celebrated monotony.

Spirituality is enlightenment and strengthening of the soul,

Religiosity is being serious, even when your life is darker than coal.

The abyss won’t be missed like the time I broke my wrist,

Find your passion and make the leap of faith, I insist.

Taking risks only made my life better,

But they were strategically thought out for days in different conditions of weather.

Officially meticulous, accurate, honorable and promiscuous,

Admitting my flaws, but they won’t make me precipitous.

Empowered Visions

Imagination isn’t overactive, just rapid,

Lucid and placid, burning authors like acid.

On top of my game, fully mastered,

The view from the ocean is classic.

Persevering through the hunger pains

Writing is done from a place of passion, not for fame.

Creating lanes acquires you disdain

See the truth, people call you insane.

Events happen when they need to,

Scripts on the table, examining the read through.

Honesty is the best policy,

There aren’t any acts, so the world acknowledges me.

Guys are lost chasing women, messing up their money,

Sacrificing their business demands; this isn’t funny.

Appreciating even the bleakest moments,

Living in the present, ready to own it.

Certified with words, you need to earn it,

Channelling stories that are hotter than a furnace.

Messing with frauds will get you robbed,

Connected under the radar like the mob.

Rules aren’t always meant to be adhered,

Most people won’t take a risk because their scared.

Women are choosing mean over Facebook and Instagram,

If I don’t meet you in person, then you won’t cross my land.

Comprehending signals, seeing the invisible,

Keeping my eyes open, avoiding conditions that are critical.

Winning doesn’t make you divisible,

It only enhances the intensity of the visuals.

I’m out for all of the cream and the custard,

Growing crops and planting seeds like mustard.

Punishing the haters, non-believers, enemies, and uninspired,

Planning to get anything I desire long before I’m retired.

Fighting And Rising

Kush rushing through my lungs, higher than the sky,

There’s a lot of money out here, you need to fight for your piece of the pie.

I’m spending the crust, investing the filling,

Receiving visions better than who I am because I’m willing.

Landing jabs, hammering down lethal combinations,

Crafting words that accelerate into a realm of scintillation.

Never trust anyone, don’t underestimate people,

At the end of the road we are all equal.

Showing what belief and having big dreams can do,

Making the devil powerless, all of the lies I can see through.

A lot of people counted me out, they thought I wouldn’t succeed,

Fervor in the heart of these words, you need to bleed.

The struggle only makes you stronger, builds up tolerance,

Defending what’s mine, attacking hard on offense.

Taking a loss only means victory is on the horizon,

Prepared for war, life is consistent so there’s nothing surprising.

Satisfaction is the death of ambition, never satisfied,

Caring deeply about the value of family ties.

Everybody deserves to eat well, live in security and enjoy peace,

But tranquility has a price to pay, you need to conquer the beast.

Happiness cannot be stolen or penetrated;

Once you are in love with yourself you will be venerated.

My eyes are on all of my enemies, but they don’t cross my mind,

Time is on my side, just view the strength of my grind.

The city is calling my name, I don’t write for fame,

Acknowledgement at nightclubs usually comes from lames.

Dollars on reserve under the view of a telescope,

Selling the pathway of hope, holier than the pope.

Major moves are the only movements I understand,

Underdog on the come up, about to gain the upper hand.

Kill The Pressure

I treat writing like a religion,

I practice my craft every day for better living.

The decisions you make today determine your future;

Life is unfair, but don’t let that stop you from being the top shooter.

Hopelessness, complaining, excuses and laziness is easy;

Patience, perseverance, diligence and constancy won’t be discovered, by watching TV

I go harder when the hatred creeps to the surface,

You should love your enemies, don’t focus on what’s worthless.

I’m an extremely humble man who intimidates,

The barriers I penetrate, inspire the destitute to innovate.

Assassination of my character is all envy can do;

Nobody can crush my spirit; this world is a zoo.

Ready for the unbearable to be endured like nudity,

My mind is open, the stars get through to me.

People try to make you digress if it doesn’t benefit them;

These are the constituents of the jealous traits of men.

I was told to stop writing because my ink was futile,

Truthfully, they’re angry about my brilliant style.

I’m in a strand of your chrosomes like DNA;

Scientific specialist, supreme mathematics forever pays.

Nobody controls the circumstances they’re born into;

Take what’s yours, never let the snakes in the grass befriend you.

Twitter fingers and Instagram hits make me laugh,

Exposing that they’re big babies like a calf.

I rebuilt my circle into a team of loyal hustlers and go-getters,

I have people on the streets behind me, I love my heavy hitters.

I have Nova Scotia behind me, the whole world in front of me,

The possibilities are endless, only the strong are hunting G’s.

All of the resources are here for your disposal,

Aim for the stars, put in work and be hopeful.

The youth are being manipulated by sales and false numbers;

Pay attention to the content substance, and message; don’t become dumber.

God first; look after your family and loved ones;

Be content with your life, when its all said and done.

Concentrate on the positive, and let God exonerate,

If you start caring about what others think, life is hard to tolerate.

My social media is full of words that haven’t happened yet,

I’m so far ahead of my time, I don’t need to practice death.

Writing my belief into existence, I will go the distance,

You won’t touch the world, without perpetual assistance.

The Next Chapter

I had a lot of bad chapters

Experienced circumstances that my mind couldn’t capture

After deep reflection, I found the hidden blessings

I felt absolutely doomed, the environment was so depressing

The bank accounts were in a negative balance

I started to rise gracefully to the challenge

Changed the situation around, tremendously

Tactics of order that were executed stupendously

I never understood why the struggle was so rough

What I know is that it made me tough

The maze of deception had been beaten senseless

My words started engineering public interest

Many people laughed, told me I wouldn’t make it

I knew all along I would thrive, I just had to take it

Nobody nicer than I; I’m taking all of the pie

I have no need to lie, physics I defy

There were many times I felt like crying

Eradicated perils, I thought I was dying

The apartments weren’t cutting it for me

I needed more, so I could revitalize the story

Going after what you need brings a lot pain

It’s a damn shame, what some authors bring to the game

I support all the authentic writer’s, and I hope they continue stacking

I made the incision, and exposed you because your metaphors were lacking

Positioned myself for affluence and larger connections

I gave the writing world supreme direction

The dark clouds wouldn’t stop following me around

I was going in circles like a merry-go-round

Looking for support in all the wrong places, wasn’t trusting the faces

I changed my route completely; my life became aces

Once I was an undeniable literary success

The whole world knew whose prose is the best

Build And Destroy

I used to be addicted to the life of a gangster

I love a good joke, but I’m not a prankster

Rearranged my hustle, so I transformed it into words

I’ve come to take what I rightfully deserve

A slow year for me will be fifty million

I’m building an empire that’s sleek and thrilling

The greatest gifts are those which culminate freedom

I love money, but love God more from the AM to the PM

I don’t feel remorse, but understand repentance of the soul

I’m sweeter than juice that’s dole, and stay in control

Cold hearted like a blizzard crushing the land in winter

The reason why I received a queen, is because heaven sent her

Prayer and hope can go a long way

But if you aren’t willing to work hard, don’t expect better days

I am consistent on making the impossible happen daily

Every day I get million dollar scams e-mailing me

Literary objective: revamp the entire notion of writing

Only produce stories, prose, and verses that are exciting

Listen to those whom have experience in the field

Increase the percentages of every dividend yield

Creating a campaign that goes down smoothly like champagne

Artistry painting a brighter fame; dropping hope like rain

Sexism and racism is how the monarchy divides us

They trick people into investing in lust

My third eye made me shine, committed a life of crime

But I redirected my life, with a business mind

Murdering these pages, exposing the fraudulent writers

Every day I make my prose and verses tighter

Progression is in session like God dispersing blessings

An infinite form of protection, eliminating pointless stressing

Ripping the devils neck apart, watching him bleed slowly

I have a precise vision, and lethal shot like Kobe

No Days Off

Accomplishing dreams means: no days off

Even on vacation there’s no going soft

Working out, writing words, and enjoying life are the objectives

Health pays dividends, its undeniably effective

The sky tells a story in the fluff of each cloud

Crossing me will prove that you aren’t allowed

The wind blows, the precipitation snows

I pulverize my foes, take the scents from their nose

Memories are ingrained, sustained and reframed

My words entertain, explain and formulate disdain

The animosity only makes me stronger

I have no need for resentment, I will live longer

The grim reaper calls, but money calls first

I’ve experienced the worst, but I still quench your thirst

Propelling, never telling, calm I’m not yelling

Noise is a distraction, the world bank is intent on selling

The branding I engraved persuades

Promotional tour, writing chapters to engage

Entrepreneurial spirit, flourishing; jumping out of the cage

Real crooks don’t act under rage, they keep it wise like a sage

Put the world in a frenzy, receiving envy

My business has never been done before; nothing trendy

If you ain’t with me, you won’t defend me

But I’m not looking for recruits, the project won’t compute

I’m an author, poet, scriptwriter and dramatist

I will put out work in every market, there’s no harming wit

I can read the scenario like listening to a stereo

I plan on being a stuntman–not contracting anything venereal

Mental health is the most important factor

Look after yourself, you are truly spectacular

I override the best of them like an alarm

Investing in agricultural research, upgrading the farms

Driving in the Lexus, parking like time is metric

Cruising on the highways, I’m never dyspeptic